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Given the dearth of things happening as of late, and my previous post, I figured I would wax philosophical a bit and rather than my usual habit of responding (usually against) I would instead just speak my thoughts on a couple of these topics.

  1. Texas and the ‘banning’ of abortion

So apparently Texas has decided to ‘ban’ abortions in its state after six weeks, at least according to the media. The reality of it seems to be a bit more complicated and I’m still trying to piece it all together. What I have gotten is that Texas hasn’t so much banned abortion after six weeks, as it has allowed civil liability under the law against anyone who performs an abortion on an unborn infant that is six weeks old/has a detectable heartbeat. Meaning a woman can still go and get an abortion after this time period, but that the medical service provider can then be sued by a third party for having performed the operation.

Which has had the effect of every doctor out there who performs abortions refusing to do them after six weeks because they don’t want to get sued. It’s a pretty clever tactic, one that is apparently fully legal according to the supreme court, and one that gets around the legal issues that usually cause abortion bans to fail.

I’m not entirely sure I am a fan of it. After all, if we make it so doctors can be sued for performing operations in one area, it could lead to that tactic being used in other areas. No weapon ever stays unused.

Since the beginning, abortion as a “rights” issue has been one giant fustercluck, as they say. Somehow, despite our Declaration and Constitution literally enshrining a “right to life,” the right of an infant to live has been utterly and completely trampled upon. The rights of fathers haven’t just been trampled on, they’ve been utterly obliterated. A man has no voice in if his child is allowed to live or to die, but he is also not allowed a choice on if he is permitted to be a part of that child’s life, nor if he is allowed to financially divorce/abort himself from the child either. Current laws make the man a slave, with no rights, in regards to his child’s life or his own labor. Of the three people involved in a pregnancy, there has been a staunch defense that only one voice has any right to speak, and that voice has the right to choose both murder and slavery for all other parties involved.

As a Heathen, I find this very distasteful.

The fact that now family can now sue the abortion provider, however much I’m not sure I like the legal precedent, is still somewhat pleasing to me. They have slain kin, and now must pay the weregeld for it. As a Heathen, violence and violent death are not inherently immoral in my faith, but in conditions like this, redress must be made for lives taken.

The simple fact of the matter is that Abortion has killed over 62 million in the USA alone since Roe v. Wade. I’ve read somewhere that world wide, the number is close to 350+ million. There is something about the fact that we as a society will denounce things like ‘white nationalism’ because of its ties to Nazism, because the Nazis killed 6 million people, yet somehow a practice like abortion, and its base philosophy of Feminism, is held up as sacrosanct despite the fact it has killed ten times that number in a single country. If a philosophy is wrong because it leads to mass murder, then Feminism is perhaps one of the most evil philosophies in human history, at least by that standard.

All I know is that the road to Helheim is paved not just with good intentions, but with the souls of the millions of unborn slaughtered in their wombs by the very mothers meant to love and raise them. If this stems the tide but a little, if this saves but a few lives, then perhaps it will be worth it.

2. OnlyFans Ban

I touched on this a bit in my previous post where in I discovered that Mainer74 apparently wants us all to legalized child sex work, but I’m going to address it here on its own.

Frankly, I don’t really support OnlyFans banning content creation. I’m a major advocate of Free Speech. As a Heathen, I am obligated to do so, because without freedom of speech, my religion would not be allowed to exist. It would be shut down, either by Christians (because it’s sinful paganism), Muslims (because anyone not worshiping Allah must be put to death), Atheists (because religion is evil/harmful/stupid), or Jews (because it’s an ideology of hate and racism according to Jewish led civil rights organizations who only caveat their declarations because otherwise they could face legal consequences).

Of course, I understand that OnlyFans is only banning (kek) stuff because the Banks and payment processors have cracked down on them. I do not support this either, and haven’t supported it since banks started denying service to individuals based on political views. Freedom of Speech means that we are free to believe as we choose. In order to be free, we must not be bound, chained, or punished, for these beliefs. Not by the government and not by corporations. Many of the people I see screaming in rage over OnlyFans banning “sex workers” were the exact same people happy for banks to deny service to “far right” people and cheered at those people being stripped of their bank accounts, or having their ability to receive payments stripped from them.

When you so the wind, you will reap the whirlwind.

That being said, I don’t really support the work OnlyFans does. Mainer and his ilk can believe that OnlyFans empowers women to be the creators, to take back the power in porn, to make their voices heard, but in reality OnlyFans is just another pimp. It lures women into prostituting themselves with the promises of easy lives and easier money. Sure, many a woman has made a lot of money off the site. A lot have made some decent money. Most, I think, probably make a few bucks a month, as much or a bit more than they would working a regular job. Yet even the highest paid prostitute is still a prostitute.

This is not to say I absolve the women involved of their deeds. Unlike many who scream and cry about “the poor, exploited creators” that OnlyFans is “hurting” with these bans, the truth is that on a fundamental, mechanical level, these women are predators. They do not create their accounts with the intent of creating artistic expressions or celebrating the beauty of the human form, they do it because they know there are lonely men out there who will pay a lot of money for the illusion of an emotional and sexual connection with a woman. One they have been denied in the real world, both those without relationships and those within them.

It is made worse by the fact that said “creators” don’t actually have to give anything back. The man receives nothing for all his expenditures, which creates an emptiness inside that he tries to fill by spending greater amounts in the hope of reaching the stage where he might obtain fulfillment. Something that will never happen. Much like chewing gum to deal with being hungry. It might work in the very short term, but long term all you’re doing is desperately fooling yourself until you starve to death.

This parasitic relationship is damaging for both sexes. It teaches men that they must pay great amounts to obtain virtually nothing. It teaches women to see men as less than human, as nothing more than wallets to pay out, given only enough to make them keep paying. When the money is gone, the man is nothing, and is discarded, in favor of the next paypiggy.

As a Heathen, it disgusts me. Relationships are to be built on respect, honor, and loyalty. It is a partnership, the foundations of a warband to be able to face the world around you. OnlyFans and the type of ‘work’ it promotes are the antithesis of what good Heathens should aspire too be.

No matter what certain “heathens” say, invoking Freya and certain of her deeds to back up their position.

3. Afganistan

Mark Twain is supposed to have said, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme a lot.” Words to that effect, anyways.

As someone who studied history both for fun and education, I have to agree with him. As we’ve entered the 2020’s, I’ve seen a lot of rhymes with the 1920’s. Some of them good. Most of them bad. I was not, however, expecting for a rhyme from the Vietnam War, only played more incompetently.

I know a lot of people want to blame Trump for this, but honestly given the amount of changes Biden put into the withdrawal plan, the blame has to honestly be placed on him. Thousands of Americans being left behind because they based their evacuation plans on his word (not Trump’s), his pulling the military out first rather than last, his leaving the Taliban one of the largest, most advance militarizes in the world apparently, not to mention handing them lists of our allies in the area so they can go hunt them down and execute them.

The fact he is prioritizing “refugees,” over allies and especially American citizens just makes it worse. There are reports of Americans fifteen feet away from the airport, in sight of US soldiers, who have been left behind and abandoned after waiting hours for someone to come escort them through Taliban forces and crowds.

This utterly shameful and a betrayal of every oath he swore when he became president.

Were we in the ancient times, Biden would likely be expected to offer himself as a sacrifice to Odin to make up for the humiliations he has caused and the harm he has done to the nation. These days, he’s still held up as the “most popular president ever elected in a safe, secure election.” Frankly, I’m surprised more Biden voters haven’t jumped on the “rigged” bandwagon just to save face over the amount of lives they are responsible for screwing over at this point.

Of course, in this day, I suspect Biden will not face any consequences for those he has betrayed and abandoned. We live in increasingly honorless times, with honorless rulers who do as they please, be they in government or boardroom.

We’ve spent twenty years at war, and because of one man’s venal pride and mental incompetence, we have not only lost that war, but we were humiliated in our defeat.

But, I suppose, there is a white pill at the end of the day. If a bunch of goat fuckers with broken down Russian and Chinese weapons can beat one of the biggest armed forces in the world, then if the US government turns on its own people, we’ve got a great example that they’ll be incapable of actually routing those they stand against. All one must do is keep faith, hold strong in your convictions, and be willing to endure what you must to outlast the foe. Also, it’s China’s turn next in that hellhole, and I doubt they’ll make it through any better than we or the Russians did, and if anyone deserves to have their government and nation collapse, its the fucking CCP.

Sometimes I try to focus on the positive things.

Hela Bless