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Kenaz wrote a post a few days ago called “Through a Glass Darkly,” which he talks about how conversations with a black friend (named CB, who absolutely comes across as gloating at the destruction of white people and their cultures inside their own homelands) have shifted his views on civic nationalism and caused him to question how different peoples can even have common values when they look at the same people and events so differently, to the point of being naturally antagonistic. Its a good, if short, read and I encourage people to check it out.

He ends it with this paragraph:

Finally, I would call myself a White Identitarian rather than a White Nationalist. I believe America is going to be a multiracial and multicultural nation for the foreseeable future: My primary interest is preserving our European identity and heritage within that nation. Black Americans are generally Identitarians by default. White Americans had the luxury of thinking “White” and “American” synonymous: We are now hyphenated like everybody else. Just as the Harlem Renaissance and Black Consciousness asked “What does it mean to be a Negro in a White world?” we face the question “What does it mean to be White in a multicultural world?” What is our place here? What are our hopes for the future? And how do we live peacefully amongst people who resent our history, who see our misfortunes as “payback” for ancestral sins, and who take our successes as proof we are holding them down?

Now, Kenaz likes to say I am a dispenser of black pills, and he’s not wrong. And I’m going to drop a few here where I disagree with him, largely because of what he actually says. I do not think America is going to be a multiracial and multicultural nation for the foreseeable future.

I’ve posted recently about how I recently had to revise my thoughts on a civil war happening when Trump left office in 2024 to happening pretty much in 2020, due to the events of the last election where so many shenanigans such as blatant vote rigging caused what was likely to be a fairly stable (if not much gained) republican victory into a complete wash that’s being described as a democrat victory based on so many ‘lost and discovered’ votes its questionable just how many people actually voted and how many votes were tossed out from republican voters (when you have an election that’s going 51/49 red, but suddenly find thousands of ballots that are going 75-100% blue that just so happen to give dems a lead…). I highly suspect that by the time 2020 rolls around, the vote rigging will be even more blatant, heavy handed, and in the democrats favor. At that point, however it starts, violence is going to be inevitable and it will escalate quickly.

The valkyries may well be putting in overtime.

And, as Kenaz states, “how do you live peacefully with people who hate you?” The simple answer is, you don’t. At all. It’s literally impossible. Especially in a situation where your destruction is considered righteous and holy retribution. Recently, the New York Times wrote an article about how “New England is Too White,” which I thought about writing a post too, but I’ll just include the linked video for now. Tl:dr, Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire are 94+% white and a ton of people (who all happen to be non-white and in some cases immigrants or the children of immigrants) want to change that and displace/replace the populations of those states with non-white peoples.

America, in whatever form it takes in the next few years, will not be multi-cultural. The simple fact of the matter is that while most people like to think the divide is along political lines, those lines are deeply, deeply racial. The vast majority of republicans are white, and while they largely do not put much stock in race, the hardest liner of the democrats are non-whites, a percentage that grows daily as both more non-white people are born or immigrate, and more white people wake up to the fact that not only do the democrats not care about their issues, the only care they seem to have about their existence is that it stop.

Another factor is that most white democrats tend to be financially well off, often sheltered from the vast majority of minorities, and in positions of power, while the majority of white republicans tend to be lower to middle class, and often have contact with a wide variety of minorities. This is an important distinction, because when violence comes, white liberals are probably going to be target number one, as the wealthy are generally the first to go in a leftist revolution. Who will no doubt be surprised when said minorities are suddenly violent and execute them.

So the violence, intentionally or not, will be drawn racially. And it will become so horrific, that both sides are likely to end up going full “ethnic cleansing” levels on each other. Either as revenge for “white crimes” or because that’s what its going to take for survival. The question of America surviving is less “can people get along” and more “can one side kill the other in sufficient quantity to recapture the entire nation as a whole.”

I honestly never thought I would live to see such times, but such times it does look like I am going to be seeing. And it’s a hard thing to swallow. When you’re out with people, talking, and they say something and you’re suddenly in the place of “in two years, am I going to be killing this person I know because they’re going to be trying to kill me?” I do wonder if Kenaz has thought that about his friend CB? If he’s thought about having to kill a friend to save his child. About what that friend might do to his child should war happen and they be captured. I’m sure he thinks “my friend would never hurt my child” but at the same time, I’m sure a lot of people in the UK thought “these refugees need shelter, surely they’re not going to rape and abuse my daughter for years on end.”

And we all know how that’s been turning out for over a million young girls. Tens of millions, if not higher, throughout Europe at this point.

I have my doubts about America existing for many more years, at least as we know it. I think for a lot of us, it’s not really going to matter. One way or another, we’re going to be a completely different people, possibly unimaginable to our ancestors who built this land. And the world will shake and shudder, regardless of which side wins, if any side does.

I have asked little of the Gods of what is to come and come after, and they have shared even less than I have asked. I think we all wait, with bated breath, as if Ragnarok was coming. In some ways it may well be a ragnarok, a “twilight of the gods” as those mighty men of the past fall, their deeds undone and replaced with something else. Perhaps will be a rebirth, with new gods. perhaps it will merely be a world of ash and death. I fear to ask, and they fear to tell.



Hela Bless