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So, I thought I’d turn my hand to writing a bit since Texas has banned abortion after there’s a heartbeat and apparently the Supreme Court (or at least A Supreme Court) has basically said, “Yeah, okay.”

But before I expounded up on how in a Helar view of things, this news is fantastic (since, the Road to Hel is currently paved with the souls of the millions of aborted along with ‘good intentions’), I’d see if any other Heathens on WordPress had chimed in on this topic. So far, I haven’t found any, but I did find Mainer74 chiming on OnlyFans banning porn…

Because that is a thing.

And like most things, Mainer74 is a man of big words and small thoughts, so I figured I would instead make fun of him today an point out where he’s wrong from a logical, heathen, and Helar perspective. I apologize for how long this gets, but I decided to just do it in a single part rather than in multiple because fuck wordpress’s current posting system!

We start with the following “image.”

First of, he starts from the idea that the ban by/of onlyfan is a statement of morality.

This is flat out wrong.

Having looked into it, the situation is as follows. OnlyFans intended to ban pornographic material not because they didn’t like it (they were making billions), but because the Banks and Payment Processors flat out told them “dump it, or we will no longer allow any payments to go through your website.” These Banks and Processors, however, did not do this out of some sense of morality either, but rather what appears to be a form of legal obligation.

See, at some point in the past (I think in part due to drug trades and money laundering) Banks can be held somewhat accountable for aiding in the financial aspects of certain crimes. This also includes sex crimes, or so I am lead to believe. So, when an under 16 year old girl posts nude picks of her bouncing on a dragon dildo, that counts as child porn, the sale of child porn, and everyone can get slapped the fuck down for that.

It’s the exact same reason PornHub and every other pornsite out there purged 90% of their catalogs and now require “verification” before they let you post. It was never a statement of morality, it was a forced move by the Banking Cartels in an attempt to save their own asses.

The goal is not to “De-platform Women and LGBTQ+” people as Mainer’s image indicates. It is not about them being “the product.” As for it having to do with them being “safe, successful, and independent,” well, we’ll get to that.

The Oldest Profession, is generally a phrase used to describe prostitution, or sex work. In all honesty, there are two oldest professions, young women (and boys) could sell their body for sex as prostitutes, and young men could sell their bodies for combat as soldiers. Those rich old bastards with the political and economic power exploited those without for whatever their bodies were most useful for.

Always great to see a Heathen espousing a flat out Marxist view of the world. “Them evil rich old bastards with power exploiting everyone else!” It’s like the fresh stench of dog shit on a summer’s balmy afternoon.

Remember when Heathens used to honor their elders, their kings, and those who had risen high in society, rather than spit on them? Once our heroes were those like Beowulf, Ragnar, and Lagertha. Now, Heathens spit on what made them mighty heroes and the fact they did mighty deeds and became kings. To far too many Heathens these days, it is better to be the slave, whose exploitation grants them some sort of moral purity, rather than the Master who forges his destiny before Gods and Men.

On a side note, I find the fact he mentioned boys selling their bodies to be particularly troubling. The Politically Left have long been proponents of pedophilia, and much of the sexual revolution and current gender education is based on the works of people who advocated and still advocate for the legalization of older male young boy love. Terrifying as it is, the Taliban has been posting American Gender Education books that are being taught all over the country and world which, in fact, advocate for the advancement of such pedophilic relationships.

You be the judge of the implications here. They become important later

This managed to last from the stone age into our modern times with little changes save for the specifics of the transaction, and how much danger the exploited were exposed to. I was a soldier to pay my way through school. For a few years I dated a stripper who was using that summer job to put herself through school. I served the CF, and they pimped us out to the UN. Of the two of us, one left with a body less than intact, with anger issues relating to trauma, serious issues with how we were used. The other was her.

Funny, she was the one described as selling herself, yet she is the one whose hands, and conscience were clean. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the result of good marketing. Society teaches us to accept being the product, the expendable resource for those who find us economically and politically useful.

Careful their Mainer, you’re starting to sound like an Incel.

But let’s address the first of many elephants in the room, because Gods damn it, we have to.

Mainer here is trying to paint it as if both he and his stripper “girlfriend” were exploited by “The System.” Now I’m going to do something here that people absolutely hate. I’m going to tell the truth.

Neither of them were exploited, and neither of them are victims.

Let’s start with Mainer. Mainer here likes to frame it that he was exploited by the military-industrial complex for the sake of their economic and political power. This is absolutely bullshit and I can prove it with one simple fact.

Mainer Volunteered to serve in the military.

He wasn’t conscripted or drafted. He saw them offering to pay for higher education, he went to them and said “I’ll take me some of that.” Not only did he voluntarily join the military, he did so fully informed of what could happen to him if he did. There have been movies about war since there were movies, and these movies have shown the horrors of war and what happens to soldiers after they served. There have been books by the score, news reports, documentaries, etc. Mainer, unless he was a complete illiterate who lived in a cave till the day he signed up, would have known this.

Mainer made and choice. A choice made with informed consent. He knew exactly what could happen, and he decided that he wanted to do it anyways, because that would get him what he wanted. A “higher” education.

There was zero exploitation and Mainer is not a “victim” of old, powerful bastards.

To a very large extent, the same goes for his stripper “girlfriend.” She too, would have had ample information going into stripping to know that it would be likely be a high paying profession that would get her the education she desired, and as there have been books, movies, documentaries, news reports, etc, about the effects it could have on her life, she made an informed decisions to engage in the act of stripping for pay. The fact that “she came out clean,” as Mainer puts it, only reinforces the fact she was not exploited. Not just because “she bought into being the product,” but because of the very real reality that in all honesty, she was exploiting the men who came to see her.

This has long been a topic of debate about stripping, and it has only expanded further with the rise of OnlyFans. Who is truly exploiting who? The woman who shows a bit of skin, or the men who pay her millions to see it? If we look at it from both a moral lens or even a Marxist lens, the answer is much the same. The woman is the exploitative party, not the men involved. But we may get into that more later.

Now we come to the modern age. Prostitution, pornography, sex work in all forms has always turned women into commodities, and a great deal of money has been made off them. Now comes first Tumblr, and then OnlyFans. These platforms allowed women to shift from being simply the product, to being the content producers.

This is part of why I hate Marxists (other than their obscene body count). It reduces everyone, and everything, down to a relationship that solely involves “money” and reduces human beings to “commodities.”

I’m not going to get into the history of prostitution, but I am going to point out a few things Mainer is skipping over.

In ancient times, life was hard, and you did what you had to in order to survive. This meant that women used their bodies to obtain the resources they needed. For those women for which marriage was not an option, there was prostitution. Sometimes they worked alone, sometimes they worked in groups, and sometimes they worked under someone. Mainer is glossing over the fact that there was many a female pimp in the sex industry, past or present.

This is to say nothing of the temple prostitute, of course.

But it was not the advent of Tumblr or OnlyFans which allowed women to go from being “product” to “producer.” Women have always been the “producers” in the sex industry. Women who decided that they had more to gain by providing sexual and emotional release for a fee, than they did by marrying a man. This is a historical fact that Mainer is ignoring for the sake of his narrative.

No one was angered that pornography existed, banning pornography and prostitution has always been about making sure sex workers were properly kept in their place, persecuted and poor. This has consistently exposed them to routine abuse, and made them the natural target of everyone looking to kill human beings who won’t be missed.

Mainer, you filthy, disgusting, dishonest and dishonorable liar.

Since prostitution began, much less pornography, there have been countless numbers angered by its existence. Most of them have been women.

The majority, in fact.

Women hate prostitutes. Women hate whores. Women hate porn. Women despise sluts.


Because women hate competition. Porn, prostitution, easy women, these things aren’t just competition, they’re competition that wins. For much of human society, since it was based on physical labor, women got the short end of the stick. Which meant women needed men to do all the hard things in life that they couldn’t. Anything that got you from getting the resources of the best man you could was something to be crushed.

It’s an attitude that carries on to this very day.

But did men really need women?

Well, they needed them if they wanted sex, children, and someone to help take care of the things around the house while he was out sweating and bleeding all day would be nice. But man, if he was honest, could do without the nagging, the controlling, and the other things that came with it.

Whores, on the other hand, were great! Whores would listen to your problems. They would never bitch that your dick was too small. They would never roll their eyes when you wanted to have sex, or tell you they weren’t in the mood. They would never insist that they should have listened to their mother and married the blacksmith or the butcher rather than you. No, a whore would pretend to be happy to see you, happy to listen to you, and thirty minutes later, you dropped off your coins and went on with your life even if she was expensive, it was still probably cheaper than being married.

You know, kinda like today, which is why actual prostitutes, and especially the women on OnlyFans, are so popular. And men love it. Even rich and powerful men will Simp for a girl on OnlyFans. I bet you probably every male member of the banks who pushed for OF to drop the porn, probably has dropped a couple grand on some nudes from that site.

No, the primary ones who hate OnlyFans fall into two groups. The majority are the women who can’t compete with it, who watch as the men they’re with, men they wish they were with, or men they despise so utterly they would have them denied any female attention, pay billions to look at some woman’s nude body with a plastic toy, a smile, and the illusion that she doesn’t think you’re garbage. Oh, and the very rare man or woman who points out that OnlyFans is exploiting people and damaging them.

It has always been women who were the driving force in putting “prostitutes in their place,” Mainer. This is a historic fact. Many may have dressed it up in the guise of “morality” but the simple truth is that women have always been the primary enforcers of “acceptable” female sexuality, and it has always been to reduce and remove the competition.

No, the conservatives lost their minds, and dropped their masks when the sex workers moved from being the exploited product, to being the content creators. The women were safe, financially secure, and generating content that was no longer message controlled by an industry with a very firm idea of the message they were to market. The LGBTQ+ community flourished in these spaces. An acceptance for different body types, gender identities, gender expressions, sexual orientations flowered. The sex positive culture weakened the traditional mass market pornography selling a body image that agreed with the diet, makeup, fashion industries unnatural body stylings.”

“The conservatives lost their minds.”

No they didn’t. I’ve tended to float around conservative circles. None of them lost their minds at onlyfans. I mean, some of them lost their minds at Tumblr, sure, but Tumlbr was a place filled with big dicked futanari furry women of impossible proportions doing sexual acts that not only were not humanly possible, but violated the fundamental natures of reality.

You know who did lose their minds though?

Left wing types. The very people who insist I can’t have big titties or nudity or heterosexual sex or attractive women in my video games or cartoons because it was “exploiting women” suddenly were all to happy for men to pay billions of dollars to look at titties, nudity, and simulated heterosexual sex involving “attractive” women. Apparently, a few pixels have the ability to cause the enslavement, rape, and murder of every woman on the planet and you’re bad for looking at them, but some lady shoving a twelve inch long doggy dick up her ass is powerful, self-fulfilling, and so morally unquestionable you’d think the mere act of taking a selfie was enough to get you past the pearly gates, or something.

The most I’ve actually seen from “conservatives” (if you can even call them that, because they have conserved nothing) is “Never Simp” which is frankly about the wisest advice I can give a man. You are receiving nothing for all you pay out. You are literally being exploited by predatory sexual practices, designed to strip you of your labor (to put it in Marxist terms). I mean, at least a whore will fuck you. With OnlyFans, you don’t even get that.

Although I will admit it is slightly amusing to see Mainer buying into the “Far Right” talking point of “the porn industry has an agenda and produces porn specifically in certain styles in order to influence the population.” I mean, I believe that too, but then again I am supposed to be a nazi according to several people, so I’m not sure Mainer wants to really continue on with this train of thought, especially since the porn industry is has a very high Jewish population and there are some very unfortunate implications to his words.

Sex positive women, sex workers, LGBTQ+ people and those of non traditional gender expressions built the communities and the economic success of Tumblr and OnlyFans. In return, the received a safe space, community, affirmation, and economic control of their own content.


Okay, look I’ll give the “sex positive” women certainly made communities and economic success on OnlyFans. Frankly, nothing involving Tumblr can be considered a success except that it’s dead now and Twitter has absorbed its cancerous population. Then again, with the influence Twitter has these days…no, no even that wasn’t a success. That was just more Fail. As for the LGBTQ+ and “non-traditional gender expressions,” being economically successful well…

Okay, the Furries are apparently very successful. The amount of money furry-freaks make off their art is horrifying, especially given the community and the content.

Everyone else? Yeah, not so much. Oh, I’m sure there’s some “transgender artists” who manage to appeal to the futa-fags with their “chichs with dicks” and “femboy” bullshit, but 90+% of transgenders do not pass and no one, not even other transgenders, want to look at them or hook up with them. There’s a reason their suicide rate is so high. Gay men I can’t imagine have much success on OF, because why simp when as a gay man its so easy to get laid? I mean, lesbians might, but can’t say I’ve heard of it happening, not that I’ve paid much attention.

Apple gave Tumblr the choice, remove porn or lose being supported on the Apple platforms. The banks gave OnlyFans a choice, remove porn or lose banking services.

Let’s be clear. NO ONE is looking to shut down Pornohub, or the thousands of industrial pornographic producers who are still selling young women as product, where big business reaps the profit and they workers just get fucked, literally and financially. The only ones being shut down are the sites where sex workers had agency, had physical safety, had financial security, and the full choices about what they would choose to do for money.

See, Mainer flat out admits who was behind it. Not moral crusaders, or anti-feminists, or homophobes or transphobes.

Apple and the Banks. You know, those people who put pride flags on all their businesses and accounts every year. Those places that are always trying to “Be more inclusive” in their hiring and promoting practices, even if it results in racist or sexist employment practices. The very people who fund and run Mainer’s political ideology.

Also, lets be honest here, Pornhub got the exact same treatment that OnlyFans is getting, and for most the same reason, as did most of the other pornsites out there. I know Mainer probably has a very select type of porn he looks at (my guess is femboys who he dreams of dominating him), but as someone with an open mind I can assure you, a fuck ton of stuff got deleted to the point Pornhub pretty much died as a platform and is never, every going to recover from my understanding. Same with other places as well. There’s entire genres of porn you can either no longer find on these sites or have been gutted to the point of near non-existance, some of which were honestly pretty vanilla, and several which were done by actual, professional studios or industry approved actors with their own sites.

Not just the random girl with an iPhoneX or whatever they’re up to these days.

“I hear a lot of “stop child trafficking” bullshit from the right wing. I call it bullshit because they are the ones creating the shadows, and driving sex work into those shadows, that allow, empower and protect the sex traffickers and expose the sex workers to nothing but abuses and predation.

As opposed to the left, which is advocating that three year olds can consent to cutting off their genitals, that older men with a lust for young boys need to have their sexuality recognized and legalized rather than ostracized and banned, and insist that its okay for older men to have sex with underaged girls and if you protest you’re a racist nazi bigot who needs to have your entire organization ostracized from the faith.

I mean, okay, get mad at the “right” for pushing these things into the shadows, but is that honestly worse than the current left wing drive to not only bring these things out into the light, but put them up on a pedestal as a holy ideal to enforce? I mean, I still remember a few months back when there was the “kids at pride” debate and the overwhelming position on the left was “yes, bring the kids. The more kids the better. The sooner the kids learn about kink, the sooner they can be kinky themselves!”

Honestly, you can go back and look in this very blog where I pulled out and talked about articles that pushed for pedophilia to be normalized years ago, and those cries have only grown louder in recent years. And now Mainer is being one of those very voices.

Europe has looked at sex work and decided to reduce the harm. They brought sex workers into the light, into full protection as workers. Those nations chose to accept that prostitution or sex work was never going to go away, but the drugs, the diseases, the coercion, sex trafficking, physical abuses, could be eliminated.

And Europe has a massive problem with sexual assault and rape, not to mention violence, the absolute violation of multiple human rights, and is currently in the process of getting ready to rip itself apart. Again.

But hey, they legalized the whores, so I guess that makes everything perfect and we should totally follow in their example guys!

I swear to the gods, there is nothing worse on this planet than a Marxist Canadian. A Fucking Leaf is bad enough, but you make that leaf a follower of the bloodiest, most retarded, dysfunctional ideology on the planet and I don’t care what Gods he worships or religion he claims to practice, he is literally dumb enough to cause people suffer aneurysms at his absolute stupidity.

He wants to talk about all the things pushed into the shadows, but there is not a single sign that legalized prostitution in Europe has kept a single woman from being sexually assaulted or raped in any of those countries. Period. As for the sex trafficking and abuse? Well, from what I’ve read that’s still around. The illnesses too. Most of the same countries legalized the drugs, so they’re there.

I guess it really didn’t do much of anything at all except make it “socially acceptable” which probably just got more women into being prostitutes who might otherwise have chosen a different path in life.

Congrats Mainer, you respected women so hard you literally want them turned them into whores rather than wives, mothers, or other professionals. That’s very Heathen of you.

Can you get rid of sex trafficking of minors, of the women kidnapped into the lifestyle when all sex work is driven into the shadows? Hundreds of years of law enforcement have given us the answer; no. Can you get rid of those same abuses when you bring the sex workers into the light? Yes. Take the haystack away and needles aren’t too hard to find. Keep the needles in the haystack and no, we can’t ever find enough to matter.

Okay, I want to take a moment to explicitly look at what Mainer74 is advocating here.

“Can you git rid of the sex trafficking of minor if it is kept in the shadow? No. The only way to deal with it is to bring it into the light by making it legal.”

Mainer is arguing not only for the legalization of pedophilia, he is arguing for the legalization of pedophilic sex work.

Now, I’m sure Mainer will protest my words here. He will hem and haw and yeah and but and whine and call me names (assuming he has the balls to respond), but the simple fact is that is the logic of his words and their outcome. If the only way to battle the problems that plague the sexual industry is to pull it into the light and make it legal, then by his own logic the only way to deal with child exploitation is not to keep it illegal and thus “in the shadows” but to bring it to the light and legalize it as well.

I’m frankly at a loss to figure out which is worse. Mainer’s “Let’s legalize child prostitution so that we can stop the abuses of child sex trafficking” or this lady I came across on youtube whose solution was “there can’t be any pedophiles if we abort all the children.” And no, I’m not joking.

Corporate conservatives are not opposed to sex work, they are opposed and actively at war, with women being economically secure sex content producers, not economically oppressed carefully marketed product. The Conservative church, conservative politicians, and conservative big businesses have always supported keeping women and vulnerable underage boys, available for their use, without any protection or choice in their use, on the streets and in the shadows where they were aware they were always and only product to be consumed. The “scandals” of the abuses of these sectors with vulnerable sex workers, frequently underage have been so common for as long as I was alive they really have to be spectacular to even make the news. They don’t want to get rid of it, they want the sex workers to remain vulnerable, without physical or economic security.”

Projection, they name is Mainer.

Also, he is a giant fucking hypocrite. Mainer doesn’t care about children being sex trafficked. Not once, in all my years blogging or responding to other heathens, can I recall ever seeing Mainer protest against the monstrous and inhuman exploitation of underage British girls that last time I checked, registered in the millions of victims. He has kept silent as millions of women have been sexually assaulted and raped across Europe and the Americas.

But he did care enough to sign Declaration 127 and condemn McNallen and the AFA when their Founder and Leader dared to speak about this exploitation and violence against women.

“How dare these “conservatives” try to keep sex work in the shadow so they can exploit and abuse women and young boys! How dare they be so immoral! They should believe as I do, and that we should make it so I can fuck women and young boys publicly and proudly, so long as I say that they are ‘free’ to do so!”

Congratulations, Mainer, you have actually managed to reach the same level of odious, immoral, dishonorable hypocrisy as Sarenth Odinson. Only where Sarenth believed it was okay for him to wave the banners of a mass murdering ideology while singing the praises of criminals who ran around looting and murdering, you’re advocating for the ability to literally be able to pay to fuck a young boy in the ass, while screaming endlessly that anyone who wants to stop you from doing it legally is an immoral monster, all while you cover up the crimes of rapists and denounce those who bring them to light as “racist.”

You absolute piece of shit.

I hate to say this, but I’m not sure which is worse.

You know what? No.

We are in an age when you do not need a movie studio, a printing press, a network of film distributors to get your product to market. Musicians, authors, and content creators of all kinds have taken advantage of this freedom from the mass market limitation to get messages corporate America doesn’t wish to sell us out there. Music that would never have been given radio play are now building support bases and fan bases that make a paying career possible. Authors telling stories that were not ever going to get funding for mass printing, or big budget film are building their own following, and economic support for telling the stories about characters that were not the same crap we have been offered for the last hundred years. Heroes and heroines of every body type, every racial background, gender expression and sexual orientation. No longer were we limited to the stories the Industry wanted to sell us, now we could find stories about our own communities, stories we could see ourselves reflected in.

“To get messages corporate America doesn’t wish to sell us out there.”


That’s why ‘conservatives’ and ‘right wing’ people get their channels suppressed or banned, their twitters banned (despite twitter being a fucking human right according to twitter itself, never mind the supreme court ruling), facebook accounts banned, their bank account canceled, their literary and comic book stories kicked off of crowd funding platforms, etc, etc, etc, and Mainer is happy for it to happen.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, we used to totally live in a world where that was possible and we small, happy, creatively minded few could get our messages and creative works out there. And then people like Mainer showed up, demanded we be silenced because we were “evil” and that society had no place for the likes of us…and now he is getting to watch as the things he likes suffers under the very tools he gave his masters.

He has sown the wind, and now that he reaps the whirlwind, he bitches and cries like the boy-fucker he wishes to be.

But seriously though, he’s starting to sound like an Nazi, complaining about how “the people in charge don’t want us to be able to speak freely!” Serious he keeps this up and it’s going to be “jews this” and “jews that,” all over the place.

At the same time, sex workers were given the same chance, the chance to step outside the exploitive industry that turned them into product, while denying them any creative control, or any chance of economic survival if they dared to express limits on what they would participate in. Sex workers became the content creators. Less exploitive porn, every body type, and every gender expression and sexual orientation were able to create sex positive spaces where they could explore their own joys.

Mainer really doesn’t know much about the porn industry, or more likely, he’s a lying fuckface. I’m just saying. The porn industry sure has its exploitative practices, I will not deny that, but it’s also had a large number of women (and men) who have gained creative control of themselves and others in the industry. The subject is actually rather interesting when you get down to it, but the simple truth is that it wasn’t tumblr or onlyfans which liberated people from the “bondage of the porn industry.”

Anyone with a digital camera and a geocities website had that power. All OnlyFans has done is make it so you don’t need any technical abilities, you just need the camera. Much like WordPress removes the need for technical abilities and lets people just say whatever the hell they want.

Gods I miss those days. Chatrooms, AOL IMs, geocities, web pages so full of cheesy and crappy flash animations they took twenty minutes to load. The internet was literally a place you could do or be anything you wanted in the world. You had beautiful women like Alison Angel (she had her own website and put herself through nursing school with it as I understand, looooong before tumblr or onlyfans) and tons of others who made their own websites literally doing what OnlyFans does now, except better.

Now look at the net. Dominated by the kind of sick pedophile advocates who insist watching two obese men that claim to be women fuck each is the peak of the modern, liberated, porn-watching experience. All while they call you a racist if you protest child rape.

Now Corporate America has spoken, they want to end this freedom. They want sex workers back in their place as product. They want shame, they want exploitation, they want physical risk, disease, and police harassment to again be the daily lot of the sex worker. They want the sex content, they just don’t want the women to profit, they want them only as product.

You did this Mainer.

You didn’t speak up when they came for the Nazis. You didn’t speak up when they came for the “white nationalists.” You didn’t speak up when they came for the “conservatives.”

In fact, you demanded they come for the Nazis. You demanded they come for the “white nationalists.” You demanded they come for the Folkish, the conservative, the moderate, and the centrist.

And now when they come for your porn, you say “wait what?”

You made this happen. You demanded that people be stripped of their voices because they dared to speak out in a way you didn’t like. You lapped the boot of the corporations and the banks and demanded they do something about “these evil, horrible people.”

But here’s the thing, you retarded pedo.

There’s always two boots, one for each neck. You told them it was okay to stomp down on people, and then you cheered and patted yourself when that boot landed on people you didn’t like. Well, you get the boot you fucking deserve.

I am a Heathen. I don’t get the whole Christian hatred of sex workers. I read their book, and I have a sneaking suspicion that if Jesus Christ were to walk into any of the churches I have seen during a bible thumping speech drumming up hatred against sex workers that they would have the ever loving crap slapped out of them by their dear lord. He did once tell a man who tried to body shame a woman for arousing him that if he thought sinful thoughts looking at her to rip the eye out of his head. It was his issue, not hers. That was Jesus, so where his priests get their misogyny from is an interesting question, and not my problem.

I can say with a great deal of certainty, that Mainer is not, in fact, a Heathen.

Oh, he may pray to Heathen Gods, and he pay practice Heathen Rites, but at the end of the day, he doesn’t have the soul of a Heathen. He does not think as a Heathen would think, live as a Heathen would live, or do as a Heathen would do.

How do I know this? It is because I have seen, met, and known Heathens. I have read the lore, communed with those past, spoken to those living. I have seen what Heathens were, what Heathens are, and what Heathens should be.

Mainer is not a Heathen.

A Heathen would not keep silent about young women being raped because of the identity of the rapist, nor would he swear oaths against those who did speak. A Heathen would not advocate that the solution to a person being the victim of a crime would be to make the action legal. A Heathen would not insist that the solution to a child being raped by an adult would be to make is so that the child “consents” to the sex. A Heathen would not look at the role of women our society advocated under the Gods, one of honor, frith, and pride, and insist that they act in ways that were the domains of slave girls. A Heathen would not swear an oath of service to his country, and then bitch and moan that he was a victim because of that service whose oath he took willingly and with fore-knowledge of the risks.

No, Mainer is not a Heathen at all, I think.

Being Heathen, we have the example of Freya, a goddess with sexual agency she wields at her will and no others in defiance of any social convention in blissful unconcern. She was equal in power to Odin and had zero concern for other peoples reactions to her sexual freedoms. What are her thoughts on Tumblr and Onlyfans sex workers? I would have to say that she would bless their embracing their sexual nature, their power, and making a strong independent life on their own terms. Choosing to make a life they can be proud of, rather than accepting the will and judgement of others as to what they could or could not do with their body.

Ah Freya. That rascally little sex Goddess. The go-to example used by every left wing “heathen” to justify every sexually deviant desire in their filthy little hearts. They hold up the tale of how Freya got her necklace as a golden pinnacle of morality. Of how one should behave, or at least, how one should not be looked down on for their behavior.

I mean, never mind that the rest of the Gods got seriously pissed at her (both male and especially female) for what she’d done. Never mind the fact that she basically fucked maggots in order to get it. Never mind the fact that Thor and the other Aesir had killed countless Jotun to protect her person. Never mind she was a married woman at the time (I do believe) and thus committed an act of infidelity.

Nope, Freya is just that cheerful, wonderful goddess who totally fucked whatever she wanted to fuck (and demanded that anything she didn’t want to fuck be murdered for daring to try to fuck her) and we should all be as sexually liberated and carefree with our body and sexual organs as her! She would so totally stand up for all those lovely people on OnlyFans!

I notice that he fails to mention the attitudes of the other Goddesses on this issue. Frigga, Sif, Idunn.


I mean, when you think about the way STD’s propagate, it’s not entirely difficult to grasp Hel’s views on promiscuous sex, now is it? Especially given how unpleasant or lethal they can end up being. Checkmate, Mainer.

I mean, I can only imagine the reaction of Frigga to OnlyFans and the like, but my imagination quite vividly plays out the image of a video I saw ages ago of a couple Hispanic girls dancing and twirking on camera, only for their mother to come in, take one look at what they were doing, and start beating them with her shoe. It was fucking hilarious. Frankly, from my years of reading and personal experience, I’d say 99% of the other Goddess fall squarely into the same category.

Spare the rod and spoil the Thot.

While our Heathen ancestors had no hatred of sex and sexuality, they certainly looked down on many aspects of what could be considered “modern thottery” like that embraced by OnlyFans and Mainer here. Freya’s actions and attitudes that Mainer claims are the case and to be celebrated, were emphatically not celebrated by either of the sexes, nor by the Gods or Goddesses. The myth was meant to be a cautionary one, about the dangers of greed and what it could drive you to lower yourself into becoming in order to fulfill that greed.

Much like many of the tales one hears coming from OnlyFans. Of women who have ruined their marriages, their children’s lives, even their own lives, by posting themselves in such a manner. Yes, the money is good, the attention is addicting, and the power is intoxicating…while it lasts. Yet at the end of the day, you have exploited the sorrow of your fellow man, and shown the world your most intimate being…and that said intimate being will stick a giant piece of plastic up its ass so long as you pay $10 a month to see it. And now, when it looks like many a woman is about to lose all that money, attention, and power, they scream in horror and admit that they cannot go back to the world they knew before. That they cannot stand to be poor and have to work with people who have seen them engage in such lewd activities, especially in a “subservient” position.

Which, I suppose tells us much. If such work truly were noble and honorable, there would be no shame in those who had done it, no matter their later professions. Yet the fact that they admit it is only good when they are the one above, yet horrible when they become the one below, gives proof that it is nothing but lies.

Yet Mainer insists that not only should the caution of the tale be rejected for the glitter of gems (and pearl necklaces) and sexual liberation, but that the gates be thrown open wide so that even children may get in on the act. That those who would council against such activities (be they Mortals or Gods) are immoral bastards who want people to be exploited rather than “liberated.” This is what he calls “moral. This is what he calls “Heathenism.”

But it is not, nor should it ever be.

There is something so pathetic about the drive to deplatform sex workers in Tumblr and Onlyfans. It isn’t about stopping porn. It is about stopping sex workers from ever daring to see themselves as producers, as workers deserving of dignity, physical and economic security, rather than just product to be exploited for the profit of others.

There is something absolutely pathetic about deplatforming people for their political views, but Mainer supported it.

There is something absolutely pathetic about calling out a man who spoke out against mass rape as a racist, but Mainer did it.

There is something absolutely pathetic about trying to excommunicate an entire branch of Heathenism because it agreed with a man for calling out rape, but Mainer did it.

There is something absolutely pathetic about insisting we should legalize pedophilia and pedophilic sex work to “protect children.”

But Mainer did it.

Getting rid of OnlyFans isn’t going to stop anyone from ‘sex work’ or making money from selling nudes or porn. These things existed long before OnlyFans. They’ll likely exist long afterwards. Sure, OnlyFans made it easier, but pornstars both professional and amateur have been making their own websites since the dawn of the internet.

Do I agree with what the banks are doing?

Fuck no. But then again, I didn’t agree with it from the first, when they started yanking people’s accounts because of their politics. At least in the case of onlyfans, I can marginally understand because if I ran a bank, I fucking wouldn’t want to go to prison over some brain dead sixteen year old girl flashing her tits on a camera for a couple grand. And if my options were “shut it down” or “legalize pedophilia” I’m sure as Helheim siding on the end of “shut it down.”

Look, I am not against OnlyFans. I am not against Porn. I enjoy looking at beautiful, naked women. Hell, I probably enjoy it more than a lot of guys. If some girl wants to show literally everything on the net, that’s her business. If she’s pretty, I might even enjoy it. If she wants to get paid for it, that’s her business and all the more power to her.

Like fuck I’m gonna pay for it though. I can find better shit than 99% of what’s on OnlyFans for free. Like my viking ancestors, I shall sale the high seas, go a vikingr, and come back with my spoils, wealthy rather than poor.

And before Mainer or anyone else wants to bitch at me for that attitude, I’ll explain it in their own terms.

For too long have women exploited the labor of men. While we sweat, struggle, and die in the fields and factories, they have sat safe at home, supping on the fruits of our labors, giving us the promise of love and children and homes. Now, thanks to things like OnlyFans, they do not even give back to the poor bastards they exploit. While they grow wealthy, men work themselves to death for illusionary images on computer screens. They make millions, while those they profit from starve in the streets, lose their jobs, their homes, and as soon as a man can no longer pay, he is no longer acknowledged.

It is time, my brothers, to throw off this oppressive regime! Do not let yourselves be exploited. Do not let your labor be taken from you! You have nothing to lose but your chains! Take back the means of reproduction from those who have oppressed and enslaved you and your fathers for generations immemorial!

Okay, so now that I have that Marxist tripe out of the way, yeah. Never Simp. Nothing good comes from it. No meaningful relationship ever started because you Simped for someone or something.

Heathenism is about family, but there is no family when the man pays money to a woman on the other side of the screen. When he give her his financial and emotional labor, in exchange for an illusion. I believe a woman is free to make an OnlyFans if she pleases.

I believe she is also free to suffer the consequences of doing so.

I also believe we would all be better off if she instead focused on being a better person, on finding an honorable man and living an honorable life, on raising honorable children in an honorable household. I believe this, because this is what the Gods tell me is the right way to live.

Honor. Loyalty. Frith. Faith. Courage. Duty. Glory. Strength.

This is what it means to be a Heathen.

These things are not found in the halls of Tumblr, or the paths of OnlyFans.

Women are not made better wives for having displayed themselves. Men are not made better husbands because they pay for these images. Children are not loved better for strangers having seen their mothers, sisters, or brother act the whore.

We live in trying times. Work is hard to find and sometimes hard to do. Money, though printed plentifully, is scarce in many of our pockets. It is tempting to take the easy path. To whore one’s self out for plentiful and easy money. It always has been.

I am reminded of something I learned researching the periods of WWI and WWII.

In Germany, times were very hard. Work was hard to find, and sometimes hard to do. Money, though printed plentifully, was scarce in many pockets, and worthless in many more. So many took the desperate path. Mothers sold their bodies to put food on the table. Then they sold their daughters. Then they sold their sons.

The progressive and liberals at the time praised the state of “Sexual liberation” in Germany. They cheered for the sexual revolution, the awakening, of bringing ones “Desires into the light.” They cheered as children were turned into prostitutes along with their mothers.

They cheered as Mainer cheers. They called as Mainer now calls. They said “this is good, this is the way it should be, this is moral.”

Maybe it is.

But it is not for me, nor is it for Hel, whom I serve.

It is not for any of the Aesir and the Vanir that I know.

Call me a monster. Call me a bigot, or a nazi, or any name you can think of. It changes nothing.

I know what a Heathen is and I know what a Heathen is not.

And it is not these words that have dripped like poison from Mainer’s mouth.

Do not let his words poison you. Do not follow his path, for it is not intelligent nor is it wise. It is the opposite of what Heathenism teaches us. It is worse than honorless, it is dishonorable. He would make your wives and children whores and call it good. His is but a simp and a pedophilic one at that from his own words. It is not faith that motivates his foul words, but only an evil lust in his loins.

Let such things not enter your hearts, minds, or faith.

Hela Bless