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For fun, I’m going to jump to another two Gods here. While neither of these are all that high on the social order of the Divine, and indeed there are others who might well be worth talking to before them, there’s a bit of wisdom I want to share.

It helps to get into the club if you know the doorman.

There are two Gate Keepers in Germanic/Norse religion and they each guard the two most important worlds to our religion, Asgard and Helheim.

The one you’ve probably heard of is Heimdall, also called Hama by the Anglo-Saxons. He is the keeper of the Rainbow Bridge, Bifrost. He can see anything in the Nine worlds, and can hear the wool growing on sheep a world over.

When it comes to supersenses, Superman ain’t got jack on Heimdall.

It is said that Heimdall never sleeps, always keeping watch. If you have ADD or ADHD, Heimdall is the god for you, because he has the biggest case you ever heard of. I like to imagine him with dozens of tvs, watching tons of shows constantly. He’s also pretty friendly, at least if you can get his attention for longer than the blink of an eye.

Then there is Mordgud, who guards the river Gjoll, which lies on the borders of Helheim. She guards the bridge and gate to the Realm of the Dead, and she is as fearsome as Heimdall is ADD. The dead do not leave Helheim, and this is for the protection of humans, but they also do no leave because there are things outside the nine worlds which would love to feast upon the souls of our ancestors. Mordgud keeps them out, with brutality and fear. Her name means “Great Killer,” and she will live up to her name. If you guard something, and it must not be taken at any and all costs, pray to Mordgud for power and strength.

I imagine she has a thing for armor worthy of Boris Vallejo. 🙂