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So in addition to the comment by Hrafnblod that I talked about last post, they ended up making another reply that I want to go over as well. I’m skipping over their other replies because honestly it’s more name calling, than insisting the name calling isn’t because they’re being pissy or are pissed, but basically to try and demean (and dehumanize) me. I guess it’s a bit like T-posing to establish dominance.

That generally doesn’t work on me. If you want to try and establish dominance, I actually have to give a shit about what you think. And my previous post should show exactly what I think of their abusive, hateful, and immoral position.

So what follows is basically me calling Hrafn out of their shitty, demeaning, disrespectful attitude and how if they want to fight racism, maybe they should act with some humanity.

If you want a seat at the table, don’t carry water for racists. It’s pretty fucking simple. If you want to be respected don’t carry water for racists. If you want people to empathize with you don’t carry water for racists.

So, to recap briefly what are racists and what is racism. Racism = whiteness, and whiteness = western civilization and cultural ideas, like civil rights, equality, etc etc etc. Basically, look at the values of the Enlightenment, the Romanticism, or ancient Pagan and Heathen ideas like “the rights of mann” and stuff like that. That is “whiteness” and the refusal to get rid of “whiteness” is “racism.”

In all honestly it’s the same argument Rhyd and his friends did a few years ago, except you can replace “Racism” and “Whiteness” with “Fascism” and “Nazism.” Different words, but the same old song. “We don’t care how valid and historically accurate your Paganism/Heathenism is, we don’t like it and you need to stop doing it or we’re going to call you evil. And we’re going to abuse and torment you until you do what we say.”

It’s hilarious that Misha (as I covered a few posts ago) claims that a lot of “white pagans” basically are just whitewashing Protestant Christianity in a Pagan skin, and yet this attitude that Hrafn, Aubs, Misha, and pretty much any other anti-racist I’ve come across are literally acting like the Abrahamic God that Christianity has propagated over so much of this planet.

“You have sinned, and are creatures of sin. Why? Because fuck you, I said so, that’s why. And because you are creatures of sin I am going to torture and torment you for all eternity unless you cast away everything and debase yourselves before me for all of your existence.”

So, this is the “table” I and people like me are being excluded from. A Judeo-Christian table of abuse and vilification unless we bow our heads unconditionally and worship their God.

My plan is to tell you that as long as you’re doing so, you can fuck off. We’re not at the “I’m here to educate you” stage. We’re at the “You’re posting spirited defenses of things so harmful that we can’t have those conversations until you get your act together.” I don’t think you’re subhuman but neither am I going to indulge this petulant, childish “you people are *forcing* me to be this way by not tolerating my being this way!” bullshit. No one has any responsibility to indulge that.


Oh yeah, that’s what I want to be a part of. A bunch of people telling me I’m evil because I was born evil and I need to wash my soul of the devil and accept the salvation they’re peddling because only they know the truth, the way, and the light, and God damn it they’re going to call me names, abuse me, and try and kick me out of anything and everything because I’m a filthy fucking sinning devil worshiping heretic until I do.

Yeahhh, fuck of with that shit. I didn’t put up with it from the Christians, and I’m not going to put up with it just so I can sit at a table with a bunch of abusive narcissistic assholes who get high off smelling their own farts.

What is it heathens love to crow about? We are our deeds? Reputation matters? Respect is earned? Fucking own your shit. Quit posting racist shit like this, being called out for it, and then crying like a goddamn baby about how the people calling you out are making you this way. You’re being this way because you want to be.

“Just stop posting racist shit!”

Well see, I’d love to, but according to all the anti-racists, the instant I start talking about treating everyone equally, with empathy, or how everyone has human rights, I’m posting whiteness. And whiteness is Racism. So at this point I literally would ever be able to post anything Heathen related again unless it was nothing but “we need to get rid of these evil racist heathens” because the instant I actually start posting about literally anything religiously or philosophically heathen, I’m posting fucking racist-whiteness again.

I mean, Hrafn can say I’m “crying like a baby about how people are making me act this way” but I’m not the one going around insisting the basic tenants of Paganism and Heathenism are whiteness and racism. Misha is the one who insisted our current practice of rituals and worship was nothing more than whitewashed Christianity and thus were “whiteness.” According to Misha’s proposed theory, any time I go and pray at my alter I’m basically engaging in Racism, and if I were to meet up with fellow heathens for a holy day of prayers, offerings, and feasting, I’m basically committing super-racism and I’m literally two steps away from mass murdering minorities.

And these people want me to stop being “racist” so I can “sit at their table?” Holy shit, my sides have left me and gone to Valhalla! Why would I ever want to be a part of that? Seriously, it’s only a matter of time when the mere act of me breathing somehow becomes “whiteness” because I’m daring to steal air from minorities or something.

Own your shit. It’s not on me to teach you the barest minimums of human decency. If you want a seat at the table, if you want to participate, it’s on you to get over the incredibly low bar of “Don’t carry water for racists.” That is no one else’s responsibility. You made this post bemoaning peoples’ lack of empathy for genocide advocates, and I’m telling you the actual price of admission for participating in any kind of reasonable space.

Well, it’s a good thing it’s not on Hrafn to teach me the minimums of human decency, because between the last post and this one, I think we’ve establish Hrafn doesn’t actually know what that is.

And as for “making posts bemoaning peoples’ lack of empathy for genocidal advocates” I do have to thank Hrafn and co because I have actually learned how to feel a great deal of empathy for “genocidal advocates.” Because after dealing with all this, holy shit I can understand the desire to just mass murder people. So see, empathy with genocidal people is possible.

Huh, what do you know, I guess I’m better at exercising “progressive” morality than progressives like Hrafn and Aubs are.

If you’re going to go to bat for racists, trade in racist language, and blow racist dogwhistles, the rest of us have a much more pressing obligation to keep you away from people who are endangered by those things than we have an obligation to make your fragile petulant ass feel welcome.

See, if it was just a matter of “not making your fragile, petulant ass feel welcome,” I honestly wouldn’t be writing these posts. I mean, if progressives wanted to isolate themselves and protect minorities in their paganism I honestly wouldn’t take much issue with it. Fuck off to your own space and do what makes you happy. That’s been my motto for years. It’s one of the reasons I’ve respected the AFA for so long. They literally just fucked off and did their own thing and didn’t try to make anyone obey their rules.

My entire fucking issue, however, is that people like Misha, Aubs, Hrafn, HUAR, and any number of other “anti-racist” pagans do. not. do. that. Oh no, they don’t fuck off to their own places and do their own thing. They constantly, constantly, go around invading everyone else’s spaces, labeling people they don’t like and who aren’t doing as they do racists and bigots, and generally being a giant invading horde of fucking self righteous pests.

They don’t leave anyone alone. Ever. Hrafn has done nothing but call me names and insist I’m a racist all because I rationally and reasonably pointed out that the people they like are being a bunch of immoral hypocrites. What I’ve been doing is basically the equivalent of when the ACLU defended the KKK in a court of law. According to Hrafn, that makes the ACLU a racist organizations that dog whistles for racists. My standing up for people’s rights and their humane treatment, regardless of their political views, is a dog whistle and i’m a racist shitbag fascist.

And he wants me to sit at his table?

That’s what it really comes down to. That’s why all this idiotic crowing about the ‘hypocrisy’ of us not being ‘tolerant’ is so asinine. There’s nothing inconsistent about our worldview, bc tolerance for its own sake is not the foremost virtue of that worldview. The principle concern is not being accommodating to people like you. It’s keeping people like you from being an active and present danger to others. For a lot of people the shit you’re defending, as I’ve said, isn’t just different opinions. It’s life or death. At which point your need to be coddled, babied and catered to as someone who, at best, is cozy with and sympathetic to and willing to defend white supremacy, is not really our concern.

Now, I absolutely will give Hrafn credit here because they at least, admit something of the truth.

“Tolerance for its own sake is not the foremost virtue of that (our) world view.”

What is the number one thing Progressives have championed both in Paganism and in the regular world. “We must be TOLERANT of other people, their cultures, their ways, and their lifestyles. It doesn’t matter if you do not like people based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion, you have a moral duty to be TOLERANT.”

And how has that generally worked out in case after case, be it religions like the Dianics or humble bakers of cakes? “You must be TOLERANT of US, but we do not have to be TOLERANT of YOU.”

Now, there are two terms to consider here. The first is Equality. Equality is the belief that all people are equal and should be treated equally, regardless of who or what they are. The other is a term that describes when people are to be treated differently, where one group is to be treated better than the other group. That term is Supremacy.

Now, let’s sit here and think. Is Hrafn, Aubs, or Mishas’ positions ones of Equality? Clearly not. Hrafn out right states that Tolerance isn’t a primary virtue and that some people (based on their beliefs) are to be excluded and treated worse than others (based on who they are) who are to be treated better. What Hrafn then, is advocating for, is textbook SUPREMACY.

And believe me. I was in your shoes, making your same shitty arguments once upon a time. If I, having essentially been you at one point, can’t empathize, that should tell you something. It won’t, but it should.

Well, based on the behavior Hrafn has shown, and the behavior I’ve looked over like Misha and Abus, it does tell me something. It tells me that Hrafn was horribly abused. They were humiliated, belittled, shunned, and so on, until one day they decided that all people do not deserve equal treatment. That all people are not created equal, with the same rights as others.

It tells me I should feel sorry for Hrafn, I should feel pity for the pain and loneliness and humiliation they suffered. It tells me that as happens all too often, abuse victims internalize the abuse and then go on to abuse others. Like a child abused by their parent, who then grows up to abuse their own child.

It tells me that me making my tiny little blog that  barely gets read by anyone anymore, may occasionally be more important than I think. Because I if I can provide even a tiny flicker of candlelight to some Heathen or Pagan out there going through this same abuse, the abuse I have been talking about for the last several posts, and let them know they are not alone, they are not wrong to believe that everyone is entitled to respect, empathy, and a place to belong regardless of who they are, what they believe, or how many people tell them they’re evil monsters.

I have been a monster to people all my life. I have been terribly, terribly alone a great deal of it. At any point I could have been like Hrafn and given up and given in and allowed others to make me in their image because they thought I was evil. But I haven’t. Not yet. And anyone out there reading this…you don’t have to give in either. No matter how evil they tell you that you are, no matter how much of a monster they try to make you out to be…you don’t have to give in. You are not alone. I am here, in this life and the next, with my Goddess Hela, and you are not a monster to us.

I’m checking out now. If you ever want to be treated as more than a clown, you now have no room to claim ignorance of how to make that happen. It’s on you.

“If you ever want to stop being abused, just give into us, the people abusing you.”

“If you ever want to stop being tortured in hell for all eternity, just give your soul to me.”

That is the table Hrafn sits at. That is the table Misha and Aubs and countless others want to turn Paganism into. A table of abusers, and sadists, who do not believe in the equality of all people, but the supremacy of some over others.

That is not a table I want to sit at. I do not think that is a table any self respecting person wants to sit at. It is not a welcoming table, open to any in need. It is a table of slavery, of bitter bread and poisoned wine, where knives wait in malicious hands to stab you, so that the knife-holder might raise themselves up as a “better person.”

Do not sit at this table, friends. Do not look at it with envious eyes or lonely hearts. It is not a holy table, a table that honors the Gods. Such tables, be they based around different matters, have drawn only the ire of the Gods. Greedy, miserly, vicious tables. Odin would wonder the world, and if he found such tables he would place terrible curses upon the houses that had them and the people that kept them.

I understand, they are the most common, the most famous of tables it would seem. It is cold in the world, and lonely, and you may have to wander and leave many places before you find a table that is not like them, but a table that accepts you for who you are. Those tables are better. Seek them out instead.

Do not bend your need and whip your back bloody just to sit at a table of cruel, heartless bastards who proclaim how noble and moral they are. Like kind Xerxes, they ask only that you kneel and worship them.

But I bid you, follow the words of cruel Leonidas…and stand instead. The Gods will honor you for your bravery, and one day you may find true companions who love you for you.




Hela Bless