Europa’s Children

Over on Son of Hel Lucius Svartwulf Helsen has offered a rejoinder to my rejoinder.  His entry is well worth reading: his vision is a bit darker than mine but he raises many points to support his chilling conclusions. I would like to offer my thoughts on his work in the very near future.  But first, in the interest of creating the dialogue and honest discussion I’ve been calling for, I would like to offer my polite if blunt thoughts to Israel writer and activist Hen Mazzig.

In an interview with British website Spiked, Mazzig complained about the rise in what he termed “left-wing anti-Semitism.”  As Mazzig explained:

The problem is they don’t even consider what they say to be anti-Semitic. I’m reading these articles about a ‘new phenomenon’ of anti-Semitism as if people in left-wing circles are surprised that there is any anti-Semitism at all. It…

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