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Trump Trump Trump. It’s always fucking Trump. it’s been, what, two months? Can we please move on to something else? Because honestly, I’m getting fucking tired of it and it turns my blog into a venting series of shitposts, when I would love to write about something else, but for fucks sake, I’m still spending most of my time talking about Trump because people insist on pushing the boundaries of the death-pack between their head and their ass.

So, what’s got me in a rant today? The Failing New York Times came out with an article by Rodger Cohen entitled: Trump’s Many Shades of Contempt

Which I suspect is the only time where in Fifty Shades of Grey will actually have a better story.

This is a column about contempt. Let’s start with the utter contempt that President Trump has shown for the State Department since taking office six weeks ago. Some 70,000 American patriots across the globe, dedicated to the American idea as a force for good in the world, have been cast adrift.

I’m going to guess that these 70,000 State Department employees were appointed by Obama and have absolutely refused to follow the orders of their new boss. Because, that’s an actual thing that is happening in Washington. People Obama hired during his 8 years as president are now forming “the resistance” and are refusing to do what their boss tells them to do. Now, every man is free to do as he pleases so long as it is lawful, but…you’re hired for a Job and the new boss is well within his rights to fire you if you do not do as you’re told.

Rex Tillerson, the secretary of state, is a near phantom. He has no deputy, having seen his first choice nixed by Trump. No State Department press briefing, once a daily occurrence, has been held since Trump took office. The president has proposed a 37 percent cut in the State Department budget. An exodus of senior staff members continues. The State Department has taken on a ghostly air.


Looking up the State Department and it’s duties online, along with how many nations there are in the world, frankly I’m pretty sure that the State Department could actually do its job with half of that 70,000 employment number and do just fine. And I’ve been wanting a smaller government for years, so I fail to see how this is a bad thing. I mean, their annual budget is $47.7 billion dollars.

Which, frankly, seems a tad ridiculous.

The message is clear. America has no foreign policy so nobody is needed to articulate it. All we have are the feverish zigzags of the president, a man who thinks NATO is obsolete one day and glorious the next. There is no governing idea, only transactional hollowness. One midlevel officer told Julia Ioffe of The Atlantic: “It’s reminiscent of the developing countries where I’ve served. The family rules everything, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs knows nothing.”

Well, given that the State Department under Clinton actually destroyed Libya and had a hand in the destabilization that has left the Middle East in flames…I actually think this might be an improvement. Clearly, in the last several years the State Department has vastly overreached what it was supposed to be doing.

That being said, the message is not that America doesn’t have a foreign policy. Frankly, there is a policy: America First. And connected to that is the fact that all previous policies need to be reviewed, because too many of those policies were the kind that got us screwed over in trade, or had our military running around blowing up shit it had not business blowing up, or destabilizing countries because someone paid off the Secretary of State!

Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, has become the foreign service of the United States of America.

So you’re saying I can have a reasonable expectation that he is not going to be taking bribes from, say, Saudi Arabia and possibly starting WW3 in the name of preventing Russia and Iran form building their own oil pipeline. You know, like Clinton did when she was Sec of State?

Trump does not buy into the American idea. He buys, if anything, into Vladimir Putin’s macho authoritarianism and spheres of influence for the great powers. This amounts to a dramatic break with American policy as superbly articulated last month by one of the departing diplomats, Daniel Fried, who joined the Foreign Service in 1977 and served with great distinction, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe.

Yes, because as we all know, macho authoritarians have a habit of shrinking government, cutting federal budgets, deregulating government sanctions, and not throwing their political enemies into prison.

Oh wait…

That’s…actually kind of the opposite of macho authoritarianism, isn’t it, Cohen? If anything, a small, limited Government was always the American Ideal, and frankly Trump seems to be the only person, Republican or Democrat, to have actually done anything to shrink the Federal Government in the vast majority of my lifetime! That Fascist! He’s shrinking the Government!!!!

I’m going to skip the quote from Fried, because it’s mostly talking about the end of the Cold War, and wraps up with what mostly just sounds like “we need to keep killing those Dirty Reds and spread Freedom!!!!”

And while I am all for “America, Fuck Yeah!” I’ll be honest. Russia is…not the worst thing out there and frankly I don’t believe it’s Americas place to put our boots on everyone’s necks. Yes, Russia might grow more powerful if we turn our gaze inwards and try to fix our nation rather than police the world. But the simple fact of the matter is that our Nation really, really needs some fixing. And if we continue to ignore these problems as the Government has done for the last thirty odd years…our nation will collapse under its own weight and then there will be nothing to prevent Russia, or China, or who knows who else, from becoming the World police and enforcing their ways with their boots on our necks.

Donald Trump, our ahistorical Russophile president, should frame these words and hang them in the Oval Office as his first history lesson.

Honestly, I’m happy that our “ahistorical” president’s first history lesson seems to be “Limited government, the President is not the Emperor, and the States get to decide things for themselves.”

I mean honestly, let’s look at this. When Trump did his travel ban, and it got stuck in the courts, what did he do? Did he do what Obama did, which was fight his way through until he got what he wanted? No. Trump said “Okay,” let it drop, and went back and rewrote the ban into something that met the Courts requirements. Never mind that the Court was in the Wrong and Trump was fully within his authority. Trump still stopped and acted in accordance with the ruling of the court.

Take the Trans-Bathroom thing. Yes, Trump removed the Federal Protections. But, those Federal Protections were technically outside the scope of the Government’s power. Instead, he returned that power to the individual States and let them decide what protections they were going to enforce: Which is what the Law says is the proper way for such things to be done.

Fried noted America’s long-held opposition to spheres of influence, a recipe for war, and made this critical point: “We are not an ethno-state, with identity rooted in shared blood. The option of a White Man’s Republic ended at Appomattox. On the contrary, we are ‘a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.’ ”…

Honestly, I don’t know if Fried is being jumble quoted here or if he really doesn’t have “the plot” because frankly, I don’t see who “spheres of influnece” and “ethno-state” have much to do with anything. And honestly…I have no idea where this “white man’s republic” business is coming from either. Unless it’s that tired shit about Trump being a “racist” and all that business. Because no one except the Left is talking about “ethno-states” and “racist empires.”

…And so, “that rough sense of equality and opportunity, embedded in us, informed the way that we brought our American power to the world, America’s Grand Strategy. We have, imperfectly, and despite detours and retreat along the way, sought to realize a better world for ourselves and for others, for we understood that our prosperity and our values at home depend on that prosperity and those values being secure as far as possible in a sometimes dark world.”

Honestly, it sounds like Fried is saying: “Because America believes that all men are created equal, we’re justified in going out and kicking everyone’s asses until they embrace FREEDOM! And anyone we don’t like is a racist who deserves to get their asses kicked in the name of FREEDOM! and Trump is refusing to go out there and punch everyone’s faces in because he hates FREEEDDDOOOOMMMM!!!!

Which, frankly, is absolute shit.

America and it’s freedoms have never been conditional on those things being violently enforced by America on other places in the world. History proves this. Hel, from the founding of America until WW2, America was an isolationist nation that said: “Leave us alone, and we’ll leave you alone,” and it worked great. No one fucked with us, our freedoms were never imperiled, and the world went about its business.

There could be no finer rebuke to Trump’s dangerous contempt.

Yeah, Cohen, there was no rebuke there. Nothing in Fried’s words actually works as a rebuke against Trump.

Trump was elected because he promised to Put America First, to deal with our internal problems which has left millions and millions of people without work, without hope, and without voice. He was elected because he promised to end all the constant, pointless wars we’ve been in, to stabilized our country and do what he can to contain the problems taking over the middle east. If the most expedient form of that is to work WITH Russia rather than against it, and allow the two powers to share the burden rather than be divided over it, so that in turn he can help the people Back Home rather than send them off to war with Russia.

And if Fried’s words are a rebuke to that idea…then fuck Fried’s rebuke. At this point, Fried sounds like Kirk from the original Star Trek movies, so pissed off at the Klingons that the idea of Peace is abhorrent to him, and he would rather watch an entire race die out than set aside old grudges.

Which, I will note with a bit of humor, was set as the USSR collapsed. The Undiscovered Country was a movie all about coming to peace with long time enemies and seeing them as potential allies, rather than eternal foes who needed to be murdered in their beds.

But there is a deeper contempt, even more treacherous. It is for the Constitution…

…Trump has attacked the freedom of the press enshrined in the First Amendment, and the independence of the judiciary. His reckless travel ban raised issues of due process and religious discrimination. Serious questions exist as to whether “aid or comfort” was given by the Trump entourage to an American enemy — in this case Russia — during the presidential campaign and after his victory on Nov. 8.

Okay, first off, Trump has not attacked the freedom of the press. The only thing Trump has attacked in regard to the press, is their freedom to lie with impunity. Something, I will note, that that New York Times has attempted to do multiple times. Which, frankly, was never a freedom the press was ever supposed to have.

Secondly, Trumps attacks on the judiciary have been when the Judiciary was outright harming Americans or violating the law for the sake of the political beliefs of the judges. And as I mentioned with the travel ban, even after that, he still respected the Judiciary’s ruling and rewrote the ban. Speaking of the Travel Ban, people who are better at legal research than I am, showed the original Ban was perfectly lawful, inline with Trump’s authority, had been done by Obama multiple times, and there were absolutely no issues with due process or religions discrimination.

And I’m sorry, but since when was Russia an “American Enemy?” Last time I looked, we were not at war with Russia, we had no hostile intentions towards Russia, and Russia has been very open about wanting to work with America. To achieve a peaceful and prosperous future for both our peoples. That hardly sounds like an enemy, unless you’re a fucking racist who can’t imagine peace with “The Klingons.”

This contempt was signaled in his inaugural speech when Trump said, “The oath of office I take today is an oath of allegiance to all Americans.” No, the president’s oath is to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” It is to the law not the “volk.”

Well, it suddenly looks like (((Cohen))) is going to finally be open about his feelings.

I mean, let’s just ignore the fact that the “volk” in this case is All Americans, regardless of race, religion, gender, sex, etc. Oh no, it’s the “volk” that are the problem, the “volk” which Trump’s loyalty to makes him hold everything in “contempt.”

Barnett Rubin, a political scientist and Afghanistan expert who served at the State Department, recalled to me in an email how he never thought of the oath he took to defend the Constitution “against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” even when confronting the Taliban, but that these days the words have acquired meaning.

Fucking Heretics.

Right, so this Rubin guy never thought about the oath he took to defend the Constitution. Not when he was fighting the Taliban. Not when Obama murdered American Citizens without due process. Not when Clinton used the State Department to destroy Libya. Not during the hundreds of violations of the Constitution performed by the Obama government were going on and were even public knowledge.

No, he only thinks about it now that Trump is in office. When Trump is not even pulling a fraction of the shenanigans that Obama did, and hasn’t done anything that Obama didn’t already do. Now is when Rubin suddenly starts thinking about his Oath.

I know what Rubin means. I am a naturalized American, and so I took the oath to “support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

This column about contempt amounts, in a way, to fulfillment of that oath.

Cohen, I’m not sure you know what the Constitution is, much less what an Oath is. Honestly, after reading this shit, the only things I’m reasonably certain about is that Cohen is a racist when it comes to Russians, and is only complaining because it’s Trump in office rather than Clinton. He talks on and on about how Trump is holding stuff in contempt, but makes no reference to the fact that Obama and Clinton did hold these things in greater contempt than Trump might.

He’s not calling out people for doing the same thing he insists Trump is doing, despite there being greater examples. It’s even more hilarious because just looking at what Trumps doing, shows that he is actually upholding the Constitution better than the last two presidents did. And he’s upholding the ideals of the Constitution!

Yes, Trump has attacked the press, and the judiciary, but that is because both the press and the judiciary are openly violating their sworn duties. The 1st amendment grants freedom of the press…but the Press has the obligation to fucking tell the Truth, not lie blatantly and openly like they have been for decades. Yes, there is a separation of power between he Executive and the Judiciary, but there is a separation of power between the Judiciary and the Legislature, and the Judiciary has been violating that separation for decades as well, legislating from the Bench not in accordance with the law, but by the dictates of political beliefs. Both these groups need to be brought back into line with their lawful confines and back under the control of the American people. Not to be as they have been, which is a weapon against the American People. And while it might not be the authority of the President to do so, unfortunately he is the only one trying to do anything about it.

Lately, Sargon has been talking about the Media as their own “Class” and he’s got a pretty good argument for it. Reading Cohen’s article…it doesn’t read like someone who is trying to uphold his oath, it reads like someone who realizes that his “Class” are under attack, and that if Trump has his way, the media will not only no longer be the gatekeepers of information, but that their ability to lie with impunity will be destroyed and with it, their power will be broken. This reads like a Lord attempting to destroy the peasantry’s revolution, by lying about the revolution’s leader.


Hela Bless