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So, I’m touching upon a post I came across. Not going to give this one the full treatment, just a few things I want to address. Since it seems that I’m not the only one talking about Heathenism and extremism, and one such post came across my feed. This one is by a lady of the name Olivia Loptsdottir, entitled: I’m a Heathen. No, I’m not a White Supremacist.

I’m going to start off by saying, I understand why she’s is undertaking this. Humans are social creatures, and they do not like to be cast outside “the group.” Fastest way for people to have that happen these days is by being “a racist.” Especially in the Pagan community, with its Progressivism, and in large parts of Heathenism, which has taken the worst of examples from Germany and insists on flagellating themselves to the point of fainting to prove “we’re not Nazis.” With about all the effectiveness of monks hitting themselves in the face with boards.

As of recently, the racism and the spouting of genocidal Nazi propaganda in the Heathen community has been growing at a rapid pace from what I’ve experienced. It hurts my heart to see this. It’s gross, toxic, awful and I’m sure it hurts the gods as well…

I can’t verify that this has been happening. Honestly, I’ve left most of the online Heathen groups I used to bum around. Not because they were all spouting “Nazisms” but more because they were being a bunch of lutefisk who wouldn’t change their minds about anything and assumed they were each the most learned of all souls, regardless of any evidence or logic to the contrary.

Plus, these days the definition of what a “nazi” is and what is “nazi” propaganda is so broad that the only things reliably not Nazi in nature are…Communism in nature. For all I know, this “gross, toxic, awful” stuff was Viking Pepes.

As for it hurting the Gods…can’t say it’s bothered any of the Gods I’m in regular contact with. At least that they’ve told me. But that is a post for another time.

…And it hurts other heathens by giving us a bad name. I don’t want to start out every religious toned conversation as, “I’m a Norse Pagan. No, I’m not a White Supremacist.” You can never tell these days who is racist, and who isn’t in the community…

Given that we heathens have had a bad name for…well, the entirety of the existence of our religion, I think that’s just something we’re going to have deal with. At least until we get an religiously homogeneous homeland of our own. Not sure when that’s going to happen, so I don’t spend much time worrying about our “Bad name.”

As for “who is racist” these days, leading experts in the field of “racist studies” indicate that if you’re white, you’re racist. So, according to them…every Heathen who is white, is a Heathen who is racist. And honestly, Olivia, if that’s how you have to start every conversation about your religion…I think that says more about the people you’re talking to than it does your religion.

…With this in mind, not only does the community become more dangerous for baby heathens, I’ve actually considered being solitary for a while. But I’m not going to be the stand-by witness. I’m not going to sit by and watch these assholes slander our gods like this. I will speak up and out towards this disgusting behavior. I will fight against this hate and make sure our religion is one that is accepting of everyone...

Well, I’m going to applaud her on her bravery for engaging in a Sisyphean task, but I do have a question. When she says everyone, does she really mean everyone?

I mean, already her words are writ a lie, because clearly “racists” are not going to be accepted by her vision of our religion. So…it’s already not accepting of everyone. But let’s go a bit further. I’m sure she means everyone regardless of race, gender, orientation, etc. But what if someone wants to engage in bestiality? Are they welcome and accepted? What about Pedophilia? Those who believe it is acceptable to break oaths for personal gain? How about those who believe “hetero sexual, cis-gendered” people are nothing more than “breeders” who should be allowed to produce new humans, but that only lgbtpa+ are the only ones who should be allowed cultural or legal power? (and yes, those people do exist. In fact, there are some who thing all straight people should be exterminated and that the bi-sexual people should be the breeders).

So how accepting is Accepting?

…It’s the funniest thing when you present actual historical fact of the Vikings exploring other cultures and interbreeding with other ethnicities and all you get in return is a flurry of poor-schemed insults (True story).

>tfw you pillage and rape across the known world, taking both culture and women as you please, and your future children use your violent conquests as proof you were accepting and diverse.

Ah yes, the old “imperialism is bad, except when we can use it to prove how ‘diversity was always our strength’ and btfo the racists,” argument. Much strong, great wow.

These guys are so obsessed with being tough, heavily muscled and trying to be frightening, and praising Odin. It’s funny when you realize that because ancient Scandinavia had such short summer seasons, they were a bit smaller than the brosatru’s fantasies. Also due to the difficulty of growing crops and resources (Big things come in small packages!). So really, the body of vikings are like your other average human. Nothing too special.

“Haha, your ‘master race’ wasn’t so masterful! Racists btfo!!!!!”

Of course the historical record does say that most vikings were probably about 6′ tall. So…average human size, I guess…in the 20th century. Of course, back then, your average European (and non-Europeans) were maybe about 5’4″ for the men (nutrition being that bitch), so sure “Average sized” but still towering over the competition. As for being built, we are talking about a bunch of sailors using one of the more labor intensive ships of the day, rowing about everywhere, and of course carrying their ships across land. Pretty sure they were fairly well built. And let us not forget the other part of the historical record, that Vikings were among the cleanest, most well dressed, and spent hours on their hair.

The had better health, started training to fight in their youth, and lived in one of the harshest climates. To imply they were merely “average” is to…understate things. I will admit they were not the Ubermensch prophesied by Zarathustra, but for the time they were a cut above the rest.

She then goes on a bit of a rant about history, trade, etc. It’s the usual stuff we Heathens know, have trod over until the grass became mud, and the mud became stone. So I’m not really going to go over it too much because it would just be a historian nitpicking and I’ve got better things to do with my time.

And literally nowhere in the texts is it ever spouting genocidal bullshit. It really blows me away when these idiots don’t realize that our Scandinavian ancestors never repeated the fourteen words or ever used the term “Aryan”. Those phrases rose to power when Hitler rose to power. Before that, nothing. If our ancestors were really as racist as these assholes seem to be portraying, wouldn’t we have documented it in history?..

I will give my ancestors credit. They were not genocidal maniacs. Oh sure, they murdered a bunch of people, but extermination was never the goal. Of course, our authoress is forgetting that our ancestors were Slavers, and you really can’t enslave a people if you wipe them out to the last man. That being said, while genocide might not have been the word of the day, they did kill/displace a lot of people. Normandy was completely colonized, and there was the Danelaw in England which was settled by Norse who displaced the local English in great number.

Another thing that Olivia isn’t mentioning here is that there is some evidence that the Viking age was pushed initially because of Christians forcibly converting and massacring Heathens. So while the ‘fourteen words’ might never have been said in relation to race and children, it is not inconceivable that ‘fourteen words’ regarding the preservation of religion and culture were said.

She is right that the 14 words did come about with Hitler and not the Vikings, but that’s because at the time the Vikings were dealing with religious extermination, where as in the time of Hitler the great concern was racial extermination (and given the treatment of Germany at the time there was some validity to the concern).

As for racism being documented in the histories…there kind of is. At least certain historians have argued it. Of course, what is “racism” today isn’t what was racism back then. But one need only look at the modern views of Norwegians and Swedish towards each other to realize that, oh yeah, there was racism back then. It just didn’t focus on skin color as much, and if you think racism is only about skin color, then you’re not going to spot it as much.

…I have had people literally ask me what is wrong with the fourteen words. Those kinds of people are why I am writing this. If you want to honor your bloodline and defend it and you want to marry people of your race, that is all good in my book. But the exact moment you start reciting the fourteen words and start being thankful you are of an “Aryan” race, then that is the moment to pack your bags and leave…

Okay, so what exactly are the “fourteen words.”

“we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

So, our authoress actually has people ask her “what is wrong with these words.” And she even says “the desire to embody the idea of honoring your ancestors and seeking to preserve your people” is fine. But the instant you say that…you have to go. Because how dare you be grateful to be “Aryan.” Of course, all baggage aside, being glad to be “aryan” basically means you’re glad to be white/Caucasian.

So, according to her, it’s okay to honor your ancestors, to date within your race, try to defend and preserve it, but the instant you’re proud of what you are, you’re a “Racist and need to go.”

Kinda hypocritical if you as me.

…I find it contradictory when people say that you must have lived an honorable life (or to have died in battle) to gain access to Valhalla, but then they turn around and spout this bullshit. That is not respectable. That is not honorable. That is foolish, insecure, and makes you cowardly.

Well, Olivia you’re more than welcome to find it ‘contradictory’ but your findings aren’t exactly going to be held up in a court of divine law.

See, honor doesn’t care if you’re a ‘racist.’ Honor is about keeping your oaths and fulfilling your duties. So long as it doesn’t get in the way of fulfilling your oaths, honor doesn’t care if you love people regardless of race, or think other races should go in the oven.

Now, is/does racism make one foolish, insecure, and cowardly?


As I pointed out in my previous post (and other posts before it), much of ‘racism’ comes not from place of ignorance or foolishness, but in some cases, knowledge and wisdom. After all, one could hardly argue that everyone who is afraid of the next Muslim exploding is being irrational and foolish, given the massive uptick in Islamic violence. And sure, not every Muslim is going to be a mass murderer, but then again not every snake is venomous and not every shark is going to eat your face, but we don’t consider people bigots for being afraid of snakes and sharks that might kill them. Or again, look at black crime rates, since that’s a big driving force for racism in America. Or just how black people act when an “unarmed young man” happens to be shot committing a crime.


How about insecurity? Well, this one I will admit some validity to. After all, much of the racism I see does have a spark of fear to it. Of course, that is the fear that some black man or woman is going to “chimp out” as /pol/ likes to say, and the ensuing Donkey Kong party results in hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars in property damage, people being beat or killed, and all because of race. So sure, some people who are racist are insecure…because they see themselves under threat and they’re terrified, and the one explanation they have is their race, so they cling tightly to the only explanation they have in the hope that it will give them some common ground to build a defense against the imminent threat of violence.

So…what about cowardly?

Maybe, but the only way to truly answer that is to see if the standard is held across the line. So I invite Olivia to go out to say a “La Raza” or “BLM” meeting and call them cowards for being a bunch of racists and racial supremacists. Because the best translation I have for say BLM’s rants is “We must secure our existence and a future for black children.”

That or “We wuz kangz and sheeeeeiiiit.” It gets hard to tell at times.

In Conclusion: Go practice your Aryan-14/88-precious-white-baby-focused bastardized version of Ásatrú in the deepest depths of Náströnd because it is not welcome among here, nor in Valhalla…

Well, I’m glad we have the official word from “Valhalla.” Interesting, I must have missed the memo when Odin stated that Olivia Loptsdottir was put in charge of admissions to the Golden Hall.

Ironically, she is not wrong, as even those who practice “14/88” Asatru (lol, really?) are indeed welcome at Nastrond if they’re oath breakers and the rest of Helheim if they are not. The dishonored dead, and Hela, don’t care about the “purity” or “progressiveness” of one’s faith. Just like your ancestors don’t.

…I will say it again. It is not honorable to mock, to harass, to wish death or exclusion on other races or even other people in general. It is pathetic, foolish, and it shows your fears and insecurities. For you to succumb that low, to bring yourself to wish harm on another person for something they were born with, shows that you are more useless than garbage.

“In a time and place where your people are targeted for violence, segregation, and hatred based on their skin color, it is dishonorable, pathetic, foolish, and an act of fear and insecurity to return that treatment in kind.” – Olivia Loptsdottir, apparently.

I don’t know about Olivia and Golden Halls, but she certainly sounds like’s familiar with Ivory Towers.

Now, this is my personal opinion, but honestly if you look out a world where Terrorists can kill people and those who protest are the ones arrested, where gangs of blacks can burn down towns screaming ‘fuck white people’ and ‘kill white people’ while the police stand aside, watch as black clad thugs jackboot around silencing speech they don’t like, and groups of ‘diverse’ students march around universities with baseball bats and take over the school by force of armed mobs because they weren’t allowed to racially segregate white people off of campus, where at every turn media, hollywood, the press, academia, and angry mobs scream that your race is evil and needs to be exterminated…and you suddenly feel a little “14 wordy” then…fuck, I’m not going to blame you.

I’m honestly not.

Cause it’s a bad situation, and literally everyone else is allowed to be a racist towards you, to insist that you’re not human, or at least not as human as they are. That they deserve special treatment, and that you deserve to be made to suffer and even die, because they hate you. It is human to hate those that hate you. It is human to want to preserve yourself, and your ‘kin.’

And I’ll be honest, it sucks to be faced with hatred, and then to have someone look down on you for being no different than everyone else. Especially if that someone is “of your religion” and claims to speak “for your gods.” All while being a rather massive hypocrite about it.

Now that…that is cowardly and dishonorable.

And I’m sorry you all have to deal with that.

It is a sad fact that these days…everyone but “us” is allowed pride. In a grand irony, the “White man’s burden” still lies heavy upon your shoulders. If anything, you are reviled for the whole “master race” thing while being held to a master standard that no other race must live up to.

Still, I hope it is of some comfort that in Helheim, you shall not be judged harshly for such ‘pride,’ even though it is looked down upon. In someways, because it is looked down upon. You are indeed the dishonored. But Helheim does not care. IT doesn’t care if you’re a ‘racist’ or an ‘equalist’ or what have you.

It does, however, care if you’re a hypocrite. So if you are a ‘racist’ then acknowledge that all others have that same right as you. And if you’re like Olivia, who believes that ‘racism is wrong’ then hold all to that same standard and speak out against it to others as you do against your own ‘kin.’ And if that is too much, if you find yourself unable to apply that same standard, well…the best wisdom I have is “to keep the rudder of your wordship behind the reef.”

As a final note that may or may not comfort anyone that reads this, well…I would not fear Olivia being gatekeeper to Valhalla and not letting you in should Odin choose you. As for Olivia herself, well…forgive me if I suspect that she’s more likely to fine herself in dark and dreary halls with a view of Nostrand rather than the glittering golden hall of the valorous.


Hela Bless

Post Script: I looked at her sources at the end of her post. History.com and BBC.com.

I may be destined for Helheim, but I suspect my sides await me in Valhalla.