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So back around August of 2017 there was a thing called “Unite the Right Rally,” which happened in Charlottesville, where a bunch of alt-right folks got off their asses and got together to protest the destruction of historical monuments, make their voices heard, and unite as one against the forces they saw seeking their silencing and potential extermination as a way of life and even maybe as a people. It started off really well, with a giant march lit by tiki-torches that managed to turn what a lot of people thought was a cringy joke into something that actually looked pretty bad ass. The net was swarmed with people who started saying “shit, that looks cool” and panties everywhere getting soaked. Of course, such a thing couldn’t be allowed to continue, and it wasn’t.

The next day everyone came to the rally to discover that the government had stripped them of their lawful permits to gather, and had surrounded them with very angry, and very violent antifa, blm, and other left wing protestors. All of whom were armed with bats, clubs, guns, rifles, and even fucking flamethrowers. And then the Rally members were told they had to disperse and go home…through the armed and violence ready mob. No safe passage was guaranteed, in fact cops eagerly forced URR members into the waiting clubs and flames of the Leftwing mobs.

What had started as a glorious moment for the Alt-Right was rapidly turning into a very fight for their lives and safety. This culminated (in a way) when a young man by the name of Fields drove his car into a crowd of protestors, injuring some, and which contributed to the death of a young woman named Heather Heyer.

The events of this car accident are controversial at best. To hear the left talk about it, it was a deliberate terrorist attack by a right wing racist terrorist. To hear the right talk about it, is a tale of a young man (with potential autism) who went to a rally, found himself attacked by a mob, threatened by a guy with a big ass rifle (the kind left wingers always want banned){this threat being confessed publicly by the rifleman}, who found himself desperately trying to get out of the area in his car only to find out numerous roads were either cut off by road blocks or protestors, finally finding what looked like an exit with another mob at the end, who then though he was getting shot at because someone slammed the back of his car with a huge ass pipe/pole, and attempted to get the fuck out of there while being pelted with all maner of stuff, only to slam into a crowd of people who were violently mobbing two more cars that were invisible under the swarm of protestors wailing on them. Which then caused Heather Heyer to die of a heart attack (or the cpr attempts) while never actually being struck by his car.

Btw the right’s story can apparently be backed up by confessions, witness statements, and god damn videotape.

Anyways, Fields was arrested, put on trial for a shit load of crimes including 1st degree murder if I remember correctly, and the shit show began. Despite the fact that he might only be guilty of “manslaughter” and then only if you think someone should be charged with murder for causing a heart attack in someone they didn’t even touch), reckless driving (though personally I’d forgive that one), and maybe fleeing the scene of an accident (which, given he thought he was being shot at…). Yeah.

I didn’t keep up with the trial, I figured one of two things would happen. The court would look at the evidence, witness statements, and video and drop all but the most minor of charges (if that) or he’d get fucking railroaded. And while I can’t say “I fucking called it,” the latter has ended up pretty much being the case. Fields has been convicted of various counts and sentenced to life in prison (without parole I believe) and given an additional 419 years sentence.

Because fuck him and the very planet he stands on, I guess.

Now there’s a few things I’ve read in recent threads about this. Apparently the Judge was very biased (forced Fields to get a new public defender when his first one proved to be very good, denied a change of venue outright, cherry picked evidence all to hell, etc), so it is likely Fields is going to have very, very good grounds for appeals, but for the moment, he is literally the guy who got 500 years for being in an auto accident.

This is also relevant because some guys who are part of the “Proud Boys” are apparently up for trial in NYC for defending themselves against antifa and likely to find themselves in very similar boats (such as the judge allowing video of them beating up antifa, but not allowing video showing antifa beating up a bunch of other people).

There is, of course, one giant take away which is already popping up on /pol/ and likely other places. And it’s not “don’t go do this kinda thing.” It’s the opposite, really. If you even think you’re about to be caught out by folks like antifa, fuck up as much shit as you can. Kill as many as you can. Because you are fucked. There is no justice, the law will only fuck you in the ass without lube, and if you’re going down for shit, you might as well go down for some really big shit.

To put this in further context, the latest batch of “grooming gang” assholes over in the UK only got 36 years as a sentence, despite the fact that even the judge admitted “these girls will never recover from what has been done to them.” Clanton, the “bike lock professor” who nearly killed three or more people by smashing them in the head with a solid metal bikelock, was given 3 years probation and no jailtime. And despite the fact that left wing protesters were assaulting people with deadly weapons, I’ve yet to hear of a single charge being leveled against anyone containing anywhere near this level of punishment.

So, clearly, shit ain’t square. Justice is dead. Do not expect a fair trial or equal rights if you belong anywhere on the Right, or people can paint you as belonging there.



Hela Bless