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One of the things I’ve seen over the last year or so is people insisting on equality. Now, one of the things most people can’t argue is that, on paper, pretty much everyone has legal equality these days. Sure, gay marriage isn’t technically legal, but from everything I can tell by looking at the constitution…it isn’t illegal. It’s just never been done. Everyone wants an amendment to make it legal, but if you look at the original laws of this country, no law was made banning it. If anything, it is a state issue to be determined by states.

But other than that issue, I do find legal equality for all within the USA.

But despite the fact that Legal Equality was really good enough for my ancestors, it seems legal equality isn’t enough these days. I’ve had some discussions with says feminists, and some of them will admit there is legal equality, but that isn’t enough. There should be equality of outcome, if you will. Equal pay, equal numbers in authority, so on and so forth.

What most people don’t realize though, is that a lot of these equalities they want were earned over hundreds, sometimes thousands of years. Most of these rights came at a terrible blood price. The history of Europe is rife with rebellions and wars to gain what we now consider an everyday fact of life. The ability to speak ones mind, heck, to have the ability to change jobs and locations, to vote, all those came at the price of blood and lives.

But that’s in the past, it seems. White men died for the ability for people to vote, to travel freely, for people not to live in bondage, but those sacrifices mean nothing. Instead, White men are evil, they oppress because they make more money, or run companies they built or countries they died to create.

Women want to make as much as men. Most jobs, it turns out, pays everyone roughly the same when it comes to the genders. Women still earn less though, and want that to change. What is not talked about is the price of that wage gap. If a man and a woman are both paid say $15 an hour, but each week the man takes home more…that means the man spent more time at work. Women are told they can have it all, career and family. So many women will not work as much as men do because they feel they have responsibilities to their family, or they want time to be with friends. Men are taught they must have career for family. Without making as much as he can, his family will not be able to have what it wants and needs, so most men will sacrifice time with family for time at work so that he can take home more pay. A woman can leave work for her family and this is socially acceptable. A man does not have that option in the eyes of society.

Men also die more on the job than women. This is something I often find funny when it comes to women wanting equality with men. They want the nice things, but few women seem willing to push for more women to die in the work place to bring up those numbers. The same goes for suicide rates. Men kill themselves far more often then women…yet somehow depression and suicide are seen as women’s issues. Men are also not getting in to college as often as women, they are graduating less than women, they are finding fewer jobs than women. Yet somehow they are rising higher, earning more, and achieving places of Privilege.

I am sure there is a lesson there, but I have no idea what it might be.

Everyone wants equality of outcomes these days. Few are willing to accept equality of sacrifices. How much does a thing mean to you, if you are unwilling to pay any price to have it, but you keep insisting you should have it regardless. Do you expect others to keep paying the price for you, and if so, what does that make you? Personally, I think if you find yourself so deserving of gifts without giving gifts, of receiving rights but having others pay the price…it is not the “white men” that are privileged…but you, who insists your life is inherently worth more.