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I’ve made no bones about the fact I suspect I should probably be listed on some “spectrum” in relation to autism and what not. Gods know I’ve had enough (female) family members insist I am, for one reason or another. At this point I can’t say I really care, I just try to live my life, but I will admit I do get “autistic” about certain things. Like oaths.

The other night I was having dinner with my family, who are all on something called a Keto diet. I will be entirely honest in that I have literally no idea what this is, or how it’s different from the half dozen other diets my dad, sister, and brother-in-law are constantly going on about. I know approximately two things about all this 1) my dad has to be on some sort of min carb diet for health reasons and 2) I have UC and so 99% of the “diets” out there do shit for me except cause problems.

Anyways, discussion of this diet turned into discussion of the food pyramid and how it was basically a falsified creation because someone in the FDA got bought off by someone in the grain industry or something like that by my sister. Which, honestly, I suspect is true. I’ve read of enough cases where this shit has happened (hemp/cotton, sugar/corn, opioids, etc) that it absolutely would not surprise me. But, as anyone knows, putting me and any sort of politics within a 100 yard radius of each other and shit is likely to go down. I did hold myself largely in check though, because family dinner.

Largely, but not completely.

I think it started when she insisted that a lot of things like Alzheimers was most likely because our “diets” are based on a complete lack of fats (according to the food pyramid).* I mentioned it probably also had to do with the shit they put in the water, like Fluoride. I mean, after all, there is enough fluoride in your average glass of water that, if you compare it to your standard toothpaste, you’re told to contact poison control immediately. Or at least you were, they might have taken the labels off. I also read, some time ago, that fluoride will calcify (turn to stone, basically), your pineal gland (I think its that one, I know it’s one of the ones in your brain also linked to spiritual awareness in some circles).

At which point my sister insisted I didn’t know what the hell I was talking about and she was right because she was a nurse. At which I pointed out I studied alchemy, which she called bullshit, and I pointed out that everything she did was based on the foundations built by what I studied. She scoffed, I glowered (but then again I glower 80% of the time anyway).

So, some things to know about my sister to give you an idea of how things followed every time we went near political topics before being broken apart. 1) my sister and I have history. She’s younger than me, but due to the fact she has a much, much better memory than I do has always done significantly better than I have academically (at least until we got to college). This is not to say I’m ignorant. I can (and have) actually learned things faster than she has, but as anyone who has read me for a while knows, I basically function with low grade Alzheimers. I like to joke that I have learned and forgotten more in any given five year period than most men learn in an life time. So I tend to forget/lose track of stuff. This tends to lead her to hold she is much, much more intelligent and knowledgeable than I am. 2) My sister is pretty damn progressive in her politics. I’m basically a Nazi at this point from all the redpills I’ve swallowed.

So the crux of it got to this: She wanted me to believe her statement because she was a) a nurse, and b) it was based on “science,” despite the fact that she had just admitted not five minutes before…that the scientific field and its results were compromised at the highest levels by bribery and corruption.

Another issue came up when she got vehemently angry about anti-vaccers. I forget how they got brought up, but science, medicine, I guess it all leads to each other. Because my sister isn’t just a nurse, she’s a post-natal nurse (who I believe works in ICU cases). Personally, I think anti-vaccers are free to make their own choices and given the absolutely horrendous and toxic shit that can be found in many vaccines (often with little to no patient knowledge or understanding) I frankly do not blame them for not wanting to inject their kids with it. Do I believe vaccines cause autism? No clue, don’t really care, but it’s their choice to do and raise their children as they please. Same with homeschooling, or being vegetarians, or religious education. Free country, you have the right to do as you please and if there are consequences deal with them too.

So she’s raging about how “these mothers are killing their children,” and I point out that a) we had as a country almost eliminated these diseases (to which she responded that “the diseases never went away!!!” and no, the irony of telling a guy who worships the goddess of sickness and death that diseases are eternal was not lost on me), and b) the primary reason we were having these diseases come back and that anti-vaccing was a problem was because we were allowing in so many people with these diseases to spread them. The best she could come up with was that vaccination should be a mandatory part of citizenship.

This to me was ignoring two important things. 1) mandatory vaccination strikes me as a gross violation of people’s civil rights. Especially since this list of “mandatory” vaccines would be administrated by a virulently corrupt scientific community and the FDA (the very people who promised opioid medications were non-addictive). And 2) the vast majority of the people who are coming into the country and bringing these diseases are here ILLEGALLY and aren’t going show up for some mandatory vaccination process.

And like I said, my sister is pretty damn progressive. So while she’s raging at mothers who are “killing their children” by refusing to vaccinate them, I can’t help but ponder the fact that, as far as I know, she’s also Pro-Choice. So, you know “damn you woman, for killing the child I believe you have every right to kill!” Honestly it would be funny if she wasn’t my sister.

That’s how most of the conversations like that went during dinner. “I’m a nurse, I have science, believe what I say, while I ignore shit I don’t like,” all with the attitude that many in the Pagan and Heathen communities (and others, to be honest, are probably familiar with). An attitude of one who has discovered “secret knowledge” and thus feels that they are indeed wise. She had discovered the corruption of the food pyramid, and this made her smart and wise, an authority to be listened too. After all, she had “pierced the veil” to secret knowledge as it were.

Which, frankly, was tiring and frustrating. As anyone who has actually gained such knowledge knows, it is not a joyous thing that makes us better than others. More often, it is a Lovecraftian nightmare as you realized not only the ever larger scope of the true nightmare of reality (and spirituality) but that for every thing you learn, there are six more things you do not know which are likely to be even more horrifying than the knowledge you already possess. I know from personal experience in both my spiritual and political journeys that rare is the time I have felt joy in my discovery and more often wanting to scream from the nightmare that is true reality.

This brings me to the stuff related to the title of this post. After I got home I kept brooding in thought over the whole thing. Now, I’m the Son of Hel, deeply and divinely tied to Hela and her realm of death and sickness. So naturally I’m…antagonistic to the realms of Eir and healing. It’s an antithesis, though I do partake of it (I know hypocritical of me) because we live in a world build around medicine and everyone insists you use it (like getting doctors notes to prove you were sick). But I recognize that medicine is probably a needed thing and for most of its history it was a largely helpful thing to people, even if it was in opposition to my Goddess.

Just like science in general.

The problem is what it is now. Every doctor and nurse takes the Hippocratic oath. “And first, do no harm.” If Hospitals and doctor’s offices are the temples and shrines to Eir, than the Doctors are her priests and priestesses, the nurses the temple workers. Theirs is a holy duty, some might consider it the holiest.

And every single one of them is an oath breaking blasphemer who has turned the temples into desecrated, rotting, putrid houses worthy only of worshiping some Chaos God like Nurgle. For decades it has been such, but the last couple have truly been the worst. Every new medication creates two sicknesses for everyone it treats. Not cures, treats. A life time of medication is prescribed as “treatment” for sicknesses, and then more prescriptions are given to treat the side effects, then more to treat those side effects. And they are created deliberately to do just that, as the Sackler’s have shown with their opioids.**

Why? Because, to draw imagery from Christianity, the pharmaceutical companies are as money lenders in the temple. Why cure a man for $10 when you can charge him $8 for the rest of his life? With drugs that no serious keeper of his oaths would have allowed through the testing process, but for a bribe and a job are declared safe by the very organization meant to prevent such things from happening, all while potential real cures are blocked from passage, or even testing.

And this is willingly done by doctors. After all, the Sackler’s pushed to make it illegal for doctors to refuse to provide medications if asked for them as part of their push to get their opioids out there. What did doctors do? Did they raise massive protest, these holy guardians of our health? No. A few retired, most capitulated. Rather than stand up and risk loosing their jobs or freedom to uphold their oaths, they cast them aside in order to retain the comforts and powers of their positions. The very people meant to heal you and protect you sold you out for silver coins. And they have done this time and time again. All while spitting on anyone who offers you an alternative to their artificially created poisons.

This is a problem that extends through out the entire scientific field. I’ve taken flack because I don’t believe in global warming. I don’t believe in it because I do not trust the people selling it to me. Scientists have shown too many times they can be bought and paid for (not to mention all their models have proven wrong), and as for those truly preaching it, if Global warming were such a terrible danger as they say, they would not be allowing places like China and India to not only have plants that produce 3x the pollution of any Western plant, but allowing them to rapidly build as many plants as they possibly can. If the danger were real, they would prevent it all, but instead they demand western nations comply with regulations almost impossible to uphold (and then likely only with technology they own and are happy to sell) while allowing rapid growth in industries with no regulation that they themselves are likely heavily invested in.

The temples of science and medicine are filled with blasphemers and heretics. They wear their white robes over souls of pitch and tar. They sacrifice you to false gods rather than protect you in the name of the gods they swore oaths to serve.

Think about it. When you’re in a hospital, do you feel like you’re in a place of healing? I don’t. I don’t even feel like I’m in a place of death. It feels like a place of suffering, of torment, and fear. Most people when they’re sick are scared, worried that it is something serious. And doctors pray on that fear, offering treatments and cures so expensive they leave entire families destitute. When you go in there, the goal is to keep you alive, especially in the case of terminal patients. Not cure you, not even ease your suffering. Keep you alive as long as you have money to pay them to. And as soon as you do not have money, they kick you out. It doesn’t matter if it’s safe to do so, out you go (I’ve heard of many such cases where despite needing longer recovery and observation times, patients have been ejected because they could not pay).

We even have an entire industry whose sole existence is to take your money with the promise you will be able to later pay those who swore an oath to heal you (but often not really). An industry so broken, I might add, that it’s sole functions appear to be to drive up the costs of medical procedure in the same way that student loans have driven up the price of schools, and to act as a political point to try and socialize an entire sector of public life. The horrible Marxist Socialism which brings only rot and ruin.

All staffed by people who don’t even realize it. People functioning almost like NPCs running a script. {If ‘sick’ then ‘proscribe medicine 614’ /run program}. They only know that it’s what they should be doing. It doesn’t enter their minds that they are breaking their oaths. It doesn’t enter their minds that they are harming the very people they’re suppose to help. They have been programed to poison you and they do it without questioning a thing.

Sometimes I don’t know what is worse. An active heretic who willingly scorns their oaths, or a duped heretic who doesn’t even know know they are betraying everything. I still think it’s the former, but honestly both end up working the same. They still bring terrible harm in addition to their heresy. Especially in a field as fundamental in a field like medicine.

There are a great many problems facing our world. One of the greatest problems is discovering all the problems. Another is how are we going to solve them, assuming we are even given a chance. How do we reclaim the temples? What do we do with the heretics within?

Can anything even be done?


Hela Bless

*this, despite the fact that Americans have one of the highest fat diets in the world. And yes, I know there’s different kinds of fat, but you can’t insist that lack of fat is a problem in the Western World and that’s why we have Alzheimers.

**And maybe this is my true issue with the medical profession. Not that Eir and her works are the antithesis of my Goddess and hers, but because every time I go near a place of medical workings I am unconsciously rejecting the heresy I sense, the absolute betrayal of everything they should stand for.