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So this last weekend/week has been a learning experience for me. I have discovered, yet again, that society is filled with a horrendous double standard. It’s not the calling out of violence that bothers me, it’s the violence that isn’t called out that’s getting to me frankly.

The simple fact is that if it turns out the Dodge driven in to the violent anti-fa mob that was attacking people was a deliberate act, I can admit that it was bad. Part of me might still hold that attacking a group of bloodthirsty terrorists is not entirely a bad thing, but I can at least admit that violence was done. This, however seems to be far, far more than most people on the Left end of things can do.

After all, despite Anti-fa starting the violence at the rally, using homemade flamethrowers at he rally, blinding at least one person at the rally, attacking innocent people in their cars after the rally, and generally upholding their reputation as violent Communists, virtually no condemnation has been laid at their feet. In fact, it seems, the use of violence is described as “mutual,” and all mention of flamethrowers and blinding people has been scrubbed. Hell, even the fact that the woman who died, Heather Heyer, was part of a violent mob that was attacking innocent people in their cars with bats and clubs, is completely glossed over. If anything, Anti-fa is being portrayed as “heroes of the hour!

anti-fa yahoo claims antifa rises to fight nazis

Yes, you are seeing that right. Yahoo news is attempting to make it look like Anti-fa is “rising up against white supremacists” despite the fact that anti-fa and their violence predates any rallies that could be considered “white nationalist” by even the smallest degree. Even if you wanted to be the most ungenerous asshole out there and label all the “free speech” rallies as “white supremacist,” even then Anti-fa predates them and the “free speech” rallies were a direct response to Anti-fa and its violence!

But despite this fact, and the fact that BLM, who joined anti-fa in Virginia are both organizations held to be terrorist in nature, and the fact that BLM has a much higher body count than do the “white supremacists” at this point, no condemnations have been forthcoming.

Of course, since the Rally and what can only be considered an unequivocal victory for anti-fa, they have of course become even bolder. Perhaps by now you have heard of the destruction Durham monument?

That was not an authorized demolition. That is literally a mob of anti-fa who destroyed public property without a permit, while the cops did absolutely nothing. Why? Because it “offended them.” Or, to put it in different terms “it was a heretical idol to a false religion, a religion that must be exterminated for the glory of the true God.”

antifa and isis 1

Frankly, I expect to see a lot more of this in the coming weeks. They now have a “martyr,” and the state and media has not condemned them for any violence they’ve engaged in. They are now “heroes,” they are “Marx’s Chosen!” destined to raise up the hammer and scythe and create paradise on earth!. No one will oppose them except for “nazis” and what do they have to fear from them? Already states are declaring “neo-nazis to be terrorists.” And since anyone who opposes them is automatically a Nazis, then they will have the full support of the State they so hate to crush their enemies, or at least step back so they can murder the Nazis with impunity. Truly, Marx must smile upon their holy Jihad!!!

antifa and isis 4

Submit, infidel! To the Glorious Submission to the will of Marx! Do not think of the horrors that come from his holy rule, do not think of the hundreds of millions dead! Equality is to be had, comrade! There are Nazis about! Let us save you from the horrors of racism and capitalism and sexism! None of these things exist in glorious utopia of communism! Submit Infidel! Submit to the Will of Marx!!!

History is being destroyed. People who have committed crimes are being allowed to walk free because of their beliefs. Those who resist, however poorly we consider their beliefs, are being vilified and will be silenced either by terrorist violence or state violence. Some may be willing to accept this destruction because it is not “their” history, or they consider the monuments destroyed to belong to traitors. But virtually everything that can be said about the Confederates can also be said about the Founding Fathers. Soon, when there are no more confederate monuments to destroy, Anti-fa will look to other symbols of Capitalism, Patriarchy, Racism, or simple Whiteness. Heroes will be shattered, Fathers will be toppled, statues of ancient Gods will be shattered, and everyone who resists will be labeled a Nazis.

Because surely, Marx will smile upon their Jihad.


Hela Bless