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So, full and fair warning, this is probably going to be a bit autistic in terms of posts go. Ethics and morality is something I’ve thought a lot about over the years, and its something Hela has taught me a fair bit about as well via various ways and means. The whole idea is kind of important to the realm of death, seeing as Hela has to judge the dead (like most Death Gods do) so coming up with a way to do it right is pretty damn important for not screwing up the job.

I also get that a lot of people a) do not think about morality and ethics and b) consider their own morality and ethics to be the best morality and ethics in the world, even if they themselves have actually never even contemplated their ethics to even the slightest degree. It is said that an unexamined life is not worth living, and if that’s the case, an unexamined ethics is not worth living by.

One of the important lessons I’ve learned with Ethics is there’s two levels of it (that at least in Helheim one is judged by). The first is Universal Ethics: Things that are ethically good or bad as ruled by the Gods. This varies between the different faiths, but each faith has some very basic tenants that they hold to be good. Such as keeping your oaths being Good, and breaking your oaths being Bad, in Heathenism. The second is something you could call “Subjective” or “Personal” Ethics. This is something that an individual person judges to be morally good or evil. So something like Equality (The idea that people are equal to each other and should be treated as such), either in all its forms or say gender, racial, etc.

So when Hela judges someone at the end, to decide if they get to pass on to live in Helheim or if they get tossed to Nidhoggr, it comes down to a) how well did you keep the Universal Morality and b) how well did you keep your “Personal” Morality.

However, do not begin to feel comfortable or smug, dear readers, for it is not so simple as having done those things. There is a catch, and that catch is in the realms of “personal morality.” And in my many years meeting people and reading things online, I have found an absolutely devastating amount of people who tend to fuck this up pretty damn badly.

See, when you define your morality where any given action is either good or bad, then that action becomes such. So, for example, if you have a moral that says “discrimination  is bad,” because say you were raised to believe that racism and discrimination are evil, then Morally speaking Discrimination is now a (for lack of a better term) Sin. Now, this doesn’t mean you get fed to a giant tree eating dragon at the end of your life because you discriminated against Brussels sprouts in favor of grilled cheese sandwiches, but if you’re someone who goes around “championing against the sin of discrimination” and then while doing so you actually end up discriminating against people, you have most assuredly “sinned” against your own morality.

Last week, I ended up writing a series of posts going over and responding to people who were complaining about “racism” and “white supremacy” in Paganism and Heathenism. In each one of those posts, I went over people being absolutely hypocritical, proclaiming that “racism is wrong” while actively engaging in text book racism themselves. By their own “personal morality” they themselves adopted for themselves, they were being immoral.

And it’s not just them, it’s an attitude I’ve seen literally everywhere, and it’s something that has shaped my views and how and what I write about on this blog over there years. It’s actually a fair contribution to my own views on “white nationalism” and “white supremacy.”

Like I said earlier, Hela judges based on both Universal and Personal Morality. Over the years she has had me take up some duties (with the goal of taking such duties even higher later on) with regards to the Divine paths of Justice, Law, and Retribution. And while a God of Law certainly has power and influence over the Law, the Law is also made and kept by Mortals, and what a Mortal Law is is still a law. It’s the same with morality. The Gods can certainly influence what is Moral behavior, but humans have some power over that as well. And humans will be judged by human morality.

And a Bad thing cannot become a Good thing. There are no “qualifiers” that change this fact. Just because something is “normal” or even makes you feel morally good doing it, doesn’t change the fact that it is bad and you chose to make it bad.

So for example, FGM is generally considered a pretty bad thing by most people (at least in the West), but most people are perfectly fine with Circumcision, despite the fact that it literally is Genital Mutilation, causes direct damage to the body/organ and according to some studies (that were censored by the medical establishment) cause permanent mental/psychological damage in the young boys who suffer the surgery. Yet when confronted with this fact, most people make excuses or refuse to see the problem. One of my exes had a young boy who was circumcised and when the topic was brought up became very angry and insisted she had done the right thing and had literally done nothing wrong…while at the same time being vehemently against FGM.

This then presents and interesting (and possibly terrifying) conundrum. Now, it’s a not uncommon belief (especially among heathens) that words are cheap, but you can judge a person by their actions. A man may say a dozen different things, but what he does physically he has actually done and carried out.

So, to use the example above, which then is the moral wrong that my ex actually believed is wrong. There are three outcomes: A) they are against GM in which case they enacted an immoral act against their son. B) they are not against GM but say they are. C) they are for GM (but not having a daughter and doing it to them it is impossible to say this is the case).

This brings me back to the topic of racism/white nationalism/white supremacy. Most people will say that racism is not just bad, it is evil. They will then list various actions committed in the past as a reason(s) to show that white nationalism/supremacy is evil: Things like slavery, racial discrimination, and especially the Holocaust. Or, to put it simply: Slavery, Discrimination, and Genocide.

So here we come to the conundrum. Whiteness is evil because White people committed slavery, discrimination, and genocide. This is a Moral Premise, leading to a Moral Law. With me so far? Hopefully so. So we can conclude that Whiteness is Evil because these Actions are Evil. These actions are morally wrong and the commission of these actions means that those who commit them are immoral and bad people. Right?

So here is the problem that rapidly comes up for me. If these actions are bad, then those who commit them are bad. Remember, there are no “qualifiers” that make a bad action good. A bad action is a bad action.

So then we we can take an instance like Genocide to start off with. In the 20-21st centuries, there have been multiple genocides. There were even some all the way throughout history. The most famous of these is the Holocaust*, though it was not the biggest and it certainly wasn’t the first. The Armenian genocide pre-dates its by years, the Holodomor was basically around the same time, there was the British attempts to genocide the Boer (which it is theorized gave Hitler the idea for the concentration camps because that’s what the Brits did to the Boer). And even past WWII multiple genocides have occurred around the world, especially in Africa.

Yet despite this, one never sees people insisting that “Turkishness” is evil and needs to be erased. One never sees people going around embracing the ideas that “Blackishness” needs to be erased. No one is going around insisting that Communism needs to be erased. Despite the fact that all the arguments used against “whiteness” can not only be used in the exact same way to blame black, turkish, or Communist cultures for genocidal activities to a degree even better than “whiteness.”

Hell, to give a great example of this there is a YouTube channel called “The Young Turks” which is literally the name of a group majorly responsible for the Armenian Genocide…and not only is it allowed to run unhindered, it has at many occasions been actively supported by youtube.

So, we have “Genocide is Evil” and then we’re faced with dozens of examples where genocide and those who commit genocide are completely disregarded, or actively supported. The number of self proclaimed and proud Marxists and Communists is shocking when you consider that the total number of people mass murdered/genocided by that ideology reaches 120 million or more. And when confronted with these facts, they either brush them off or get angry at you for pointing them out.

So then: A) Is Genocide an Immoral Act and those who commit it are Evil, or B) Genocide is Not an Immoral Act and those who commit it are Not Evil.

People say one thing, but then their actions say another. And their actions say “genocide is not an immoral act.” I can conclude nothing else.

So then, if Genocide is not an immoral act, then whites are not evil for practicing genocide.

The same goes for slavery (and discrimination). Whites are evil because we practiced slavery. Yet for example Muslims practice slavery on a far larger scale that dwarfed any slavery whites committed. Not to mention Africans had been practicing slavery since the start and its really questionable if they ever really stopped to this day except for a brief time during the Imperial Age when slavery was made illegal. India, one of the largest nations in the world, basically practiced a caste based system of slavery among other things.

Yet this too is largely ignored. Try to bring up Islamic slavery and most people will wave it off (assuming they don’t start screaming at you for being an Islamophobe). This despite the fact that while White slavery generally revolved around physical labor, Islamic slavery not only involved physical labor, but sexual slavery, large scale castration, and during one period (the Janissary) literally even the government to the military was slave labor. And it’s not like this has gone away. Even ISIS just a few years ago was practicing large scale slavery of all types.

This, apparently, is not a problem and at no point do people start insisting that Islam should be erased for this morally bad action. So, is slavery immoral and anyone who does  it evil, or is it not? Well, judging by people’s actions on a meta level again…it’s not evil.

So you can’t insist that “whiteness is evil because of slavery” when slavery clearly is not that evil.

So, going by people’s own “Personal Morality” Whiteness cannot be evil, because the actions that supposedly make it evil…are not actually evil according to the people making these judgements.

It’s this moral blindness…this moral hypocrisy…that I find incredibly tiresome. Not long ago I had a bit of a conversation on Facebook with a guy I used to work with and that I nominally considered a friend and decent person. He helped me out at a bad time, anyways.

He’d posted a series of screencaps from a guy saying “we need to drive these nazis/white supremacists out of our hobbies, religions, etc, etc, etc.” You know, the usual stuff that such people always scream. I ended up responding that (as someone who had been called a nazi repeatedly) this was a terrible idea and was only going to backfire horribly as innocent people were caught up in the tidal wave of destruction. I know, because I’ve seen it happen repeatedly.

Long conversation short, it basically came down to him saying I didn’t know what I was talking about, this was only about “real nazis” and he personally didn’t believe that anyone who believed that other people weren’t human and believed in genocidal ideologies didn’t deserve human rights, etc, etc, etc. The irony, of course, flew right over his Jewish head. After all, he’s literally advocating treating people in the same way that supposedly makes those people evil in the first place, which makes him literally no different from them.

Much in the same way that the vast majority of “anti-racists” actually go about acting in the very same way that supposedly makes “racists” so damn evil in the first place.

Now look, I’m not here to tell you what is and isn’t moral. That’s not my place, it’s not the place Hela wants me to be in, and honestly it’s not really a place I care for. I myself am largely “amoral” beyond the small bits of “universal” morality Hela has taught me and maybe a few personal morals I myself have chosen for the present time. So if you want to decide that genocide is morally acceptable, or is absolutely immoral, that’s your choice and honestly I’m fine playing by either. But fundamentally, when it comes down to it, you can’t “double standard” shit, not when it comes to the afterlife and the judgement included in it. And it’s not going to matter how you qualify it, or disguise it, or call it something else.

It will be It, and you will be judged by It and for It. And depending on the judgement there’s going to be a couple outcomes. One of which is (regardless of which actual Path you follow) you will be judged such that you must be heavily punished. Be it Nidhoggr, or Ammit, or something else. Another is to “See,” to be stripped of all your justifications and see just how Evil you really were by your own standards. Imagine it, on a fundamental level that you could never escape, seeing you for who you really were and seeing in yourself everything you absolutely hated and despised and considered evil.

I imagine many would throw themselves into the gaping maw of the beast just to escape such a thing.  And I think a lot of the Pagans and Heathens I’ve come across in the years are probably in for a horrific surprise when they finally cross over to the land of the dead, expecting a hero’s welcome for their noble deeds, only to discover the truths about themselves that they themselves created and legislated.

So if anyone ever wonders why I say what I say, or the positions I take, this is a large part of the foundation. If anyone is ever curious as to why I defend “white supremacists” or call “anti-racists” out or really anything, here you have a glimpse into why. People have dictated the morality of people, and all I can do is try to apply this dictation as evenly as possible, because all are Equal in Death. If you do not like these rules, then please, examine your morality and feel free to come together with everyone and change it, but be careful and make sure the “morality” you’re making is in fact the morality you want.

Because the Gods are watching you, and the Gods will judge you accordingly.


Hela Bless


*In regards to the Holocaust itself, the fact its held up as the worst thing in human history is something that I understand as an American, but don’t really agree with as a Heathen. Since an act is bad no matter who it is done to, then the Holocaust is literally just another genocide to me and is no more or less important than say the Holodomor or the Armenians. All things being equal, you see. Now, I do recognize that most Western nations are raised in a Judeo-Christian format and I do think this is one of the cases where this sticks with a lot of Pagans: the idea that the Jews are “God’s Chosen People” and this makes them special and things done to them somehow more horrible. The Holodomor happened the same time as the holocaust, and 4 Million people died in it (possibly more) compared to the 6 million in the holocaust, though the HD had a much faster death rate than the HC. Yet no one really gives a fuck about the HD. Why? Well, let’s be honest, because it didn’t happen to the Jews. But once you take away the special status of Jews, then it’s just another mass murder, so it and those who did it don’t really deserve any special villain status over literally any other genocidal regime.