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In one of those ever hilarious (and fun time) chains of replying to replies of replies, Kenaz made a post responding to my one about Bowers. Over all, I like his post and do agree with it from where he’s coming from. In most regards, I do think he is right. But there’s one thing on which I might quibble.

Reformers have always loved the ad misericordiam.  Abolitionist narratives of whipped slaves; temperance pamphlets decrying women and children abused by drunken husbands; evangelist brochures emblazoned with wide-eyed emaciated children; dead immigrant babies washing up on the shore.  History shows that this approach is often effective. Targeting our compassion can work nearly as well as appeals to lust and rage in making us act in someone else’s interests rather than our own.  But manipulation becomes considerably less effective when the targets realize they are being played: compassion can quickly be misplaced by mistrust. Or by open hatred.

Rather than appeals to pity, I call instead on enlightened self-interest.  Many on both the Left and the Right are looking forward to the great war which will allow us to overthrow the current corrupt system.  For them Squirrel Hill, and the Squirrel Hills to come, are a few eggs to be broken on the way to a more perfect omelette.  I would encourage all these dreamers to contemplate the impact of escalating violence on their community.  Are you ready for the war to come to your churches, your schools, your homes? Are you ready to bury your children in the name of your cause and to sacrifice friends along with enemies?  Do you want to keep fanning the flames knowing you and yours may burn in the ensuing conflagration?  And if you find that unappealing, what alternate steps are you willing to take to avoid it?

I included both paragraphs to give context, but it’s mostly the second paragraph to which I look to comment. Early in his post, Kenaz says he has no hopes for avoiding violence (which is something I suspected he desired and he cleared up). Here he (I believe) merely wishes to do as he says: remind people of the cost of the violence.

This is a fair thing to do, and he at least dips into more alt-right and right wing sites than I do. So maybe he has a larger view than I do. But what I do do, is go to the very source of all these things: /pol/. And while I can’t speak for everyone, nor am I even speaking for myself here, here’s the thing I’ve noticed.

On average? They don’t care. This is not to say they’re ignorant. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about /pol/, or the chans in general, is they are crazy knowledgeable about stuff. Recently I’ve seen headlines talking about how some folks on 4chan had managed to solve some super crazy math problem that has been leaving high end mathematicians stumped for ages, and the hilarity as said mathematicians were trying to figure out how to cite 4chan. We’re talking about the folks who have been btfo’ing Le’Bouf’s “he will not divide us” project since the start, the last couple of years of which as turned into a giant, global, capture the flag game where the passage of airplanes, the migrations of birds, the alignment of stars, and the minutia of local fauna have all been used to locate and capture a scrap of cloth. And that’s just what they do for fun. These are people who know and understand the levels of violence potentially to be unleashed far better than anyone.

They are the heart of the “alt-right” and the far right and whatever else you want to call it. And while others might be, as Kenaz puts it, reformers dreaming of white utopias, that’s not what /pol/ and its ilk are about. They are not about “the perfect omelette” as it were. For most of them, there is no omelette, no utopia. The corruption runs too deep. The powers that be, those who profit upon this corruption, too deeply entrenched. For many, the “black pilled” there is no hope of salvation and reformation.

There is, really, only the words of Tony Stark from the first Avengers movie. “We might not be able to save the earth, but you can damn well be sure we will avenge it.

There is no glorious tower. There is no Imperium of Man. There is no “white utopia.” There is only the blackest, darkest pit of Hell.


Well, because on a basic level, we’ve already had the “White Utopia.” The age of imperialism saw the world remade in the “white mans image” as he took up the “white man’s burden.” Where the white man, gifted by the gods above all others in civilization and technology, spread out to raise up the other races. To provide them peace, security, education, civilization. To halt their barbarities and bring order. And sure, they did some mean and nasty shit on the way there, but that was the price of civilization, but all those nasty things were done with one, singular goal. To raise up humanity from his beastly nature so that he might become more than a creature scrambling in ignorance and depravity.

And what was the reward? Well, if you look at it in the harshest, most “racist,” and statistical manner…absolute failure.

Baring Japan, all of Asia turned into a giant continent of (metaphorically) cannibalistic insects working as a collective hive with little to no concern for individual lives. And even then Japan has so many shades of this they’re literally dying out as a people because they have 20 hour work days and no families. The Middle East has turned into a gigantic shithole of religious fanaticism and barbarity. True, there was much progress before the Jews settle Israel and the proceeded to fuck up the entire area because anything modern there was a viable threat to their existence. But still, hyper religious shit hole. Latin America is a shit hole of crime, corruption, and barbarities so bad apparently millions every year try to flee an entire region of the globe.

Africa actually regressed backwards. Asians managed to keep up and even improve upon the infrastructures left by Europeans. Much the same in the middle east and latin america. But Africa literally let everything rot as soon as Africans were back in charge. As for African Americans, they consist of 13% of the US’s population, but average about 80% of its criminals.

The grand irony of minorities shouting loudly about the barbarities of white people and their oppression do not realize this was white people being nice. To quote one anon:

white people fuck yeah

I can’t speak for everyone. I can’t even say I’m speaking for anyone. But the impression I get?

There is no reform. There is nothing to reform. There is no one to reform. The Japanese might get a pass as “honorary aryans” but everyone else? They were gifted civilization on a golden platter and have used it for nothing but to spit on those who gave it to them. And as for the Jews, well, they in the view of many, used these gifts to destroy the very gift givers. To subvert them, destroy their nations, exterminate their families and futures, corrupt their women, and lead them as lambs to the slaughter all while telling them they deserve it for being born what they are.

If the history of the 21st century has shown us anything, it is that mankind cannot reach the stars as a unified race. Only one race has reached the stars of its own will, and everyone else is more interested in destroying that race than in improving themselves or the planet.

And at this point, if that one star bound race is to have any hope of fulfilling our dreams of leaving this world and making new ones…well…

There is, to pull a term from Warhammer 40k, Exterminatus. The complete extermination of an entire world, claiming both guilty and innocent alike. To be used when the price of allowing a world and its corruption to fester to completion becomes to high. When there is no hope for reclamation, for salvation.

When your death is inevitable, the choice is to die, or to take your foe with you to the best of your ability.

Is the death of the white race inevitable? I don’t know. I know it sometimes feels that way. I know it feels that way to others. As more and more people awaken to the reality we live in, this feeling will grow.

Kenaz says “think of the violence that will come to your families.” But if we are honest…the violence is already here. In our homes, in our families. To be sure, it is not the gun and the sword, but it is the poison, the virus. It is in their minds, in their hearts, in their souls. The corruption is there, killing them, and in many cases, making them enjoy their slow deaths.

Young adults who surround themselves with selfies and avocado toast to mask the fact that they will never own homes or have families like their parents or grand parents did. That they will never have jobs, careers, that can give them a retirement. That even if they did, they would not be enough to pay off the crushing debts from their studies. That major corporations have the power to violate their civil rights at a whim. That their homelands are not their own, but to be freely given to anyone so long as that person does not look like them, speak like them, believe like them. And that they are blind to why they despair.

There is no self interest. There is no self preservation. How can we bury our children when we are denied children? How can we have war in our homes when we are denied homes? Our schools are the instruments of our destruction, as are our churches. We already bury our friends in this war, only they are suicides or the victims of murder at the hands of people allowed into our nations at the behest of our foes. And our enemies? They grow fat, sitting in the high places, planning how they shall grow fatter over our corpses! OURS ALREADY BURN IN THE CONFLAGRATIONS OF WAR, BUT WITHOUT THE HONOR OF ACTUALLY BEING CONSUMED IN FLAMES AT THE HANDS OF OUR ENEMIES!

To say that the violence and war are not already in our streets is to lie. Tell that to the girls of England, gang raped with abandon. Tell that to the victims of terrorism or sexual assault in Europe. Tell that to those who are assaulted, robbed, raped, and murdered at the hands of illegals in the USA. That these are but the puppets of a greater enemy makes them no less deadly, our people no less dead.

The question is not one of self interest. It is not a question of what will you accept happening to your friends and family. It is already happening. Truth, it could happen worse, in greater numbers, but it happens already just the same. What is the greater self interest? To boil slowly in the pot until you are dead, or to leap into the fire in the hopes of dragging the chef into it with you?

Many believe this is the end of our race. There is no self interest if you are dead. A better question then is this: “How would you make your end?” To wrath? To ruin? To a red dawn?

Death comes to everyone. How you face your death is how your story is remembered.



Hela Bless