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So, previous post I kinda tore into a Jewish lady who was a flat out supremacist and racist (as well as hypocrite). Not my favorite thing to do, but the Havamal says “when you see evil, speak out.” Or at least I’m told that’s what the Havamal meant by that stanza by numerous Heathens who love to “call out evil.” But today, not calling out evil, but actually giving my props to a Jewish fellow who also wrote an article about what Jews should do in the face of growing “white supremacy.” I give you: The One Thing Jews Should Be Doing To Combat White Supremacy.

What did you feel when you heard the neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Virginia, chant, “Jews will not replace us?” Fear, of course. Bewilderment, perhaps anger…

Actually, I will be completely honest: confusion. In fact, when I first heard about it (from the BBC of all places) I thought it was a flat out media lie, because I saw footage and all I heard was “you will not replace us.” But a few days later I did see footage where they were saying “Jews will not replace us.”

To be honest, I wasn’t even sure why they were saying that. Not that “white supremacy” doesn’t have a long history of issues with Jew, but because as far as I knew, the “conversation” hadn’t gotten anywhere near the point of talking about the vast over representation and institutional power of Jewish people in public and private institutions. Of course, I later found at that the FBI had agents in both sides of the demonstrators who probably were up to shenanigans, so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.

…But I bet a lot of Jews felt another emotion, which they’re less likely to articulate in public: snobbery. “Replace you? Where, behind the counter at Wendy’s? We’re successful, industrious, upper-middle class. You’re the dregs of society. Replace you? Don’t kid yourselves. When it comes to America’s class hierarchy, we replaced you and your kind long ago.”

Welp, there’s that familiar “Jewish Supremacy” like there was in that previous article I talked about. Still, it’s nice of this guy to point out to his fellow people that they’re being elitist assholes. Which, I’ll be honest, is probably a good 50% of why white supremacists seem to hate Jews. Maybe. There’s apparently other stuff involved with it too. It’s also nice to see Peter (the author) pointing out just how fucking well off the Jewish community is. Which is very. Median Jewish income is double that of whites.

Today’s anti-Semitism isn’t like the anti-Semitism of 100 or even 50 years ago. Overwhelmingly, it comes not from society’s winners but from its losers. Jews no longer press their noses against the gates of restrictive country clubs, Ivy League universities or white shoe law firms. Jews no longer yearn to be accepted by America’s elite WASP families. We already are. The man who currently occupies the White House watched with satisfaction as his eldest daughter became an Orthodox Jew. The woman he defeated watched happily as her daughter got married under a chuppah.

I will freely admit this is probably the truth. Most of the people you see moving towards “white supremacy” or more accurately “white nationalism” (yes, there is a difference), are the population that has been completely dicked over for the last forty years. I will say that it’s not that white people are “losers” so much as “those who have lost” though.

I was talking with my dad the other day about income and economics, and how things had changed. Turns out, he earned as an engineer starting out in the 70’s what I earned as a part time bookseller in the 10’s. Also turns out that his first house he bought for about $35,000. And we’re talking a nice house. Split foyer, two story, 3bd, indoor garage. The type of house that now sells for, idk, $100-$200k easy. He bought a brand new mustang in that same period for about $2k. But thanks to inflation and debt, everything got a hell of a lot more expensive, but the pay never kept up for most jobs. And most of the good jobs got shipped over seas.

So it’s not that we’re “losers,” it’s that we lost everything good that gave us a chance. But, for whatever reason, Jewish people won by orders of magnitude. And so they became elites in a country not of their own making, while the people who made it have watched the dream turn into a hopeless nightmare.

Today’s anti-Semitism emanates less from society’s elites than from the people who feel victimized by them. This doesn’t mean the new anti-Semitism isn’t dangerous. It doesn’t mean Jews shouldn’t respond with outrage and mobilization. But it does mean that, if only to protect ourselves, we must combat the economic and cultural dysfunction that is contributing to neo-Nazism’s rise.

And this is the part that made me sit up and decide to actually write about this article. Rather than act as the lady pervious who wanted to “shut it down!” Peter here actually argues that “helping make things better, rather than abusing people in their pain, is the solution.” Which, frankly, if a lot more people thought this way we probably wouldn’t be having the issues we do.

Of course poor Pete here is probably going to get labeled a nazi, a white supremacist, and a race traitor for saying it, but hey, he said it. Props for at least having the balls to do that. These days, that’s a far more dangerous play than anything the white supremacists or white nationalists are doing to anyone.

Sunday’s Washington Post profiled six young men who marched for white supremacy in Charlottesville. It described victims of “an economy capsized, a job market contracted, a student-loan crisis erupted,” who found a scapegoat for their woes, and a sense of belonging, in organizations that preach hate. Matthew Parrott, who was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome at age 15, grew up in a mobile home. At Indiana University, students from wealthier backgrounds “made fun of my accent and overbite and they called me ‘white trash’ and ‘hillbilly.’ I was never able to identify with a single person.” Until he found white supremacists. Peyton Oubre, from Metairie, Louisiana, couldn’t find a job after high school: “I could put in 500 applications and receive one call,” he said. He blames blacks for taking all the jobs. Tony Hovater, of Dayton, Ohio, grew radicalized while touring with his metal band through decaying, mostly white Rust Belt and Appalachian towns. “You see how a complete system failed a group of people,” he told the Post. Yet the media, he says, discusses only the African-American poor.

And he actually presents stories of those in the “WS/WN” movement fairly and points out that these stories are not to be belittled, but acknowledged! Props to possibly based-Jewbro.

Jobs are gone, debt is eternal, hope is lost, we’re cast out and mocked, our pain belittled, “diversity” and affirmative action only hurt us and never help us, we’re as poor and destitute as anyone else, but our poverty is ignored because of our race.

I read a story not too long ago of a poor white anon who was dying. He needed a lung and heart transplant, and even then probably wouldn’t live very long. He tried to get government assistance, but was constantly denied. Meanwhile, a friend’s black girlfriend got $1200 a month because she was “bi-polar.” A dying young white man couldn’t get any help, but someone in far less dire straights was given great boons. And this story is not unique. And that feeling of betrayal and abandonment doesn’t go away.

Of course, not every white supremacist grew up in a mobile home. Richard Spencer, the son of an ophthalmologist, attended a tony prep school in Dallas. Studies show that in purely economic terms, white supremacists don’t differ much from the population as a whole. But they do differ from Jews, who are America’s wealthiest religious group.

Holy crap.

He checked his privilege…

And he’s not wrong. White supremacists and white nationalists are starting to show up from virtually all economic groups across the “white” spectrum. The very poor, to the well off. All feel some level of betrayal or loss. The see the situation of the country and realize that they do not have what their parents and grandparents did. Gone are the days where a man could find a wife, buy a home, get a couple cars, raise his kids, and retire all on a single paycheck. Now are the days where a man is lucky if he can find a wife or girlfriend, be lucky if the two of them can afford an apartment together, maybe scrape together a couple used cars, not afford kids at all (but they can have hundreds of thousands in student loans), and you can say what the fucking hell is a retirement? Women might be arguably a bit luckier in the jobs department, but studies show they’re having as shit luck in the boyfriend/husband department. And this is true all across the economic spectrum.

When there is no hope, there is only anger. And when there’s anger, people look to those who are responsible, or at least “winning the game.”

They don’t just differ financially, they differ culturally, too. They are far less likely to have been raised in stable homes. In a 2014 interview with the Southern Poverty Law Center, sociologist Pete Simi, who has extensively interviewed white supremacists, noted that “one of the most common background characteristics is some kind of family disruption, whether that be divorce or parental abandonment, a parent becoming incarcerated, or substance abuse by one or both of the parents.”

You can thank feminism and lawyers for the broken and divorce part (both of which professions are heavily influenced by Jewish success at the top). I’m not sure I trust the SPLC at all, but these results wouldn’t surprise me. Broken homes lead to ruined lives, which lead to substance abuse and a number of other problems.

It leaves you wanting a family. It leaves you wanting a place to belong. Something to end the emptiness inside. For some that’s drugs or booze. Some people it’s religion (I ended up in Heathenism, partially because it felt like the home I didn’t have during my parent’s divorce and my mother abusing me psychologically for years). For a growing number it is white nationalist, because there is a fraternity in ethnicity, and joining together in the common goal of not just improving your life, but your kin’s lives, and the lives of the children you hope one day to have. It give one a sense of history, of belonging, and of a future.

What would it mean for American Jews to combat not merely Neo-Nazism, but also the conditions that contribute to it? For American Jewish organizations, it would require opposing economic policies like the Republican assault on Obamacare and the upper-income tax cuts the GOP is pushing this fall, policies that widen the chasm between America’s rich and poor. It would require pushing for more funding for the treatment of opioid addiction, the kind of issue that American Jewish groups don’t typically consider part of their agenda.

Frankly,  Pete’s ideas of fighting to keep Obamacare and preventing the Tax cut are stupid. Few things have hurt the white middle and lower classes more than Obamacare. I can’t even keep track of all the damages done, but for folks like me, not only did it devastate the amount of hours you could work at a single job (I think my area went from part-time work being about 38/39 hours a week to being 28/29 a week), which would necessitate the working of two jobs, which puts a lot more psychological stress on people. I worked with a guy who for a long time was working three part-time jobs just to make ends meet (and ultimately gave himself a heart attack). And of course, the existence of “full time” jobs practically vanished at the lower end of things, because small businesses couldn’t make enough to cover Obamacare’s prices, and big corporations could get away with just hiring a bunch of part timers, or do full time workers but pay less in fines for not providing care than they would for providing care. It didn’t help that full time went from 40 hr weeks to 30 hr weeks. With Obamacare, the only winners were Obama for passing it, and major corporations who managed to fuck over the little guy for a couple bucks of profit. And that’s not to even talk about how the plans were priced so they could take up an entire years income, and you could end up not qualifying for assistance paying for it despite the price being 100% of your income.

As for the tax cut, sure, most of that will help the “wealthier” folks more than the little folks. But the rich guys might be willing to invest and be more free with their money, which only helps the little guys. Plus, there’s that psychological effect of being able to keep more of your money, no matter how little. “Taxation is Theft” might be the cry of the Ancaps, but taxation is certainly a burden. And at the bottom end, even a few dollars can make all the difference.

That being said, I think Pete’s heart is in the right place, if not his knowledge of what would actually help. Freeing us of burdensome legislation that we never wanted (however well intended), allowing us to keep more of what we earn, and of course, bringing back jobs and opportunities would go a long way. Helping with the drug problem in a positive, rather than punitive, way would be nice too.

For synagogues, countering the conditions that produce neo-Nazism might involve assisting a church in a troubled area. Why? Because according to University of Virginia sociologist W. Bradford Wilcox, white working-class Americans who attend church are less likely to experience divorce, addiction and financial distress. Church attendance also eases the “alienation and purposelessness” that, according to the Post, characterizes many of the young men who drift toward neo-Nazism.

As a Heathen, I would even add helping local temples, kindreds, and various other pagan groups as well. It would certainly mean a lot if Jewish people would get Jewish groups like the ADL to stop listing our religions and symbols as “hate symbols” and their use as “hate crimes.” While I admit funding would be nice, actions like easing the burden of hatred towards us would mean a great deal more in some cases. Most Heathens I know pride ourselves on our self-sufficiency and take great pride in the hofs and temples we build, but it grows tiring when at ever gathering we’re called “Racists” and “white supremacists” and “bigots,” all because of our faith. Jewish people could do a great deal to bring an end to that, and would earn the gratitude of many, and probably even replace hatred and mistrust with respect and honor.

And while as a Heathen the idea of Churches and Christianity growing more powerful isn’t something I’m thrilled about, I’ll admit that “Deus Vult” is probably better than “Heil Hitler” for a lot of people.

To some Jews, these proposals might sound bizarre, even offensive. We’re supposed to help people who want us dead? What about all those non-Nazis who face economic and cultural problems? Don’t they have a better claim on our concern?

Sure, but it’s not zero sum. Combatting the hopelessness and misery that afflict many rural and de-industrialized American communities wouldn’t only benefit young white men at risk of turning to organized racism;it would also benefit their neighbors, some of whom are Latino and black.

When you Make America Great Again, it improves the lot of all its people, regardless of ethnicity. The best way to prevent racial hatred is to make sure no one is fighting anyone else for scraps. If all are welcome and able to feast, the joy and harmony fills the hall. It is when the mead is gone and the table laden with nothing but bones that starving men turn into angry wolves.

Of course, however much Pete here might want it, I suspect that offering the helping hand would be too much to ask of the Jewish community. Sadly, I think the lady from the previous post might be more typical of the response. Pete wants to return kindness with kindness, rather than kindness with betrayal. Cruelty and anger only breeds more cruelty and anger.

The point is that because Jews occupy a different place in contemporary American society than did Jews in other societies facing rising anti-Semitism, we can respond in different ways. Of course, as Jews have for centuries, we must band together for self-protection. But as a successful, well-established, political influential community, we can also confront the dysfunction and despair that leads some of our fellow Americans to scapegoat us.

In ways that would have been unimaginable to the Jews of medieval France, or 20th-century Eastern Europe, we answer hate by repairing the country in which we live. This is not a moment to turn inward. It’s a moment to reach out to the places we usually ignore or dismiss. By instilling hope in others, we can provide safety for ourselves.

Frankly, I hope Pete gets his way and that the Jewish community rises up to lend a helping hand. Maybe not the way he’s recommended, but rather by listening to what the white supremacists/nationalist are saying they need and helping them to obtain it. Because I want a happy ending to this story.

The truth is, the “Jewish Question” is coming. Jews have an insane amount of privilege, economic, and institutional power. And, a sad truth is that some of the Jewish community have used that power and privilege to be horrible bigots and racists to white people, treating them the way Jews were once treated elsewhere. And all too often, the response from other Jews to this anger and resentment brought about by their kinsmens’ actions is horror and rage and the desire to crush those objecting to their power and privilege. Of all the people I’ve seen talking about this, Pete here is the first to step back and say “maybe kindness, not anger, is the best solution.” For this I applaud him. For this, I respect him.

The “Jewish Question,” is coming. It is inevitable. And there’s two ways it can go. It can go like Germany, where the exploitation by some Jews lead to a final solution to all Jews. Or it can be like Finland, where Jews had thrown themselves whole heartedly into helping their countrymen, to the point that when the Nazis came to the Fins and asked them the Jewish Question, the Fins could respond truthfully that “there was no Jewish Question in Finland.”

I would rather our answer to the “Jewish Question” be “The Jews are our friends and allies,” rather than “They are a threat to the very existence of our people.” With Jewish help, with their power and influence helping White folks and everyone else improve our country, I see a bright future for all folk. But if things continue with the enmity of the Jewish community as it has been for a disappointingly long time, I see only terrible bloodshed in the age to come.


Hela Bless