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You know things are getting bad when “shit hits the fan.” Well, while I cannot claim that the article I’m going over today is “shit hitting the fan” (because let’s be honest, that fan impacting shit already happened months ago) I can safely say that today’s post is going to be pretty shitty.

Because it literally starts off with shit. Let us look at Rhyd’s latest offaling offering for the temple of Marx and how we should all “think good.” I bring you: The Violent & The Dead

We start off with a quote from Rhyd’s favorite environmentalist, who in all the presented quotes I can recall has not yet managed to be right about much of anything, but sound pretty smug in their judgemental nature.

For a couple of hundred years we have been telling ourselves that we can dig the midnight black remains of other life forms out of the bowels of the earth, burn them in massive quantities, and that the airborne particles and gases released into the atmosphere–because we can can’t see them–will have no effect whatsoever….

…At every state our actions are marked by a lack of respect for the powers we are unleashing–a certainty, or at least a hope, that the nature we have turned to garbage, and the people we have treated like garbage, will not come back to haunt us.

Naomi Klein, This Changes Everything (p.166)

Actually, this is not true. While humanity has long been pulling up the “black remains” of ancient life (much how the soil is the brown remains of ancient life that we use to farm), Humans have in fact realized the harm that can come. That’s why we take so many steps to try and curb our pollution (well, except for China, who just keeps polluting more. You’d think a Marxist nation would know better).

But to hear Klein talk, you’d think we were still living in Victorian England, where the sky was pitch black with smoke and acid rain devoured everything. Or in San Francisco or Los Angeles, heartlands of the progressive left.

You know, for a bunch of environmentalists, they sure do a shit job of taking care of their local environment…


Is it any wonder that a society which denies the Dead is destroying the earth?

Excrement and Exclusion

In Lacanian psychoanalysis, there’s the concept of the Excremental Remainder — the thing which fails to fully integrate into the total. Yes, I’m gonna be talking about feces here, but bear with me a little.

Yeah, I had to look up Lacanian psychoanalysis. It’s from a guy named Jacques Lacan who seems to be for shit what Freud was for dicks. To the point where Noam Chomsky said his ideas were nothing but shit and several others considered his theories to be complete crap.

And you thought I was joking with all the shit jokes.

shitty wok

When you eat something, your body digests what it can, and uses what has been broken down to build, repair, and otherwise ‘create’ itself. Those calories, nutrients, minerals, and all other ‘usable’ parts are taken into the totality of the body to become part of the body.

Something is always left, parts that cannot be used or transformed into the whole. I need not get into a description of what’s left over, as you’ve certainly seen it yourself. That left-over mass, that undigested remainder, is the necessary excrement of your survival, your existence.

Brace yourselves people, we’re in for a shitty time.

Why do I get the impression that yet another natural function of life is about to become “absolutely evil” and thus something that should “absolutely never be done.”

haram aboslutely 2

The Excemental Remainder is sometimes also called “the bone,” after the dialectical philosophy of Hegel (‘”the spirit is a bone.”) That ‘bone’ is what is left over when all the consumable meat is stripped off. It is the thing left over, the excrement, and yet it is also the very thing which kept all the flesh there in the first place, the unusable but necessary structure or foundation. It is also the thing we exclude. We don’t eat the bone; we don’t digest the feces or re-consume it. It is both the thing that is left over and the thing we choose to rid ourselves of. And, in both cases, we do an interesting thing with it — we bury it.

Well, at least Rhyd explains were Dr. Bones got his name from, I guess.

Pretty sure Hegel just got insulted here though. Not that Hegel is wrong, I suppose metaphorically shit does work on this principle.

However, it is not an “interesting thing” that we bury our excrement. There’s actually a long history of sanitary reasons for why we put shit into the ground rather than placing it in an open area for all to see. Mostly because, not only does it smell bad most of the time…it brings plague!

Bloody Hel, Rhyd, are you really about to go on a rant about how preventing plague and practicing sanitation are now capitalist evils which must be overthrown?

ebola chan

We bury the bones of what we’ve eaten and we bury our feces; although the fate of both is obscured through modern waste management. We exclude both from our lives. The Excremental Remainder is the necessary and buried secret of human existence. There is unlikely any place in your home where you store or display corn husks, onion skins, turkey carcasses, the intact bones of your great-grandmother, or your poop; rather these go outside, away, either into a compost pile, a trash can, a cemetery or a sewer.

I can’t believe Rhyd just said that “shit is the buried secret of human existence.”

Everyone Shits Rhyd, it ain’t no secret!

laughing stopYes, we put food detritus in a compost pile so we can recycle it. Yes, we put our dead in cemeteries rather than lay out their remains on the mantle. And yes, we send our shit to the sewer system so that it can be processed safely. We do these things because they are hygienic, because they show respect for the dead, can be used to bring new life into the world, or to prevent the spread of pestilence and disease.

Honestly, if I’m understanding this correctly we won’t have to worry about  our safety from the Marxists. Their own lack of sanitation will create a plague that exterminates them for us. For such is the glory and vengeance of Hela.

I still can’t believe that Rhyd is trying to “shit shame” us….

The Excremental Remainder is what we look away from, what we do not examine. It is not just physical waste. There are social, relational ‘shits’ as well — aspects upon which society is predicated on which we do not want to look. Likewise, we cannot ‘include’ these remainders in our conception of society without threatening the very foundations of our society.

Yep, he’s shit shaming now. We have finally reached the point where Rhyd is so desperate to destroy the New Right that he is literally shitting on people for shitting.

And apparently our “shit” will destroy society if we examine it. Which…I think tells me more about Rhyd’s shit than I ever wanted to know…

What Capitalism Shits Out

Consider carbon pollution, the necessary by-product of our high-consumerist lifestyles. The phone or computer by which you are reading my words, and I am writing them; the servers which create the connections we call “the internet;” and the electricity which powers all of these connections dumps significant amounts of carbon into the atmosphere. To look directly at the excrement of our technology would ruin the ‘magic’ and might challenge our behavior, just as a clogged toilet or a waste-collection strike forces us to confront what’s left over from our activities.

So….Rhyd is saying the bi-products of our modern life are “shit” and that this “shit” is harmful to the world (or he believes it is), and yet…here he is using all the bi-products of the modern world with their world destroying shit production and…he doesn’t see an issue.

He’s also assuming that people who have “examined this shit” would automatically be against it happening. Which…isn’t exactly true. I have examined all this “shit” and decided that, for everything we get with our modern society…we’re not fucking things up too badly. Could we cut back a little on the destruction? Sure, but as it stands we’ll probably do that natural as things progress and get more advanced.

Rhyd, however, seems to argue for a “return to nature” solution. Ditch the electronics, ditch the power plants, ditch modern society and everything will be rosy and perfect. Nature in her mercy will provide all that man needs and man has no need of such technological wonders as we possess now. Which…I would be fine with if he’d shut up and go live that life…rather than using all these modern wonders to demand everyone else give them up.

So much for “lead by example.”

burn picard

There are other Excremental Remainders of society and of a Western Capitalist society in particular.The homeless are the excrement of an economy based upon private property. They are both created by and excluded from Capitalist exchange, left to ‘rot’ on the streets of cities as a necessary s&#ting-out of our consumption. They must be excluded if housing is not considered a universal right; they must be homeless if housing is something that can be bought and sold rather than just had.

Because there were never homeless people and beggars under any other economic system in the world. Only Capitalism with it’s Private Property has created homelessness!!!!!

resting bitch faceYeah…

Okay, no, housing is not a “universal right.” I honestly don’t think we should consider housing a “universal right” either. Certain things are “universal rights” like freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of person, things that inherently come from the individual person. “Private Property” I could very well argue is a “universal right” because each person has the right to own what they create and the fruits of their labors.

Housing is something that people build, in which case, they have a right to that house. But no one has the right to just be given a house. Just as no one has the right to be given a car, or a cell phone, or a computer. Those are all things you can obtain, but they are not things you have a right to. And the instant you start saying “well, x person has a right to be given something” you upend the liberty of the system because then you have to force y person to produce and hand over that something.

Let’s say we have two men dropped on an Island. One man builds himself a shelter, and the other man doesn’t. The first man has the right to own his shelter and do with it what he pleases, because he created it with his own hands. If the second man comes over and says “give me your shelter” and the first man asks “Why don’t you build one yourself” it is not a just thing for the second man to say “Various reasons, but I have a right to shelter, you have a shelter, give it to me.”

The simple truth is that we are all, every single one of us, born Homeless. Some of us are lucky enough to be born to parents that have homes, but those homes are not something we own. When we leave those places, they are still our parent’s homes, but we must then find new homes for ourselves. Some people, for various reasons, do not find homes, or loose homes after finding them. Sadly, we do not still live in a world where we could go gather sticks to make ourselves houses, but we do live in a world where people can and do donate so that even those without homes may find shelter. And given that a bit of math and quick google search tells me that only about 600,000 out of 318,000,000+ of people in our nation are Homeless (data from around 2012) tells me that we’re actually doing an amazing job of keeping people from being homeless.

In this way, a shelter counselor is akin to a waste-management worker or a mortician. A homeless shelter is like a landfill or a cemetery; except in one particular way: the ‘waste,’ which is managed, is still alive.The homeless person is the excess carbon in the atmosphere that doesn’t need to be there; the cardboard or plastic bottle buried in the landfill rather than recycled or re-used or, more importantly, something that didn’t need to be created in the first place.

Wow…way to dehumanize the people you’re supposed to be helping, Rhyd.

asshole 3Okay, so let’s see here. Because maybe <0.5% of the population of the USA is homeless, (roughly 600,000 on any given day out of a population of 318,000,000+), the entire system is “Broken” and treats people like “shit.” Now, these 600k people are not the same people. Some find homes, some lose homes, and the population is constantly in flux, meaning just as the “System” makes people homeless it also allows people to find homes. But the “System” is inhumane and shitty.

Now, American history has a lot of stories of people who started out homeless and ended up filthy rich. It’s also got a lot of stories of people who started out filthy rich and ended up homeless. They “System” then is not one of stagnation, imprisoning people hopelessly at the bottom for all of their lives, but rather a vibrant and ever changing existence where people can rise and fall and rise again.

But apparently in a Marxist society (which is proven to be one of stagnation, imprisoning people hopelessly at whatever rank for all their lives), there will be no private property and thus we don’t have to worry about homelessness. Which…really ignores most of the issues which cause homelessness.

The position of the homeless person, who is shunted to the outside of society, is illusory just as the magical disappearance of our excrement into a water-filled porcelain basin is chicanery. The feces goes somewhere; we just don’t see where. All the trash we produce, all the carbon we spew into the air, doesn’t go away. It goes back to the very foundation of our existence.

Toilets are not “Chicanery.” Toilets are physics and sanitation.

lizzard-pic1_1472056aLook, i get the metaphor he is trying to make here, but it is (pun intended) a shitty metaphor. If we considered our homeless to be shit, we would exterminate them, not try to house and rehabilitate them. We would fill graves with their bodies, not their heads with education and work programs trying to get them back on their feet.

Yes, a homeless person is at the bottom of society, but most of the time they are still a part of society and society is trying to help them. Rhyd may think he’s nothing more than a guy pushing “shit around” to hide it from the “good people” but the truth is the fact that his job even exists (trying to find places for homeless people to live) refutes his very position by existing. If Rhyd’s employment is as he claims, then he would be given a gun and a shovel, not a clipboard and a list of shelters!

Only a complete retarded lunatic would look at all the social programs this nation has, one of which he is employed by, and insist that “capitalist nations care nothing for their poor.”

In other words, the excrement of our lives actually feeds back and becomes the center of our existence, the very foundation upon which we live. The homeless person lives at the very core of the city, invisible except to those of us who notice. Similarly, the CO2 of industrial production doesn’t disintegrate into the atmosphere, it becomes part of the atmosphere itself. The Excremental Remainder is actually the Excremental Center — the founding horror of our modern lifestyle.

Okay, I’m going to have to school an idiot.

Yes, CO2 is a byproduct of some industrial manufacture. CO2 is also a byproduct of oxygenation as performed by organic creatures. Plants breath CO2 the same way that humans breath O2, and plants produce O2 the same way living things produce CO2.

It is called a natural cycle. Now, has industrialization led to an increase in CO2? It has. Is this inherently a bad thing…no. Not when you take into effect that more CO2 means more things for plants to breath, which means more plants can grow, and when you consider that CO2 is supposedly causing a “Greenhouse” effect which then increases the length of time for plants to reproduce and grow, it actually can start to look beneficial to the ecosystem as a whole.

See, here’s something environmentalists don’t talk about much. When they say “global warming is bad” that typically refers to “ice caps melting.” Something that will supposedly raise sea levels and submerge areas that are presently at sea level. This is considered bad largely because…it will displace humans. They almost never mention that higher temperatures and greater CO2 levels will actually be great for regrowing all that “plant life humans have destroyed.”

Or that world temperatures and CO2 levels have actually been way higher than what they product will happen and that earth and life on it survived quite well. We actually had humongous life forms alive during that time. Called Dinosaurs.

And this is part of why his metaphor is so shitty. He likens the homeless to CO2, not realizing that CO2 is largely a good thing, and that society doesn’t consume homeless people the way the environment will consume CO2 and replace it with O2. In which case it doesn’t so much “disintegrate” into the atmosphere as “reintegrate” into the atmosphere.

Gods save me from environmentalists who can’t pass bio 101.

"Because monkey's fling poo, Gorillas don't have assholes."

Breathing is easiest when you don’t think about it. Feces is unnoticed once it’s flushed. Capitalist existence appears seamless and harmless until we are confronted with what we treat like s&#t. The riots and protests in Ferguson, for example, are just one of the many examples of what happens when people refuse to be flushed down the polite and pristine toilets of Capitalist exclusion. Likewise our warming planet, the dying species and the drowning cities are the build-up of the excrement we defecate by living modern and ‘free’ lifestyles.

jj_jameson_laughing_meme-1“The riots and protests in Ferguson, for example, are just one of the many examples of what happens when people refuse to be flushed down the polite and pristine toilets of Capitalist exclusion.”

No, the riots in Ferguson are an example of what happens when criminals and racists get pissed that a white cop defended his own life and killed his black attacker in the process. Which, apparently, was a “crime” too great for them to bear, so they decided the obvious solution was to go around their own neighborhood and provide to burn down and steal everything they could get their hands on from their neighbors.

It had absolutely nothing to do with “capitalist exclusion.” It had everything to do with a bunch of racist assholes assuming that a white cop should be sent to prison for the crime of defending himself from a black attacker who was trying to murder him in cold blood.

As for our “warming planet” and “drowning cities” I will point out that a) the largest producers of environmental pollution are all MARXIST COUNTRIES while all the nations trying to stop climate pollution are CAPITALIST COUNTRIES.

Proving once again that facts hurt Marxism.

There are ways we find to manage our excrement such as recourse to free-market platitudes and Calvinist ethics (“the homeless just haven’t earned a better life,” or “humans are greedy by nature”), delusional messianic hopes (“Capitalist technology can fix the problems that Capitalist technology caused,” or “It won’t happen here”), or the most popular solution of all — denial.

And the solution to this is apparently to strip everyone of their homes and property, punish those who “had too much” and “exploited the worker” and then assign everyone what some collective thinks they deserve based on…what?

I’m not going to deny that capitalism has its problems. I’m not even going to claim that capitalism can solve all its own problems. There’s no such thing as a perfect system out there. However, capitalism has managed to make itself a highly successful system which has the maximum amount of individual liberty for the maximum amount of individuals. Even our homeless are free. And I will again remind you that the homeless rate is 6/3,180, or roughly 0.01/5.3 people.

Which is a remarkably tiny number, I would like to point out.

This last solution is the easiest precisely because it is a foundational aspect of Western Capitalism. Denial, distraction and oblivion are significant products of high Capitalist society, endlessly varied according to preference. There are thousands of video games, television channels and films, hundreds of sports competitions, an array of new products and vacation getaways, and the omnipresent availability of any sort of noise you’d like. Each distraction itself becomes a carrier for advertisements and injunctions towards engaging in the very behavior which creates the problem we hope to deny.

As opposed to Rhyd’s solution which seems to be “rub people’s noses in shit and tell them ‘bad dog, very bad dog.'”

Which is basically what he’s doing here. He’s rubbing our noses in shit as an attempt to humiliate and degrade us so that we won’t “shit again” where he thinks we shouldn’t be “shitting.” We’re literally “Bad dogs” because we…well, there were some byproducts to our lives that Rhyd finds offensive to his sensibilities.

Not only that, he is stating that having any form of entertainment which does not “rub our noses in it” is inherently bad because it is allowing us to be distracted from the “Bad things our lives create.”

Presumably his radically egalitarian marxist society would have no need for movies, video games, music, and so forth to distract them from the horrors they produce because obviously a society which is keeping everyone in a state of equilibrium with each other and allowing no one to rise above another is not going to need such distractions or produce any negative side effects.

Basically, because Timmy is homeless, his entire town must be made to stare at Timmy and feel shame, not be allowed to go to the movies. Not only does this dehumanize the homeless, making them little more than the offal for which we must be humiliated by and with, it dehumanizes the rest of society for engaging in a society that actively tries to help its homeless not be homeless anymore.

We’ll carry on in Part 2


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