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So, since I ended up talking about Nazis thanks to Jo, might as well keep talking about Nazis. Touching on something from Jo’s post, that I somewhat already talked about in the previous post though (about quibbling over the holocaust), I’m going to address another part of it, namely anti-semitism:

That’s another thing – the Nazis killed millions of Jews, and denying that fact, or quibbling about the number killed, is simply abhorrent. So is antisemitism and Jewish conspiracy-mongering. I find that as repellent as Marxists who try to ignore, downplay, or deny the fact that Marxism has killed a hundred million people in it’s first century of existence. So, yay! You’re supporting or apologizing for or defending an ideology that takes second place as the most murderous one in history instead of first. Congratulations.

As I pointed out previously, it is possible (based on some of the numbers) that the Nazis in fact maybe killed about 500,000 Jews, which puts them at roughly half the Armenian Genocide numbers done by the Turks (possibly a third of said genocide, depending on if it was 1 million Armenians or 1.5 million, I’ve seen both). Once again, the Turks are virtually never called out on what  they did.

Before I get to the anti-semitism part though I would like to point out that based on what I’ve read and seen, Nazis are at best the 3rd place most murderous in history if we stick with the 6 million figure. While Communism does hold first place with a body count of 120+ million, Islam has certainly exceeded 6 million by orders of magnitude. Certainly, Islam has existed much longer, but I do not doubt that their body count is far, far closer to the Communists than it is to the Nazis.

Now, onto Anti-Semitism.

The first thing one must do when trying to discuss anything is define what it is you’re discussing. Anti-Semitism, for example, is held to be racist/negative views towards Jews simply for the fact they are Jewish. That seems remarkably clear cut…right up until you actually start watching what gets labeled as anti-semitic.

Take, for example, a recent meme that was made infamous in certain circle for being “anti-semitic” when CNN decided to blackmail a Redditor over the belief he had made an anti-CNN meme.

Said meme is simple. It shows CNN employees who are Jewish. That’s all it does. But this was deemed “anti-semitic.” The question the presents itself: “WHY?”

Certainly, seeing as CNN believes so much in Diversity, they would be happy to proclaim that so much of their staff was made up of an ethnic minority. Or so one would think. However, it seems, CNN and its Jewish employees were none too happy to discover that their ethnic identity was public knowledge. And it was deemed “anti-semitic.”

To me, the answer on the surface is unclear. However, if one considers things “sub rosa” as they say, and with a bit of psychology, hints do appear.

It is well known that CNN most certainly is a Progressively Ideological “news station.” And as we all know, Progressives believe in things like Diversity, and that whites have an innate problem with being racist. Psychologically, we know that humans are very much “ingroup” oriented creatures. They’re social creatures, who will typically follow along with their “pack” to greater or lesser extents.

So when a White person tells you: “we as white people are racist, and we need to do X for Minorities to make up for that racism.” Most white people will go along the lines of: ‘well, this person is part of my people, and they say we’re racist, so maybe we’re racist.’

However, if said person is not White, but of a different ethnicity who potentially has something to gain, the claim “White people are innately racist” will run into some skepticism. Inherently, the human mind will recognize an out-group member and be suspicious of claims that would gain that person at the cost of themselves/the pack. Which certainly would happen more if people knew it was a Black, Hispanic, or Jewish person saying “White people are racists.”

There is a very ungenerous way of looking at the fact that most of CNN’s headline reporters and analysts who are Jewish, fail to announce that they are Jewish, but rather pretend to be ethnically European, as an act of lying by deception.

Of course, even considering the possibility that a Jewish person would lie is considered an act of “anti-semitism” in and of itself these days.

And again, looking through the lens of history, another hint of why it’s “anti-semitic” comes to light. In my previous post, I talked about how during the Weimar era of Germany, Jews owned 50% of the News. If you look at that meme, you’ll discover CNN is owned by Jews, and if you do some digging, the company that owns CNN is also owned by Jews. CNN’s biggest competitor, FOX, happens to be owned by the Saudis.

So of the two biggest News channels…50% is owned by Jews. I haven’t checked into the likes of MSN/MSNBC, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Jewish ownership was also the case given Jewish over-representation (based on racial statistics of population) in Media based companies. Now, I personally do not care about the ethnicity of whoever owns any particular thing at any given moment, but…others do. And the knowledge that a group that possesses only 2% of the total population of the USA possesses the majority of positions in upper management/ownership of most of USA’s Media probably is enough to make them concerned.

But even stating that…is considered “anti-semitic.”

Speaking of more “anti-semitic” facts, according to Pew data, 44% of the Jewish community exists as part of the 1% Richest Americans. Just 2% of the population, and yet almost half of them are the Richest among us. To put it another way, if there were 1000 people, 20 of them would be Jews…and 9 of those Jews would be in the 1%.

Of course, to talk about that would be “anti-semitic” wouldn’t it?

Now, when dealing with the question of Nazis and their Anti-semitism, it often comes up that the Nazis believed the Jews were deliberately out to destroy the German people. Most people hold this up as a complete lie, and believe that the Jews had absolutely no intentions of destroying the Germans. Now, I myself am not in a position to determine if all Jews wanted to destroy the Germans, or even if there was an ethnically based malace to the actions to Jews towards Germans during the end of WWI and during the Wiemar. However, I do know that every ethnic group out there has its racists, and its supremacists, and Jews are no exceptions.

Not that one could blame them, given their history throughout Europe.

But, for example, we do know that one of the reasons Hitler felt the Jews were out to destroy the Germans was the deep Jewish connections had by Marxism and Communism, as well as the Remarkably high percentage of Jews in charge of the Bolsheviks and Soviet Union. Take, for example, the words of Trotsky, a Jewish founder of the USSR:

Here in, Trotsky speaks of “white negroes” which are to be created by the Soviets. A people barely able to work for the state, but without the mental faculties required to present any sort of challenge to the state. He describes the absolute ethnic cleansing of all Russian intellectualism and culture.

And as anyone who knows the history of the Red Revolution will realize…that isn’t very far off from what happened to a lot of people.

Another fun fact, Trotsky appears to have invented the word “Racist!” He used it to describe “Serbophiles” which basically means “Serbs who refuse to give up their traditional ways for the Revolution,” and denounced these people as “racists.” Much in the same way that many people are now called Racists because they don’t want to give up their traditional homeland and its culture.

Of course, that was then (with Trosky being one of the main leaders and heir apparent to the thrown of the USSR until Stalin axed that). But what about now? Well…

Let us be honest and admit…that does sound familiar, doesn’t it?

And sadly worse, it is not a singular belief held by one lone man. It is, apparently, held by many. Indeed, if you look into those who speak most often and most strongly against “white” people and their “racism” you will discover more often than not said person is of Jewish ethnicity…though they are not always very open about it. The leading intellectuals who pushed for this present day intellectualism of “white privilege” were virtually all Jewish.

You may recognize the name Tim Wise, who was praised in an article I did a post about, the article being the declaration and celebration that Diversity literally is White Genocide. He apparently also made a “documentary” entitled: White Like Me.

Even though he is Ethnically Jewish. Again, a case could be made for “lying via deception.”

And that’s not even touching what some Jewish people have done when it comes to sex, relationships, gender roles, and porn. Be it the 1910’s or the 2010’s, Jews have been on the leading edge of Gay and Lesbian activities, Transgenderism, Feminism, and other sexual activism’s. At multiple points in time, and across many nations, if there is a sudden shift from “traditional” gender ideas, as a rule Jews are there and they are leading the way, often against the express will of the Gentile public of that nation and hundreds to thousands of years of their traditions.

After all, even California couldn’t pass a vote to legalize Gay Marriage, it took an act of the Supreme Court surpassing their authority in order for Gay Marriage to be made legal in the US. (And of note, despite being but 2% of the population, Jews make up 30% of the Supreme court, so there’s that over representation thing again).

Take feminism for example, most of the big and/or foundational names in Feminism were Jewish women:

Regardless of ones views about Feminism, Lesbian/Gay/Bi/Trans/Queer/Asexual/Pedophilia, etc, being positive or negative, the effect and responsibility for shifting attitudes induced by Jews is considerable. As are the massive amount of social consequences that have come from them, both good and ill.

I, of course, expect to be fully denounced as an anti-Semite at this point, simply because I have presented these factual and all too real things before you. And this is just a paltry sampling, there is far, far much more out there if you bother to look.

So while it is not proof that all Jews are inherently racist and desire the destruction of European peoples and their culture (nor do I believe all Jews agree with or desire such thing), there is evidence of a long history of Intellectually, Socially, Economically, and Politically powerful Jews who completely do desire the absolute destruction of European ethnicities and cultures. But if you point that out…you’re a Nazi and an Anti-Semite.

You are literally the bad guy for pointing out the people who want you dead, while there is no repercussions for a large scale, successful, drive for extermination.

As I said earlier, whenever you want to talk about something, you have to define what it is you’re talking about. Now, who, ultimately these days, gets to define what is “anti-semitic?” Well, the simple answer is…Jews. Most of the more well known “anti-racism” groups out there are Jewish created, Jewish owned, and Jewish run. They are given absolute and total control over what is “anti-semitic” and most of the time have the social pressure available to absolutely crush anyone they deem “anti-semtic.” No matter how tangential, or even non-anti-semitic a thing might be.

One of my great sorrows is the fact that virtually every symbol that can be related to Asatru…is listed as a racist, anti-semtic, hate symbol. Why? Because “racists” who “hate Jews” have used them.

But remember what I pointed out in this post. There is a long running, historical line of Elite Jews who do have the desire to destroy European people’s and their cultures. And it is not that hard to discover this if you bother to look with an open mind. But anyone who points it out is a “racist” and an “anti-semite.”

To me, that ultimately means that people who have embraced the culture and symbols of their people, to one degree or another, found this information, spoke about it enough to draw attention, and were then socially ostracized to prevent them from being able to speak about it…and their symbols were then listed as “anti-semitic” so that anyone who bore them would instantly be cast out from society and the knowledge contained. And one need only read the news to see lately that this extends not just to ancient Germanic symbols, but even so far as the American Flag and other traditionally patriotic symbols as well. Symbols that have long meant freedom and equality of the races are now denounced as oppressive and racist.

Are there Racists in Asatru and Heathenism? Absolutely. Are those racists such because they’re lost in a fairy-tale of racial supremacy and a complete denial of reality? I CAN NO LONGER BELIEVE THAT TO BE THE UNIVERSAL CASE.

After all, when mothers and fathers who protest the continual rapes of their daughters are denounced as RACISTS! and others point out that the tips of the spear comes from Jewish Elites are denounced as RACISTS, and even just people who believe they have a right to their own homeland are RACISTS! (fun fact, the Dali Lama has been denounced as a racist for believing that), then what am I to believe?

Frankly, I’m not sure what to believe on these matters anymore.

But I know my beliefs are not what they once were, and while Jo feels compelled to call out the Nazis…I surprisingly find myself growing more tolerant of them, simply because facts both present and historical are doing more to Justify the Nazis and prove that they were telling the Truth about what they faced, than the Disproving them.

In addition to my growing tolerance based on the facts at hand, there is also the simple realization I have been stating for years now. NO AMOUNT OF NAZI PURGES WILL EVER SAVE US.

It’s true, Asatru and Heathenism as a whole will never reach the state of “anti-racial” purity needed. Doesn’t matter if your Folkish or Universalist. It will never happen. Because the very ideas, culture, and symbols of Heathenism have been declared “anti-semtic” and racist. And you could have the most accepting, Universalist, LGBTQPA, Diverse group of Heathens, and as soon as someone goes “Oy Vey! Nazis!” You Are FUCKED.

There is no appeasement, there is no mercy. There are racists who desire our destruction and they will have it. You cannot change their minds, you cannot buy their mercy. Because nothing you could give them comes close to what they believe they can obtain with your destruction.

And so, there is no point trying.

Instead, in your attempts to appease by disowning and “murdering” your own, all you do is weaken yourself to make the ultimate destruction easier. You have been divided, and so you shall be conquered. And you have been divided over lies, and an abjectly unimportant moral distinction about mass murder that is disregarded in regards to literally everyone else on the planet.

Because let us be completely honest, the only reason the holocaust matters is because it happened to Jews. No one cares about the Armenians, who probably lost more of their global population in their genocide than the Jews did in the holocaust. No one cares about the Serbs, the Poles, or a dozen other Eastern European ethnicity that were mass murdered by the Soviets in numbers 20x that which the Nazis supposedly killed. No one cares about the Germans mass murdered in a sadistic bombing campaign specifically designed to kill civilians rather than target actual military or political targets. No one cares about the Chinese or other Asian ethnicities who were Mass Murdered in Asia. None of those mass murders are important.

But don’t you dare question the Mass Murder of Jews by the Most Evil Nazis you racist anti-Semite!!!!!

Well I’m sorry, but if most mass murders are apparently perfectly acceptable, then I have no reason to judge this one any differently. And if I do not judge it differently then I am left leaning towards the conclusion that it was very much a case of “kill them before they kill us,” given everything happening at the time.

And given the state of Europe with their current “immigration” woes, not to mention the USA as well, the whole “judging based on mass murder” suddenly becomes weaker as I (and many others) realize that the very likely chance that the only way to retain our traditional, ethnic homelands may in fact be multiple acts of mass murder ourselves.

And who is on the leading edge of “3rd world immigration” into Europe?

Look now, again, unto Trotsky?

Within the decade, Europe is going to reach a tipping point when it comes to ethnicity and population replacement. With the US, while things might take a bit more time, two decades is not an unreasonable expectation. At which point European peoples will not only be a global minority…they will be a minority in virtually every single one of their own countries.

At which point, if they want to survive, there are only violent options left available. And only massively violent and murderous options available if they want to keep what has been theirs for hundred to thousands of years. At which point, the Nazis will be surpassed in terms of their bloodshed, regardless of actual numbers slain.

But I’m supposed to judge the Nazis as totally evil? When history seems intent to repeat itself, and far worse may yet be required? I am hesitant to cast such judgements.

But, I suppose, that is anti-Semitic to say?


Hela Bless