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So today we’re going to wrap up Karl Seigfried’s post about Loki and Trump being perfect mirrors of each other, while completely failing at mythology and politics at the same time. Seriously, for a guy who makes his fame by being a “mythology expert” you’d think he’d be better at mythology, but a complete myth layman like myself is able to punt him in the ass over basic mistakes and false allusions. Maybe he should have just stuck with bass guitars.

Bringer of chaos

I’m not sure exactly when and where the concept of Loki as a beneficial bringer of chaos entered modern Pagan and Heathen discourse. Did it come from a grafting of chaos magick concepts onto Norse lore? Is it an adaptation of Wiccan dualism to Germanic myth? Whatever the origin and entry points, the idea that Loki brings needful chaos to the otherwise stifling order enforced by the Norse deities isn’t borne out by the surviving myths.

Honestly, I blame the Wiccans for this. Not because I have any evidence of them actually doing this, but it does sound like a whole wiccan thing to do with their “all gods and goddesses are just aspects of the true god and goddess” which opens a whole barrel of worms involving subscribing one diety’s attributes to another deity when they’re tangentially related. That being said, if you want to break it down in Norse terms you could basically say “Aesir = order, Jotun = chaos” and get into a whole debate about how much order vs chaos you need in daily life and how Loki is the guy who brings in the much needed chaos so everything doesn’t stagnate, but…I honestly don’t know how well that argument actually goes down on a metaphysical level vs its just making people feel better about themselves. Anarchists always insist society needs more chaos, but they’re generally the ones causing it and not suffering from it, so bias is implicit in the argument. Same goes for Loki and those who follow him, really.

Karl insists “this isn’t born out by the surviving myths” and while I don’t trust him on this given how badly he’s mangled what the myths actually represent both factually and allegorically, I will concede there’s room for debates about what the myths actually bear out. But like any religious manuscript, the faithful are going to see what they believe as much as what is actually there. For example in my previous posts, I pointed out that Loki killing Baldr was certainly beneficial as a whole since it retained the weave of wyrd and kept people going where they were supposed to go. Was this benificial chaos? Well, he kept the order of the universe in line, but certainly introduced a lot of interpersonal chaos. Loki gonna Loki, Lokeans gonna Lokean, and most of us are just going to have to sit back and just deal with the good and the bad that follows, just like we do with every other force in the universe.

It is difficult to view Loki positively when he helps a giant abduct the goddess who brings health and life, when he calls any woman who speaks out in public a slut, when he attempts to lure the unarmed protector of the worlds into a giant ambush, when he does any of the things detailed above. How do his specific actions in the actual mythology counteract negative actions by the gods and goddesses in a way that is beneficial for humanity? What I myself see as negative behavior by the gods – misogyny, violence, betrayal – are exactly the core elements of Loki’s character. So what are the ordered behaviors that he is supposed to bring into harmonized balance by injecting chaotic elements?

And once again Karl is ignoring that Loki was literally going to be killed if he didn’t do these things. Sure, in Norse morality you probably should let yourself be killed rather than bring harm to the tribe, but survival is a natural instinct a you can’t always help yourself. As for “calling any woman who speaks out in public a slut” Karl is certainly stretching the truth here. Loki has not called every woman who spoke out a slut. As for the times he has called women slut, it’s kinda hinted at in the various myths that he’s not really making that shit up. Individual views on sexual morality aside, actions are actions and saying they are isn’t really evil.

For example I’m fairly “libertine” in regards to people and their sexual practices, but if a girl has sucked twenty dicks, she’s sucked twenty dicks and no amount of her or her white knights being offended that someone mentions this changes the fact she sucked twenty dicks (in a row?).

And I do have to ask this question here: If Karl has such an issue with “core elements of the gods” such as violence, misogyny, and betrayal…why the fuck is he in this religion? I mean, seriously, if you have issues with this, get the fuck out. Your personal morality doesn’t get to dictate shit to the gods, and if you have issues with the gods of the religion then you probably need to go find yourself another religion to worship under. I mean, that is the core reason why I am a Heathen. I had a lot of fucking issues with the Abrahamic god and his behaviors, and I found Gods I could respect and follow in Heathenism. Get out Karl, get out, for your own good.

If we believe that the building of right relationships with the gods and goddesses through the reciprocal gifting cycle is an important part of Heathen practice, why worship someone whose behavior is antithetical to those relationships? If we believe in living lives that are engaged with the world we inhabit and with the beings that inhabit it with us, why celebrate someone who is an active agent in the destruction of the world and its inhabitants?

See, even Karl sees this is an issue…so why don’t you take your own advice Karl? If the Gods’ own behaviors are antithetical to your morality, why are you here worshiping them?

Two years into the Trump presidency, Americans have seen what it means to have an agent of chaos on the throne. Whether banning Muslims from entering the United States, tearing children away from their families at the Mexican border, spreading baseless conspiracy theories about refugee migrants, promoting white nationalist tropes with the full force of his office, providing red meat for anti-Semites while vociferously declaring himself “the least anti-Semitic person that you’ve ever seen in your entire life,” or openly attacking LGBTQ+ people in the military and the wider society, Trump has created chaos in the lives of countless individuals.

In the immortal words of Morticia Adams, “what is normal for the spider is chaos to the fly.”

Okay, to put this in even better terms: “With the advent of Thor as defender of Asgard, Asgardians have seen what it means to have an agent of chaos at the helm! Whether banning Jotuns from entering the Realm Eternal, tearing his daughter from the arms of a dwarf, spreading baseless conspiracies that Surt desires to burn the universe, promoting Asgardian nationalist tropes with the full force of his office, providing red meat for anti-svartalfs while declaring himself “the least anti-svartalf person you’ve ever seen in your life,” or openly attacking the idea of allowing oath-breakers in the einherjar and the wider society, Thor has created chaos in the lives of countless individuals.”

That’s pretty much exactly what Karl is doing here in regards to Trump. Rather than looking at Trump’s stated goals and who Trump is trying to protect, he is looking from the perspective of Trump’s “victims” as if they were the party with a monopoly on morality or suffering or even civil rights, rather than to Trump’s own people whom Trump swore his oaths too.

I mean, look at Karl’s examples. 50% of them are based on Non-Americans. Muslims from the middle ease and people from central and south america have literally no rights to enter this country and live here. They may be granted the privilege, but they do not have the right. That Right, belongs solely to the citizens of the nation. The “white nationalist” bit generally comes down to the recognition of this: as a citizen, you have more of a right to your nation than do non-citizens. And as for the anti-semitism, a large part of that occurs in this country because the number one group insisting that non-citizens have more of a right to this country than the citizens happen to be Jewish. And I will remind you for the sake of it, that Jews have their own nation they can immigrate to at any time (Israel) which has a strict immigration policy that forbids non-Jews from coming in and living in their country.

It, frankly, really activates my almonds.

I have a hard time believing that any of those whose lives have been upended by Trump’s actions and the results of his rhetoric welcome his bringing of chaos into the order of their personal lives. I have just as hard a time believing that the inhabitants of the harsh northern world of a thousand and more years ago would have celebrated anyone who brought chaos into the communities that they labored to build in the face of difficult circumstances. Where is the evidence suggesting that everyday people now or then prayed for chaos to disturb the order of their lives?

You know what this really reminds me off? Those occasional asshats who go around insisting that Thor is evil because he always goes around killing Jotuns because they just keep wanting to come to Asgard, level everything, kill all the Gods, rape all the Goddesses, and generally turn the world into a hellscape. It really does.

Karl is here basically going “Think of the poor Jotun! Think of all those poor Jotun who have had their lives upended by Thor’s evil hammer! That racist bastard needs to be stopped! Thunder God Bad!!!!!”

But you know, Karl is right, I too doubt that the inhabitants of those harsh norther climates would have welcomed and celebrated anyone who brought chaos to the communities they labored to build. Which is why they would champion an individual who would go around kicking out the people who were invading their lands, fucking up the place, bringing crime and disease and poverty even as they leached off the purse of the nation to bring more people to do the same! I doubt very much they would welcome angry people from a different religion with a monumental habit of going around raping, killing, and bombing their hard worked for cities and killing their loved ones! REGARDLESS OF THE CHAOS IT CAUSED IN THE LIVES OF THE ASSHOLES WHO WERE INVADING AND FUCKING EVERYONE OVER!

Even beyond the bringing of chaos to disrupt quotidian existence, Loki is a leader of the forces of destruction at Ragnarök. He breaks free from his bonds, steers the ship full of doomsday troops, stands with “all Hel’s people,” and kills the god Heimdall before being killed himself. In addition to the deaths of the major deities, all of humanity but one couple are killed as “heaven and earth and all the world is burned.”

It’s hard to see Loki’s role in all of this as laudable, but some have asserted that he is generously destroying this world so that a better world can arise. This idea is bit too close for comfort to the ideologies delineated in Jeffrey Kaplan’s Radical Religion in America: Millenarian Movements from the Far Right to the Children of Noah.

Now who is the one ignoring the surviving myths, Karl? The myths literally state “Ragnarok burns all of heaven and earth, and from the ashes arises a better world.” Why are you trying to fudge this fact for your own agenda?

As for Loki’s actions being “laudable” well that’s very easy from a Norse perspective. It also answers the question of “why would Hela, a morally neutral goddess, be so interested in burning Asgard with the objectively chaotic evil Surt?” Family and honor.

Let us recall our timeline. Loki has a thing with Angrboda and they have three kids, Fenrir, Hela, and Jormungandr. Odin (or someone in Asgard) starts having nightmares so they go out and find Angy and the kids, and in the process of trying to kidnap the kids they slay Angrboda. Jormungandr gets tossed in the sea, Fenrir gets dragged off to Asgard as a pet, and Hela gets trotted off to the land of the dead and told “Okay kid, you scare the hel out of so you get to be trapped here for the rest of time watching over the dead folks we’re too busy and gold to pay attention to.”

Loki comes back, finds his side girl dead, kids missing, and then finds out what happened to them. Pretty pissed, because duh, he tries to carry on as best he can for the sake of his Asgardian wife and two sons. Then Baldr starts freaking out that he’s going to die, Frigg goes around making sure that never happens, and damn the consequences, and Loki sees a two for one special: Save the universe, and get back at Odin for killing his girl and screwing over his children by trapping one in the realm of death, one in the sea, and one in unbreakable chains. So he does the deed, gets Hodr to pull the trigger, and gets to watch as two of Odin’s kids end up dead and trapped in the same realm as his daughter, who now gets to rule over them. Fucking kek.

But the Aesir just keep being fucking dicks because Loki can occasionally be an asshole, and it comes to a head at a drinking party Loki wasn’t invited to despite the sacred oaths Odin had sworn to him. So he shows up, fucks up the party, calls out everyone for every little shitty thing they’ve done because they’re always giving him shit for his screw ups like they’re better than him. And he lets slip he was behind the whole Baldr/Hodr deal. Odin freaks right the fuck out, sends Thor after Loki, who is eventually caught, then gets to watch as his only two living sons are butchered alive and their guts used to tie him down for eternity while his poor wife has to spend the rest of her life desperately trying to keep him from being burned/poison while staring at the butcher remains of their children.

Were this anyone but Loki, I’m pretty sure god damn everyone would be cheering the day a man broke lose from his chains, gathered up his children, and went off to kill the people responsible for their sufferings and the murder of their siblings/mother. Because Game of Thrones ain’t got shit on this story. So yeah, Loki leading his forces in Ragnarok is totally legit and laudable.

If the Heathen ritual of blót is indeed meant to – as its etymology suggests – strengthen the god who is its recipient, then worshiping Loki is meant to provide aid to an agent of earthly destruction and human genocide. I just can’t do it. Call me a square, but I’m more interested in increasing the peace and working for positive change than in doing works, as Kaplan writes, “in the belief that the apocalypse is imminent and thus that some immediate action is incumbent on believers.”

So what Karl is really saying here is “I’m not interested in any facts or why someone would go on a roaring rampage of revenge, I just wanna live in peace no matter how many people it actually fucks up, so long as I’m not the one suffering. And anything that might cause suffering to “me and mine” should be stopped regardless of if it actually is beneficial to other people, because I’m not one of them.”

Well, nice to know Karl is an asshole, I guess.

My father’s family lived through and escaped from extermination camps. Growing up, I heard a lot from him about European regimes on the left and right who wanted to create perfect societies “but just had to eliminate some bad elements first.” This sort of utopian thinking doesn’t work out so well for those who are considered the bad elements. To paraphrase a favorite phrase of my father’s, whenever I hear someone suggesting we burn down the world we live in order to create a better one, I start backing out of the door.

My original thought reading this was “Is he jewish” but I went and read a bit in that post and he didn’t say anything about it. What he did talk about was the Russians (Communists, actually) coming through and wrecking the place on their way to fight the Germans and then hardships that followed. And while I am sympathetic to his family’s sufferings, it strikes me more an an object lesson in “letting pain blind you to what’s really going on.” Also an object in repressed history, since at least half of what Nazi Germany was doing was an attempt to prevent communists from taking them over . So it provides a great example of “hating on the guy up ending your life even though he’s honestly trying to protect it.”

As for running away whenever anyone talks about “burning down the world to make a better one,” all that really indicates to me is that Karl has actually led a really nice life himself where he’s never been in the position where literally hell is actually an improvement on your living conditions. So when it comes down to looking down on Loki for wanting the world to burn and ignoring all the murder, torture, kidnapping, more murder, more torture, etc it really just seems like a lack of empathy on Karl’s part more than anything.

I have often been told that Loki is justified in destroying the world because the gods bound his son the wolf, threw his son the serpent into the sea, and made his half-dead daughter the ruler of Hel. Snorri explicitly states that these actions were taken “when the gods traced prophecies stating that from these siblings great mischief and disaster would arise from them,” when “they all felt evil was to be expected from them.” This desire to protect the worlds from harm and to stave off the destruction of Ragnarök lines up with the surviving poems.

And just really goes to show that the Aesir are…lovably and tragically “human,” seeing as they really just created their own self fulfilling prophecy. Okay, to be honest I don’t think Jormungandr was going to be anything but a vicious, homicidal snake, but by all accounts Fenrir was a pretty cool guy right up until he got fucked over, and despite being fucked over Hela is generally about the nicest Goddess you’d ever meet who takes really nice care of all the dead. Yet, because of their fear, the Aesir dicked them up and the rest is history (future?) Not to mention Loki having to watch loved ones be slaughtered over and over again and used against him in the worst ways. Does this make his actions justified? Yeah, kinda.

I understand the modern sympathy for the monsters, but I do think it goes against the way such creatures were understood both in ancient times and in more recent rural societies. More importantly, it turns away from a Ricoeurian reading of myths as symbols interacting in narrative and instead treats them as modern fantasy tales featuring complex monsters as sympathetic characters with rich inner lives. This can certainly be a valid way to enjoy ancient texts, but it does privilege reading through a psychoanalytic lens over seeking theological understanding.

“it does privilege reading through a psychoanalytic lens over seeking a theological understanding.”

Falser words are rarely spoken. Look, I’m not going to claim I’m one of the great theological masters of heathenism, but I’ve been at this a long time and my primary focus has been on Hela and her worship. If you step back and look at the Norse myths with a theological lens based on heathenism and its values, the whole of mythology plays out as the story of a family. A family who doesn’t always treat its members well, and the fall out that comes from this. It is the story of two brothers, two best friends, who ultimately end up on opposite sides of a war they started with each other over grudges, insults, and ill treatment done by both parties. It is not just the origins of the universe and the story of the Gods, it is the story of how acting without thinking and trying to prevent something from happening bring that very thing about.

That, is at the heart, the theology in the myths. And the better world, the one that follows with Baldr, Hela, Hodr, Thor’s sons, that’s one based on the hope that maybe this time, hurt feelings won’t cause everything to turn to violence once again. That’s why it’s a better world.

This approach to reading the myths shares elements with Trumpian rhetoric. In his own media presentation of himself – a narrative accepted without question by his most ardent supporters – Trump is the hero of the story and he and his family are sympathetic victims of evil forces. He explicitly asserted his role as protagonist when he publicly thanked himself on Thanskgiving. According to this self-made myth, he is upsetting the New World Order of the shadow government and the globalists who have joined with the media in a quest to destroy the American people. He will burn down all the institutions that have become irredeemably infected by their own failings and “make America great again” – a more perfect world will arise from the ashes of the old one’s failures.

Gee, a universal story happens to be common place and occur with surprising frequency. Part of me wants to feel like Karl is being a giant, facetious, dick with this. Because it really comes across that way.

Yes, Trump is the hero of the story. When literally every other politician on the left and the right was piling up bullshit and ignoring the needs and desires of a fuck ton of people because it “wasn’t politically correct” Trump shows up and gives a voice to the voiceless. Remember, states that had voted blue for decades switched for Trump because he spoke to them about their issues and championed hope and solutions when literally everyone else was going “well, that’s just part and parcel of living in a multi-cultural world.” And yes, he and his family have been the subject of vicious attacks of all kinds, from forces whose actions most assuredly look evil, ranging from protestors outside his hotel with “rape melania” signs, to libelous news reports, and a two year long investigation that has violated more civil rights and laws than the man they’re supposed to be investigating is even supposed to have done!

And yes, he does stand against the forces of globalism, which is a real thing Karl, and yes he has revealed that dozens of US institutions are so corrupt and violating their principles and purposes to such a degree that they do need to be burned down and replaced!

Like Loki, Trump is intimately tied to three of his children while seeming to largely ignore two others. Paralleling the sympathy given to the wolf son, the serpent son, and the half-corpse daughter, Trump has denounced media criticism of his belligerent sons Donald, Jr. and Eric while insisting his daughter Ivanka be lauded for her nepotistic work in the White House.

Yeah, except Loki never ignored his other two children, the myths just don’t talk about them because they didn’t do much of note, at least not until Odin had them murdered for…literally nothing and turned them into a bunch of bdsm gear to torture his brother with. And the fact that Loki had five kids and Trump has five kids is really, really weak and petty there. We’re reaching “Hitler loved dogs!” levels of bullshit. You know what else Hitler did Karl? He drank fluids! You better stop doing that, you wouldn’t want to be like Hitler now would you Karl?

Will Trump likewise follow Loki in enabling the destruction of the worlds? He has already done much to attack the norms of American society, U.S. government, and international relations. It sometimes seems like he has already brought us into an axe age and a sword age.

If by “attack the norms of US society” you mean “returned us to the norms of just thirty years ago,” then sure…Trump has done this. Of course, I remember a time when the norms were “protect your people, see that they have jobs, and hope for the future,” not “open the border, give them charity, and shut the fuck up citizen!” And if fulfilling the purposes of a nation is “an age of axe and sword” then frankly I would rather die in a just war than suffer in a miserable peace.

As Loki allies himself with threatening figures from the east during the battle of Ragnarök, Trump has murky ties to repressive regimes in Russia and Saudi Arabia and has declared that he and North Korea’s supreme leader “fell in love.” Yet Trump’s relationships with world leaders are volatile and changeable. Will he eventually take the words or deeds of some foreign dignitary as a personal affront so awful that he will plunge us into nuclear war? When chaos is the order of the day, who can say?

Really Karl? Really?

This is what you’re going with?

So what? Who cares?

Why does any of this even matter? For those of us who believe that Ásatrú and Heathenry are living religions, I believe it is important to deeply engage both with the myths that have survived from the “long ago time” and with the world that we live in today. By engaging in the above exercise in Tolkienian applicability, we can gain a more profound understanding of both the myths and the current situation. The vectors of awareness move in both directions.

You know Karl, if we were to actually do this we would probably be slaughtering the Muslims and enslaving the Hispanics. Because if we were honestly to go with the morality and advice from our Mythology, “slaying the Jotun” is the logical one, not “let’s call people we don’t like literally Loki!”

It’s all so tiresome, really.

By examining Trump in the light of Loki, we can realize that he is not some strange aberration that has appeared out of thin air with an unfettered ability to destroy our communities. Members of the cultures that produced the myths were familiar with his type centuries ago – familiar enough to have told tales of an archetypal figure that exhibited many of the same characteristics that we see in the president today. Rather than being shocked by every new transgression and vulgarity, we can accept that he is just one more in a long line of such men and will go the way the rest of them did. Whether or not Mueller wields the hammer of law and justice, there will eventually be a Heimdall who will bring about the end of Trump’s reign, even if the modern Heimdall manifests in the form of an electorate furious enough that it can overcome whatever shenanigans have been ginned up to disenfranchise it.

“By examining Trump in the light of Satan, we can realizes…”

This is literally what Karl is doing. He’s picking an “evil figure” and drawing parallels between it and someone he doesn’t like, and he’s using that to justify defaming and vilifying said person. And as I pointed up above, you can do the exact same thing with Thor!

It is often said that good and evil are a matter of perspective. The same goes for law and chaos. What is order for asgard is chaos for a jotun. Insisting that Trump is inherently a force for chaos because he brings chaos to those Karl likes does not change the fact that for a great many people, Trump is the bringer of order, much like Wyatt Earp, Eliot Ness, or Thor. By Karl’s own logic, any person who brings law and order to a location is tantamount to being Loki, because he has brought chaos to criminals, predators, thieves, terrorists, and ne’er-do-wells. And while Karl might think that anyone who finally stops Trump is a “heimdall” the vast majority are going to see them as a Jormungandr. And, given the absolute state of Trumps opponents and their proclivity to be Communists for all intents and purposes, the image of a giant, venomous, all devouring snake certainly seems far closer to the reality of Marxism then the image of Heimdall!

By examining Loki in the light of Trump, we can realize that there is a way to understand the mythic figure as neither a “Christian influenced” Satan inserted into the lore, nor a misunderstood anti-hero who should be elevated to a near monotheistic pinnacle of devotion. Instead, he can be seen as a figure who represents the worst aspects in ourselves, who embodies all that is harmful to a community of positive intent. Trump shows us the real-world results of an objectifier of women, a betrayer of community, an opposer of law, and a bringer of chaos being set loose to work his will upon the world. Is this really what we want? I believe that the idea of Loki as the bound giant who finally breaks free to destroy the world is the root element of his character. I suggest that maybe we should support those who seek to bind the beast rather than cheer on his rampage.

Oh, no, you basically just likened Loki to Hitler, rather than Satan. Which means you took him from being allegorical to a character most people can have some sympathy for, and made him allegorical to a man most people are absolutely not supposed to have sympathy for. And you did it with horrible incompetence!

All you did Karl, was list off a lot of stuff you consider “bad” because a lot of other people consider them “bad,” tried to tie both Loki and Trump to these bad things with horrible examples that don’t even come close to touching your point, much less making it, and then proceeded on a tear of “orange man bad/loki bad” because fuck mythology, fuck politics, fuck understanding the slightest bit of both, and fuck anyone who doesn’t agree with you!

Loki goes on his rampage as a result of constantly being bullied by the other aesir, the murder and imprisonment of his children, and the breaking of oaths.

Trump is doing what he does because there are people who eagerly break our laws, steal jobs from our countrymen, vilify us in our own media, and he is championing the displaced and the dispossessed.

And on a most basic level, it feels like Karl has a problem with it because he feels that those being championed by Loki and Trump are…well…evil and they deserve it. “There was a prophecy that the children of loki would bring great evil, so everything done to them is okay…even though it’s ultimately what causes them to bring great evil.” “How dare you kick all these people out of their homes and deny them entry into your land as all your jobs are taken away from you! You deserve to lose everything because you’re monsters for doing this!”

Finally, I would like to make the simple request that, following this article, lovers of Loki and partisans of the president refrain from making death threats against me. I know that these are two figures who inspire passionate devotion, but I think it is possible to have differences of opinion without threatening lives and livelihood. Thank you for rejecting fundamentalism.

“I know I have just insulted two groups who are very passionate about their beliefs and their champions in the absolute worst possible way I could think of, but please no bully!”

Fuck off Karl, if you get death threats you pretty much deserve them after this fucking shitshow of a post you wrote. Now repeat after me Lokeans: “Lokir is a religion of peace, behead those who insult Loki!”

Here, I’ll even make a nice meme for you.

loki religion of peace

Yes, I know that’s “marvel” loki, but I work with what I can get. I’m sorry.

Yes, Karl, it is entirely possible to have a difference of opinion without threatening lives and livelihoods. But what you have is not an opinion and you know it. It is an Insult. And you have insisted on delivering this insult as hard as you possibly could, with all your (really, really disappointing) skill. In a public forum, on one of the more popular pagan “news” sites. You knew what you were doing, you are not the least bit sorry for it, and now at the end you want to pat yourself on the back as the bigger man who managed to make anyone who gets mad at you look as evil as you have just painted their champions to be.

So really, fuck the fuck off.

Now, I’m not going to make death threats towards you Karl, because I don’t have to. While I am nominally a Trump supporter, I’m not that ticked off by your ham handed fumble of an insult. There is literally no point in getting mad as someone who is so far beneath me. And I’m not a Lokean. But I am a Helar, of the realm of the dead. Which is why I don’t have to threaten you. You’re going to be coming to my Goddess’s realm soon enough. You probably should start praying that she’s willing to forgive your insults, but while they’re not close, I wouldn’t count on it. After all, duty has to count for something, and the law states that past a certain point, insults must be paid for in blood.

Just…think about that, Karl.

For everyone else?


Hela Bless