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I wasn’t sure if I was going to write any more about this (seeing as I got into trouble socially with it), but seeing as I’m already in trouble for this series, and I’m bored, I figured why the hell not. After all, peace through understanding is ostensibly better than peace through annihilation, and so little is known these days that really, anything is better than nothing. Or at least, I think it is.

Especially when the truth is so terrifying to people.

Once again I will state that I’m not writing this as a support for Nazism or anything like that. This is merely an attempt to show why some people would support Nazism. Because the world is not as black and white as we’d like to believe it is.

So today, let’s talk about how WW2 got started.

Now, most people would probably say WW2 got started when Germany invaded France. Because, let’s face it, most people don’t know crap about history. More learned people would say it got started when Germany invaded Poland. This is more historically accurate. But to say WW2 started when Germany invaded Poland would be akin to saying the current destabilization of the Middle East started when America invaded Afghanistan.

Technically true…if you ignore a simple event before hand.

In the case of the current situation in the Middle East, you could say it all destabilized when the US invaded Afghanistan. This is, of course, if you ignore the event that happened which caused the US to invade said country: The terrorist attacks that happened on Sept. 11, 2001. In those attacks, four planes where hijacked by terrorists, two of which crashed into the World Trade Center towers, one of which crashed into the Pentagon, and one of which crashed in a field after it was retaken by heroic passengers.

The terrorists responsible received aid from the Taliban government of Afghanistan, and so in an attempt to destroy the terrorists, the US invaded the country where they resided and worked to unseat the government that was supplying them.

The situation that started WW2, ironically enough…was almost exactly the same.

At the end of WW1, Germany surrendered. Part of that surrender involved Germany actually being divided as a nation. You had the Main part of Germany, and then there was a separate part of Germany. Along the western border of what had been Germany, and the area in between the now separated parts of the country, was given over to Poland to rule. The area directly between what remained of Germany was Danzig (not the band). Here’s a pic with the former territory circled in read, and Danzig circled in yellow.

This is important to keep in mind when you might read about Hitler talking about “taking back German land in Polish hands.” Yes, technically the land belong to Poland thanks to the Treaty of Versailles. But previously that land had been German, and Germans lived on that land. In the lead up to 1939 and the start of the war, Hitler had attempted to negotiate with Poland for the return of some of that land. Four attempts were made, ultimately, just to get Danzig back along with about a mile wide amount of territory (basically, enough to build and maintain a railroad) so that Germany could connect the two separated halves of its country, along with regaining a German city. I’ll repeat again, Hitler made four peaceful attempts to negotiate the return of a single German city and to connect his country.

Poland, with the backing of the British Empire and France, repeatedly told Hitler to fuck off, that was their land now. Hitler was even willing to let go the rest of the territory that had been handed over to Poland in exchange for that one city and connecting access. By any standard of negotiation, it was not an unreasonable deal. Danzig was German in populace, not Polish, and Poland certainly was going to get to keep a whole lot of territory for absolutely no effort. But still, Poland’s government said “Fuck off.” Primarily because England and France promised that if Germany did anything, they’d fuck up Germany. As far as Poland was concerned, Hitler had no power to negotiate and was begging for scraps. So why not kick a starving dog for fun?

Now, I’m sure everyone reading this is going “So what?” After all, a little bit of territory isn’t worth kicking off the massive ass whooping that would come from starting shit with Poland. And it certainly isn’t equivalent to flying planes into buildings. And you’re right, it absolutely wasn’t.

But it is connected.

See, in previous posts I mentioned the Bolsheviks. The Bolsheviks, to recap, were basically a paramilitary wing of militant Socialists. They were responsible for the Communist Revolution in Russia (by killing the Tzar and his family in a brutal blood bath). They were also responsible for large scale, genocidal blood baths of several different ethnic European groups who were not exactly keen on handing over what little property they had under the Tzar and being penniless slaves of a Communist State. Or the genocidal blood baths of different ethnic groups who didn’t want to give up their ancestral traditions for the godless, culture-less Soviet State’s new culture of “everyone works, no one gets paid, government give you what it things you deserve.” To put it mildly, the Bolsheviks were a bunch of mass murderers. They were also predominantly lead by Jewish people who embraced Communism with the ferocity of an Islamic Terrorist. These guys were to Communism what ISIS is to Islamism. The most fanatical, and bloodthirsty, of the “faithful.”

And the Bolsheviks were marching their happy asses through the Danzig area murdering and raping the fuck out of everything they could get to…with the complete backing of the Polish Government.

From 1918 to 1939, about sixty thousand (60,000) ethnic Germans were Murdered by the Polish and their Bolshevik allies. That’s an average of over 2,800 people murdered every single year, for twenty one years. To put this in perspective, about 3000 people died in 9/11. So basically it was like having a 9/11 ever year, except the killings happened on a irregular, piecemeal schedule more like striking small groups and murdering them than massive attacks. So…also not unlike a bunch of terrorist attacks like we’ve seen in many different places lately.

That was one of the primary reasons Hitler was trying to get the area back. To prevent the mass murders and mass rapes that were happening to the German people in the Polish “owned” territories. The Polish government wasn’t just not protecting its citizens, they were actively aiding in their mass murder. Hitler and the Nazi government tried to get other governments like England and France to intercede as well, but both basically just told the Germans to “fuck off.” Although, a more accurate representation of what was said would be “Fuck off with your whining, and if you do shit about it we’ll invade you and kill you.”

A statement backed up by the fact that the British and French armies moved to be able to invade Germany at a moment’s notice if they wanted. Recently the movie Dunkirk* came out which detailed an operation to get British soldiers out of Nazi occupied France. What the movie did not mention was why the British soldiers were in France to begin with. Nor that they were basically right at Germany’s border when the fighting started.

All through this, Hitler is begging for peace. He is begging for someone to stop the Bolsheviks from murdering innocent people. He is begging Poland to stop it. He is begging Poland to even just hand it over and let him stop it. He’s begging Poland’s allies to make Poland stop the mass murder of innocent Germans. And at ever turn he is denied. He is threatened. In the press he’s painted as a greedy bully, a blood thirsty Hun who desires the flesh of the innocent. He wants to prevent mass murder, and he is the monster.

Let me restate: around 60,000 people were murdered and the Polish, British, and French said, “If you do jack shit to stop this from continuing to happen, we will fuck you in the ass and destroy your country.”

Well, eventually, something has to give. Hitler and the Nazis entire platform was basically “Germany for Germans. Safety and Respect for the German People.” You can’t have that as your modus operandi and then do nothing as your fellow Germans are raped and murdered in their homes. So, Hitler does the world famous thing, and invades Poland. Poland gets BTFO’d in the Blitzkrieg and Hitler then sets about doing to the Bolsheviks and their supporters what they had been doing to the Germans in Poland. Although, probably, with a lot less rape.**

The start of the invasion to the complete capture of Poland took less than a month. During that time, the massacres were stopped.

So, you’d think Germany going FATALITY on Poland would cause the Brits and French to hold up their end of the bargain, right? Wellll, yes and no. Pretty much as soon as Germany invaded Poland and put a stop to the mass murders, England and France Declared war on Germany. That’s right, Germany didn’t declare war on them, they declared war on Germany.

But then England and France kinda just sat there for about eight and a half months on the border of Germany. Poland goes down in a lightning storm and nothing happens for the better part of a year beyond the declaration. Now, be this because England and France were in absolute shock of what Germany had just managed to do or some other reason, idk. Most of it was probably trying to get everything in position to pull off an invasion of Germany by surrounding it from France and Denmark areas. During all this time, Hitler attempts to negotiate peace and promises to return Poland its sovereignty, merely keeping previously German territories and the Danzig area, in order to prevent further massacres.  There is no need for war, there is no need for the shedding of more blood. Give him peace, let him protect his people, and everything can go back to normal. France and England were having absolutely none of it. It was war, and they would fight tooth and nail and lay Germany in the dirt never to rise again.

Keep in mind, Hitler and Germany didn’t declare war and then invade France. War has already been declared and was happening for eight and half months before Hitler invaded anyone. But then he did.

Next thing anyone Knew, Germany controlled the north with Denmark, and ran the Brits, French, and Belgians (who were supposed to have been neutral but got strong armed into helping England and France) all the way back to Dunkirk.

And from the invasion of Poland (before actually) all the way through until to the attacks that drove everyone back to Dunkirk, Hitler was asking for Peace again, and again, and again.

Hitler wanted peace.

Now, this is talked about some (or at least it was back when I was in school), but when it’s not glossed over the most common explanation I’ve heard was typically “Hitler wasn’t ready for a war, but he wanted one at some point.” Frankly, given the historical evidence showing that Right up until the USA got involved, Hitler easily btfo’d everyone through most of the war, I personally question this interpretation. I’m not saying its wrong, I’m just saying I question it. Clearly, the Nazis were more than capable of war.

Right up until the day before he invaded France, Hitler was begging the British people for peace. When it was apparent that was not going to happen, Germany raced out and blew the enemy away. Then, at Dunkirk, he had the British, French, and Belgians trapped.

Here’s where it gets murky. Hitler easily could have slaughtered all three armies at Dunkirk. There is no argument about that. The part that gets murky is if it was German incompetence that allowed the escape, or Hitler himself. I’ve read and heard some stuff says it was a disagreement between German generals as to if they should push in with troops and tanks and slaughter, or if they should just bomb and shoot the enemy to death with planes. But there’s others who suggest that Hitler himself allowed the Brits to cross the channel as an act of good faith. A physical gesture that he did not wish needless bloodshed, that peace was still an option (although perhaps without handing France its freedom again because there was never going to be peace with the French. That much was obvious).

Yes, at this point Hitler wasn’t going to hand over Poland or France, that was Germany’s by right of conquest now. They’d all been at war for the better part of a year and made it clear they didn’t want peace with Germany since they thought they could kick its ass. But now the asses had been kicked, Germany was not to be trifled with, but there was no need for further war and peace could be had between the Brits and the Germans. The British could keep their empire, Germany didn’t need it. Germany had its own shit now, there was no inherent quarrel between the German people and the British. No racial struggle, no uber und unter. The Brits were in every way the Equals of the Germans, and there should be peace between them. No more young men need die.

And the Brits said: FUCK YOU.

And so, they went to war.

The rest is, as they say, history.

Regardless of whatever events came after, and whatever monstrous things were done, historical fact does lend itself to the position that Hitler was probably in the right when it comes to his actions that started the war. He clearly was more than willing to find peaceful solutions, and when he did go to war it was to prevent the mass murder of his own people. Sixty thousand raped, tortured, and executed. Millions fleeing in terror, and a Government that backed the civilian and terrorist mobs that were doing it via their own military forces. Followed up by a military strike at two nations who declared war on Him, not the other way around.

When it came to the start of the war, Hitler did nothing wrong. Or if he did, we are as guilty of these wrong as he was. I can only judge by the same standard.

Now, I could make another post for this, but I think I’ll leave it here. The two main reasons for the Nazis being bad was they started WW2, and the holocaust. In this post, there is the argument that Hitler was justified in starting WW2. Hell, there’s a case to be made that he didn’t even start it: Poland did when they engaged in terrorist mass murder of innocent people. Or England and France did when they declared war on Germany because it put an end to the mass murder. So that leaves us the holocaust.

Now, in a previous post for this series I showed that some people question the Holocaust and why. I’m not going to do that here. For the sake of argument, let’s say the Holocaust did happen. The Holocaust was real, and Germany killed all those Jews.

There was absolutely no reason for the Nazis to think this was wrong.

Literally none. We like to consider the Nazis monsters because they willingly and eagerly mass murdered the Jews. But the simple fact of the matter is mass murder clearly wasn’t wrong at the time. A few decades prior, the Turks committed Genocide to the Armenians. They drove a million to a million and half Armenians into the sea to drown. I believe it was British ships off the coast witnessed this happen. Not only did the British nor the rest of the world ever condemn the Turks for this mass murder, reports were that the Brits refused to rescue people in the water that managed to make it to the ships. Orders were to let them drown.

There were reports from all over the growing USSR of ethnic cleansing after ethnic cleansing. Bolsheviks and USSR forces were going town to town committing mass murder and mass rape over and over and over again. These murders were known, and yet they were never, ever condemned or acted on to prevent. In the USA, Progressive politicians (yes, the very Progressive political parties now preaching Communism and Anti-facism today) discussed the possibility of genociding the black communities of America. And then of course you have what was happening in Poland that I talked about earlier. 60,000 people butchered, men, women, not even children were spared. Eyes were gouged out. Rape after rape. Bodies mutilated with demonic glee. And that was just in the 1900’s.

That’s not even talking about the countless example throughout history.

The very nations that to this day decry the monstrosity of what the Germans did…aided, abetted, and in general just couldn’t be bothered to give a fuck about those exact same monstrosities done by either themselves, or their allies. By the end of its existence, the USSR had a mass murder body count ten times that of Nazi Germany. Communist China had a body count almost twelve time higher than the Nazis. And yet, you will find the Bolsheviks regarded as heroes and freedom fighters, and Communism taught in glowing terms in our universities.

Mass murder was more than acceptable. Arguably, mass murder remained acceptable (they happen all over in Africa with barely a protest, and in the case of South Africa and the events happening there, not even that). Everyone was either doing it, or eagerly in bed with someone who was. Hitler and the Nazis had no reason to think the Holocaust was any different. After all, they weren’t doing anything that everyone else wasn’t already doing.

Today, we consider Mass Murder wrong. I agree with this, in principle. But there is a principle that people should not be charged with crimes retroactively. If a person committed an action in good faith, believing it to be legal, they cannot then be charged and punished should that action be made illegal at a later date. The reason for this is because a long time ago, it used to be that if someone with power had an enemy, and they new their enemy had done something, they would go and make that thing illegal…and then arrest and punish their enemy for committing said crime retroactively. This was viewed to be unjust and so we have made it so that it should not be done.

We consider mass murder wrong because of the holocaust. That is perfectly fine. I agree with this. It was a horrible event that, unfortunately, has been repeated throughout history. It was not the first, it was not the last. To judge them, however, as the most evil of people for doing the exact same thing we barely condemn when it comes to anyone else, however, is unjust.

And this injustice breed support. You cannot call people evil for doing something you ignore or support when anyone else does it, and retain the moral high ground needed to condemn. Many, many people look at this blatant double standard of judgement and conclude that said judgement is bullshit. How can the Nazis be evil for doing the exact same thing everyone else was doing?

In the mind of many…they can’t. The blatant double standard weakens any standard. And so the standard is abandoned. And once the standard is abandoned, well…the Nazis become just another in a great host of political movements, neither more nor less evil than the others. In which case people judge based not on the actions (because all are guilty of the same) but instead on the promises and stances spoken by said movement.

Stances and promises that are very attractive to people who feel threatened, abandoned, and persecuted for who they are. Disregarding the murders, Nazism promises the same thing that BLM promises its people. Protection, sanctity, pride. You are who you are, you are a good person because of who you are, you have the right to your existence and a future for your people.

Attitudes never condemned when it comes to anyone else.

If people really want to stop the rise of Nazism in the modern day, well, its certainly possible. But it first starts with acknowledging what it is about the Nazis that people like. And then comes the decision what are you going to allow, and what are you going to disallow.

And once you have decided what you disallow…you then have to apply that standard to everyone.

That means if the Nazis are bad because they mass murdered, then you have to declare that others who have mass murdered are just as bad, and you have to act against them with the same fervor that you do against Nazis. That means you blast things like Communism to the same degree you blast Nazism. If you decide that “racial pride” is bad, then you have to apply that to everyone. You have to crush Black pride, Latino pride, Asian pride, Muslim pride, Jewish pride, whatever pride it is, you crush it as hard as you crush white pride.

You have to apply the same standard to everyone. And you have to enforce it with an equal amount of brutality. Because the instant you don’t, you’re not upholding the standard. And the instant the rules are different based on who you are, people will reject those rules.

Which is exactly what is happening now. Which is exactly why people are looking once again to the ideas of Nazism. There has been no justice in the laws, and so people look to that which will gain them justice, by any means necessary.



Hela Bless

*The movie is pretty terrible by the way. The chronology of events is fucking impossible to understand. I seriously think the movie starts on one day, somehow manages to have one character moving forwards through time into the previous night, and then end at the evening of that same day. And I say that because its following one character who starts the day, gets on a boat that sinks during the night, and then gets back to the beach and onto another boat….all while a pilot who flew in that morning is still flying around shooting stuff that evening.

I’m also not entirely sure how that plane managed to glide around for five hours with no fuel less than 300′ up in the air. Seriously, if he could glide for that long with no problem looping up and down the same beach for hours without loosing altitude I have no idea why they made a big deal about fuel consumption for the first 2/3rds of that movie.

**It will be a thing for historical debate how much raping the Germans actually did, but the official rules for the German army were “You do not rape. If you are caught having raped, we put a bullet in your skull.” How well that rule was enforced is debatable, though there are examples of it having been enforced if rarely. This rarity meaning that rapes rarely happened, or if rapes were rarely caught I’m not going to say without a fuck ton more research that I don’t have at the moment.

It’s debatable that there was less murder though. That being said, it becomes somewhat easier to understand (if not condone) the more murderous actions of the Nazis in Poland once you realize that Polish citizens and the Polish military had aided and abetted the mass murdering done by the Bolsheviks, as well as done some of the massacring themselves. It really became a case of “You didn’t stop them from murdering us, you murdered us, so why should we stop from murdering you?” Not morally right by any means, but at least psychologically understandable.