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So Jo at Upsal’s Guarden has a post up about “Nod-and-Wink Nazis.” Not entirely sure why Nazis are nodding and winking now, but eh, everyone’s free to do what they want for the most part. I’m not sure why he’s written this post, honestly it seems counter productive. People who are looking for Nazis are just going to take this as an admission of Nazis in Folkish Asatru, and any “nazis” in Folkish Asatru probably aren’t going to care at being “Called out.”

After all, if they cared about being publicly shamed, they wouldn’t be Nazis.

At one point Jo says: “Just stop with the fetishizing of Nazi Germany. It’s had its day. And that day ended in 1945.” Which, okay, sure, Nazi Germany did end in 1945. Of course, it could be said that Asatru had it’s day, and that day ended about the 11th century, so really, insisting on bringing something back that’s dead is an act of foolishness, while we’re trying to bring back something arguably even deader is actually the goal, doesn’t make a lot of sense to my slightly autistic self.

There are the people who will take Nazi imagery and retool it into something that they can then say is innocuous. But we all know what it came from, and why you’re using it. Even if you replace the swastika with an irminsul, or uruz rune, or something else, I know what you did, and so does everyone else.

Yeah, because it’s fun, the Nazis had cool imagery, and because it makes Normies freak the fuck out.

I mean you’re telling me you can look at an SS officer and, even knowing they killed 6 million (or is it 11 million) people and tell me he does not look like a hot, badass mother fucker who takes no shit from anyone?

I mean, admittedly, the uniform was designed by Hugo Boss, so of course it’s going to be fashionable. But even the flags and other stuff were on point for design. Hence why the glorious Republic of Kekistan, did model their flag with such designs.

And sure “you know what ‘we’ did, and so does everyone else,” but here’s the thing.

‘we’ do not give a fuck. Why? Mostly because of who “everyone else” is. You know, the people insisting that “white ain’t right,” and that white needs to be genocided. I mean, when you’re already a “Nazi”…what more is there to be done to you by taking the symbols of Nazis for yourself? Honestly, there isn’t.

And while I consider Jo a friend, as well as a brother in faith, his post does hold an essence that is all to common with people these days. A complete ignorance of why Nazis are attractive, or even why Nazis were Nazis themselves. Because a goodly portion of those “embracing” the Nazism with “winks and nods” are doing so because they have actually studied into Nazism and the events surrounding it.

Like, for instance according to Respected historian Ralf-George Reuth, that Hitler wasn’t wrong about Jews having an insane amount on influence over Germany.

At the time almost half of all German private banks were Jewish owned, the stock exchange dominated by Jewish stockbrokers, almost half of the nation’s newspapers were Jewish run as were 80 per cent of chain stores…

…’With World War One lost and Germany in financial ruin, with revolution threatening, he came to see the Jews as solely responsible for stock-exchange capitalism, which caused acute poverty and suffering when it faltered, and Bolshevism,’ said Reuth…

…’Then he saw that many Jews played prominent roles in the brief Soviet republic founded in Munich in 1919, against everything Hitler the nationalist stood for.

Bolshivism, btw, was a Jewish founded, and Jewish led, branch of Communism which engaged in large spread ethnic cleansing of non-Jewish natives who didn’t want to hand their nations over to Communism.

Now, here’s some census stuff from the American Jewish Committee about population of Jews in 1933:

According to the American Jewish Committee there were 510,000 Jews in the Country of Germany. (Other sources put the number at possibly just 240,000 Jewish population in Germany, but we’ll go with the pic because it’s by Jews who reasonably shouldn’t fake their own population numbers for themselves).

The population of Germans in Germany was about 79.4 million. So, from a population of roughly 510 thousand people, Jews owned 50% of banks, 50% of news papers, were the Majority of Stock Brokers (so 60% or higher at least), and 80% of Chain stores. Jews made up less than 1% of the population of Germany.

And then said Jewish population led a well financed, well armed Bolshivik revolution in an attempt to conquer Germany and join it to the newly created (and ‘jewish’ led) USSR.

Kinda puts a new light on things, doesn’t it. After all, we’re taught from grade school that “Hitler lied about Jewish control over Germany and that the Jews were trying to destroy Germany.” But, facts being facts, some Jews did possess controlling interest in Germany, some Jews did profit off the suffering of Germans, and some Jews did attempt to destroy Germany and hand it over to a Jewish Communist government, and wielded a degree of influence far beyond less than 1% of the population should reasonably have. Now, you can go #notalljews, and you’d probably be right, and we could argue if this was a racially motivated attack by Jews against Germans, or if ethnicity wasn’t a factor in what happened, but the facts are Jews did do stuff that really, really fucked over the Germans in their own country.

Also from Jo’s post:

That’s another thing – the Nazis killed millions of Jews, and denying that fact, or quibbling about the number killed, is simply abhorrent. So is antisemitism and Jewish conspiracy-mongering.

Well, as far as “Jewish conspiracy-mongering” goes…one may monger conspiracies, but numbers typically do not lie. I mean, if >1% of the population owns 50%, 50%, 50+%, an 80% of stuff…wellll….

As for “quibbling about the numbers killed” being abhorrent, well, here’s my thought on that. Is there a difference between killing 11 million people and 6 million people? Sure there is. What about killing 6 million people and 1 million people? Sure there is. Numbers of dead are very important, regardless of if holocaust or any other killing thing. (Fun fact, turns out the 11 million number is most likely fake and made up in the 70’s).

Now, as shown the population of Jews in Germany was about 510,000. Germany, at the time, had been the most Jewish friendly country for centuries. Now, there were potentially 9 million Jews in all of Europe. Supposedly, after the war, there were about 1.5 million holocaust survivors. Which means that Nazis would have had to have captured around 7.5 million Jews. All while controlling nations with reasonably low Jewish populations, as Jews were fleeing, and not even getting everywhere that had Jewish populations.

But here’s an interesting thing about the 6 million Jews being murdered. Turns out, it can be traced back all the way to 1869:

The image isn’t the best quality, but those are headlines from many papers dating all the way back to 1869. The highlighted bits all have 6,000,000 Jews. All well and good, you’d think there would be reports of 6 million Jews during that time period…except that 6 million is connected to places the Nazis never got to, places that were under Soviet control. To me, it raises questions to which I have no answers.

And that’s before you actually get to numbers. For example, the Red Cross put their death count that they took right after the Allies beat Germany as around 270,501

Now, for sure the Allies only got about half of nazi controlled lands, but even if you doubled that number for the Soviet controlled part, you’re looking at 500,000ish. Even if you doubled the number given to Soviet controlled parts, you’re still around 750,000ish dead. Which is a far, far cry from 6 million.

Also of interesting note is the “Death Camps” themselves. Initially, all concentration camps were listed as Death camps. However, it seems, the camps in Allied controlled areas that were inspected ultimately were just concentration camps…but not Death Camps.

Hell, Auschwitz had an Olympic size swimming pool for the inmates.

Additionally, what about population records for the actual camps?

Supposedly, that pic indicates total jewish population of the camps totaled 296,081. So we’ve got numbers ranging from under 300,000 to maybe 750,000. Questions, upon questions, upon questions.

Now, remember, the ENTIRE REASON Nazis are bad is because they killed 6 million Jews. That’s it. That is the only reason we are given that Nazis are bad. 6 Million. But some of the numbers don’t even come close to 1 million. Some of the numbers don’t even come to half a million. Half a million being, I will, remind you, the entire population of Jews in Germany. (Also about half the number of Armenians genocided by the Turks, which means the Nazis would have been less genocidal than the fucking Turks who don’t even get called out on their genocide).

You know, that same Jewish population which owned 50% of the banks, 50% of the Media, were the majority of stock brokers, and 80%, whom Hitler and his fellow Nazis could trace back horrible treaties (because Germany got a bad deal at the exact same time the Jews were given Judea by the British, who then proceeded to rape Germany of everything they could), as well national sabotage and insurrection.

So, tl:dr: Nazis look cool, had a justifiable response to antagonizing stimuli, and possibly had an insanely low body count to their genocide. And, in a day and age where EVERYONE appears to be screaming “White people need to die now!” stands out as a remarkably potent force of “White people should live.”

But to quibble is pointless? I hardly think so, but then I am known to quibble about absolutely anything and everything. And I don’t even drink the Reichstag’s coolaid. I’m not a Hitler fan-boy. But I am a historian by education, and I do look at facts as objectively as I can. And at this point, for me, all the facts do point out that most, if not everything, we were told about Nazis was probably a fucking lie, written by Allies who wanted to show how good they were, Jews who managed to get a sweet deal out of things, and Soviets who wanted to point out someone “worse” than them when they finally got caught doing monstrous shit to their own people.

Now, we get to the parts I’m still learning about, and don’t have much in the way of pictures for. But while I gave you statistics for Jewish owned and controlled stuff, there’s even more. (Not even talking about how the entire Jewish population was apparently so wealthy that Hitler was able to fill multiple banks and other locations with ‘reclaimed’ wealth from them, but possibly consider that fact yourself).

Did you know that transgenderism can actually be traced back to the Weimar republic? Fun fact, it apparently can, more over its publication/popularization came from Jewish psychologists like Magnus Hirschfeld, and the practice included gender reassignment surgery even then?

Transgenderism, homosexuality, lesbianism, and a whole host of other things were taking off like crazy during that time. Of note, though, is that this was after WW1 as Germany was being thrown into the pits of absolute financial Depression, worse than America’s Great Depression even.

So picture it, while the Jewish community (of perhaps 510 thousand) sit on enough wealth to fill bank after bank after bank…more and more German citizens were having to sell themselves into prostitution, and drugs, just to survive. There’s a fairly common tale of Husbands having to pimp out their wives and daughters (and sons) just to fee their families.

Imagine, if you will, being a tourist in NYC, and then right at 5 o’clock, every night, the downtown area turned into a Pride Parade. And this, of course, was celebrated by the societal elites (who, as statistic show, contained most of the Jewish population). Studied and publicized and explained by Jewish psychologists. Encouraged and financed by the wealthy (which, again, contained a lot of Jewish people).

Imagine it. One day, your country seems normal. You were winning a war that you hadn’t even started. And then, the war is over, and you come back to find your nation ravaged by the people you had been beating, apparently because the Jewish elite of your nation, whom you’d never really had an issue with, apparently sold out your mutual homeland so they could get a piece of coast off somewhere in the middle east from the enemy. Then, as your nation falls into ruin, and women who had been good loyal housewives are forced to sell their bodies, good moral girls then have to sell their bodies, and even young men who should have had a bright future give themselves over to homosexual acts just to survive. All while a people who prided themselves on their will and labor devolve into drunken, criminal addicts, barely able to survive, when the Jewish elite back a Communist revolution wanting to hand power over to a Jewish run government already known for mass murdering the natives of in their own land because they don’t want to hand ownership of everything to said Jewish Government in the name of Communism.

That is what Hitler and the Nazis lived in. That’s what they saw, every day. To the East they had Jewish Bolshevik Communist death squads murdering non-Jewish natives (including Germans living in Poland, which puts new light on his invasion of Poland). To the West they had nations like France and England whose financial situation was perhaps marginally less Jewish owned than their own that were openly hostile and profiting from their suffering, and they had a Jewish Elite pushing them into degeneracy, drugs, crime, prostitution, and desired their enslavement under Bolshevik Communism.

What could they do?


What would you do?

Ultimately for me, even with just the lightest amount of research and no emotional investment into the question, it has become obvious to me that Nazis and Germany at that time are grossly misrepresented, if by omission if nothing else. The more I look into it, the harder time I have denying that in some regards…the Nazis were justified, at least when they started out.


Do I blame Jo for calling out Nazis who are “winking and nodding” in Folkish Asatru? No, not really. Jo is doing what he believes is right, based on what he knows. But he knows what he has been taught, what most people have been taught. And unfortunately, what is taught is mostly ignorance.

It has been my goal with this post, not to support or endorse Nazism in folkism or anything else, but rather to put forth some Truth, which is long hidden, and denied its place in the light. We are told the Nazis were monsters. The truth is, though, they were but men. Men faced with an impossible situation, to which there were perhaps, only monstrous solutions, if they wanted their people to survive as their people.

And as I look out into the world in my own time…I wonder if we ourselves, are truly different from them. Or if we too, may be forced to become monsters in the hope that we might live.



Hela Bless