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So, I ended up watching an episode of Stephen Fry In America last night (a fun show by a delightful comedian, go look him up). In his episode on the South, he passed through Knoxville, TN and visited the University of Tennessee Forensic Anthropology Facility aka The Body Farm, located just behind the UT Medical Center, where they study the science of decomposition in humans. Mainly to catch murderers.

And it struck me, perhaps such a place is, or could be, a holy place? After all, often the Gods of Death were worshiped in places where the dead were tended to and studied, be it the embalmers of ancient Egypt or what have you in the rest of the world. Graveyards are inherently holy places to death, so why not “the Body Farm” as well? After all, the dead are treated with respect, studied, and the knowledge gained is put to use punishing the wicked, just as Hel does for those who fallow the Northern Paths, or Anubis, or Hades, or whoever you may follow.

Which leads to the rather fun, sometimes quirky locations in the modern world that might end up being holy places for the various gods. Is a weather station a holy place of Thor? Does the library become a temple to Odin and Athena (certainly desperate prayers fill those places). I’m sure if you have a god or goddess you are close to, that you can think of such a place that might be holy to them as well.