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While I’m mulling over a post that I’m thinking about writing, I figured I would flip through the catalog on wordpress and see what was what in the various pagan and heathen tags I follow. Years ago, I used to go through them everyday (of course, I’ve been on here since WordPress would actually show your posts in the catalog to you and were those nice little boxes that were about forty to a page, rather than hide them and long stream posts). Yes, when it comes to wordpress I am what 4chan calls an “oldfag.”

As I was flipping through them though, I saw a few familiar names and ultimately felt disappointment and a hint of disdain. Because the ones that caught my eye were meaningless virtue signalling more than anything else.

For example, Mainer74 has a post called “Nazis Free to Kill In Our Streets.” Which was his major response to the Charlottesville rally and the death of Heather Heyer, Communist rioter. It’s the usual thing we’ve seen a lot: Nazis are bad, shut it down, how dare we as a society let it get to the point where Nazis are killing people in our streets! Along with the usual condemnations of white nationalism, white supremacy, and any other thing “alt-right and white.” I believe it was that post of his were I asked if he was going to similarly denounce the violence and supremacy that is Communism. The comment never made it past moderation, from what I can tell.

Imagine my shock.

Look, Heyer’s death isn’t anything to celebrate, but let us be completely honest. The Nazis didn’t start the violence. Let’s be completely honest and admit that the nazis weren’t even the first ones to “kill in our streets.” Bikelock guy nearly killed people at “The Battle of Berkley,” a Bernie Sanders supporter attempted the murder of almost 25 sitting Republican congressmen. And before Heather Heyer was killed due to secondary impacts from the Dodge running through a violent communist riot, Clayton Carter executed a Republican Committeeman in his home town in front of his victim’s wife.

These violent and deadly actions by the “Alt-Left” are just a few, famous examples from a side known for violence, rioting, destruction, and murder. Yet, it is only the “Nazis” that are condemned and spoken against. Despite the fact that their violence predates the Alt-Right’s violence and the only reason they haven’t killed more people is because the majority of them seem to have the will, but be absolutely shit at the way.

Meanwhile the Troth, an organization so into self cuckoldry that they willingly ousted their founder after he defended Steven McNallen (when he complained about police and governments doing nothing as women were mass gang raped), has release a video on “inclusive heathenry.” Where in just the first minute they lie (the alt-right did not invade, they had a permit. The Alt-left invaded because they did not have a permit), and proceed to side with the violent Alt-Left organizations of Anti-Fa and BLM, while supporting the destruction of historical and cultural artifacts simply because a bunch of Communists wanting to engage in a Maoist Cultural Revolution find them “offensive.”

I would like to personally congratulate the Troth, an organization whose existence is nominally supposed to be about the preservation and revitalization of lost cultures, jumping on the bandwagon of cultural destruction. I can only hope I’m there to laugh when the Troth is inevitably destroyed by the side it is supporting for being a “white supremacist organization that supports sexism, racism, homophobia, etc.”

Then of course you have simple statements like the one from Dousing for Divinity’s. Nice, short, to the point, calling out Nazis and bigots.  Oh, and antisemitism and islamophobia. Because, apparently, they don’t realize that the vast majority of antisemitism these days is coming from *gasp* Muslims! See, you can’t call out antisemitism because that in and of itself is islamophobic. Of course, there is no condemnation of Communism, the Alt-Left, or BLM in this statement. Nope, just support for “inclusion.” Because apparently racial supremacy, political violence, and mass murder are only bad if done by “white people.”

And we have RiverDevora’s post about Hearthkeeping, which manages to be so dense that it puts  me and my rambling 5k word rants to shame. But among its denouncements of the usual suspects, and lack of denouncements for actual violent mobs, can be summarized as one person put it with: “muh qweer hearth.”

Congratulations guys, you are denouncing the side that killed 6 million people in favor of the side that killed 160 million! Your moral righteousness is so bright it is like looking at the Eclipse without NASA approved glasses! So bravely do you stand up to those who identify based on their race and desire the preservation of their people, that you are happily supporting a mass murdering ideology that invented the concept of racism and has murdered nearly thirty times the amount of people that Nazism did all because those people had property!

So eager are you to denounce racism that you’re canonizing a woman who was violently attacking innocent people in their cars. You are supporting the side which has committed exponentially more violence than the Alt-Right. So happy are you to denounce “bigotry and racism” that you’re throwing in with side defined by its bigotry and racial supremacy!

I mean honestly, I don’t know why I expected better from those who threw their wholehearted support behind Declaration 127, one of the most racially bigoted pieces of shit I’ve seen in the Heathen community ever. A Declaration, may I remind everyone, designed to denounce a group whose leaders called out mass rape when virtually no one else in the Pagan or Heathen communities would, and who have made multiple statements in support of ethnic diversity. And now, the very people who spoke out against those denouncing rape culture and ethnic erasure, are standing in solidarity with COMMUNISTS AND RACIAL SUPREMACISTS!

So yes, I am filled with disappointment and disdain. So great is the moral hypocrisy that I am sickened. You’re not condemning the violence. You’re just condemning the violence you don’t like. But you’re fine with the other violence. It’s cool if the Alt-Left murders people, who cares if Commies or Black Racists burn down entire cities, assault people for protesting the violence, and shoot cops in their cars or with sniper rifles. Oh no, that is apparently fine and anyone who complains about that is a fucking Nazi!

In fact, they’re so much Nazi that a group of less than a hundred people going to hear a fucking Indian guy give a speech can be labeled as Nazis and condemned, meanwhile a mob of 30,000 Communists and Black Supremacists can invade a fucking city to protest them and it’s absolutely okay. Thank fucking Gods the cops didn’t stand down for once, or there would have been a hundred dead people.

So frankly, fuck you all. You have no morals. You have no fucking standards at all. You’ll virtue signal your stance against the lesser evil, all so you can support the fucking greater evil! And you want to know what all your moral grandstanding has accomplished? Fucking Nothing.

Want to know how I know? Because sales of Confederate flags have increased since Virginia. The whole “white nationalist” movement, while dealt a blow by the “chad plow,” has since received a massive spark of growth because they watched as the President was called a fucking nazi because he condemned the violence of both sides. All your immoral condemnations of Nazis and public support of communists and cultural revolutionaries has done is made “white nationalism” stronger, more palatable, and more inventive. Your refusal to condemn the violence equally means that you support the violence. Actions and stances like those above which condemn with one hand, and raise up with the other those who have been objectively more violent, only teach people that violence is the acceptable solution. And not only is it an acceptable solution, it is the only solution because the Alt-Left’s violence will be permitted, the cops will stand aside, and their only options is to give like unto like in order to protect themselves.

You want to change it? Start condemning the Left and its violence as much, if not more, than you condemn the Rights. Of course, it won’t fucking happen because “muh Nazis” and “muh evil wytes.” In which case, once again, fuck all y’all.

As for anyone who will be just in their moral codes,


Hela Bless