Some interesting thoughts. Might have to write something like it myself soon.

Europa’s Children

A few days ago I was booted from a Facebook group after being declared an “out and out Nazi.”  I considered defending myself when the allegation arose but realized that would be pointless.  Rejecting open borders is enough to make one a Nazi nowadays: throw in an open love of European culture and you have the second coming of Amon Goeth.  Even if I chose to soften my position it wouldn’t matter. Confessing one’s “sins” is not the first step toward absolution with today’s Left, just the culmination of a virtual show trial.  Still, I thought this as good a time as any to clarify some of my political positions.

Am I a Nazi?

I think National Socialism has several flaws: one of the least discussed is its overemphasis on “Aryans.”  The Indo-European warriors who came in through the Eurasian steppes certainly had an enormous influence on Europa. But…

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