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I suppose, it was inevitable.

In my three part series about Nazis, the goal was to show a mixture of what Nazis believe(d), what evidence there might have been to support those beliefs, and to show a few of the ideas that Nazis had that might get people excited about them (like their economic ones). I stated that was the goal in the posts, and I also stated that I was not a Nazi nor was I endorsing their ideals. Merely presenting them because in all the discussions about the rise of Nazis…you never, ever hear about that. All you hear is basically “The 6 Million!” “Das Racist!” and “Punch them in the face!”

Which aren’t so much arguments as they are attempts to silence Nazis. But while they certainly worked in the past, evidence is that they are no longer working. Calling someone a racist only works when it is the highest insult in the land. When the term racist is thrown about with less care and greater numbers than models a 5000 point game of Warhammer Fantasy (hint: that’s a loooot of models), well…not so much.

If people really wanted to defeat Nazis, then one should debate the ideals of Nazis, by both understanding the logic and evidence that gives birth to those ideals, and then refuting them with counter evidence and counter logic. Because, right now, we are not yet shooting each other…so there is still time for peaceful discussion. And, as I found out while writing…there’s reasons Nazism was and is attractive to people, especially if they feel slighted because of their race, put upon because of their morals, or economically devastated.

So what did I get for my troubles?

I got called a racist and a nazi. Oh, and told the best solution for dealing with nazis was punching them in the face.

Yeah, apparently, the knowledge is so verboten that even if you do not espouse the ideals, if you so much as study and speak of the positives without endorsing them…you’re the same as a saluting member of the Nazi Party.

Oy vey.

That’s right, no room for peaceful discussions, reasonable debate to destroy bad ideas, let’s just label everyone a nazi and go straight to the violence.

You know, the exact same kind of attitude that has presently led to the rise of Nazism and related ideologies in America and Europe.

“I think you’re evil, so I’m going to be violent towards you. I’m going to shut you out of society, strip you of everything I can, and salt the earth after I’m done. Because I think you’re evil and that means you’re not even human.”

So…basically do the same thing the Nazis did.

The irony is not lost on me. At all.

Here’s my thing, it’s an objective fact that violent repression doesn’t work. It just doesn’t. If going around punching people you didn’t like in the face was a successful long term tactic, we wouldn’t have the LGBTQAP community. Because of hundreds of years, Christians punched them in the proverbial, and literal, face…and yet here we are. With free and equal rights for gays, gay marriage, and the gay community having the ability to shut down Christian businesses who don’t cater their services to gays.

Truly, the violence was successful! The Christian Theocracy standing before you is evidence that punching gays in the face is the best tactic to deal with gays.

Spraying black people with water hoses and dogs certainly was a successful tactic when it came to them wanting their civil rights. I mean, it’s worked very well, there has never been a black man or woman elected of office by black votes, much less a black president.

And clearly our many wars in the Middle East have brought stability and peace to that area of the world. Truly, unrestrained and thoughtless violence towards those who disagree with us is the most successful form of political dialogue for getting rid of undesirables.

Hell, communists in the 1920’s thought punching Nazis in the face would prevent them from getting into power. And we all know how well that worked out.

Do you grasp my point?

Now, I’m not saying all violence is bad. And certainly, if a Nazi is about to hit you, it is acceptable to punch said Nazi in the face. Of course, if you’re about to punch a Nazi, he is well within his human rights to punch you back.

The only thing “punching nazis in the face” is going to accomplish is to increase the already violent political discussions we’re having. It will also engender sympathy for nazis, because in our “victim complex culture” you can only punch people for so long before people start feeling sorry for them. And, as I have personally experienced, you can easily get mislabeled a nazi and punched for it.

Now, I’m trying to retain my current “un-nazi” stance because frankly, I don’t agree with everything the Nazis believed. Sure, their economic ideas are interesting, but there are other beliefs and political systems that I identify much, much better with at this time (like Classical Liberalism). But most people aren’t as “autistic” about their morality as I am and when faced with being beaten for views they don’t even hold because they’re “nazis” then there is a greater and greater chance that they will side with Nazis simply because those are the folks they’re being accused of being anyways, and the Nazis can at least provide them some protection from being punched in the god damned face!

It amazes me how much some people can ignore their own beliefs too. You have folks who say “we shouldn’t show Muslims in a negative light, or they might radicalize and become terrorists!” and in the next breath will go “we shouldn’t show Nazis in a positive light, or they might radicalize and become Nazis! So we better show them only in a negative light, because that certainly will not in any way shape or form cause them to radicalize!”

I’m sorry, but do you think people are really that much different? If one man will become radicalized because you show him only negativity and hostility…than any other man will do the same! If you beat a dog, it will become violent, it doesn’t matter if it’s a jack russel or a german sheperd. If you constantly punch people, you will teach them that violence is the only interaction to which they’re allowed…and they will become violent. And if you vilify someone, they will come to the conclusion that villainy is the only path for survival.

You want to actually stop Nazism?

Understand their ideas and beliefs. Find those you admit might have some merit, find ways to refute those that do not. And then…be friends to people who might be “nazis.” Why? Because the more you shove people into little corners because of their beliefs, and the only people they can be with share only those beliefs, the harder they’re going to believe in them. That’s true for every group, left, right, and center.

Socialization with a wide range of viewpoints means people are more flexible because they’re exposed to things outside their ideology. Do you think a Nazi will stick to his anti-semitism if he’s friends with several Jews who destroy all the stereotypes of greedy, manipulative merchants that want to wipe out whites? I doubt it. Do you think a white supremacist is going to keep being racist if he hangs out with Minorities who don’t treat him like shit, but live and work as he does? I doubt it.

You know what will make them stick with anti-semitism and racism? Leaving them alone in an echo chamber where all they see everyday is Jews like Time Wise talking about how white people  are going to be exterminated for the good of humanity. Or with stories like that black couple that just randomly beat up a white woman and her daughter at a restaurant. Or being the only ones who will discuss 1400 girls gangraped repeatedly for 20 years while the cops did nothing.

You want to stop Nazis? then Talk to Nazis. Show them the broader world. Work with them to build a better world, just like everyone should work with everyone else to build said better world

Or don’t. And watch Nazism grow as more and more people are ostracized from society for their “nazi” views.


Hela Bless