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Carrying on from the last post, responding to Dr Bones,

We Are Past the Tipping Point



A strain of politics much purer and more jagged than anything to limp or stutter out of past presidencies, only the most brain-dead hippy could take Bannon’s comments as anything other than a full declaration of war: the people, the media, hell the whole country was to be treated as a conquered people.

Vae Victus, my dudes.

Of course, what Bones is leaving out is that the People voted for Trump. Certainly, the Media could be treated as a conquered people, but they were conquered by the people they had mistreated and humiliated for decades.

And I mean, let us look at what the media has done recently.

They’ve attacked a YouTuber Pewdiepie as an anti-semetic nazi and cost him millions of dollars. Why? Because he made a few jokes, mostly to make fun of someone who actually was anti-semetic. This was an attack initiated by three reporters from the Wall Street Journal (one of whom appears to have a rather close relationship with Disney. Disney, which cut ties with Pewdiepie as a result of being contacted by these reporters, leading to the writing of this article) who spent hours going through hours and hours of content to cherry pick just a couple jokes. From a comedian. Were it not for the fact that Pewdiepie has 65 million subscribers to his youtube channel…he would have been utterly destroyed.

And then there’s the case of Milo, who recently lost his job, his book deal, and a speaking engagement because of accusations that he “supported pedophilia.” Not that he engaged it in, but that he supposedly supported it. This is, of course, the same media who has put out articles supporting Pedophilia (I even commented on some of them myself, from Salon.com which has purged those articles from their public site), and who says nothing about George Takei or Bill Maher who…do support pederasty. To make this even more egregious…Milo is the victim of pedophilic sexual abuse at the hands of a Catholic Priest.

vae-victis-1Not to mention the Media crowing about how nothing is wrong in Sweden…as Sweden has a fairly major riot, and is the Rape Capital of Europe because of “refugees” and other Muslim immigrants.

We were entering a new era and it would demand a new kind of rebellion.

Trump is the rebellion. Welcome to the new era  Bones.

Maybe if you got out of your revolutionary echo chamber where you’re the only one with the right answers and the absolute right to murder everything in the way of your Utopia, you’d have realized that yours wasn’t the only revolution on the block.


My idea was simple: A group of political radicals organized along the lines of the Hell’s Angels, a club where each member could count on one another and attacks against the State could be launched. The group would have a magical bent, monthly meetings loaded with ritual, and slowly plant the seeds for a riotous tribe of Anarchist wizards who shot guns, grew organic food, and used magic and might to protect those now at the mercy of Trump.

Or…you could just carry on like you always do.

I’ll be honest though, I’m pretty sure you’re describing a terrorist cell. Or at least, what you would consider a terrorist cell if someone like me did it. Or anyone else who was alt-right. Or conservative. Or libertarian. Or…well, anyone else except you.

But look at this, Trump has managed to convince the far left that government power is bad, guns are good, and one should stick up for individual rights. You know, those things they all felt was terrible, bad, and should be regulated away. Funny that.


“No no,” one shaman that doubled as a merchant marine told me. “Things aren’t that bad yet. We need to be much more general and benign to attract the right people. I was thinking more along the lines of Temple of high sorcery. You know the kind of the place where we turn our backs on humanity and Society in general and only intervene at specific pressure points when we feel it’s necessary?”

So…monks. This guy wants to go and build a monastic order and retreat from society so that, in theory, they can act on “pressure points” when they feel its necessary.

Guy honestly sounds like a cuck.

Look, if Bones ever actually does pick up a gun and starts shooting people, I will happily head down to lob his head off with a sword. But I will at least give bones the credit of picking up a gun. It will be a foolish, stupid, utterly pointless credit, but it will be a credit none the less. Of course, I will be laughing because Bones will have literally become the violent, fascist, authoritarian bastard he claims to hate, but my joy is but merely one of the many things involved in that hypothetical situation.


Sure. That worked GREAT for Tibet.

Well, given that the Dalai Lama is…apparently a violent and oppressive bastard for his high minded approach…yes?

And no, I am not making that up. Apparently “Chinese” students are protesting the Dalai Lama’s visit as their school supporting an oppressor.

I really wish I was making this up.


Meanwhile Giuliani was telling anybody that would listen that this was indeed a Muslim ban while “journalists” in Washington quibbled over the “tone” of press releases…

autistic-screechingOh no, is a ban against the most violent, intolerant, homophobic, trans-phobic, sexist, misogynistic, racist ideology in the world. What ever shall we do with all our virtues that we’re clutching to our heaving breasts?

President Trump has reorganized the National Security Council by elevating his chief strategist, Steve Bannon, and demoting the director of National Intelligence and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Let me repeat that for you: Steve Bannon, living vessel of the Alt-Right, the same guy whose website described the Black Lives Matter movement as “nothing more than sacrifices to the cause of empowering the elite few who control the levers of Central Government,” will now be a highly valued voice in any discussion involving everything from drone strikes to targeted assassinations.

I fail to see how that is not an accurate statement about Black Lives Matter. I mean, sure, he left out the part where it is a violent, terroristic organization founded on racial segregation and led by racial supremacists who feel that “white people are degenerate subhumans,” but then nothing perfect.

Also, I’m not seeing a problem with Bannon here. I mean, Obama assassinated American Citizens by his own whim, Clinton started several civil wars in the Middle East, and the CIA is doing their level best to fabricate shit about Russia in an attempt to delegitimize the lawful election and even start a war with someone who might actually help us make the Middle East somewhat livable again after the extreme fuck job Obama, Clinton, and co did to it. So seriously, Bannon has a lot of ground to cover if he hopes to be as bad.


And there were very few people capable of stopping him.

“There appears to be a very tight “inner circle,” containing at least Trump, Bannon, Miller, Priebus, Kushner, and possibly Flynn, which is making all of the decisions. Other departments and appointees have been deliberately hobbled, with key orders announced to them only after the fact, staff gutted, and so on…

So…Trump is shrinking the size of the government and consolidating power in the hands of a few who he’s appointed as part of his administration as mandated by the people who elected him in the Republic to do just that.

Also, why the fuck is an Anarchist getting so upset that the federal government is being dismantled and shrunk down? Seriously, I would think an anarchist, being for the absolute absence of government, would at least be happier with a smaller government than a large one. Yet here we have Bones screaming about the Government not being as large or as powerful as it previously has.

Then again, we are talking about a guy who wants to set up an altar to the Ruinous Powers, so honestly intelligence is probably something I should just stop expecting.

radical pagan

Last Sunday, Kellyanne Conway (likely another member of the inner circle) said that “It’s really time for [Trump] to put in his own security and intelligence community,” and this seems likely to be the case…

Well, given that the CIA is full of shit, and at least one Secret Service agent has openly refused to do her job and protect the president…

I really can’t say this is a bad idea. I hate that it has come to this, but if those in power will not do their duty, their power should be removed.

Especially if combined with the DHS and the FBI, which appear to have remained loyal to the President throughout the recent transition, this creates the armature of a shadow government: intelligence and police services which are not accountable through any of the normal means, answerable only to the President.”

As opposed to the current intelligence and police services which are…absolutely unaccountable to anyone.

I mean, seriously. If anyone wanted to hold the CIA accountable for their blatant fabrications…they can’t. It seems like entire branches of the government are going rogue, refusing to obey lawful orders, and outright threatening, if not acting, to sabotage the President…who was lawfully elected by the people! Not only are they mutinying against the president, they’re mutinying against the very Citizens of the Republic.

Honestly, depending on how this goes, it could go full Sulla…


This should be cause for alarm, perhaps even widespread panic, and indeed I thought it was when I attended a meeting to “plan the apocalypse” with what I assumed were fellow radicals.

Well, he’s not wrong.

If we have a civil war within our own government, that will spill into the streets and well…you can pretty much say good bye to the good life.

Well, depending on your definition of the good life.

The clothing should’ve been a hint I was drastically out of my element: my blue air-force windbreaker, emblazoned with a dancing grim reaper patch that said “Life’s A Joke,” was a stark contrast to the natural dyes, dreadlocks, and earth tones I began to swim in. The “plan,” revealed in a haze of cigarette smoke, was apparently to buy land in the Philippines, hire a bunch of natives, and live in treehouses off the grid.

In short, colonize an island and tame it with our own pocket proletariat.

So…colonize a foreign nation and enslave the local colored people to live your dream life?

10hu1fI’m starting to get the impression that the problem isn’t so much what Trump “does” as it is…he’s the one they think is getting to do what they all wanted to do themselves.

Seriously, it’s a good think I’m evil, or I would feel highly disappointed in the quality of my moral opponents…

Questions of whether I would be allowed to fire high-caliber revolvers within village limits were met with disdain; I was as equally put-off by discussions of “forming a corporation” and paying locals “more than they’d usually make, but not too much” for domestic servitude.

laughingOkay, really good that I’m really, really evil.

Because these people are shit.

While I puzzled over what madness might inspire someone to found a tree-top ayuhasca compound in a country who’s president compares his slaughter of drug users to the likes of Hitler the Trump Train kept on rolling.


Sean Spicer defended Bannon’s appointment, noting it was perfectly normal to have one’s Chief Political Führungsoffizier on the Reich Cabinet, plans were being drafted to scrap what little regulations existed on big banks and overtime pay, and a little farther down the line legislation would be introduced that would effectively kill Unions once and for all.

You know, Bones, you can throw as much German around, but you’re the one hanging out with with colonialists trying to figure out how to build a treetop paradise by paying the locals as little above slave wages as possible.

Those who live in imperialistic tree-houses probably shouldn’t throw stones.


But the big shock came on the night of January 30th, when Trump fired his acting Attorney General and acting head of Immigration Enforcement for not being loyal to him and having the audacity to question the legality of his actions.

Actually, I think it had more to do with refusing to enforce a lawful order, the goal of which was to protect the Citizens of the US from violence at the hands of improperly vetted “refugees.”

But hey, whatever floats your colonial ship.

proud dog

My head practically exploded when I heard the news.

Shame it stopped at practically and didn’t move on to literally.

I’m not sorry.

Abject terror and shock filled the room. This was it. This was the moment when everything went wild and nobody knew what to do. Power had been seized and its limits being tested. He was popular with the police, the military. If Trump went further who would stop him?

You…do realize that the President does have the ability to fire people if he wants.

I mean…that is nothing new. At all. this is not an exclusively Trump thing. Also, the lady was getting replaced anyways. I mean, it just happened a couple weeks early. Because she refused to do her job. Which, I’m sure is a unique idea for you, but if you do not do your job, your boss will typically fire you. That’s…kind of how employment works…

As for “who stop him,” well…you’re hanging out with monastics who run from the field of battle, and a bunch of people with the disposable income needed to go build an island treetop paradise on the backs of colored people. So…probably not you.

Evil-Baby-Meme-Blank-08Seriously, I’m not understanding how Bones has any moral legs to stand on, especially based on his own supposed morality.

My mind thrust into my body, assaulted by images. A swirl of implications and possibilities swirled before me. Maybe there was something to this Russia business, some kind of grand deal. Putin sits at a large oak table, casually showing Trump how China harvests organs from prisoners on several televisions around the room. He talks quietly over the screams of agony. “You know China wants to be number one,” he says, “We don’t want that, neither do you. Join us and you’ll be rewarded.”

Okay, seriously Bones. Drugs. Off. Now.

Secondly…if that is what your brain comes up with, where Trump and Putin are discussing how to prevent an Organ Harvesting China from becoming the ruling world power and…Trump and Putin are the bad guys in this situation…

…how long have you been worshiping the Ruinous Powers? Because that is some serious Chaos level shit there. Where the “Good Guys” are harvesting organs from living, screaming victims, and those who oppose them are the “Bad Guys” you have officially drunk the kool aid and passed from all reason, humanity, and goodness in the world.


Hell of a play, simply stunning. A new alliance: Russia and the US, now both authoritarian, standing against “communist” China. My gods, it made sense didn’t it? Why else had China just put nuclear missiles on its border with Russia? Why would the supposed leaker of a supposedly fake dossier suddenly wind up dead? Why would 19.5% of Rosneft, Russia’s state oil company and the very same company mentioned in the infamous Pissing Dossier, be sold to parties unknown in an array of shell companies at almost exactly the same amount supposedly offered to Trump?

Seriously kids.

Don’t do drugs.

At least not without serious moderation.

Because if you do them, you apparently end up a crazed chaos cultist who can hang out with colonialist oppressors, believe that it’s perfectly okay to destroy entire nations and kill countless people in the name of anarcho-communism, and gasp in horror at the idea that two nations might actually team up against a third that literally rips organs our of living people, and believe such organ harvesters are the good guys.

chaos-cultist-chan-1Seriously, don’t do them.

By the gods, how deep did this thing go? How large was the plan here? “You’ll be strong, you’ll have religion,” Putin continues, “free to do as you want. Do you know how China treats its people? Do you want that for the world? Only together can we keep them at bay.” Trump nods, authoritarian rule the only way to go, too much to risk to put it in the little people’s hands. Look how well it worked for Russia, he’d think, they were doing what needed to be done, what had to happen for survival. Besides the people had chosen him….

Bones…you’re really not helping your case. In fact, this little day dream of yours is really only effective for making rational people consider this scenario a good thing.

Seriously, if my options were “authoritarian US and Russian Governments Teaming up to prevent Hellraiser China from ruling the world” or “Let Hellraiser China take over the world,” then I fucking know which one I’m picking.

Hell, personally, I’d pick just about anything than that. God Emperor. Orks and endless WAAAAAAAG!, crazy puritans, unstoppable skeleton army (personal fav choice of mine, being all necromancery), hell, even the “greater good” fascists sound better than fucking Chaos/Cenobite China.


Wild, unhinged speculation, though here in the South we call it “circumstantial evidence” and it’s enough to get you killed. Would we ever know the truth? Gary Webb found the truth, told it to a world that promptly ignored him and ended up “committing suicide” with two rounds to the head.

Well, maybe he shouldn’t have had that information on Hillary Clinton


That’s where Trump and his minions have always had the upper hand: people are so focused on the obvious they are failing to see the spectral hands moving behind the scene. Even amid the intentional murkiness of whatever the hell is actually happening on this godforsaken rock outlines can be observed, small hints that signal potentialities brimming with energy and rushing towards manifestation. Trump’s presidency then is perhaps best looked at with a Sorcerer’s Eye or at least a Gambler’s Gut.

Actually, the God Emperor’s skills at 4D chess are widely known, Bones.

4d-chess-1Also, in case you’re gonna wanna break any other “amazing discoveries” that you’ve found…the big circle in the sky is called the sun, the white circle is the moon, water is wet, and no, those drugs did not actually help you.

Quiz time: if you were working a spell to fundamentally change the structure of a country, what exactly would you make of an omen like this:

“I’m a Leninist…Lenin wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.”

Well, if I were you Bones, I would presume that you had just been given everything you ever wanted on a silver platter, only to suddenly realize that everything you ever wanted is absolutely nothing like you actually want.

Judging by how much crying you’re doing in this post.

But that’s me.

As of this writing the US Court of Appeals has decided to suspend all enforcement of the Muslim Ban. Good. Great. That doesn’t change the fact that while radicals are still counting their pennies Trump is cashing in big.

Yep, it was a big win. Now Trump and all his supporters know a) who is against them, b) who is willing to deny the law because of politics, c) that Trump is there for them, and d) the next “ban” is going to be worded such that it’s going to be a lot harder to block.


Here’s his real victory: ICE agents were told to disobey a lawful order and obey the president. They did. Those that disagreed or questioned the policies of the president were fired. In one fell swoop this administration established who is loyal to it, what they can get away with, and where any resistance might come from. A tone has been set, a precedent established. What we are witnessing is a vast realignment towards full-blown authoritarianism happening right in front of our faces and by god whole sections of the federal government strongly support it.

Actually, ICE agents were told to disobey a lawful order, and instead they obeyed the President and his Lawful Order.

But yeah, basically.

trump enemies

Trump is not a normal politician. Bannon is not a normal adviser. This administration does not want to “return” to anything. They see themselves as the last hope for a “decadent” and “weak” people unprepared for the nightmare realm looming before them and predicted by the pentagon:

th“decadent” and “weak” huh.

I mean, those “weak” people just managed to overcome one of the most rigged elections in history, against all odds, and put their champion into power. Power, I might add, which he has been using swiftly and without hesitation to work on the things he promised to do.

As for decadent…honestly it is very obvious you have not spent a fraction of any moment of time with these people. Well I have, and believe me, decadence is a very, very distant concept. That being said, I’m pretty sure they’re far better prepared for whatever nightmare realm is coming then you are, treehouse boy.

This isn’t power for power’s sake, which is something well-meaning Democrats and many radicals fail to understand. This isn’t about returning to a “simpler time” or a more “conservative” style of governance. Bannon has made this clear. The events of January 30th, and the ones that will follow, will be about forging a new America, one capable of destroying anything in its path on a planet where more than a million of Earth’s land-dwelling plants and animals are on the way to extinction and Europe is set to ban all financial transactions they can’t monitor.

So…the world is “ending” and Trump is working to build a nation that will help his people survive no matter what, against all comers, and this is a…bad thing?

I’d ask if Bones realized that was…entirely the point of a government, but then again I’m kinda afraid to discover the answer to that question. I’m honestly afraid at the levels of ignorance I might discover.

Also, that Europe thing is just…terrifying.

Bannon has said he predicts open war with China in 10 to 15 years, the kind of conflict that requires the entire marshaling of American economic and political output to be successful. Nothing is more dangerous than a man who believes he’s the last hope for anything, and if that anything happens to be an entire country nothing is off the table.

Actually, I’m pretty sure that being unprepared for such a war would be more dangerous. At least the man can be convinced not to initiate anything. Statistically speaking, anyways.

Not that Bones has to worry, I’m pretty sure he’d be dropped in the first round of combat.

my body is ready

During the 1990s, two amateur historians, Neil Howe and the late William Strauss, developed a new theory of American history in two books, Generations: the History of America’s Future (1991), and The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy (1997).…Bannon focused on the key aspect of their theory, the idea that every 80 years American history has been marked by a crisis, or “fourth turning,” that destroyed an old order and created a new one…

Bannon had clearly thought a long time both about the domestic potential and the foreign policy implications of Strauss and Howe. More than once during our interview, he pointed out that each of the three preceding crises had involved a great war, and those conflicts had increased in scope from the American Revolution through the Civil War to the Second World War. He expected a new and even bigger war as part of the current crisis, and he did not seem at all fazed by the prospect.

I have read stuff on G&R that makes this shit seem normal.

Bones really doesn’t have much room to complain here.

This is an interesting theory though. I’ve head similar, though it tends to do more with generations. Same difference I suppose. Life is full of cycles. Hard times make strong men. Strong men make good times. Good times make soft men. Soft men make hard times.

We’ve had our share of very soft men, and we’re in hard times, or at least the cusp of them. It’s really in the hands of the Gods, I suppose.

How often do you think your “rights” will factor in shaping those policies? How much leeway do you think “civil disobedience” will be given? You thinking the fucking LAWS are going to stop these people? By Jupiter’s beard, Reuters is talking about bringing the skills they learned in “China, Zimbabwe, and Russia” home and you want to talk to me about running for city council?

And I suppose Bones’ brilliant solution to prevent the violation of civil rights and the government taking absolute power is to….strike out violently and try to overthrow the government? Since that’s been his playbook for the last several years.

Because that sort of thing doesn’t create the exact situation which Bones claims he wants to avoid…

Honestly, democracies and elections work. Trump is proof of that. If nothing else, that should restore faith in the democratic system than anything. But I suppose that’s too obvious for Bones, or he actually realizes that no one wants his revolution/utopia.


Times ain’t what they used to be and unless we can confront the grim and brutal reality manifesting in front of us our protests and anger will be for naught. You want a roadmap for the future of politics? Inscribe these phrases deep into your mind: might makes right, the only crime is getting caught, and the devil will indeed take the hindmost. Lonesome moons now rise over a nation where the rule of law is merely a stick to be stepped over or a cudgel to kill and this is only the beginning; the stars are right for an era that will change everything and determine the future course of the entire continent for years to come.

We have but one question to answer: TO WHOM WILL IT BELONG?

Someone answer that phone, because I fucking called it.

So, just so we’re clear…Bones is advocating…doing everything he claims Trump and co are doing. Seize power, and do what you please, because might makes right.

His entire argument for why Trump is bad is…the exact same argument he’s using to justify his actions. That is Trudeau levels of stupid right there.

if-you-kill-yourGods this is…kinda disappointing. It’s not unexpected, but it is disappointing. I mean, I remember when people tried to be better people than those they objected to. But these days…most people seem to take pride in being worse than the people they’re raging against, even as they call those people evil.

Sometimes I worry that if war does come…there won’t be anyone worth killing. There will be no glory, no combat against worthy and honorable foes. Just…self aggrandizing idiots guilty of the very crimes they accuse those they would kill. Screaming their virtues even as they commit the very sins they claim to be against.

Sometimes I really fucking hate humans…





Hela Bless