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There’s lots of news sites out there, and even a number of Pagan news sites. However, I have started to learn that while Pagan news sites will give you “All the Pagan News Fit to Print” this doesn’t mean they will always give you all the news Pagans need to know, even about Pagan things.

For instance, a while back the Wild Hunt posted an article about dangers to the to Egyptian artifacts with the Arab Spring. Now that Spring has sprung, of course, and the Islamic parties taken over more and more, these threats are very real. The latest is that the Salafist party wants to cover the Pyramids in wax. I sent the link to Jason at the Wild Hunt, we’ll see if he posts the story. He didn’t post the one I sent him about the Muslims covering the statues in Alexandria of nude women dedicated to Zeus. (Sadly, that link is lost.)

In other news, there is a growing power in Jewish Orthodox in Israel, who have started working to make their holy land more…righteous. This time by harassing an eight year old girl.

I’m sure there are some that would like to dispute these stories. My point here is not the truth of such stories, but rather the perception of people that these things are true. Because people will act as these are true.

We live in changing times. Growing up, I never thought I would see things like this. Yet, they happen even as I speak.