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(Our standard Vices and Virtues posts will return next week)

So, monotheism likes to sell the idea that there’s only one God out there. But really, how believable is that? That there’s only one being out there with that kind of power and ability? That’s laughable, nothing exists as a one and only out there, especially not sentient beings!

Even in the ten commandments, they admit there’s other Gods out there!

So why limit yourself to only one? You don’t have only one friend do you? Or one person in your entire family? No, you have dozens out there! So do the same with your Gods and Goddesses! Asatru has dozens of gods and goddesses out there for you to make friends and family with!

If you’ve got only one god, and you make them mad, what do you do? What can you do? Nothing, you’re at the whims of their mercy. But if you have a multiplicities of Gods and Goddesses, then if one gets angry, there’s another out there willing to help and protect you till you can get things settled and worked out on equitable terms. Try getting a fair deal with a singular god who doesn’t have any reason to work with you when he can force you to do what he wants and there’s no one to stop him.

Polytheism, giving you options. Brought to you by Asatru, The World’s Greatest Religion!*


*Asatru may or may not be the world’s greatest religion. Your mileage may vary with Asatru and other heathen religions. Asatru does not promise you salvation from your sins or an easy way out for past wrongs you have done to people. Asatru is a religion with homework. Those allergic to reading or thinking for themselves may find they have difficulty with Asatru. Do not take Asatru if you are a religious zealot, as you might find the multiplicity of opinions might cause headaches, nausea, open-mindedness, and an intolerance for religious stupidity and supremacy from monotheistic religions.