Gotta love me some Heathen girl’s logic

Reflections in the Water

So reading another blog got me thinking a bit.

It was talking about Pagans bashing Christians and some of the hypocritical ways they are doing it (i.e. your God is imaginary, but my Gods aren’t).

They use the treatment of Pagans in the past by the Christians as an excuse to make fun of and sometimes even harass Christians. I find that pretty hypocritical. In the past you treated us like crap so now we are going to treat you like crap, even though that wasn’t actually involving me or you directly. Really?

Not all Pagans bash Christians, and not all Christians bash Pagans. My feeling is your religion is your business and my religion is my business. I feel this way despite the mini crusades my parents like to go on (the latest one was on Sunday).

This whole thing sort of reminds me of the racial issues…

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