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So, I’m late to the ballgame on this one, apparently. It happens, I don’t keep up with current events (lack of news channels on your tv will do that to you) and I am literally just coming off six days of work in a row. I know that’s normal for some people, but I try to avoid that.

So anyways, apparently, the dude who owns Chick-fil-a came out against gay marriage. I’m not sure if this was a move of brilliance or stupidity, as it seems to have gathered to him loyal supporters and vicious enemies. Though really, the dude made his stores close on Sunday (ironically which always happened to be the day I wanted to try chick-fil-a, so I’ve never really had it). I’m pretty sure his position should have been rather obvious. Why everyone is getting their panties in a bunch now is a little beyond me.

I’m just kinda sitting over here shaking my head. Okay, I get it, gay people wanna get married. I have no idea why. Marriage has a greater than fifty percent failure rate, and after the failure you often end up in court battles that can last longer than the marriage did fighting over who gets what and who pays who which amount. I fail to see the attraction here. Oh sure, there’s all those “benefits” you get by being married. Stuff like being allowed in the hospital room of your sick one, or health care, and…well, I’m sure there’s others, but most of them I think you can get just by living together.

And if I have heard right (I don’t get out of the dark tower much) many more states are offering civil unions, which are pretty much marriages without the word marriage. Apparently gay people aren’t happy with this. They have to have the actual word attached or something. Maybe this is a case of that psychological condition where you want what you can’t have. IDK.

My own ancestors and religion have a bit of a mixed bag on the whole Gay issue. Asatru really doesn’t have anything against homosexuality, though how friendly it is with homosexuality really tend to differ from kindred to kindred, and branch to branch. Two of our Gods, Odin and Loki, were shape shifters and so gender really was a matter of choice with them. Loki apparently had at least one birth as a female. Odin supposedly may have lived as a woman for a while, the lore is a little fuzzy since we’ve lost some stuff. For my ancestors marriage was about economic reasons and producing heirs that could inherit and work the farm or ships. So I suppose heterosexual marriage was the norm as it was the most efficient way of doing that. There’s nothing in the laws though that banned (or even spoke about) what we’d call gay marriage. So that.

But apparently a guy who owns a restaurant says he’s against it and for traditional marriage and it starts a riot. One group is now going “I luvz Chick-fil-a!!” and another is wanting to hold “kiss ins” at various restaurants. The mayor of Chicago is banning the entire franchise from his city, which frankly I think is kinda stupid. Is his city’s economy so great in this depression that he can turn away jobs? Maybe I need to go live there, where apparently none hunger for work and pay. Then again, I don’t know if Chicago has legalized gay marriage in the city, or if it can do that if the state hasn’t done so. And considering the current Mayor is a crony of Obama, who barely admitted to standing for Gay marriage, after years of denying it, I’m picking up some hypocrisy.

Just a bit, mind you.

The whole “kiss in” thing kinda flips my mind a bit. I get it, the thing is supposed to be a tribute to the “sit ins” of the sixties civil rights movements. But I think there’s a bit of a difference between just sitting there and full on make outs (or is it just chaste kissing?) Now, okay girl-on-girl is hot, and even yaoi has it’s fan girls…

and I have nothing against pda. Well, usually. I don’t think anyone wants to see two land-whales going at it of any gender mix. But as a rule, you know, okay do what you want. But I’m not sure about a mass make out session in a restaurant, forcing it to hold what it’s owner doesn’t like. Something tells me if it was straight people holding a “kiss in” at a gay club, it would get hit all over the place with being labeled homophobia and sexism.

Seriously, can’t we just all take a step back, stop hating the dude that doesn’t believe like you do, and F**** just eat a sandwhich!!!!

le sigh.

Your thoughts below please.