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I saw something the other day about Heathenism and Extremism. Pretty sure it had to do with a Wild Hunt article that I can’t be arsed to go find again. Seems that there was a stabbing in Portland or something, and people are taking the chance to point out that the Religion of Peace isn’t the only one that causes people to go violently about killing people.

Of course, in this case (if its the one I’m thinking of) people are trying to claim it was done by a White Supremacist Heathen in-spite of the fact that the guy who did it was more of a mentally unstable Bernie Sander’s supporter who didn’t into medication and apparently invoked a number of Gods on his facebook rants. But, I’m sure Odin was mentioned there somewhere, so “Heathen.”

And so all the Pagans, and some of the Heathens, are marching around with their “Pray for Portland” feels and insisting something be done about this “extremism in Heathenism.”

Now, I’m not going to deny that there are extremists in Heathenism. There are. There are extremists in every religion or philosophy there is. Most of them feel that violence is acceptable and that any path other than theirs is unacceptable. This isn’t anything new. Just like there’s nothing new with “racists” being in Heathenism.

Personally, I’m not sure what the problem is with most extremism so long as it doesn’t get violent. Hel, Heathens used to be violent, so I’d even be willing to accept some levels of violence so long as they followed culturally mandated norms (Holmgang for example, which I think would now be legal in Canada). But again, I don’t mind extremism in and of itself. Because most extremists do act as a way to keep the “faith” honest. Having a post dug into the ground that only lets the proverbial rope spool out so far keeps us from wondering too far from our roots.

I’m not writing today to justify extremism though. What interests me at this point is that a bunch of people are saying we need to “deal with it” and that means getting rid of it. Of course, most of these folks have the idea of “dealing with it” in a manner which is extreme as well…namely obliterating all “extremism” from the religion without mercy.

And while there is merit to the idea of exploding all the proverbial and literal jihadis of a faith before they explode anyone else, functionally you’re being just a violent, if for different philosophical reasons.

However, killing all the extremists isn’t going to solve the problems that create extremists in the first place. And no, I’m not going to for the trite liberal/progressive idea that the problems are lack of education or wealth. These rarely enter into the issue of religious extremism.

For example, there is a theory by Sargon of Akkad that most Jihadis are not poor, uneducated, mentally unstable people. This is apparently based on observations that many, if not most of them, are highly educated and are not suffering financially. Instead, he has noticed a pattern that many of these young men tend to go out and live “sinful” lives, like drinking, whoring, gambling, and so forth. And then, at some point, they get religion and realize “I dun fucked up,” because in Islam there isn’t the absolution that Christians get for their sins. There’s only a few, specific things that can actually redeem your soul, and the primary one with the best chance of success is to die for the faith. So, wanting to save themselves from eternal damnation, they do just that, and gain absolution for their past sins by acting violently and dying on behalf of the faith.

No amount of education, wealth redistribution, or media portrayals is going to deal with that. Ironically, if this theory is correct, the best solution to deal with Islamic Jihad (and I can’t believe I am saying this) would in fact be…conversion to Christianity. Because it offers a non-violent path for absolution. Of course, then they have to deal with their former fellow Muslims trying to chop their heads off for being apostates, but we don’t live in a perfect world.

So, how does this relate to extremism in Heathenism?

Again, in my experience with “extremism” in Heathenry (which is limited I’ll admit, but has happened), and by being labeled an “extremist” myself sometimes, I’ve come to some theories myself. This also has to do with “extremism” in “white people” as well, because…to be honest most of what makes and extremist Heathen is what makes an extremist white person.

And again, it’s not lack of education or lack of wealth that causes these problems. Sure, you’ll find extremism more in “lower class” areas than you will among the rich, but that’s because the rich tend to self police extremists and financial ruin often falls upon those that step out of line. After all, just look at the numbers of conservatives in say universities or hollywood.

Ironically, one of the driving causes for extremism is, in fact, education. Namely, people learn things that break the illusion. I’ve spent time on /pol/ to try and understand it better, and while most of the threads do not interest me all that much, there are “redpill” threads which are all about educating people. And while everything should be taken with a grain of salt, and further researched, interesting things do occur.

For example, referencing back to Islam, if one learns that Muslims in Sweden as of 2010 were 4.9% of the population, and likely to be 9.9% of the population in 2030, that’s educational. Given that it’s been almost ten years, we could probably say that the Muslim population is about 6% give or take. So when you find out that around 70% of all rapes in Sweden are committed by folks from that 6%…that is also educational. When you find out that 90% of all stranger rapes are also by Muslims…that can be very educational.

When you find out that Sweden stopped recording crime statistics a few years ago because of those numbers…Educational. When you discover that the Swedish government Punishes their own citizens who talk about this issue…Educational.

So, let’s take a theoretical Swede. He lives in his homeland, his daughter is raped by a Muslim. He discovers (secretly) that his daughter’s case is not unique. He protests that the police don’t even try to find the rapist. He is fined and thrown in jail for “Hate speech,” and publicly reviled as a “racist.”

He is now an “extremist.”

Now, let’s even add that our theoretical Swede is a Heathen. Now he’s an “extremist, racist Heathen.” And exactly the type of person that people insist should be “dealt with.”

So…is the man’s problem that he is uneducated? No. Is it even fair to say that the man is filled with irrational hatred? No. The man’s hatred is…valid, based on real problems and wrongs done to him, and should they continue it is entirely possible that he would eventually become violent in his extremism. Because that is the only option left to him…if he is “dealt with” as people would like: namely silenced and ostracized.

So, that’s a theoretical Swede. But what about say an American (heathen or not).

Well, for a start there are more and more calls for racial segregation. Hel, an entire university has been taken over at this point by a student mob mainly made of “people of color” who are walking around with baseball bats, demanding the campus police be stripped of power, and that numerous people who are “white” be fired…for refusing to participate in a “Day without Whites” where all white people didn’t come to school for a day.

Hmm, educational.

How about the fact that in 99% of the cases were a police officer shot an “unarmed black person” that have sparked so many riots the last year or so, the “unarmed black person” was in fact being violent, threatening the lives of officers or civilians, and in a couple cases were “unarmed” only because they hadn’t managed to fully pull out the weapon they were going to use.

Or look up crime statistics. I don’t remember all the details, but I saw somewhere that if we deported all the black people (roughly 12 percent of the population) we could actually get rid of something like 60% of all crime in the USA. I have no idea if that’s true, but people can look at statistics like that and draw their own conclusions.

Hel, a great example is “mass shootings.” Everyone always goes on about how only white men commit “mass shootings.” The simple truth is that’s false. The vast majority of “mass shootings” are committed by blacks…but those are labeled acts of “gang violence” and are never attached to the statistics of mass shootings. If a gang banger drives through a block and shoots up 10 people, that is a mass shooting…but it is never reported as a “mass shooting.”

I mean, if we repatriated all the Black people we could certainly get rid of racism/systemic racism. So, that. And since the other side of the whole “racism” debate seems to have the solution of “ban whitey” I’m not going to feel so terrible about weighing 12% of the population against 70%, or whatever the numbers are now. Frankly, easier to move 12%, logistically.

There are people who just hate because of physical differences, and I’m not going to deny that. But much of the time, there is information to justify the “hate.”

Is it always good information? No. But sometimes the information that breeds “hate” is factual and true. Sometimes it’s things people experienced for themselves, sometimes it’s just stuff they found out and/or got educated with. To insist that such things are invalid simply because you do not like them, and do not like the conclusions drawn from them, accomplishes nothing when dealing with extremists.

An example of this is some incidents of black on white crime. Take for instance that one crime that was streamed out live on facebook, were a bunch of black teens tortured a mentally challenged white guy. All through the video the driving force was RACISM towards white people…yet when it went to trial, the only reason hate crimes were charged was because…the guy was retarded. Not because of his race, even though virtually no mention was made about the man’s retardation. It was all about his race.

There are examples galore of black people, and others, committing crimes against white people with a clear racial motivator, and yet never has there been a hate crime charge on behalf of white people. And a lot of white people see that, and see a clear double standard is in place. They can be charged with hate crimes against PoC…even if they never mention race…but they will never be avenged with hate crime charges even if their race is mentioned every 20 seconds as the reason this is happening to them.

One of the driving forces for extremism I’ve found lately is that…everyone is allowed it. Racial pride is celebrated, even when there is not all that much to support it, but the instant a white person or a heathen tries to have racial pride…they’re the bad guy and they’re not allowed to have the exact same thing that everyone else is allowed to have. That is a highway to extremism. Unfair practices based solely on race? We’re raised from birth to believe that such things aren’t just wrong, they’re evil…and yet suddenly this evil thing is being done to us because of our race.

Anyone think that the solution to dealing with that is to double down on making it verboten? I don’t. Yet, that seems to be the primary solution for a lot of people.

And because of it, “Extremism” is growing. People cannot keep witnessing that there is a double standard against them, and not start to become angry because of it. They will not simply sit by.

Look at England. They are a nation that has virtually given up their right to personally own guns. And yet, after a long string of terrorist attacks, and people like the Muslim Mayor of London saying “Well, you just have to live with them, they’re a part of life now,” they’re starting to insist they have a right to arms.

For many, the election of Trump is a sign of growing extremism. And…I don’t think they’re wrong. People got fed up with what was happening, and they jumped at the chance for someone to stand up for them, even if it was a rich orange. Look at the ever growing push back to anti-fa. Extremism is growing, and in many cases there are just arguments behind it.

The answer to extremism is not to make these arguments forbidden, or to crush those who believe them. Peace can only be found through understanding, and addressing their issues.

At least, that’s what we’re told when anyone else does it, be they black, muslim, or other. Perhaps its time to apply that same standard to white people and heathens?



Hela Bless