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On Friday, the 19th of November, 2021, a miracle happened.

Not everyone will agree it was a miracle. Many are screaming that it was the opposite of a miracle. A lot of people are hurt, angry, furious, and scared. And that’s okay.

They should be.

Justice prevailed despite their efforts.

Over a year ago, a young man went to the town in which his father lived. It was a town under siege, facing fire and ruin at the hands of an angry mob made up of people from both the town and from far away. So this young man took up medical supplies and a rifle. In the night, as fires raged and people were beaten, our young man was attacked by criminals.

With aim blessed by Ullr and Skadi, Kyle fired his rifle and laid low those who sought to do him harm, without harming any of the many other people surrounding them. A pedophile died, as did a man who repeatedly threatened to kill members of his own family. A third, with a long history of violence, nearly had his arm taken off when he tried to shoot Kyle.

For these deeds, Kyle was arrested and charged with many crimes. His rights were violated by prosecutors who repeatedly violated not only the spirit of their position and duties, but even the very law their professions were bound by. His name was defamed countless times by those in power, both in media and in politics.

A child, defending himself from the attacks of grown adults who sought his health and life, was made the villain.

Yet despite all the slings and arrows, a jury looked upon the evidence and declared him not guilty. Despite all the public pressure. Despite all the threats of violence. Despite the best efforts of everyone, they saw the truth and judged Kyle to be innocent of all charges.

This, in this day and age, is nothing short of a miracle.

Heathens like to make big talk about how brave and bold we are. How we do not live in fear. How we stand up for what is right and honorable.

Kyle Rittenhouse is not a Heathen. Yet he has lived as a Heathen should. Odin bids that a man be armed. Kyle armed himself. Our Gods bid that we stand up for what is right, what is lawful, and stave off the criminal who would harm our kin and what they possess. Kyle did this, knowing the risk, because it was the right and honorable thing to do. He did not shy from danger, but marched into it in order to help the innocent.

Kyle even turned himself into the police and told them what he had done, unintentionally abiding by the ancient Heathen ways. Kyle was no murderer, not by Heathen rites or law.

Let no Heathen gain say his honor. For all their boasting, I doubt most of my fellow practitioners could have fought as well as this child. Certainly, I have not heard of any Heathen as bold as he. In all the year of those riots, I did not see a Heathen speak of going out to defend. Though I recall seeing a few stridently defending the rioters and murderers.

Blessed be Kyle, who is an example we Heathens could learn from. Blessed be Kyle, watched over by Tyr. Blessed be Kyle, an honorable man, may he forever walk the noble path.

May my kinsmen become so bold as he, to do what is right and pleasing in the eyes of the Gods. To stand against the criminals who would do harm to the innocent. To use violence when needed, rather than cower.

For any who doubt my words, seek the council of the wise. The entire trial was livestreamed with commentary by a host of lawyers, and for now can be witnessed on the channel of Rekeita Law. See with your own eyes, all that was.

Song and poetry were important to our ancestors, so I will leave today with The Ballad of Kyle Rittenhouse by Clifton Hicks.

Hel Bless