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I am really starting to hate humanity more and more everyday.

Okay, I’ll be honest, I typically always have some level of hatred for humanity, but I swear people are getting worse. Which is actually them getting worse from when they got worse before. Everyday, just when I think I have seen the extent of humanity’s ability to completely disappoint itself, it manages to bring ever greater levels of disappointment.

And we’re getting close to the point where me continuing to play by humanity’s ever degrading moral structure is reaching points I’m not happy with.

So, what did it this time?

Well, I don’t know how many people have been keeping up with it, but apparently Capaldi is leaving Doctor Who and is going to be replaced. Alright, fair enough. Most Doctors only do about two seasons on average. And personally, I’m not that invested because Doctor Who under Capaldi has been a shit show in my oppinion, and a dreadful waste of Capaldi’s amazing acting talents. The issue for the public, though, seems to have arisen from the fact the Doctor is now going to be played by a woman.

Now, I will admit to wondering why a character that has been male for 60 years is suddenly a woman, but time lords can apparently regenerate into any species or sex when they “die” so okay then. Fits the physics of the universe I guess. And as I said, I don’t care about Doctor Who.

But, as with all things nerd related (or fandom related I guess), much RAGE was to be had by some of the fans who were autistic about the Doctor, and upset at the sudden sexual reversal of the roll. Because, physics or not, you have a lot of people emotionally invested in the character and when you change something this drastically, well, people are not going to be happy.

Much like I was unhappy back during the New Jedi Order days of the Star Wars novels when everyone started dropping like flies after a good twenty years of death being rare and important, rather than common or cheap. I mean, if I’d wanted to read stories like that, I’d have gone with Warhammer 40k. But enough about me.

Still, rage in fandoms is to be expected. What perhaps was less expected (or fully expected) was the response to said nerd rage.

Which can neatly be summed up as I read on a Dr. Who thread on 4chan’s /tv/: “You’re a bunch of pissbabies.”

Of course, such things are to be expected on Mongolian finger painting boards. Less when you have the BBC, and other websites, “punching down” with that exact same attitude while shouting YAAASS QEEENNNN SLAAAYYYYY!!!!

Whatever that means.

Thing is, I can understand why some of the fans are upset. Doctor Who has gone from a fun sci-fi adventurer series to a rather heavy handed political soap box that derails characters. I mean, when the last words of a companion to the Doctor are not “thank you for the adventures,” but rather “I’m gay, glad you know that” as they’re all about to be killed by robot people…and the defining trait of companion was not “what they bring to the team as a person” but “I’m gay, and I’m going to tell everyone regardless of time-period or actual consequences to my life” one can kind of understand fans being a little worried about a Female Doctor.

Especially since they’ve a reasonable expectation that the stories will not be funny “2000 year old man wakes up in a woman’s body” but more along “Grrrrlll Power!” Because this exact thing has happened in several comics recently and they’ve all played out “Yas Queen Slay” as I’ve heard it put, not “Person now has to deal with these abilities and their implications.” It’s just the BCC is the most famous to do it at the moment…and the BBC has apparently not had a good reputation when it comes to creativity according to fans. Especially since the new writer for DW is apparently the same writer from Torchwood that most fans absolutely hated.

So..yeah. Rage.

Now, as people who read my blog know, I can be an asshole here. Honestly, I can be an asshole a lot of places. But as readers are hopefully likely to notice, I am generally an asshole to people who…are already being massive assholes. Because said people have set the social engagement to be “asshole” and I mostly just go along with the social attitudes of those around me. Be nice, I’m nice. Be kind, I’m kind. Be loyal, I’m loyal. Throw people up against the lockers and beat them till they wet their pants, and…well…

I am the monster who fights monsters, as it were.

So, as a rule I do try and get people to be empathetic towards each other. I mean hell, I just did three massive posts about Nazis trying to explain why people might actually identify with Nazis. Not because I believe in Nazism (I don’t), but because I’ve watched enough shows like Doctor Who that have the message of “a little bit of empathy for your fellow man makes the world a better place.”

Which, on an aside note, was one of the reasons I liked Matt Smith so much. He always tried to find understanding between everyone. It was only after that failed that he blew up entire ships, because there was no other choice.

So I’m on facebook and someone posts a mocking video for “a helpline for men upset that the doctor is a woman.” And, frankly, after several days of having all of social media running rampant with “pissbaby” and “queeeen slaayyyy” I did what my normal, autistic, demonic self does.

I post a meme:

Because, let us be absolutely honest with ourselves…this is exactly what has happened.

We are told, over and over again, that “representation is important” and that the “race/sex/gender of a character is integral to their identity.” We have been told this repeatedly, for over a decade now. That is the societal rule. Race/Sex/Gender are important to identity. Hell, we even have an entire political movement “Identity Politics” because of this societal concept.

And we have seen what happens when you challenge this rule. Gods of Egypt had a largely white cast. But the RAGE was tremendous, why were they not “black!” (disregarding the fact that Egyptians are not black to begin with). Just look at the new Aladdin live action movie, which is already running into problems about the actors not being “Arab” enough (I think I saw somewhere an Indian was being cast in one of the roles, to much rage). Time and again, I’ve seen rage where a female, or minority character was “replaced” and rage over this erasure of identity burned across the net.

Hel, there was that whole thing where the Ancient One in Doctor Strange was changed from an old Asian man to an old Celtic woman, and rage was had (mostly from Asians, though I think I remember some women raging back at the Asians for their misogyny. I tried not to pay too much attention).

So yeah, “identity is important” has kind of been beaten like a dead horse at this point.

So, given this “rule” why wouldn’t a bunch of people be upset over the erasure of a character’s traditional sexual identity? I mean, they’re just playing by the same rules. Well, except for those rules apparently not being applicable to “them.”

As one can imagine, my meme was not exactly well received. Despite stating repeatedly I had no dog in the fight, and trying to point out I was merely indicating the validity of complaints and the double standard, I was called ignorant, dumb, and eventually a sexist/racist/etc who only says stuff behind the safety of his computer.

Which, frankly, is not true. I will say all of this to people’s faces. I just typically don’t go outside if I don’t have too. But as many in my college classes and campuses learned, my tongue is not hidden. There’s reasons I was feared in debate based classes, and hated in others.

I don’t know about ignorant, but I suppose I will admit dumb. It was indeed stupid of me to expect humans could live up to their heroes. As for sexist, racist and all that? Meh. I don’t know. I don’t want to be. But in my experience the greatest argument for hating someone over something generally comes from themselves these days. And frankly, I think almost everyone has been made a little bit more racist by the actions of say BLM, and certainly many have been made more sexist by the unrepentant hypocrisy that is 3rd wave Feminism.

And I freely admit that about myself. I completely understand why people hate me, and I don’t really consider myself a victim of their hate. I am an unrepentant asshole. I probably deserve it. I didn’t used to be. I used to be just about the nicest, sweetest person you could have ever met. As loyal and loving as a puppy. Unfortunately, this world likes to kick puppies, and kicked puppies grow up to be mean dogs.

And, frankly, I’m not happy with how mean I am sometimes. I honestly wish I was a nicer person. The problem is…the world isn’t filled with nice people. It’s filled with assholes. And when I see people being assholes, and I know I’m an asshole, I feel compelled to stand between them and the ones they’re bullying.

And, frankly, that’s what’s been happening with Doctor Who. Hell, it’s what happened back with the Atheist War, and the Marxist war. That’s what happens when I bring up politics on this blog. People are being cruel, heartless assholes, and I try to give it back in some small part. Because that is the rules they have declared.

And I know, in some ways, that probably makes me a bad person.

And I’m sorry for that.

But…being sorry for being an asshole all by myself doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t change the fact there are atheists who feel anyone who believes in Gods should be silenced. It doesn’t change the fact that there are Marxists who think nothing but their ideology should exist. It doesn’t change the fact that a lot of people demand the genocide of an entire race simply because their skin color. It doesn’t change the fact that a lot of women, backed with institutional power, brutalize and vilify the opposite gender. It doesn’t change the fact there are ideologues of all kinds who go around brutalizing everyone not them, just so they can have their way.

Me being sorry doesn’t change that.

Me being an asshole probably doesn’t change that either.

But I still do it. Why? Because there’s a saying “if you do something, even if it takes you forever and it kills you, but that thing makes one person’s life better, then it was worth it.”

And you know what? My blog doesn’t get much traffic. But there have been those rare times, those rarest of days, when in my comments section someone says “Thank you for standing up for me.”

And it’s usually someone who has been shit on over and over and over again. Someone who has had absolutely no one, not even an asshole, stand up for them. Someone who has been told that they’re a bad person and they deserve all the cruelty handed down upon them. Until I came along, and for a post or two, punched back, or drew the bully’s attention away from them and onto myself.

Even if it was just for day. I helped someone.

And that makes all the names, all the abuse, all the cruelty I face online worth it. Because every time I get into an argument with another person who is being an asshole, just maybe, even if they never tell me, I might have helped someone by letting them know they were not alone, that there was someone out there who didn’t hate them like everyone else did.

It’s what Hela did for me.

It’s what I do for others by her will.

I wish I was a better person. But I guess I settle for doing better with the person I am.



Hela Bless