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So, yesterday was a big day. In someways good. In some ways, well, bad.

It started off with us going around looking for stuff with the shop. We had much success, reached out, and found people willing to rent or whole sale with us. We gave away all our business cards, had a good day, and got to enjoy being with R for a change.

The bad is, well, I wrecked my car. I’m not hurt, at least not beyond a sore neck. The car is probably a total loss. And I’m experiencing a bit of backlash from having invested a lot of power into my car and being personally attached to it. It hurts…spiritually and emotionally.

I wrote yesterday about my faith. I know for some, something like this could shake one’s faith. I don’t know that it has made it stronger, but it holds steady. I realize that it could have been a lot worse. I could have been hurt or killed. my car apparently has a legend for being something of a bomb. Literally. To my knowledge no one else was injured. I thank the gods for this blessing.

I am not sure what I’m going to do about a replacement car. But I have a friend who can at least get me to work. A few, actually, if need be. So that is something. I have R here to help me with all the legal stuff they never train you for. My dad picked me up, my friend brought R to me, and they took me to a hospital. The fact that my insurance will run out in about a week due to my birthday, means that I was still covered.

These too, are blessings. Blessings without which, I would be far worse off, and for which I thank my Gods for their part in. Where I go from here, I don’t know yet. But I keep going forwards. Because I have my family to back me.

And my faith is with my family.