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This is a post I’ve….wanted to write for a while. I’ve just not been sure how to do it. But it’s…it’s time. Not because I think I will be able to change anything, but because I need to say what I’m going to say, for my sake.

I also wanna thank Cassie for writing her post that I’m going to be responding too. I’ve known her blogging wise since I started on WordPress, maybe a bit before. I’ve always respected her as a Satanist, her faith in her Devil-God has always appeared to be as true and deep as my own faith in Hela. I write this response with the utmost respect to her, rather than how I usually do these pieces. So let’s go with: Trump, Brexit, Diash/I.S. All The Same

As I write this there seems to be a 50/50 chance that America will elect a bigoted, sexist, misogynistic, stupid liar as President of the most powerful nation on Earth…

Actually, given Clinton’s past, I’d say this is actually a 100% chance, given how she’s intimidated rape victims, lied about everything under the sun politically, and was mentored by the head of the KKK for ages and has enacted some of the most racist laws in post Civil Rights America…

…I am talking about Trump of course but I am well aware that the other alternative for American voters, Hilary Clinton, is also a poor candidate…

I’d like to congratulate Cassie on the understatement of the millennium.

I mean, being at the center of an establishment so corrupt she not only Rigged the Democratic Nomination process of the DNC, it’s entirely possible that she’s attempting to Rig the National Election for President.

This is, of course, not mentioning a web of corruption and bribes that spans the entire world, include countries that slaughter their gays, enslave their women, and ethnically cleans their minorities. A woman who has had a hand in destabilizing entire regions of the world, leaving them open to civil war, terrorism, and war crimes not seens in those parts in at least a hundred years.

Not to mention, that if /pol/ of 4chan is correct (and they’ve been pretty correct so far), Hillary’s staff and maybe even herself may be in possession of an international child sex trafficking ring that steals kids from disaster zones world wide to…well, you can guess.

Oh, and of course the whole “satanic ritual thing…which I’m sure doesn’t bother Cassie. And while I do find it a bit…something, I think I’m more bothered by the fact that it was done more in secret than anything. I don’t care if you’re a Satanist who wants to be president. I just don’t want you to lie to me about it.

…In truth Americans seem to be facing a choice between the lesser of two inadequate choices. How did this happen in a powerful nation that regards itself as a bastion of freedom and democracy?

Well, I suppose you could call these “inadequate choices.”

I mean one is completely and utterly the definition of evil as far as most religions (including my own) and one is an orange idiot who says impolite things about people. So if we’re talking about the candidates who are inadequate choices…

As for how did this happen? Well, on the one hand the Clinton’s have spent the last 40-50 years building themselves a political empire of power fueled by corruption that is finally culminating in the Presidential election. This is, of course, surrounded by the fact that those in government and even business have slowly been building their power tighter and tighter into the weft and web of our society so that they can use that power to gain more power.

It’s what always happens when they’re power to be had.

That’s half the equation.

The other half of the equation is the Orange idiot as most people like to call him. A man of business, but if you go back and watch his speeches for the last thirty odd years…also a man who is…oddly patriotic. A man who has become the voice of a population that has watched regulations, trade deals, and a lot of other stuff turn what was once the most prosperous and productive nation into a nation of prosperity without production, a skyscraper of cards where rust is replacing steel, and where each generation is having few and fewer options for advancement. And are faced with losing everything their nation was built on.

While Hilary Clinton is undoubtedly a bottom of the barrel candidate, it is clear that she is by far the only reasonable option for American voters. But reason seems to have little to do with anything these days…

Well, bottom of the barrel, absolutely. As for the only reasonable option?

To my knowledge Cassie lives over in Europe (at least she and her family were the last time I recalled reading a location). I also figure she hasn’t spent as much time researching what’s been going on in the states or even with Hillary in particular.

Now, is she reasonable? I suppose that depends on your definition of reasonable. Able to play the corrupt games of politics? Oh sure, she’s very good at that. Capable of maintaining the status quo? Oh absolutely. Of progressing that status to new heights of corruption, corporate and governmental power, likely at the cost the average person, a democratically republican government, and even the very idea of “rule of law”?

Oh she’s more than qualified to do that.

But this is not actually a post about American politics in particular or politics in general; it is a post about the danger our world has sleep-walked into and the urgent need to bring the satanic mind-set and critical thinking to bare on the issues we face today. The sheep are sleep-walking into oblivion and the rest of us could easily get sucked in with them if we are not careful.

Oh man the irony here. Across all isle, across all boarders, so many different people all seeing the same thing.

We’ve been blind.

We’ve been blind to the power plays, the strings behind the curtains behind the walls. We’ve been blind to the shadows moving in the dark places. And we need to wake up. We need to pull back the rocks and reveal all the darkest secrets. We need the power of Kek.

What has become clear to me is that there is actually not much difference between fanatical Brexiteers in Britain, fanatical Trump supporters in America, and fanatical terrorists in the Middle East and around the world. They all despise intelligence. They all despise free and critical thinking. They all adopt the policy of scape-goating and blaming “the others”. They all tend toward bigotry, sexism and racism. They mostly identify with the hard right of whatever religion is convenient to them…

Now, this is an actual interesting point.

Not the “hard right religious thing.” As far as I can tell, Brexit has had…absolutely no religiousness tied to it, and I’ve kept up with it with actual British sources. Same actually goes for Trump, most of the Trump people I’ve interacted with aren’t really all that religiously motivated. In fact, the religious Right appears to Hate Trump as much as the Left does.

Now, Cassie is a rather Far Left Satanist, so no doubt to her many of these things do look like bigotry, sexism, and racism (certainly in the case of ISIS this is true).

But she isn’t exactly wrong that there is a similarity between Trump, Brexit, and even ISIS.

They’re taking back their nations from outside powers.

Brexit is about removing the United Kingdom from the power and control of the EU’s government. The EU government which is not elected by any part of the UK. The EU which has for decades used the UK as a money machine, a factory to produce wealth to be used to the EU’s gain. It has taxed the UK, made laws to rule the UK, and enforced human relocation efforts into the UK, all without any democratic input from the Citizens of the UK.

Trump is about doing much the same for the USA, only in this case it is our own government which has slowly but surely been doing the same to it’s own citizens. Removing from them their power, their rights, they’re say in how things are done. Solidifying it into the hands of a few.

ISIS is…an Islamist form of this as well. They’re making their own nation based on their principles. Now, admittedly these principles are Islamist in nature rather than Democratic, but the thought is the same. Power, in the hands of the people themselves. Not in foreign or oligarchical governments who dictate to the many by what terms they will live by, rather than allowing them that right.

…They generally hate gays, bisexuals and any form of alternative lifestyle. They are strongly anti-science, anti-expert and anti-education. And they all use sensationalism and the most extreme popularist media to hook the masses. As a result our clearly fragile legal systems and democracies are rapidly descending into instruments of mob rule. And controlling the masses are madmen.

Do they though?

I mean, certainly ISIS does, but Brexit? Trump? Trump has been a friend to the USA’s LGBT community for decades. He’s worked in LGBT industries, along side them. We’re talking about a man who sued a country club because it wouldn’t let Jews and Blacks in, then bought it after they lost, and opened up to those formerly banned ethnicities. And nothing I’ve seen involving Brexit has had anything to do with the LBGT community at all.

Unlike say Hillary Clinton, who according to wikileaks was anti-LGBT all the way up to 2015 so….

Now, was Brexit led, and is Trump, by madmen? Well, it certainly is mad to stand up to an all encompassing system of corrupt oligarchs who want to center all power in their hands and their hands alone. It certainly seems mad in this age of political correctness to speak impolitic thoughts. But then again, it was our unwillingness to speak the impolitic that has led us to this present situation.

As Satanists we can perhaps understand the greed and self interest that drive the madmen at the apex of these mobs, but we must also recognise that they are indeed mad and that their self interests are or will be in direct conflict with our own. Many sheep are being herded to the edge of a cliff. Some Satanists might argue it is best to let the sheep perish; their ignorance and foolishness is their problem, not ours.

Forgive me if this read: “Their goals are at odds with my goals, therefore they are madmen and evil.”

Look, the sheep are most certainly being herded towards a cliff. But…I’ll be honest…it’s not Trump doing the herding. Well, maybe he is, but it’s a different cliff at least. Sure, Trump’s cliff might be a cliff of social changes and upheaval. But it’s a far cry from the cliff of social slavery that we’re headed towards under Hillary.

Cassy, however, is approaching this from the position of a Satanist. Which best I can tell is “my goals and their execution are supreme.” At least to my limited understanding of Satanism. I however am coming at this from a Heathen perspective, where in a person who does what Hillary has done is so…horrific…that I cannot in any form vote for her and even claim to retain any level of my morality.

But I think we need to be realistic and realise that to a very large degree our fates are bound up with those of the masses. We will not be immune to the effects of a global recession. We will not be magically preserved if bombs go off or wars happen.

Sadly, this is true. No man is an island. We are tied to the fates of the masses.

But we’re already in a global recession. Hel, it’s probably going to get worse before it gets better. If it gets better. I know this for a fact. And no, we will not be immune if bombs go off or wars happen.

But bombs are already going off. Wars are already happening. These things have not sprung into our world because of Brexit, or Trump. But they have sprung into this world because of Hillary, a woman who screams at cartoon frogs and threatens Russia with armed responses for computer hacks that….Russia didn’t even commit. ISIS got started because of Policies that Hillary Helped Shape. ISIS gained power in Libia because of Actions directly ordered and taken by Hillary.

Hel, one of Hillary’s big pushes against Trump is that he wants to work with Russia peacefully.

So, you know, at least the Madman isn’t wanting to start us off in World War Three.

We are not as visible as some minorities on the mobs list of undesirables but the reality is that our core beliefs, our passion for individuality and free thinking are the antithesis of what the new puppet masters want and need for themselves.

Well, you say that.

But there’s two mobs here. Sure, there’s the Trump “mob” which, yeah, okay, kek’s are had and shit goes down every now and then. But then there’s the other Mob.

The mob that has been growing for the last decade or more. The mob that has been chewing its way through ever community across continents. The mob that has practically wiped out entire Pagan religions at this point, like the Dianics.

A mob against individuality and freethinking beyond anything any of Trump’s mob. A mob who not only will not tolerate any of our “core beliefs” but actively tries to destroy them for the sake of their own. People who very literally are the puppets of the puppet masters.

You know the mob of which I speak.

We are talking about people who openly say “The country is fed up with experts.” We are talking about people who advocate building physical walls between nations and who feel comfortable making disparaging sweeping statements against whole groups of people…

Yes, let us damn them for doing the exact same thing that everyone else is doing. Let’s damn them for reacting to what’s been done to them time, and time, and time again. After all, they’ve experienced it over, and over, and over for years now. Being generalized, being marginalized, being demonized.

You want to know why they’re fed up with Experts? Because those same experts are the ones demonizing them. The one blaming them for all the problems, the ones saying “only you can be racist, and when it happens to you it isn’t racist.” The ones saying “you’re evil, because you’re you, because of what you were born.” Because the “experts” are the ones saying “you’re the evil that must be broken, destroyed, and discarded…in the very nation that is your home.”

Tell me, Cassie, on a personal level, how would you react? If all the experts said for decades that “Satanism is everything evil in this world” that “Women are responsible for all the crimes against minorities” that “white women were the reason the planet is dying” that “homosexuality is oppression and misogyny.” Would you listen to these experts? would you believe them? Or would you too grow tired of them, disparage them, insist that they were wrong because they said everything you were is the source of all evil in the world?

Would you respect the experts then?

…We are talking about people who rape and murder. We are talking about monsters who target teenage girls for assassination because they advocate education. We are talking about people who encourage people to believe in the most ludicrous fundamentalist myths of creation rather than trust science. We are talking about people who think science and atheism are dirty words.

Well, if we’re talking about ISIS…yes.

If we’re talking about Brexit or Trump…no.

If anything, one of the driving forces behind Brexit was the fact that Muslim immigrants are given carte blanch to rape, sexually assault, physically assault, theft, hatecrime, and get away with it under the EU. The UK has suffered from grooming gangs for decades, and their police did absolutely nothing for fear of being called racists because of protections and pressures given by the EU.

And if we’re talking the US…Hillary Clinton’s husband was the rapist…not Trump. Weiner, husband to Hillary’s right hand woman, was the guy going after teenage girls. Hel, the podesta emails are hinting at some major, major international child sex trafficking ring.

So, there’s that…

And it was Saudi Arabia who just declared Atheism an act of terrorism…Not Trump or anyone involved with Brexit that I know.

And as has been mentioned in what is left of the free press, we are living in an age where lies outweigh facts and truth most of the time.

Honestly, I have to ask what free press this is? Because…there is no real free press. There’s the politicized, corrupt, biased media that is most certainly fucking around with everything to do with this election.

So, you know…Lies do outweigh facts and truth these days.

Yes. The war on intelligence and critical thinking has already started.

We must have an intelligent response. We didn’t start this war, but we must not lose it.

This is a war that is. But it isn’t Brexit, or Trump, or even ISIS that started this war. This war was started a long time ago, by those who desired power over all. And now, their heirs are seeking to take a hold of that power, in our life time, and the war is now come to a head.

Trump, Brexit, ISIS…these are all forms that the fight against these powers have taken. There are other forms this fight has taken as well. But simply because there is a common cause (to take back the power), and a common foe (those who have power and want to have more)…does not mean that these things are the same.

I am not a Satanist, I am a Heathen, so my perspective is different. But power belongs in the hands of the People…not the oligarchs. Trump says impolite things, things that people like to label abhorrent these days. And as they clutch their pearls and hiss about misogyny and racism and every other ism under the sun…they’re missing the point of what he says. Of what his proclaimed goals are, what are the consequences of actions he intends to take. To break the power of politicians, to end trade deals that have stripped Americans of jobs, to restore the power to the people.

The same goes for Brexit. Everyone I’ve seen bemoaning the leaving of the EU are complaining about “lack of free movement” and petty shit like that. But Brexit was about regaining the Democractic Rule of Law of the UK for the citizens of the UK.

If it is Racism, that a people should rule themselves, that the laws they make should be respected and enforced, rather than laws made to rule them without respect is Racism….then maybe Racism isn’t the worst thing in the world. And if the belief that a people should have the right to rule themselves is put forth by a man who talks about how women will let you “grab them by the pussy when you’re famous” is sexism….that doesn’t invalidate the idea of Self Rule.

As a Heathen, I am concerned less with Words than I am by Deeds. Are Trumps words “offensive?” To some people. But his deeds that he says he wishes to do are honorable. Hillary’s words are non-offensive to a fault…but the history of her deeds is one of corruption, lies, murder, assassination, intimidation, sexism, racism, international crime, the destruction of lawful governments for personal gain, and even potential international child sex trafficking.

Perhaps Cassie is fine being ruled by oligarchs who will never answer to her. Perhaps, in Satanism, that is perfectly fine so long as the oligarchs are giving you what you want, and who cares what they do behind closed doors, or how they treat “your enemies.” But I am a Heathen, and we hung our kings to Odin, and we hung our criminals to Odin as well. Rulers must be accountable to their people. And it is better to have a boastful and lusty king who will answer to his kingdom, than a polite king who exploits it.

Praise Kek


Hela Bless