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So, new healthcare law. Supposed to do all sorts of wonderful things.

Like make health insurance companies pay for birth control. Which, we were told, was a matter for great rejoicing.

Unless, of course, you’re one of the 19 million women who doesn’t have health insurance. You still have to buy it for yourself. And, as I have learned since the great fiasco where I though women’s birth control was in the same price range as male birth control was not the case, this means you ladies still get the massive bill for your birth control.

In addition to giving up 1% of your income as a fee to the government for not having insurance. You know, that money you could have been saving in case of medical care, or buying your birth control. Oh, and there are no tax cuts or refunds on that 1% like there is on the rest of your taxes. That’s a solid, unarguable, 1%. No mercy. No excuses.

So well done, Mr. President, well done. You’ve fucked people up right good there. You managed to trample the religious rights and beliefs of millions. You managed to make people protest for something that screws them over and leaves millions with even less money than they had before, and most of those people are the poor you claimed you were helping.

I was gonna get Steve Austin to salute you, but I figured these ladies would be a better example