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So I’m not making any great effort to come back to writing seriously. Not because I don’t wish to, not because I don’t appreciate everyone who reads me, and not because I don’t have stuff to say, but mostly because I’m still dealing with the issues that have prevented me from writing seriously and they’re…not where I can do that yet.

Still, from my sabbatical I find myself drawn to talking about something I’ve talked about in the past, and which everyone fights about constantly: Abortion. Mostly because absolutely no one will shut up about it. Though some have decent enough points, I guess. At least in the first few minutes I bothered to watch.

So the big deal (because despite no one shutting up I’m trying not to pay much attention) seems to be Alabama has banned virtually all abortion (i think it got signed by their governor). This is apparently with the support of the majority of Alabamites (Alabamians? Alabamr?) and constitutionally it is their right to make such laws. Hell, it doesn’t even go against Roe v Wade because that ruling (which “legalized”) abortion was more about a woman’s right to privacy about having an abortion than anything. The entire abortion industry (for that’s what it is) is based on “a woman has the right to privacy in regards to her receiving an abortion” which really was more of a “don’t ask, don’t tell” way of “legalizing” abortion rather than actually legalizing it. Of course now everyone brags about it which puts them in technically questionable legal territory, but I digress.

Anyways, Alabama has banned virtually all abortion, including in cases of rape or incest (the most common cavorts pushed, despite apparently being combined less than half a percent of those questioned about why they had an abortion), and only allows it in direct threats to the mother’s life. So surprisingly draconian. This had led to several outcomes. Many pro-lifers seem happy, most pro-choicers are furious despite not living anywhere near where this is actually happening, some crazy people have been screaming “this is just like muh handmaiden’s tale!” (a story about women apparently going in to a rage at having to try and actually preserve the human race), and the various /pol/s either cheering because “accelerationism” and screaming “we’re all gonna be drowned in n******rs!!!! because despite being 13% of the population, african americans are responsible for 50+% of all violent crime, so this will either wake up white people or we’re all gonna die in a sea of murderous black people. Because apparently abortion is the number one killer of black people. Insert joke about black people being the most dangerous thing to black people inside and outside the womb here.

And at this point given I think an ethnostate might actually be kinda nice, and frankly I don’t want to live anymore when I could be dead and spend my existence beside Hel, I don’t particularly care what happens to me personally. Either way, I suppose, I win.

On a spiritual level, I’m kinda fine with the new law. One the one hand, it means fewer unborn souls passing to Helheim, more people getting a chance to live, and since only those of European line come to Helheim, and everyone else goes to their afterlives, the surplus or lack of unborn children of color isn’t something my realm has to deal with.

But as usual people don’t think like me (which is fine) but they do insist that their way of thinking is absolutely right. Pro-choice folks think anyone not pro-choice is a monster, as put by Carlin:

carlin abortion

Of course, his statement is…kinda bullshit. Pro-life people merely take the stance that killing another person (especially an innocent, defenseless person who hasn’t done anything to you personally) is wrong. The Pro-choice argument is basically a call for (lacking a better term) socialism. And making their argument “you can’t be against killing unless you’re for socialism,” despite the fact their argument seems to be “i’m for socialism, and also for killing.” Which…has the same general logical consistency that I find most pro-choice arguments have.

Not to mention the whole argument is “i want to kill this child so I don’t have to pay for my actions, so I demand you pay for my actions so I don’t have to if you want it to live.” I’m sure there’s a comment to be made on any number of things involving women, responsibility, etc, from that alone. Most of them are probably…unkind.

“a woman has the right to do with her body what she wishes,” is a perfectly fine position to take. But you cannot make “bodily autonomy” the be all and end all of morality, and then insist that you have the right to violate the autonomy of another, even as you insist no one has the right to violate your autonomy. Pro-choice women screaming “stay out of my vagina” honestly do not have a moral ground to stand on since if the infant/fetus could talk it would no doubt scream “stay out of my womb!” Especially given that (in the vast, vast majority of cases) the woman a) chose to have sex, b) chose not to use protection, c) chose not to use morning after products, and d) now apparently chooses homicide.

Look, I’m not going to lie and say I have a problem with killing. I don’t. My religion doesn’t. And frankly I suspect a lot of people are going to do a lot of killing in the not so distant future. But let us be entirely honest, abortion is killing, and at this point any arguments for abortion are arguments that one person has the right to kill another, generally by people who instantly start insisting that despite their right to kill, no one else has the right to kill them. Or in the case of child support/paternal responsibilities, that men have any rights at all. The same people who insist “a woman’s body, a woman’s choice” instantly refuse any concept of “a man’s body, a man’s choice” or “an infant’s body, an infant’s choice.” In a nation build on the ideas of equality, and from a movement that insists that all genders are supposed to be equal this blatant hypocrisy and demands for certain privileges over others is antithetical to, well, everything that they and most western nations supposedly stand for, especially the USA. Especially with the often used (and highly ironic) argument that “if he didn’t want to pay child support he should have kept it in his pants.”


Legally, the new law is in an interesting place. It’s fully legal, and constitutional, but no doubt it is going to get appealed all the way up to the supreme court. I’m sure that’s where the fun will begin, as Ani Skywalker once said. It does have the potential to, if not over turn, absolutely wreck Roe v Wade, which was on shaky ground to begin with and only people’s respect for the law kept it from being absolutely obliterated. Of course that respect for the law is currently gone by all parties, and now it hangs on via cultural norm more than anything else. It of course does potentially also lead to the full legalization of abortion…somehow. I’m not going to guess. But given we got fully legalized gay marriage based on a lawsuit that…didn’t really have much to do with gay marriage actually being legal, anything can happen in a court drunk off its own power who doesn’t give a shit about how laws are actually supposed to be made in this country.

Not that anyone seems to, really. Left wingers don’t, so long as it’s their views made law, they don’t care how it happens, and any law they don’t agree with is illegitimate no matter how it was created. Centrists don’t give a shit, neither to Conservatives, because if they did they’d more strenuously object when extra-legal laws get made and would go to any ends to have them undone. And the Right Wingers…have pretty much given up on the system and are basically counting the days to when they can start fighting while singing Rhodesians Never Die. While wearing short shorts. Me? Well, I suppose I can appreciate the…honesty of the fascists when it comes to such things.


I mean, the left have no problem killing the unborn for their ideals. They have little to no problem with calling for the deaths of those who oppose them. I suppose I would just appreciate a little honesty with my slaughter. Just as I suppose I would rather there be some iron in the blood of those who oppose them. Better an honest war than a miserable peace, as they say. And lo does this peace feel miserable.

I’m sure it doesn’t feel great for those being slaughtered in their wombs either.

Is this new law good? Will it bring about good, or will it bring about ruin. I suppose only time will really tell, but it…something. A step in the right or wrong direction is still a step, and it is better to walk, however slowly, than to remain stagnant, or worse, be disposed of. I feel that Hel is somewhat happy for it. Taking the dead is never an easy task, but having to guide, deal, sort, etc, those who didn’t even have a life is far more complicated. How do you judge a soul that has done nothing? how do you comfort a spirit promised life but granted only death? And later, how then shall the soul of the one who demanded the killing be dealt with, especially when they insist that they have done no wrong but they certainly have not done right?

And of course, there is the other philosophical and religious issue on top of it. Most abortions are done in medical clinics of various sorts, performed by trained medical professionals. People who have, as part of their practice, sworn the Hippocratic Oath. “And first, it do no harm…” Yet what is an abortion, if not harm. It is slaughter, not healing. Any medical professional who performs an abortion has broken their holy oath. They have blasphemed in the temples of the Gods and Goddesses of healing. Apollo and Eir did not give their gifts to man so that man might use them to slaughter needlessly, but so that man might use them to tend and care for their fellow man.

How then shall these people be judged? They are, to a one, oathbreakers of the vilest sort, for they have shit upon holy oaths made to and before the Gods themselves. (Just as are those doctors who have chosen to hand out opioids to their patients rather than honorably accept prison over poisoning and even killing those who trusted them). If this law prevents a doctor or nurse from breaking their sacred and holy oaths, is it not worth it then, after all? Not that I think many of those damned, heretical souls, would not move elsewhere so that they might kill as they please.

Abortion is more than merely a woman’s right to choose, or her ownership over her own body, it is a totality of things. Demanding simple solutions to complex problems, especially that those solutions be the ones that give you what you want, and damn the cost to anyone else, is not the wisest course of action. Nor is it the most moral. Without hyperbolic words, lives are at stake in this situation.

And the landfills and other places are filled with the dead, given no respect, no love, no rest. Millions of lost and angry souls, left without names, without graves. As spiritual as I am, I can’t help but wonder and fear at the full extent of what all those spirits in their wrath might call forth in their pain, anger, and feelings of betrayal.

It’s something to consider.


Hela Bless