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This. 👇 So fucking much this.

Bring up prayer and inevitably someone is going to say, “our ancestors didn’t pray.” Well, first of all bullshit…

…People in our communities who refuse prayer, devotion, veneration, sacrifice, and basic piety are parasites. They want the blessings and good things the Gods and a religious community can give without the potential inconvenience of having to show basic respect.

via Real Heathens Pray

It boggles my mind how many gatherings I’ve attended where more importance was placed on the mead, than the rite for the Gods. Or gatherings where the focus was given to “stuff” or “loot” than it was to the numinous regin.

It’s a huge problem when you have a group that’s been meeting and supposedly worshipping together for years and all they can say individually is “Hail <Deity>”, even the Godhi/Gythia could barely say more.

But religion shouldn’t be mere entertainment…

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