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So…apparently the FBI guy Comey testified before some Senate commit thing (and no I am not going to be arsed to go and look up all the proper titles), and apparently stated: A) There were no wire taps on Trump, and B) the FBI is going to be opening an investigation about Trump’s Russian Ties.

Right, so I’m sure I’m going to get some flack for this but…I a) don’t really fucking believe him, and b) don’t really care about Russian Ties.

So, let’s start where I’m coming from with this.

  1. Comey is the guy who claimed that Hillary “dindu nuffin” despite the facts clearly stating she violated her oaths of office, and was taking a shit ton of bribes from places like Saudi Arabia (which might have been behind her decisions which led to Libya being turned from a stable country to a civil war hell hole, Syria going from a stable country to a civil war hell hole, and well…yeah.
  2. Trump claimed Obama wiretapped him, and I picked up the implication (from people who did more reading than I did about this) that it was done by the CIA. So while I am sure Comey and the FBI didn’t wiretap Trump (I’m pretty sure if they had someone in the FBI would have come out about it, seeing as the FBI is on the edge of an internal civil war), I am still not convinced that the CIA didn’t wiretap Trump. What I am certain of is that the CIA is not going to let the FBI in to their sandbox to go through their proverbial toy box, and if by some miracle they did, I’m certain the CIA would have been smart enough to code name the fuck out of any wiretapping to the point where no one would suspect it was the actual operation to wiretap a presidential candidate.
  3. Vault 7 has shown that the CIA has/had insane levels of way to spy on people. And I do mean insane, and untraceable. After all, you don’t have to “Bug a phone” when you can literally make the phone your bug. At which point, there is no way to tell if the phone is actually “tapped,” at least as far as I know. I mean, unless you can ask it if it’s connect to the CIA, like you can Alexa (which apparently will shut down completely when asked).
  4. Given all the other shit that Obama and the CIA have done…wiretapping a presidential candidate certainly sounds within the bounds of actions they would take. I mean, we are talking about the folks who assassinated American citizens without trial or due process, among their many legally questionable actions.
  5. Who is reporting this stuff. The other day, I saw a copy of the National Enquirer which headlined that the Wiretapping Was Proven. I didn’t get a chance to read the article and see what their proof was. Now, I can already hear the scoffing about “trusting the National Enquirer,” but here’s the thing. To my knowledge, the National Enquirer has never lied to me or its other readers. They may not always have been accurate, but they have not deliberately lied to me. Unlike say, the New York Times (which apparently had an article that headlined that Trump Was Wiretapped back during the election and they had information against him because of it…but they have since gone back in their archives and changed the headline {very 1984 of them}), or the Wall Street Journal…who recently got famous for going to YouTube and Disney, lying about the content of Pewdiepie, costing him millions of dollars, and then published an entire article about how “Disney and YouTube were ending their contracts with Nazi White Supremacist Pewdiepie.” Let me restate that: The WSJ made up lies about a person, told those lies to his business partners, and then published a story about his partners breaking ties with him to substantiate their lies and character assassination. So yeah, when I have several sources who are know lairs saying “X is false” and I have a source that has never lied to me saying “X is true” then I’m kinda going to lean towards believing the guys who have not lied to me.

Now, I am not going to insist that Trumps claims are true. The simple fact of the matter is, I do not know if they are true or false. I’ll be honest, Trump isn’t always the clearest speaker (a problem I can relate too, if I’m honest). I mean, when he was talking about the problems in Sweden he said “last night in Sweden” when, by all accounts, nothing had actually happened that last night. But a shit ton of stuff has been happening in Sweden and a number of shit things actually happened right after he talked about it. One of the most accurate things I’ve heard when it comes to Trump is that those who are on his side take him “seriously, but not literally.”

Which, honestly, is the best way to work with Trump. He talks about serious thing, serious things that are real and need to be addressed. But like a spoony bard, he tends to…exceed in his language. So when Trump says Obama wiretapped him…I do think he’s being serious, but I’m not sure what degree of literal accuracy is being applied here. It certainly sounds like the kind of thing Obama would do, and Trump probably has better information than I do, and perhaps he and his discovered things that were being used by his opponents that could only have been discovered with a “wire tap.”

I honestly don’t know.

What I do know is that most of the people claiming that the wire tap claim is false are people who have a reputation for lying, especially when it comes to Trump. All the sources for the claim that the wiretapping is false are all sources with absolutely no credibility, and in many cases actually profit if the claim is false.

But they expect me to believe them.

So that’s the wire taps. But why don’t I care about the whole Trump/Russia thing.

Well…for a similar train of thought.

Most of the people claiming that there’s a Trump-Russia connection are…outright and known lairs. Lairs who profit from Trump being discredited. Profit in this case being both literally, and by being able to keep their political power which is presently under threat of being drastically reduced due to the fact that Trump is actually shrinking the government and stripping it of powers (that it arguably shouldn’t even have).

On top of that, most of the “Russian Connects” appear to be the fact that members of his staff met with Russian government people during the election…during the natural course of their jobs, with full complements of staff with them, and often other US government officials. Meaning…the connection literally is nothing more than the US and Russian governments talk with each other. And this same degree of contact can be found with Democratic officials.

Not to mention, that the very people screaming about the Russian Connection…are doing absolutely nothing about Clinton, despite the fact that there’s actually evidence that she was using her position as Secretary of State to influence foreign policy in accordance to Bribes She Receive via the Clinton Foundation. So all the people screaming about a foreign nation influencing US politics are…doing absolutely nothing about several other foreign nations influencing US politics…

I’m  sorry, but if you’re not going to be consistent about your morals, but only act upon them when it benefits you…I don’t fucking care about your “problem.”

Not to mention the whole “Russian Influence” still seems to have consisted of nothing more than Russia helping Wikileaks get the word out about what they hacked from the DNC. You know, that stuff about Clinton literally rigging the election and the Media backing her every step of the way.

When the only influence Russia exerts on our election was to Publish the Truth (i.e. exactly the thing the Media now screaming about a “Russian Connection” was supposed to be doing), then frankly I don’t care if Trump has ties to Russia. Because so far the only things happening because of it is some honesty about what our own government has been doing to US, and working to prevent WW3 because they don’t want to fucking die.

My gods, the absolute horror. I mean, it’s not like Obama and Clinton did things a hundred times worse on a weekly basis before breakfast or anything. No, clearly the problem is Russia showing how corrupt the government and media has gotten.

So yeah, fuck that noise.

Of course, there is the sad fact that people are just going to jump on this whole hog and not even have an ounce of skepticism when it comes to a media and government which has…proven itself so horribly untrustworthy that pretty much half of America now believes Trump’s twitter account before they do their own government and the media.

I mean, fucking think about that. The government and media have proven so horrifically untruthful that one man’s twitter account is now considered more trustworthy. I mean, look at what I just wrote above. It’s a pretty damn rational argument against Comey’s testimony. We now live in a world where it is fucking believable that the director of the FBI might either be lying under oath, or so incompetent about what is happening in the government, that his words can be disregarded.

That’s how fucking far we’ve fallen.

For example, when I logged into facebook, I saw some political site going on about “Impeaching Trump in the first 100 days!” and making a big deal about how it was going to happen, or some shit like that. Now, depending on the polls you may find that Trump has a bad approval rating…but then again the polls said that Hillary had a 95% chance of becoming the president. So take that with a grain of salt. But other polls show that Trump’s policies have an average approval rating of 50% (which is better than a number of Obama’s policies), and even the lowest ones are still in the 40% range (I believe).

So let’s think about this, what will happen if a President with a rather high approval rating on his policies, who won a phenomenal victory based on nothing more than popular support (seriously, look at the election by county, nearly the entire nation is red), and is the first president to not only represent a vast majority of “forgotten” voters, but to actually keep nearly all of his campaign promises…in the first three months of his presidency?

Well, I mean first thing that’s going to happen is Mike “Deus Volt” Pence will be president.

At which point we’ll get to see if Pence is as good at “suffering not the mutant” as Trump is about “Suffering not the xeno.” And I’ll be honest, I’m not sure that Pence is as much for limited government as Trump quite obviously is. I mean, sure, we might not get our wall, but free electric shocks at this point will be just as hilarious to me.

Of course, Pence will not be tolerated at all by those who presently cannot tolerate our God Emperor, and you can bet that if they take out Trump, they’ll go for a full on purge and probably try to not only unseat Trump and Everyone in his administration, but they’ll probably try and throw them in prison on charges of “Russian Conspiracy/Agent” shit. Meaning that you will see an entire government be purged and arrested for the simple crime of…well, essentially not being politically correct.

And everyone who supported Trump and felt like he was in their corner is going to not just feel betrayed…but have actually been betrayed by their government.

Which is a lot of people who own guns.

I forget where I read this (and damn I wish I’d saved it or remembered where I saved it to), but it basically talked about how to have a successful revolution, you really only need about 10-15% of the population to revolt. In America, presently, there’s at least 30% who side hard core with Trump. And that 30% isn’t new, that same 30+% has existed as a block for over a hundred years, and was one of the reasons the Japanese never invaded the US during WW2. Because forget the professional Army, you’d have had 30% of the population as instant guerilla fighters.

Even more devastatingly, 40% of the military would instantly defect and take their equipment with them, but of that 40%, somewhere around 10% would remain in the military. Meaning that not only is your military instantly down to 70% strength, but 10% of that is traitors at every level of your military working against you. 1 in 7 of your troops would be your enemy, and you’d have absolutely no way to know who they were. And that was before the fighting even started. One wrong massacre on the wrong part of the civilian population, and that defection rate would go up. Not to mention the fact that highly train units who are experts in turning civilian population into freedom fighters would be among those defecting to the civilians. And that’s even before outside Nations threw in support for the Rebels (and don’t think Russia and other nations wouldn’t do that, since everyone trying to oust Trump has pretty much jumped on the “War with Russia” bandwagon that Hillary started during the campaign).

So you’d have a massive fighting force with police and military training, military equipment, and absolutely no tactics off their table pointed at a government who just stripped the lawfully elected president and his government of power, just as they were working for the good of a fucking ton of pissed off people who already felt betrayed by their government even before the election.

Forget those little riots the Antifa throw like tantrums, this would look pretty damn close to an Ork WAAAAAAAAAAAGH! or an Imperial Crusade Or, you know, throwing a chair around certain folks. Because people will know that their votes do not matter, the laws of their country do not matter, and their government no longer serves them. At which point you can forget ICE rounding up people to deport, Muslim Bans, or “electroshock therapy,” or any of the other things anti-Trumpers complain about. You would simply see Exterminations.

At which point, truly, the creed of the Imperium shall be followed: “Suffer not the alien, the mutant, or heretic, to live.”


Hela Bless