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So I came across this in the comments section of Andre’s latest article. I can confirm the bit about the sling, I don’t know about the Giant-ism bit but it does seem pretty sound.

What’s The Real Story Of David And Goliath?


While I can’t say I’ve done this guy’s level of research, I have to admit when I heard about slings (the actual ones, not the toys) I did consider it to be a rather unfair fight. As the guy says, it’s like having at least a .45 caliber handgun in terms of power and accuracy against a guy in bronze plate armor. He doesn’t stand a chance against that kind of ranged firepower.

In a lot of ways, the Pagan Goliath was more the underdog, and could probably be considered something of a hero.

I don’t want to sound anti-semitic, because in the modern era it’s different, but when you look at stories from the bible about the ancient Israelites…the picture is often far different than what we think. David outclassed his foe by miles. The Hebrew slaves actually lived in the lushes part of Egypt that had a great strategic value, and their slavery was not nearly as harsh as it’s been made to look in the movies. There are other examples beyond that, but I don’t want to make this over long.

Sorry I couldn’t get the video to show up on the page, but just check the link. It’s worth the watch.