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Under a Western Sky

How do neo-pagans create priesthoods from nothing (ex nihilo)?

I often talk to people who see this as an issue facing modern pagans. We don’t have an “apostolic succession” going back to the ancient priests. The interrupted transmission is a barrier to the legitimacy and credibility of pagan priests in modern times.

Elsewhere, in some Indo-European cultures we see hereditary priests, but we don’t have that either, not in Norse history and not as a survival in our modern world.

Everyone’s answer seems to be self-initiation. Someone studies up, initiates themself, then initiates others, founding a new priestly line. I’m not sure whether the missing element is thought to be some kind of laying on of hands or some kind of training, but this seems to be the only thing anyone knows that can fix it.

But why is this even a problem? It seems to…

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