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Last night, I witnessed something I never thought I would see.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a complete shock, watching what happened in D.C. on the 6th. I did get my degree in history, I used to avidly follow politics as well as religion, and while I serve Hel and generally content myself to my own little grave these last few months, I am not entirely unaware of what has been happening even if I was isolating myself long before it became fashionable because of this coof, thanks to my health issues.

Still, even in my isolation certain things could not be avoided, like the election. I went to bed on voting day with Trump firmly in the lead, even if the press refused to call most of the states despite leads in the 6-800k in places. Leads that, as far as I knew, had never been surmounted in the history of lawful elections in the USA. When I woke up the next morning, everyone was declaring Biden the President Elect.

Biden. A man who has been in politics since at least the 60’s, who opposed the Civil Rights Act, who publicly spoke out against school integration, who all the way back in 87 was getting into trouble for plagiarism, and whose most noticeable accomplishment has been to repeatedly attempt to win the presidential nominee for his party and repeatedly get BTFO the hardest for decades. At least when Sanders tried, he actually got support, but in all the time I’ve kept up with politics, Biden never had a base to stand on, or so it seemed.

Backing up Biden in this election as his VP is Kamala Harris. In an age of BLM “peaceful protests,” she is a “cop’s cop’s cop.” I’ve heard her position basically describe as viewing cops the way the Shogunate viewed the Samurai. They should be the only ones allowed weapons, they are unaccountable to the masses, and if they shoot you, they are completely justified in doing so. Theoretical views aside, the hard facts of Harris is that she got her job by giving blow jobs, she kept at least one innocent man on death row, convicted hundreds for smoking weed while lighting up the joint herself, and expressly sought convictions so as to use people for slave labor in prisons. Facts that are public record, exposed by Tulsi Gabbard, and proved her to be so heinous a candidate she was practically thrown out of the primary by the entire Democratic voting block.

And yet, somehow, a fifty year failure and the literal antithesis of what the Democratic party supposedly stands for, not only managed to win the election, they managed to win the popular vote by orders of magnitude unheard of, beating out both Hillary and Obama at the heights of their popularity, and Trump when his base was the most motivated.

As you can imagine, it strained the credulity of many people, myself included. One poll I’ve heard has placed the doubters at 39% of the population, including 17% of democrats themselves believing something fishy went down. Shortly after the election, I read a BBC article talking about voter fraud in countries like Africa, and the signs to look for. All the signs lined up to what I had seen going on in this election. People came forwards with evidence, people came forwards to denounce the evidence.

I figured an investigation would occur.

Except…it didn’t. In fact, every attempt to start an investigation seemed to get roadblocked. Legal case after legal case was rejected (and the rejections used as ‘evidence’ to prove there was no evidence of fraud, despite that not being how that works). In a gross act of hypocrisy, the Party that has pushed for decades for accusations such as rape to be taken seriously despite “lack of evidence” or “because it is really hard to try/convict in cases of rape” was suddenly happy to backtrack on their own standards of what counted as allegations to be believed.

After all, if a woman’s drunken memories from nearly 40 years ago is good enough to start an investigation and potentially prevent a man from being elected to the supreme court, surely the sober accusations from dozens of witnesses should merit the same if not more active responses? It has long been the teaching of Hel to me that “what is good for the goose, must also be good for the gander,” i.e. what is good is good, what is bad is bad, and it must be so for everyone equally, for that is justice and balance. Yet what was good for a goose, according to democrats, doesn’t even exist for the gander. In fact, according to them, the gander seems to have never existed. A party that for years yelled about “elections being rigged” suddenly believe it is impossible for an election to be anything but completely and totally impregnable. As if the Gods themselves had hand counted every ballot.

This pattern went all the way up to the Supreme Court, in a case involving the fact that four key states violated their own election laws by changing them improperly, thereby potentially violating the constitution of the USA, and the civil rights of their fellow states and the voters in those states. This was rejected on “standing” in which the SCOTUS, in a bewildering turn of events for anyone who studied how this nation was meant to function, claimed that “the supreme court is not the place for states to seek legal redress against other states,” despite that being, quite literally, its job. I could practically hear Tyr facepalming so hard you’d have thought Mjolnir had killed three Jotun.

Now, here’s the thing. I don’t care if you believe the election was fair or if it was unfair. I could go listing all the evidence for, and the arguments against. I’ve heard them, if not all, than at least the most popular. Right, wrong, true, false, that really isn’t important to me. But before you rail off one way or the other, if you should chose to do so, ask yourself this question.

“If 40% of people in a neighborhood think there was a murder, do you think the cops should investigate?”

It’s a simple question, deserving of an answer. If 40% of people believe a crime has been committed. Someone heard gunshots. Others heard a scream. Some saw a figure running away in the dark. Should the police investigate to see if there was a murder?

Any rational person would say yes, of course. Get the CSI people down here. Look for blood, look for a weapon, see if there’s a body.

If the election was fair, there is no harm in having an investigation. I keep saying 40%, but I’ve heard numbers higher than that which I can’t source. Something like 90% of republicans, and as much as 30% of democrats thinking the election was faked. Some even say a full 50% of the population believe this election was rigged. Maybe more. So, by the Gods, let there be an open investigation into such things, so that faith can be restored in our electoral process!

Yet, this has not happened. In fact, it has not happened in such strident terms that if this was an accusation of a murder, I would be highly concerned about just how many people were involved in it. I’ve watched and enjoyed movies like L.A. Confidential, Chinatown, and the like. In fact, I’m a pretty big noir fan and used to be quite into the crime drama thing. And you know what it means when the chief of detectives, the commissioner, the mayor, the heads of the local news papers, and the governor all tell you to “drop the case, because there’s nothing there?”

It means it’s time to grab your gun, your back up gun, and get ready for someone to try to wack you, because Gods Damn It, you’re on to something big!

Which brings us to yesterday. Yesterday began the confirmation of the electoral votes. The confirmation that this election was “legit” and that Biden will be our next president (which, lets face it, he’s going to be out in a matter of months and Kamala will take his place). Sen. Ted Cruz, along with others in the house, placed an “Objection” and called, one final time for an investigation. Because when 40% or more of your country thinks a crime has been committed you should probably fucking investigate!

And I’d be saying the same thing if it was Trump who had won, not that we would have had any resistance to an investigation were that the case. In fact, people would be falling all over themselves to investigate. That’s just how things are.

There were, of course, protests and gatherings in support of an investigation. These protestors gained access to the capital building. Some say they “Stormed” it. Others report that the local police let them in. Some claim it was a “violent insurrection” despite the fact those same people called the BLM riots “mostly peaceful protests” while cities literally burned behind them on live television, and the only violence that occurred at he capital was a woman by the name of Ashli Babbitt was shot and killed, though it is up for debate as to if it was the Capital Police that shot her, or Pence’s own security detail. The most concrete report I’ve got about it was that after being shot in the throat (some believe it was meant to be a head shot that got fucked by bad trigger pulling), the crowd was driven back and the cops just stood over her. She was completely unarmed at the time.

So, we have the cops shooting an unarmed civilian. By the standards of the media and the democratic party, the gathered throng was fully in their rights to “mostly peaceful protest” the entire place to ashes. Yet, this did not happen. Some wonder if this could be the spark of something. A right wing “George Floyd,” an innocent, unarmed woman who was a veteran, gunned down by cops for the crime of entering the congress in an attempt to have her vote’s integrity assured in a time of great doubt.

Frankly, if it ended up being a new “Boston Massacre” I wouldn’t be surprised. Who knows which way the wind and memes will blow. It certainly has the ingredients, but who knows if there will be a chef to cook it, or if it will be thrown in the garbage? What I do know if you have a lot of angry people, who have been locked up for a year, who are losing everything they ever worked for, and who have just now been given the biggest middle finger you could possibly give a citizen of a democracy or a republic.

Some might think I’m being hypocritical here. After all, I did speak out against the mob violence of BLM as terrorism. It’s true. I did. By definition, what BLM did for a year was terrorism, the use of violence to achieve political ends. It worked, it was supported by the elites who make our laws and our culture. My personal views and wishes aside (I frankly would like to live in a country without terrorism) I am a servant of Hel, her ways are my ways, and her ways dictate that mortals are allowed to make their own morality, but they must live by it. Well, for a year and more we have been told that terrorist, mob violence is an acceptable form of behavior in order to achieve your political ends. What is good for the goose shall also be good for the gander.

This is the future they chose. Let them live in it. Let the streets run with fire and blood as they have for the last year. This is the morality of the humans in charge of this country. They won, let them now live in the world of their own creation.

Eventually, the crowd was dispersed and congress resumed its affairs. Which, from the senate live feed I watched, consisted of two hours of more self fellatio than I suspect ever existed on pre-purge Porn Hub, where in Senators from both sides denounced the “raging, violent mob” and compared them to everything from the Confederacy to the Japanese at Pearl Harbor, then proceeded to vote 6-93 to not investigate shit. The house didn’t go much better, though over a hundred republicans did object. That being said, no support for an investigation passed.

In fact, some are even moving to oust those who dared object and call for an investigation.

Last night, I saw something I never thought I would live to see.

I saw my country die.

I watched as men and women who had thrown their support behind violent mobs, denounce a “mob” as violent and condemn them. I watched as rank hypocrisy and immorality won the day. I watched as men and women gave into cowardice, greed, and villainy. As they covered up the alleged crimes of other men, because to do so profited them personally. In those hours, I came to understand why people like Alex Jones scream about demons running our nation. I am a man of faith and mysticism, I have dealt with demons and spirits, and what I saw in their faces was of the same vein as the most self satisfied and sadistic spirits I have had the displeasure of dealing with.

40% of people believe there was a crime, and city hall just got away with it. Maybe they rigged it, maybe they didn’t, but they’ve certainly learned they can get away with rigging it in the future if they want to. The fix is in, and no one is going to cross Tammany Hall.

But what can you do? Forget it Lucius, it’s Chinatown.

Anyways, I don’t know when I’ll post again if ever. Given the way things are going, and this blog could be easily classified as any number of “undesirable” things, I have no idea how long it will even be allowed to exist as an archive. I am no seer, to know my own future, much less the future of other things. I shall seek only to be content in my grave, and perhaps return to the things I have been working on the last few months.

Be honest and the faithful, and live with honor, even if you are dishonored for it. Hel Bless.