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Today is halloween, or whatever you like to call it. It is, regardless of name, the day most sacred to Hela! So let for this day the petty squabbles be left behind on the main page, and let us give praise and thanks to Hela! For she watches over the ancestors, harnesses the forces of death and sickness for the good of the nine realms, and has shown mercy and love to all!


_smite__hel_by_julie7770-d8fizpi commission__hel_by_mamze95-d82pjxm hel_by_bytoxi-d8637un hel_by_lorerose-d92sknt hel_smite_by_spiritaj-d88ydj4 smite___hel_by_sanarar71-d8inlrvSome arts from the net.

And of course, because today is also to be fun. 😀

Happy Halloween kiddies!!!!

Hela Bless!