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You know what I haven’t done in a while? I haven’t gone over to Gods & Radicals and had fun at the expense of self righteous anarchists who want the world in their image or else.

So let’s do that today. And what are the Gifts of Hela if not gracious ones, it turns out Dr. Bones has decided to embrace his platform and speak of the God Emperor and all that entails!

society_and_the_unicorn_by_lora_zombie-d68ll9p2No joke, he actually used the above image. In which case, kek’s shall be had my dudes, shadilay.

We Are Past the Tipping Point

There are weird times, unsettling times, and then times that make you wonder if the entire universe hadn’t slipped into the grasp of some gibbering Chaos god content to cause widespread destruction and upheaval for the simple pleasure of moving things around.

May I just say that this is an absolutely hilarious way to start this article by Bones? I mean, Bones is an open practitioner of of Chaos magic, advocated the violent revolution of “The People” and the complete destruction of all society at the hands of anarchists (along with everyone else at Gods & Radicals), and openly speaks of his complete disregard for laws, social contracts, or in many cases, what most of us would consider common human decency.

But fear not my dudes, we are in the grip of the great Chaos God Kek, who has seen fit to destroy the old world and bring forth the new! #FreeKekistan


What does that moment feel like, that first sign that perhaps everything has gone off the rails, when normal slowly starts to drift away and a new reality rips through spacetime, shattering all former probability clouds like a burst from an orgone cannon?

What’s it feel like?

Feels good man.


Judging from the recent actions of Il Duce Trump I’ve begun seriously wondering if it’s time to set up an altar to Lord Tzneetch, Changer of Ways. We are in the shit folks, and what we’ve seen is only the first rumbles of a much darker future ahead of us…

So, when confronted with the possibility that all of reality has been overtaken by a Chaos God, Bones has the Brilliant Idea of…praying to a Chaos God.

brilliantFor those of us not into the Nerdier aspects of life…I cannot explain how terrible this idea is. But I will try. If you were to forge a pacifier out of Plutonium and then shove it up your ass, you would have achieve 0.0000001% level of the stupidity calling upon the Ruinous Powers is. But let it never be said that Bones lacks the capacity for such stupidity.

Still, I can only pray that we are protected by our God Emperor and that St. Mattis of Quantico is as great a tactical genious as Tzneetch’s arch-enemy. Better known as CRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!


Where can one begin? Here from the faraway peninsula of Florida, Trump’s executive actions had rung out like sniper fire: He’s frozen scientific research spending, ripped the teeth out of the EPA with a claw hammer, instituted a federal hiring freeze, opened up all pipelines, begun to kill Obamacare, and put a ban on Muslim immigrants from select countries.

And…I have no idea why this is a problem for Bones.

I seriously don’t. The man is an anarchist who has joined in calling for the violent overthrow of the Government. Perhaps in his legendary stupidity that allows him to pray to the Ruinous Powers, Bones has forgotten that overthrowing the government would mean…destroying the EPA utterly, imposing an absolute freeze on hiring government employees (can’t hire for something that doesn’t exist), the complete destruction of both capitalism and the government would pretty much end scientific research as we know it, obliterate Obamacare, and most likely end Muslim immigration (or any immigration other than armies coming to conquer the former USA) from all countries.

Gods Damn it Bones, Trump is literally giving you at least half of what you wanted. Why the fuck are you crying? Or is the anarchist Utopia not everything you imagine it would be, seeing as a small fraction of Utopia is apparently terrifying you.


Horrible, horrible things, yet no doubt expected. Trump is doing exactly what he said he would, a fact seemingly alien to the vast amounts of liberals who only weeks ago were smugly predicting Trump would get into office and use the same rulebook they’d perfected.

Well, I suppose that depends on your perspective.

Honestly though I think it’s awesome! I mean, a president who actually keeps his word and does what he was elected to do? I honestly figured that even if I somehow managed to become immortal, I would never live to see a day such as this.

The fact that he is doing so by using all the tools crafted by Obama and the super salty liberal who now scream about every act Trump does, all while throwing out their rulebook (and proving said rulebook to be as powerful as the flaccid cock of a 100 year old man) just makes it even better.

Because I know those powers and that rulebook was forged to destroy people like me, and people a lot nicer than me, and frankly I am happy to see it wrecked so utterly.

It really is like watching the God Emperor.


“Sure Trump talked a good game,” said a woman who assured me her sights were already on 2020, “but once he gets into office he’ll be no different than anybody else. Obama said a lot, Hillary did, it’s all part of the game. He’s not going to start rounding people up.”

16711604_381458458890090_687864179377504316_nOh my sweet summer child.

Funny you should mention that.

“Plainclothes agents of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, wearing jeans and t-shirts, have raided the Multnomah County Courthouse in the last two weeks, seizing at least three undocumented immigrants, according to reports gathered by the ACLU of Oregon.

On Friday, five agents arrived at a diversion program for people who had been charged with driving under the influence, according to Mat dos Santos, ACLU of Oregon’s legal director, who has been collecting accounts from defense attorneys, in effort to monitor President Donald Trump’s policies.

Dos Santos says the number of people arrested remains unconfirmed. Defense lawyers tell WW the number is at least three people over the past two weeks, but is likely higher.”

A President who Actually Enforces immigration laws and deports people who violate the laws, taking jobs that could have actually gone to our poor and homeless, and keeps his promises?

That must have taken someone with tactical geniu-


creed-loliflankuSeriously though, is Bones actually spazing out over, what, three people? My Gods, the death camps are already being built, the gas chambers no doubt are coming next. Of course, Trump is probably going to save us a ton of money by using the natural gas produced by all the bean in Mexican foods, so there is that. I’m sure my application to join the Pepe Death Squads will no doubt come in the mail any day now.


Nothing quite says fascism like plainclothes agents snatching up immigrants unawares, leading them to uncertain futures at federal detention facilities nobody ever seems to see. Luckily this is a nation of Law and Order, and Multomah County Courthouse officials soon condemned the act. Even Trump’s Muslim ban was quickly challenged in the courts and supposedly frozen until lawyers could argue about what an Imperial president could do.

Yes, this is a nation of Law and Order, which is why those illegal immigrants are still in custody (assuming they haven’t already been deported) and why the Multomah Country courthouse’s condemnation means all of jack and shit.

And yes, Trumps ban was challenged in the courts. Which caused a bunch of people to look up the actual law, discover that Trump is well within his lawful authority to issue that ban, that Obama issued an even harsher ban, and that the courts overstepped their authority and violated the law by preventing the ban from being enforced. And at the end of the day, Trump still wins with flying colors because he a) kept his word about a ban, b) discovered who in his administration’s government is willing to follow orders, and c) showed the American People who voted for him that the Courts do not presently serve the people or their interests, but rather overstep their authority for their own personal glory and gain.

Also, the Fascists never really sent plainclothed agents to snatch people. Their agents generally had uniforms and made a big deal about it. Plainclothed agents snatching people to be whisked off to undisclosed government detention centers was always more of a Communist thing…


Bones is a communist. So…why does he have a problem with this again?


I say supposedly for a reason. Southerners with a long memory easily recall the case of Worcester v. Georgia, where the Supreme Court reversed the decision of Cherokee Nation v. Georgia and held that Indian nations were sovereign and had natural rights to land. Andrew Jackson, known shitlord and wanton hellbeast with a thirst for native blood, famously delivered a line that would echo across the centuries and meet us firmly in the present day:

“[Judge] John Marshall has made his decision; now let him enforce it.”

Now, now, let’s not be ignorant. Jackson thirsted for the blood of everything, not just natives.

But like the broken clock, Bones has hit on something here. Jackson was the President, head of the Executive Branch. Marshall was part of the Judicial Branch. In the way the Government works is that the Legislature creates the laws, the Executive enforces the laws, and the Judicial decides issues based on the Law.

What we have here is a clear case of the Judicial trying to legislate law (the job of the Legislature) and the Executive branch saying “fuck you, not your job, you have no power here.”

Which is exactly what Trump is doing. The Legislature decided the President has the power to ban people from immigrating, and the Judiciary has absolutely no say in any of it. And if the Judiciary did, well, the boat for them to do so sailed decades ago, and even if it hadn’t, they didn’t do anything when Obama banned immigration, so they have no grounds to object since they didn’t object when Obama had them.


The gist? Something like this:

US Customs and Border Protection agents are ignoring a federal judge’s stay on President Trump’s immigration blacklist against seven majority Muslim countries and deporting people legally traveling to the states, according to attorneys representing those detained at airports across the country.

Yes, because a) the Customs and Border Agents answer to the President…not to the Judiciary. b) the Judiciary overstepped their bounds and has attempted to prevent the enforcement of a Lawful Order from the President.

Seriously, this is like Civics 101. Which, I realize is something no longer taught these days, but still.

The Judiciary has no power here. The Law is open and clear. Trump has the right and power to make his ban and have it enforced.


…Becca Heller, director of the International Refugee Assistance Project, told reporters on Sunday, according to the Guardian. “A lot of people have been handcuffed, a lot of people who don’t speak English are being coerced into taking involuntary departures.”…

The Department of Homeland Security promised to comply with the federal court orders while hinting that little had actually changed.

“The president’s executive orders remain in place—prohibited travel will remain prohibited, and the US government retains its right to revoke visas at any time if required for national security or public safety,” the statement said.

for-the-empraFucking Hela, but that statement just sounds fucking badass. At least compared to this day and age.


It gets better:

Attorney Christine Brandt has confirmed that under this scenario, the court would send Federal Marshals to arrest the Border Patrol agents.

That sounds like Heresy…

heresy identifySo…sending Federal Marshals to Arrest the Border Patrol agents who are obeying and enforcing a Lawful Order…

Oh yeah, absolutely no way that will fucking backfire at all. I mean, assuming the Marshals would even go do that, you would have Marshals attempting to use their lawful authority to arrest the Border Patrol who are lawfully enforcing a lawful order, and would then lawfully have the right to resist arrest and even arrest the Marshals for attempting to interfere in lawful arrests.

Meanwhile U.S. Congressman Jamie Raskin, who is also an attorney and a law professor, attempted to gain access to the Dulles detainees less than an hour ago, but was turned away by Border Patrol agents. That means the agents are refusing to allow the detainees access to an attorney seeking to represent them, and turning away a Congressman who was attempting to act upon a federal court ruling. And his fellow Congressman Gerry Connolly was spotted moments ago at the airport, yelling at the Border Patrol headquarters over the phone and demanding that they comply with the federal court order.

Well, to be fair, the detainees do not have the right to legal representation. That’s a right for US CITIZENS. While it is true, we often listen to our better nature and allow non-citizens to have access to legal representation…that is not a right.

Also, pretty sure it is not given for Congressmen to “act” upon a federal court ruling. I could be wrong here, but don’t think that’s within the realms of their actual, lawful powers.

Still, it seems like the Border Patrol is fully loyal to the God Emperor in this case. Not surprising, he’s fully backing them and allowing them to actually do their job. Something I think they’ve been begging the last several administrations to let them do. Gods help any Marshals who attempt to arrest them at this point. I suspect they’ll have two bolters for that heresy.


A lot of demands from people who don’t have the power to enforce them, and even the most die-hard believer in the “fairness” of the police had a hard time picturing federal agents literally putting each other in handcuffs.

that-feelWe are a nation of Law and Order. Your feelings mean nothing. Your fairness means nothing. There is only the equality of the law, and the order it brings.

Trump is doing what he promised. His order is lawful. He is doing exactly what he was elected to do. And fuck, even if I don’t agree with everything he is or does…it fucking feels fantastic. I thought the days when men kept their word of honor were gone.

Politics, like many things, doubles as stimulant in the right hands, and the weeks after the inauguration were the purest form of the drug I had ever tasted in 27 years.  Nothing sort of unfiltered madness and brazen authoritarianism seemed to be pouring out of every news article and every press release. Media outlets ran coverage that seemed totally at odds with one another and nobody seemed to have a clue as to what would happen next; like a small child falling into a pit of vipers you simultaneously held hope that everything would be okay yet knew that everything was entirely fucked.

Seriously Bones, you need to lay off the drugs though.

I mean, the media and government have been like that for the last…fifteen years? More? I mean, let’s be completely honest here, Trump is not doing anything Obama and Bush haven’t done before him (well, except keep his word, so I suppose that is a biggy). But Trump hasn’t given himself any new powers. Hel, there are powers he has which he has not even used yet (that Obama did).

You wanna talk about an “authoritarian madhouse,” well…where the fuck have you been for the last decade plus? Seriously man, where the fuck have you been? Because the only new thing Trump is doing is keeping his word.

As far as the media goes…yeah they’ve gone on and on about not knowing what was next because…they refused to believe Trump would keep his word. And then flowed with more salt than the dead sea when he…did exactly what he said he was going to do. Which, okay, I’m sure is a new experience for them. After all, they probably figured they were in for an easy four years of spoon fed briefings as they reported on Hillary Clinton’s war with Russia (well, at least till the Nukes fell), while eating her out.

And don’t think I’ve missed the irony of them constantly complaing about literally everything they were supporting right up until Hillary lost. Honestly, I’m surprised that there isn’t footage of various media people’s necks snapping with how fast they have pulled a 180 on a bunch of shit they loved when Obama did it.


Trump was not just “any politician” but the walking embodiment of everything we’d ever feared an American politician might do. He had been given a mandate to run the country as he pleased and nobody was going to tell him what to do.

Keep his word? Enforce the Law? Not give in when called mean names?

You might have feared that, but damn it man, people have been begging and praying for that since the 80’s.

I think Sargon of Akkad put it best when he talked about what he sees when he watches people at Trump Rallys. Apparently, it reminds him of all the French people waving American flags as the US troops rolled through France and liberated it from the Nazis. Trump speaks for and to a massive group of people who have felt abandoned and oppressed for decades. And he has Liberated them. Of course he’s going to follow through with that mandate and run the country as he pleases, because that’s what he was elected to do by the people.

Seriously, for a guy who is all about “The people” and “the revolution” and “liberation” he certainty seems to not get that this is exactly what happened. It just happened for the people he wanted to exterminate, and who those who think like him were working on suppressing and oppressing in their own nation.


“The media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for awhile,” Steve Bannon said during a rare interview with The New York Times on Wednesday.

“I want you to quote this,” Bannon told the Times. “The media here is the opposition party. They don’t understand this country. They still do not understand why Donald Trump is the president of the United States.”…

That’s why you have no power,” Bannon said. “You were humiliated.”

Bannon is perfectly correct and accurate here.

The Media fully supported Hillary Clinton. The Media utterly and completely attacked anyone who supported Trump in the slightest. They called them every name in the book, named them everything evil under the sun, and insisted that they were horrible, irrelevant, irredeemable scum that needed to be erased from existence….

And They Were Repudiated.

Hel, there is no more perfect example than the three MidWest states that handed Trump the victory. Those three states had been blue states for decades. DECADES. The odds that they would vote Red were inconceivable. But they did. Why? Because whenever the people in those states had tried to talk about their problems and their suffering, the MEDIA’s response was “lol wut, u racist? Check your privilege.”

If only the Media had listened rather than shamed…things might have been different. But that’s the same story all over the nation. The Media didn’t listen, it merely shamed and humiliated, And the people took it. Until Trump showed up and showed them they didn’t  have to take it, they didn’t have to be humiliated. That the Media had only the power they gave it, and they could take that power away. And they did.

And they humiliated the media.

god-empra-trumpHonestly, the best historical example I can compare this to is Napoleon. The people chose Napoleon, and when it came time for him to be crowned, he seized the crown from the hands of the Church and put it on his own head. Usually, the Bishop or whoever would crown the King, to show that it was the Church who was the king maker and that God empowered Kings. The Media has been the Church for decades, they were the king makers, but Trump and his followers seized the crown and made him “king” without their blessing and against their power.

Pretty damn humiliating if you ask me.


We’ll carry on in Part 2 (holy shit, more than one part? Haven’t done that in forever…)



Hela Bless