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While I am primarily a Heathen (who at some points has dabbled into the Cultus Deorum), I’ve never tried to limit myself in terms of what I talk about. This could be for better or worse, depending on who you ask, but if I see something that interests me, or I think needs to be considered, or even countered, I’m generally going to open up a post about it.

So I was flipping through my “reader” feed and spotted a post from Sannion, who at one point I talked to quite a bit and have (sadly) lost touch with over the years. Not sure why it happened, just one of those things that does. At least to me, anyways. He mentioned he’d signed the Xenia Declaration as an individual. Needless to say I was a) curious because when we talked he seemed like a pretty smart (if madness drunk) individual, but generally when anything starts saying its a “Declaration” red flags start going off in my head these days.

Because you never really see “Right Leaning” organizations (religious or otherwise) making “declarations” and because these days declarations are more ultimatums than actual declarations. Or at least I never see it. Declaration 127 is a great example of this, where people didn’t just bother to declare that they were okay with anyone and everyone being a heathen, but issued an ultimatum that “these people are not heathens, we will not do business with them, and if you want to do business with us you WILL believe what we say must be believed.”

Needless to say, my every expectation was fulfilled when the second paragraph of the Xenia Declaration is this:

This is a declaration in a similar spirit of the Declaration 127 in modern Heathenry, except for those of us who are modern Greek polytheists.

So great, the Greeks are now copying the hateful, racist, bigoted, and unethical Dec 127. Because that’s exactly what our Polytheistic religions need. Drawing lines in stone about who is and isn’t a “true believer” not by ancient theocratic guidelines, but because of Social Morals whose public “acceptance” isn’t even two decades old.

And I do mean that.

Twenty years ago, no one except a small fringe of people supported Gay Marriage, for example. Hell, I might be getting my timeline wrong, but within ten years ago the voters in California (the most liberal state in the USA) voted AGAINST legalizing gay marriage. The only reason Gay Marriage is legal in the USA is because the Supreme Court FORCED the legalization of it, while virtually every time the question was put to a vote the people voted AGAINST it.

Ten years ago the idea of children being transgender and needing to be put on artificial hormones and hormone blockers that literally will castrate them was unthinkable. Five years ago the idea that kids should be celebrated for dressing up in drag and putting on lewd dance shows for adults would have made people physically ill. Ten years ago if you told someone they could be charged with a hatecrime and sent to prison for not using the correct “pronoun” they’d have laughed at you. Now, not only is that something that can potentially happen to you, the media and medical professionals are pushing that Pedophilia isn’t a deviant, criminal sexual practice, but a legitimate sexual identity like being lesbian or gay.

So, what does the Xenia Declaration that people are signing stand for?

Those who are LGBTQIA+ are welcome.
Those of all genders (including genderfluid, non-binary, agender, etc) are welcome.
Those of different ethnicities, races, locales, and backgrounds are welcome.
Those who are neurodivergent, including those who are autistic, are welcome.
Those who have disabilities including mental or physical conditions, are welcome.

So the last two are absolute milktoast bs that literally mean nothing. Though, if the Chans have taught me anything, the Greeks may regret opening their doors to the autists, because holy fuck will those guys find anything and everything you don’t want to be found and then force you to look at it. Especially when it comes to the first three points of this “acceptance declaration.”

Now, I don’t know what brought all this about, since this seems to be a recent thing but there’s no date that I can spot on the Declaration. I think I did hear rumors that some Folkish Druid organization was under fire for something, but Druids aren’t Greeks so I don’t see why that would cause this. Unless the Greeks are afraid of #cancelculture and are trying to get out ahead of shit before it hits the fan. If anyone know more about the Druid situation and can give me links, I would appreciate it.

Still, they link the idea of the XD to D127, which some might recall was started up after Flavel took over the AFA and there was a low key “we prefer heterosexual relations for the purposes of procreation,” and rather than being tolerant of “deviant” sexualities everyone threw a giant hissy fit and tried to excommunicate and shame the AFA, who doesn’t really seem to give a fuck.

Still, as an outsider/solo practitioner I’ve generally sat on the sidelines and heckled people because its fun and otherwise I might be tempted to do something drastic and stupid, which Hel insists she doesn’t want me to do. Yet. And while I have touched on this before, I kinda felt like touching on this again because of this declaration. Because this declaration is dividing the faithful, which I doubt is pleasing to the Greek Gods, seeing as it hasn’t been that pleasing to the Norse.

Now, before we really get going into this, I do want to state that I’m not taking a moral position on homosexual sex in terms of the act itself. I’m not even really taking or placing a moral objection on the act or existence of homosexual attraction. Who, or what, you find sexually attractive isn’t really a moral thing to me, everyone’s got their kinks and stuff that gets them going, although there are some that can lead to immoral and harmful behaviors and others that you should probably get counseling about. The things you experience in your mind can certainly be objectionable to some, or to many, but thoughts are not crimes, morally or legally. At least they shouldn’t be. Instead the following points are based on real, physical actions and how they affect other people.

The truth of the matter is, there’s a lot of reasons why a religious group might not want to accept people from a different ethnicity or say LGBTQPA++ whatever it is now. While one could make an easy meme of “15% of the population is responsible for 50+% of the violent crime” as a reason, I’m going to step away from ethnicity and race for the moment an focus on the LBGT+ thing.

Like I’ve said before, I’ve spent time on the Chans with the autists. And one of the things unique about them is that (not only is it anonymous, which is fantastic) they will literally talk about anything and everything. But especially the stuff that most people ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT TALK ABOUT. Mostly because the anons can, and most people can’t.

And they can’t talk about it because, well, a lot of it would get labeled as “hate speech” even though most of it is true and factual. And a lot of these truths and facts are very, very uncomfortable to talk about. So they don’t get talked about, and most people have a very, very censored and clean view of what the LGBT community is like. A view that makes them very socially acceptable. Most people I think just picture a loving couple of the same sex living a normal life. They do not picture a man wearing leather straps covered in dildos walking other men in gimp masks and speedos on leashes in public, despite the fact the later is far more commons, apparently. Mr. Slave was a parody, but not for the reasons most people suspect.

But did you know that Lesbians have the highest rates of domestic abuse out of everyone? While it can be hard to get clear studies (for political and social reasons, such as people not wanting to appear bigoted/sexist, as well as the general difficulty of getting traditionally feminine forms of abuse recognized as abuse), many accounts indicate the vast majority of lesbian relationships have had abuses occur.

It’s not that hard to believe, since new studies show that domestic violence is not the domain of men, but that often it’s a 50/50 split between the genders. I’m sure everyone has experienced or know someone with a controlling girlfriend. Now imagine there’s two of those in a single relationship. Not that you need two, you only need one.

When it comes to Gays, the domestic situation doesn’t appear to be as abusive (though I think I did see where they have the same rates of DA that heterosexual couples do). No, their situation is almost the opposite. Where lesbians might latch on to each other to the point of abuse, Gays are far more open. To the point where a gay man can have hundreds, of thousands of partners, in the span of years. Some even have even been recorded as having a thousand partners in a single year. Which can lead to some very horrifying physical problems. I remember one account I read, copied from a gay man’s reddit or something, that mentioned his ass basically didn’t function anymore and he new dozens of men with the same problem.

The full extend of the Transgender situation, both adult and child, is utterly horrifying when you start digging into it. It’s said there’s something like a 40% suicide rate among transgenders, and once you dig into things it often become hard to understand why that number isn’t higher. For example most people are familiar with the terms “pre-op” and “post-op.” What most people are not familiar with is what the “op” actually is. And while there’s a couple different ways its done, all of them are basically acts of existential horror. The most common one in MTF is to basically skin the male organ, slice open the groin, make an inverted pouch, and sew everything “into place.” The resulting vagina is literally an open wound that must be “dialiated” several times a day so that it never heals. It often becomes infected, hair is constantly having to be pulled out of it, etc, etc, etc.

The other one that seems to be growing in….well, popularity isn’t the right word, perhaps necessity, is to basically make the “vagina” from the lower intestine. Reports are it never stops smelling like shit, btw. If anyone has heard of Jazz, this is what happened to her because of the hormonal castration that was “pre-puberty” blocking regime, which meant her dick never actually grew so there was nothing to cannibalize. Apparently the surgery went so bad she was not allowed to see the results, and broke down “laughing” when she finally managed to sneak a peak.

The FTM version isn’t much better. While it is perhaps not as invasive, it generally involves carving flesh from the arms or legs in order to make a “penis” which generally looks….more like tube of meat than it does an actual organ, and is generally “erected” via an air pump of some sort contained withing the “organ.”

Please understand, what I have said here is the heavily censored, “G” version of this. The reality of it would live on Gore webites and the lost footage from Event Horizon.

And this is a fate that is being pushed forwards as not only normal, but morally righteous and necessary. And the Greeks with their Xenia Declaration are saying “we fully support this, and fuck you if you don’t.”

Beyond the physical aspects though, there is the social aspects. Flavel got a lot of shit for saying “we don’t really want transgenders, etc, in the AFA.” Including Joe of Upsal’s Garden leaving the organizations despite being one of its long time defenders (because he had a trans child). And while I don’t blame Joe for supporting his child, I absolutely do not fault Flavel for taking his position.

I know it was a long time ago, but I still remember what happened between the Dianics and the Transfolk who completely and utterly destroyed them. One does not spend two years watching a campaign that could only be called genocidal in nature, which destroyed a fairly respected religion and a widely recognized Elder, and then think of the perpetrators “Yeah, no, I totally want those people in my religion.”

Not if you’re sane, anyways.

The concept of loyalty in Gay Relationships is almost completely and utterly alien. So why would a religious group who practice a religion where Loyalty is a holy tenant…want to invite people in who have no concept of what loyalty is? Why would you want to invite Lesbians into your religion when the common practice in their relationships is to abuse? Why would you want to invite genocidal maniacs into your halls and homes? Why would you want to invite people who will insist that your child is the wrong gender, needs to be castrated and butchered, all the while dressing them up and have them perform sexually for them, while potentially pushing for pedophilic relationships down the line?

All of those things sound absolutely antithetical to what is good, decent, and moral behavior in Heathenism. It would be analogous to having a bunch of Luciferians perform a black mass in a catholic church by invitation of the Pope. There’s a Christian expression “hate the sin, not the sinner,” but in terms of Heathenism, you are your deeds. If you hate the “Sin” then one must ‘hate’ the “sinner.” And to make welcome the “sinner” is to invite ruin. One does not break bread with oathbreakers, for example, and expect oaths to be kept.

Now, I get it, the Greeks had much, much different views on sex and sexuality than the Germanic peoples, so maybe what I’m saying here doesn’t apply. But I can’t help but question how much they would support disloyalty, abuse, etc, etc, etc.

Maybe they do. My limited experience with the Cultus Deorum was enough to teach me there are a great number of differences between the Romans and the Greeks, perhaps more than I knew or realized.

Still, the idea of shunning, shaming, and excommunicating those who disagree, who do not want these actions to be practiced around them to various degrees, sickens and saddens me. Is this what you want to be, oh faithful who make such declarations? To be men and women who spit on their fellow believers because they do not wish to surround themselves with dishonor, disloyalty, and butchery, and those who praise such things? Think carefully, for your answer will be judged by the Gods, and the Gods will perhaps be even less merciful than you.

Now, I get it, this is somewhat easier for me to talk about and deal with, being of Helheim and the realms of the dead. Acceptance of Lesbians and Gays into Helheim isn’t as much of an issue because death accepts everyone, rich, poor, old, young, man, woman, straight, gay, etc.

I will say there are no Transgenders, and before anyone rages stop and think. The entire point of “transgenderism” is that one is born in the wrong body. But you don’t have a body to be wrong in when you’re dead. You’re a spirit. You have your form. And you’re generally forced to deal with the fact that it is your form, one way or the other.

That being said, “Acceptance” doesn’t mean what it does in the living, political sense of the word as it gets thrown around to day. Xenia “Accepts” LGBT people, in that it accepts and supports them for who they are. Helheim accepts lgb people in the sense that you get to cross the bridge and be judged just like everyone else. Support is a different matter, because one is judged on ones deeds

I’ve also talked about the morality(s) one is judged by in Helheim as well. One of them is about one’s hypocrisy, how one claimed one should live and how you lived up to that. You basically “judge yourself,” or to be more accurate, you are “judged by yourself.” And while I can’t speak as to how many trans individuals come, there generally does tend to be a hang up for them. After all, a great many trans people insist “they should be accepted for who they are,” but the stumbling block is…they never accepted themselves for who they were. There’s a comic (I sadly didn’t save) where it’s a man looking in a mirror going “i don’t accept this body.” So he does himself up as a woman, someone says “gross,” and he gets mad and yells “accept my body!”

Indeed, the 40% suicide rate appears to come largely not from people being transphobic, but from the trans person them self being unable to accept themselves in reality. I once had a bit of a conversation where I posited that even if we could completely and seamlessly change a person’s gender, it wouldn’t solve the problem. Transgenderism is the belief that you were born in a body of the wrong gender, based from what I’ve read from personal experiences, that the body is “wrong” on a fundamental level. I can honestly relate on some levels. But the mind only knows the wrong body…and it has no knowledge of the right body, so even if you put it in the right body, the mind would still read that everything is wrong. In a way, the mind, not the body, is the source of the issue. But the whole of transgenderism is about trying to “fix” the body and “fix” society to accept the body.

Demanding acceptance, while being unable to accept.

This is also a common issue with Lesbians and Gays. It’s honestly shocking how many demand complete acceptance of every part of their sexual identity by other people (especially those who do not agree or accept), yet are absolutely “heterophobic” to borrow their term. Viewing heterosexuality as deviant and evil, and those who practice in some cases as less than human. Hell, from the way the AFA and Flavel were treated after their statement of the AFA’s position being pro-heterosexual, you’d have think Flavel had been caught livestreaming as he beat his wife to death with a bag of puppies.

And our faiths are supposed to be made stronger by welcoming this in, and those who refuse are to be excluded?

I’m sorry, but I don’t see it. I don’t see how our faiths are made worse because some practitioners do not want these attitudes and behaviors in our faiths, our practices, our homes, and our temples. Just as I don’t see how our faiths are made better by these attitudes and behaviors.

Xenia is Greek for “guest-friendship”, the ancient Greek virtue of hospitality. We may recognize modern words deriving from it, the most notable being “xenophobia”, which is the fear of strangers and foreigners. Xenophobia is, in many ways, the opposite of the virtue of xenia. Zeus is sometimes called Zeus Xenios, or protector of travelers. He protected the religious obligation to be hospitable to strangers, and for said strangers to be hospitable in return.

This is the first paragraph in the Xenia Declaration. The emphasis is mine. But that emphasis, to me, shakes the very foundations of this declaration.

The LGBT+ community has been the absolute opposite of “Hospitable.” How many times have we heard them going into small businesses for the express purpose of forcing the owner to take part in things like Gay Weddings, Knowing full well that said proprietor doesn’t support that activity, and then suing the every loving shit out that person with the express purpose of destroying that person’s life? I’ve lost count. And it’s till happening to this day. There was a transperson in Canada who was bringing a suit a beauty parlor because they wouldn’t wax her balls. This same transperson attempted to have a topless children’s swimming party.

Back when the Dianic situation happened, the first year the situation could be understood. They were holding a “women’s ritual” and when transwomen showed up and were denied, the issue started. I vaguely recall that even I was willing to give the benefit of the doubt and that the Dianics should have been more clear, though the response from the trans was way fucking overboard. But the next year, the Dianics were clear it was for “ciswomen” only and yet not only were the trans inhospitable despite the clarification, they ultimately continued and finished their war with the utter destruction of the Dianics.

The LGBT+ community has shown time and again for DECADES that they are incapable of hospitality or allowing people to live peaceful lives. ALL must bow. ALL must accept. And anyone who denies, no matter how small, is to be brutalized and ruined.

If Zeus protects hospitality, then by Zeus what should be done with those who are pathologically inhospitable? By the logic of this declaration, Leonidas and the 300 should have held open the Hot Gates rather than closed them to the Persians, for Gods Forbid we be inhospitable to people.

Now I get it, not every LGBT+ person is like that….as an individuals. I’ve known several, been friends with a few. But as a whole (and this declaration does speak towards the whole) there are deep issues within that community that are deliberately ignored in favor of acceptance and tolerance.

It’s something I think people should think about more. I think these are topics and behaviors and responses that should be given more time, more consideration, and more open discussion than they have ever been given. People are pushing for declarations and actions based on moral positions that have just come into existence, literally. Moral positions that have not been examined, whose effects are completely unknown, and which could have disastrous and monstrous consequences not just for our faiths, but form untold millions of people. To quote from Jurrassic Park, “You’re so busy asking if you could, you didn’t stop to ask if you should.”

Anyways, sorry there’s not a lot of memes or funny pictures this time. I felt like this was serious topic worthy of serious discussion, and when those happen I tend to  leave the memes off. As for the pictures of things like the surgeries, well, I figure people can go look those up themselves and I’m not entirely sure on WordPress’s position on “Gore,” so didn’t want to take the chance even if they would clearly show what I was talking about. That being said, you can (for the moment) find videos on youtube.


Hela Bless