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Son of Hel Reviews

So I picked up Danzig’s 2010 album Deth Rd Sabaoth. This was a completely impulse buy, based solely on two factors. Hammer of the Gods and especually Night Star Hel. If you cannot get the obvious reason for that based on my name and the name of the blog…well….

I’m not sure what to do with you.

So I’m not sure what cds usually go for, but FYE had this one for about fifteen bucks. More than I like, but two jobs means I am a tired demi-god who has a little extra cash. And the good will I get with Mommy Hel for buying things either with her name to act as offerings, or just good things she will enjoy here on Midgard, typically makes it worth it.

The blackberry frappes are at least.

So I at least checked the reviews online, most of which were in the…

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