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A great deal has been made about the violence and deaths at the Unite the Right Rally that happened in Charlottesville, VA over the last weekend. Many have attempted to lay the deaths of two state troopers who died in a helicopter crash at the feet of the “White nationalists” despite the fact that the rally was well over by the time the crash occurred. And since the “White Nationalists” apparently had no way to shoot copters out of the sky (because if they did it would be plastered everywhere by now), they’re clearly not responsible for the crash and two out of the three deaths.

But, Mr. Fields, who attended the rally, did injure 19 people and killed one person. The woman who died, a Heather Heyer, has been raised up as a victim of “white supremacy” because of her death. Memorial services have been held, memes have been created, and much sorry has been had.

heather heyer killed char va

At least, that’s the official story.

Now, I’ve watched the various videos of the car running into the protestors, and while I have my issues with catching everything in chaotic situation, I never saw anyone who looked like the pictures of Heather Heyer getting hit. Hanging around various web places with people who are a lot more automatically observant than I am, all the footage she was never pointed out as being hit by the Dodge. And then, someone finally posted her and where she was at the time of impact which caused her death.

heather heyer accident

See the woman circled in Green? That is apparently Heather. Yes, the woman who in all her photos appears to be a fairly attractie lady in her mid-thirties is indeed that woman wearing the green tank top. She is a big girl (for you). You might wonder why I mention that (aside from the usual psyops that people will react more sympathetically to an attractive person dying than a non-attractive person dying), but I’ll get to that in a minute.

But if you notice where she is. She’s between the white/silver convertible and the black SUV/Van. At no point was she ever in direct contact with the Dodge. In fact, judging by angles and previous shots of the crowd, the driver of the Dodge probably never even saw her. Now, I get there are laws about who is responsible for people dying in car accidents, but the media has made a big deal about this being a “targeted killing” and an “act of terror.” But I’m trying to make a point.

Heather Heyer was in between two other cars at the time of the impact. Not anywhere near the Dodge. Why?

Because she was part of the Anti-Fa mob that was attacking those cars before the Dodge rolled in and wrecked. Yes, memes have gone out praising her for “fighting the nazis” but the truth is, she was fully engaged in violence and was physically helping to surround cars and block traffic so that her fellows (and possibly herself) could assault them and potentially the people inside.

charger attacked

That’s a picture of the Dodge being hit by bats, but if you watch the videos you’ll realize those bats were already in hand. Eye witness reports state the anti-fa crowd was already very violent and assaulting traffic as they mobbed it, as well as assaulting anyone with a camera who might be filming it. Which makes this just one more in dozens upon dozens of examples of anti-fa violently attacking anyone not them.

Heather Heyer was not innocent,  by any means. And indeed, the making of her as an innocent victim of white supremacy does not go over well with some of her anti-fa comrades.

heather heyer vigil

Yep, Heather Heyer is a “martyr” for Socialism, and her Socialist Comrades are displease by the appropriation of her death by liberals, who they desire to “give the bullet too” as well. This is the kind of people Heather was hanging out with. This is the kind of person she likely was. Socialists with the express intention of using violence to bring about a Communist state.

Now, I mentioned earlier that she was a rather large woman. This is important, not because “lol fat communists” but because apparently being overweight can have detrimental effects when one suffers blunt trauma. I’m not a medical expert, but looking it up studies show that being overweight can increase one’s chances to die in car accidents by up to 80%. Now, that’s for when you’re inside the car, and you’ve got all that safety equipment like airbags, and the car takes the brunt of the force. My guess is organs already under pressure from the weight or maybe the extra weight acts as a “fluid conductor” for the force from impact to travel longer and further before it hits the organs, or maybe just having extra mass causes more impact (E=MC^2). Whatever the reason, the stress is magnified upon impact. Which means that it was entirely possible that someone in her position could have survived the impact, but due to health considerations the impact was too much and she died.

Her death was entirely preventable. Had the govenor not declared a state of emergency and disbursed the Unite the Right crowd through Anti-Fa and BLM, that violence could have been avoided (Violence Fields experienced first hand). Had the Cops contained the two groups, or prevented Anti-fa from going around attacking people, the violence could have been avoided. Had Heather not joined in with a mob attacking innocent people, the violence could have been avoided. Had the anti-fa mob not attacked the dodge being driven by an autistic young man who had been violently threated previously, he might not have panicked/drove for the mob. Had the mob not blocked lines of sight so the Dodge could see there were cars further down the road, it could have been prevented. Had Heathen not placed herself between two cars on a road, she would not have been struck.

There are a dozens steps, at each one if the police had acted according to the law, or anti-fa not been a violent mob, then this tragedy could have been prevented. But it wasn’t stopped, and now a woman is dead and a young man may be convicted of murder.



Hela Bless