Europa’s Children

14 words lanePerhaps it is “We” that scares them the most.  For them Whiteness is only a problem to be confronted or an impolite social fiction.   The idea that some of us might not participate in solving that issue by politely fading away disturbs them to no end.  And what’s worse, we not only refuse to cooperate but we refuse to be ashamed.

“Must” isn’t real popular with anybody either. When you start talking about responsibility you immediately  lose a big chunk of your audience.  The folks who benefit from this eternal adolescence want to keep it that way. The last thing they want is their atomized market of consumers organizing to change things.

“Secure,” well, that’s another problem.  You secure a perimeter; you secure a border; you secure a fortress.   Securing something means distinguishing between innengarth and outergarth, between citizen and alien, between us and them.  For them all this…

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