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Over on Gangleri’s Grove there’s a post where Krasskova is responding to a post she saw on facebook about how there are “no nazis in valhalla.” It’s a pretty good post, in which she explains theologically that, yes, there probably are Nazis in Valhalla because Odin needs warriors of unsurpassed skill for a war that comes which is beyond human comprehension in its savagery and scale. And let us be honest, there were warriors like that among the nazis.

It’s something I haven’t talked about much, but there’s also a fair number of Nazis in Helheim. This is because, in a mechanically theological way, much the same reason there are Nazis in Valhalla. Helheim is the resting place of the dishonored dead, and let us be completely honest here, few dead are as dishonored as the Nazis. Before I continue, I would like to remind everyone that “dishonored” does not equal “dishonorable.” The latter is where you cast aside your honor, the former is when people deny you honor.

And, though it is hard to believe the Nazis were not, as a general rule, dishonorable. Monsters, you could argue, sure. But not dishonorable ones.

A lot of people like to believe that the Nazis “burn in hell” in the christian sense because “they were monsters who slaughtered the innocent.” A fair number of Heathens, it seems feel similarly, though depending on their theological bent this might not be “rotting in Hel” so much as “been fed into the gaping maw of Nidhoggr,” where the dishonorable are cast out to be devoured and their souls obliterated.

There is a lot, and I do mean a lot, that doesn’t get taught about the lead up to WWII, the Nazis, what they believed, and why they did what they did. And I can’t get into all of it in this post. I’m not even going to get into “denying the holocaust” or anything like that. For the sake of argument, we can say they absolutely did kill six million Jews (never mind there were in fact likely only two and a half million jews in the territory the Nazis occupied). Let’s say what everyone says they did was true.

Now, why would they do it? Humans (even Germans) are not, naturally, a bunch of psychopathic mass murderers. Not without a reason. Generally there has to be some stimulii to generate a response.

Well, you have to understand the world at that time. Germany had lost the war and suffered one of the most historically brutal “peace treaties” history had ever seen. Forced to take responsibility for a war they had literally no part in starting (and were in fact possibly the good guys in and had been winning*). The “treaty” insisted that Germany pay back all the war debt, a total value that was three times the entire value of literally everything in Germany. Including the plates.

On top of this, one potential reason Germany had to capitulate was because in 1918 the Communists stages a well funded and 2 million strong, fully armed rebellion in an attempt to over throw the German government and replace it with a bolshevik communist one. This revolution had a 90% Jewish leadership and received most of its funding from German-Jewishs citizens.

So, post WWI Germany was a rather shitty place. They’d just lost a major war, had a pretty sizable civil war on top of it, and were no so deeply in debt they could sell their entire country three times over and not pay off what they owed. They ultimately had to borrow tons of money from US banks (which they then gave to UK and French banks, who then gave it back to the USA to pay their debts, who then loaned it to the Germans). Life became virtually unbearable for the average German. Unemployment sky rocketed, a wheelbarrow of hundred mark bills couldn’t buy you a loaf of bread, and vast swaths of the population were turning to crime, drugs, and prostitution.

Berlin became the sex capital of the world and would surpass Taiwan in today’s memes. If you had a fetish, any fetish, you could satisfy it in berlin. Men, women, boys, girls, children, and everything else. On top of that a new thing had appeared: transgenderism. Leading (Jewish) scholars had diagnosed that some people were born the wrong gender and could, through surgery, correct this. And of course, you could then go and fuck the resulting product. Because this was Berlin, baby, capital of the glorious debauched night life.** And everyone in the world was coming to fuck.

So life was shit, housing was shit, jobs weren’t there, people were starving in the streets and selling themselves into the most degrading actions just to stay alive. And all while this was happening, a certain group of people…weren’t doing any of that. In fact, they were having parties, inviting their friends from all around the world to come and celebrate the “liberty and social progress that was Germany/Berlin.” Who were these people? Well, believe it or not, they were Jews. Even history books (at least the ones I grew up with) admitted that the quality of life for Jewish people in post WWI Germany was better than what the Germans had. What they don’t admit was why.

Jews were, almost universally, in the upper class lifestyle. Politicians, Bankers, Media companies, Landlords, Academia, and…brothels. Most of the brothels and night clubs in Germany were, apparently, Jewish owned. So while you, your 18, 15, 13, and 10 year old daughters and 8 year old son were all having to sell your bodies for a loaf of bread doing shit so depraved you probably were addicted to some drug to cope, the pimp/brothel owner got to go home to his family in comfort. And this wasn’t your story, this was the story of you and most of the people you knew. And you were probably one of the ‘lucky’ ones.

And all the while your media tells you that the life you’re living is normal, all these sexual depravities are good, that your country is progressive, and that frankly the German people deserve every bad thing that’s happened to them because they were responsible for WWI.

So then along comes a guy who says: “Bullshit. This ain’t right, they are lying to you, they are abusing you, and if you join me, I will make it better.”

I cannot stress how badly I am understating how shit life was. There is no way to capture the true scope and horror of what was happening. You may look at life around you today and think “this is some pretty fuck up shit going on” but imagine all the ‘progressivism’ you see today and then take it to conclusions you cannot comprehend.***

To put it in more simplistic terms, imagine if you were a victim of a brutal gang rape that had been going on for days, or even weeks, who finally got your hands on a gun, and decided you were going to kill your rapists. And you were not going to let anyone drag you back into the house to be gang raped all over again. And you probably would get how Germany was leading upto and during WWII.

When you put it like that, when you put into perspective exactly what had been done to the German people, and what they faced if they lost the war…any and all brutality not only becomes understandable, it becomes completely honorable. How many would you kill, so that your husband, wife, daughter, son, was not raped and brutalized? How many would you kill as revenge if they were?

There are Nazis in Valhalla and there are Nazis in Helheim. They are there because so many view them as monsters. But dishonored though they might be, they became monsters for honorable reasons. To protect their families, and punish those who had brutalized and enslaved them. Sure, some innocence might have been slain along with the guilty, but if I’ve learned one thing about humanity…they generally don’t give a fuck about that so long as its the “right innocence” that suffer.

And, after all, we’re all Monsters to someone.


Hela Bless

*WWI started when Serbian rebels killed the arch-duke and heir apparent of the Austro-Hungarian empire, and man who had been campaigning for peace with them, ironically enough. the AHE wanted special investigators to go into Serbia to try and find the people responsable, and the Serbs absolutely refused. AHE threatened war, because, fucking hell you guys are covering for the people who just killed the heir. Serbia continues to be a dick, AHE declares war, the Serbs drag in the russians, the AHE drags in the germans, and from there the rest is history.

It would be like if Mexican drug cartels assassinated the first lady, and then Mexico refused to allow us to go in and capture them.

**Everyone likes to talk about the Nazis burning books. What they generally don’t talk about is what books were burned. At least one book burning was held outside the facilities for these transgender studies to destroy all the material they could about this subject, due to its horrifically mutilation practices on children.

***If you’re a Trump supporter, imagine how you felt before he won, all that fear, hopelessness, doubt because of what you believed would happen if Hillary won. And then realize that you were a 1 and Berlin/Germany at the time was an 11.