So I have been keeping silent about the whole BLM thing for a while because, honestly, I am still doing horrible and because there have been very real consequences for people who have dared to speak out and their families. While I do not care what befalls me in the service of my oaths to Hel, even I still have some family and would not see them harmed if possible. Still, I came across this today and find myself compelled to say something.

Sarenth is entitled to their opinion. They are free to associate with whom they desire, and to support whom they desire. Given this post, they desire to associate with and support anti-fa and BLM.

Antifa is a ideology based on Marxism. Marxism is responsible for multiple genocides throughout history to a total number of over 150 million people dead. Sarenth wishes to no longer associate with Galina and her Husband over his use of symbols used temporarily by the National Socialists, whose genocide tally is around 6 million, depending on who you ask. Apparently, Sarenth feels that 6 million is enough to cast aside the heritage and symbols of our ancestors, but does not feel that 150 million is enough to cast aside her support of anti-fa.

BLM is, at this point, a terrorist ideology. Since the death of George Floyd, a convicted criminal, drug addict, and man whose claim to fame includes pointing a gun at the belly of a pregnant woman and threatening the life of her unborn child while he and his friends robbed her, the BLM movement has cost millions in property damage, cost people their jobs for daring to protest the violence, gotten people fired for things their spouses have said, and have managed to murder dozens of people. Most recently, BLM protestors/rioters/supporters hunted down and ambushed a single mother, executing her, because she dared to say “all lives matter” to their faces. The general response from BLM and it’s supporters has not been to condemn this murder, but instead to laugh about it and even go so far as to say “now her son has learned what not to say.”

I am disgusted. I am disgusted by these movements, their violence, and their terrorism. And no matter how much Sarenth protests, this is terrorism. It is the use of violence to achieve political ends, and it has been working. That Sarenth supports this terrorism, that she is eager to give up friendships with people who have taught her the old ways, because they refuse to support such murderous, genocidal, immoral things, disgusts me.

Sarenth, it seems, supports the murder of the innocent, and the glorification of those who by almost every moral standard upon this world are in fact evil. She says she is cutting ties with those who do not believe as she does. Good. To associate with evil and those who support evil only harms our Faith and our Kindred. So think carefully and decide if you desire to cut ties with her.

Hela Bless.

Sarenth Odinsson

There are two parts to this. The first will be a copy of the email I have sent to Galina Krasskova and Sannion so that everyone knows what I have said and there is no mistaking my stance on things.

The second will be my reflections on things. I have no time right now for when this will be written. This was hard on its own.

None of the conclusions I have reached or the actions I have taken or will be taking in the future were arrived at with haste. If anything, this has been a long time coming where I have ignored my internal compass for too long, and I have hit my limit.

“Dear Galina and Sannion,

Over the past few weeks I’ve had time to think and analyze. Both of you have taught me over the long time we have known each other that our choices…

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