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A video came across my facebook feed which, I’ll be honest, almost had me rolling on the floor laughing. Ordinarily, I’d rather respond to this video in video format, but I don’t have a way to rip it down and edit it at the moment. More is the pity. What is this video and why did it have me laughing? Well, it’s a woman in New Zealand (of all places) who is proudly declaring “I am a Zionist” and arguing why Zionism is okay because people hate Zionists. Here is the video in question.


Now, normally, I try to discuss either my religion, or politics in general, and I don’t particularly care to focus on stuff outside of that. I’ve written a bit about Islam, for obvious reasons, but frankly I tend not to care too much about Israel or Jewish people unless they’re actively attacking Heathenism. (I’m looking at you ADL).

Still, as my recent research into a certain historical political party occurred, I did come to witness that a great deal of those advocating for “open borders,” “checking your privilege,” and of course speaking out against “nazism and white supremacy” happens to be, well, Jewish. There are of course, obvious reasons for Jews protesting Nazism and White Supremacy, and even for a nation of immigrants like the Jews to advocate for open boarders, but, well, if you’ve watch the video…you may see why I’m laughing. For those who didn’t, well, I’m going to go through it.

These days, Zionism is a negative term. It’s emotionally and politically loaded. It carries many bad connotations. It’s often associated with crimes against humanity. Fascism, racism, apartheid, colonialism. But it’s none of these things.

Well, ge-whiz, if that doesn’t sound entirely familiar. Hmm, what other thing have I head constantly treated as an emotionally and politically loaded term? What else has been connected with crimes against humanity, fascism, racism, apartheid, and colonialism?

What could it possibly be?

What is Zionism? Zionism is the belief in the right of the Jewish people to self determination in their historic homeland, Israel. The Jewish people are the indigenous people of Israel. Archeology, history, and genetics all prove this incontrovertibly.

Sadly, the bible kind of proves otherwise. As does history itself. See, before it was “Israel,” once the Hebrew people spent forty years getting from Egypt to what would be Israel (a journey that probably should have taken a month and a half at worst), the land was called Canaan. Canaan was home to many indigenous peoples, including but not limited to: Ammonites, Amalikites, Moabites, Philistines, Canaanites, and others. All of these peoples had their own nations in the Canaan area.

All these peoples got to experience  attempted genocide when the Hebrews showed up and claimed “this is the land our god has given us, die infidel.”

While it is true that Abraham and his kids did originate in the Canaan area, one would probably be more accurate to say that the Hebrew ethnicity was more indigenous to Egypt, since that is where the entire family settled and lived for several hundred years and turned from one guy’s family into an entire race.

The first kingdom of Israel was established over three thousand years ago.

Yes, and about two thousand years ago, the Roman Empire (sick of Jewish rebellions) destroyed that country and deported something over 90% of the Jewish population from Isreal and banned them from every coming back.

So in reality, the Jews had a kingdom for about 1000 years…over 2000 years ago. After that, the area was settled mostly by various peoples until about 1300 years ago the Muslims came in and took over. So arguably the Muslims held it longer than the Jews did, chronologically.

Since that time the Jewish people have been ruled by successive occupiers in the land. The Romans for example, the Babylonians, and since the seventh century, the Arabs. But they always had a presence in the land, and people outside the land always prayed towards, and yearned for, the reestablishment of the sovereign homeland.

Okay, she is skipping a looot of stuff here.

So, to start with the Hebrews came up out of Egypt and carved themselves a nation: Israel. Eventually, the kingdom was “officially founded” as we know it in about 1,000 BC when David conquered Jerusalem. However after the death of his son Solomon, things didn’t go so well and “Israel” actually split up into two kingdoms: Israel to the north, and Judea to the south.


Around 722 BC (a bit under 300 years from when David mad Israel), the Assyrians showed up and took over the northern kingdom. Around 586, the Babylonians showed up and conquered Judah. Which means that “Isreal” only existed as an independent nation for about 300 years. But it still existed at this point.

Around 530 the Persians showed up and BTFO’d everyone. They ruled the area till about 331, when Alexander the Great came along and went butt bandit on the Persian empire. A couple years later in 323, Alexander died and the Seleucid empire got control of “Israel.” Around 167, the Maccabees managed to get their act together and kick out the Seleucids, creating an independent Jewish state in Judea…until about 164 BC when they basically handed power over to the Roman Empire. Although one could debate that didn’t become official until the Romans sacked Jerusalem and established the Herodian dynasty. The Romans would then continue to rule Judea until the Muslims showed up in the 7th century AD, although around 135 AD after nearly 60 years of constant rebellions, the Romans “removed the Jews from Jerusalem” and renamed the area Palaestina (Palestine).

Here’s the tl:dr version as a Music Video!

Which means, basically, that even though the Jews had a kingdom of Israel since 1,000 BC, they only had autonomy for about 300 of those years at the start, were a conquered people for 700 of those years, and then lost said land for about 2000 years.

So…not really the strongest claim of “It’s our land, fuck off we’re full!”

In 1947 the United Nations voted to realize the Jewish people’s aspiration for a homeland. At the same time, they also voted for the Palestinians although they were known then just as the Arabs who were living in that area to also have their own homeland. The Arab people, declined that opportunity. The Jewish people accepted that opportunity even though it fell far short of what they had really hoped for. Therefore, the United Nations offered a two state solution and the Arabs turned it down.

Once again, skipping history this lady be.

See, it all started not when the UN voted to ratify a Jewish state. It actually started at the end of WW1 and the Balfour Declaration. In short, the Balfour declaration announced the British Empire’s full support of the creation of a Jewish state in the area known as Palestine. While the Brits didn’t jump on the train right away, thanks largely to the fact they had promised the Arabs their own independent nation (that involved the Palestine area) should they revolt and fight against the Ottoman Empire. The Arabs (having owned that area for about 1300 years) were not happy to be told that “some of your land is going to your eternal enemy the Jew.” There were some issues with immigration restrictions, but eventually more and more Jews were let into the area.

The Balfour Declaration of 1917, however, is important for another reason. It was one of the leading reasons the Germans came to be anti-semitic. This was because Jewish leaders and politicians in Germany capitulated Germany’s position, surrendered the country, and accepted ludicrous war debts (totaling 3x the total value of all property in Germany), in exchange for Britain handing over the ancestral homeland of the Jews to the Jews. The Jews get Judea and all for the low low price of Germany, which they didn’t even care about.

Of course, said ethnic rage and Germany’s attempt to get back on its feet and “deal with the Jewish Question” started WW2, the holocaust, and all that fun stuff. Which just went on to prove the need for a “Jewish Homeland.” Adding fuel to the fire, from 1939-1948, Jewish insurgency groups started a terrorist war on the Brits to drive the peace keeping force out of Palestine…all while Jewish settlers were stockpiling weapons. So the Brits, broken from a war they all but lost and without the manpower needed to keep the empire intact said “Fuck it, Judea for the Jews!” and opened the gates. Of course, this pissed off the Arabs something fierce because suddenly here’s all these Jews invading their homeland and driving them out.

The newly created UN attempted to find a solution: the Two State Solution, which would allow for both a Jewish state for the incoming Jews, and a Palestinian state for the native Arabs who had been there for 1300 years. When the lady talks about “the Arabs rejected it” that’s why. It was their land. Had been for longer than the Jews had had it. And under their nominal rule for longer than the Jews as well. Of course they weren’t going to just give up the land the Brits had promised them to anyone, much less Jews.

Of course, the Brits finally pulled out, the Arabs both local and surrounding went into take back the stolen land, probably well aware that the Jews had been stockpiling weapons with the goal of creating a single Jewish state. (the only reason the Jews accepted a “two state” solution to start with was because they were already prepping to invade the other state and take everything). And the Jews blasted the fuck out of everyone. Jordan did take the west bank, and Egypt got the Gaza strip, but Israel claimed virtually all the rest and some 700,000 Palestinians were driven out of their native country.

Almost every country in the world has been established through war, negotiation, or colonialism. New Zealand was established through a combination of these things. Israel, as a nation state, has more legitimacy than any other country in the world, if not every other country in the world.

This part, though, is the one that had me almost in my floor crying with laughter. Not because I deny that most nations in the world have been established through war, negotiation, or colonialism…because that’s true. Most nations in Africa, the Middle East, or the Americas certainly were established via these things. And sure, you could say the same thing about maybe Europe or Asia, although while war and negotiation were certainly part of the process, those nations did largely come into being because of specific ethnicities living in certain areas. Germany’s boarders might have been set with some warfare, but Germany existed because of a common German people. Same with France. Or Poland. The UK certainly was by war, and Italy is…well, Italy has always been a mess.

But to claim that Israel has more legitimacy, nay the only legitimacy, to exist than say Norway, Sweden, France, Iceland, Denmark, China, Japan, or a dozen dozen other countries that have all existed longer and were created by their own ethnic peoples? That is ludicrous! The absolute Hubris of such a statement. Dare I even say it, the racial supremacy of such a statement were is spoken by anyone else would be considered appalling. Hell, Hitler is considered one of the worst people in history, and he only stated that Germany had exactly the same legitimacy as every other state.

She is literally saying “The State of Israel has more right to exist than any other nation on the planet.” And then she wonders why Zionism is so hated the world over?

There is a misconception that Israel is built on stolen Palestinian land. Palestinians have never had sovereignty in the land. They have been offered several opportunities to have sovereignty in part of the land and declined all those offers. Further, between 1948 and 1967 they were under occupation by Jordan and Jordan never created for them their own independent state. So to say that Israel is built on stolen Palestinian land is simply not true.

You can live in a place for 1300 years, and it isn’t ever yours. We can take it over by force of arms, and it is automatically ours even after 3 months.

Gods help me, but I’m starting to understand why the Palestinians hate the Israelis.

Now, I don’t know why Jordan didn’t create a “Palestinian state” from the area they had. Then again, they only controlled the “west bank” area so I’m not even sure that’s enough to create a “state.” Also, the instant they created said state, they would have to pull their forces out. The Palestinians, at the time, were a broken, bankrupt group of refugees who probably didn’t have much in the way of weapons. Much less enough to hold off the brand new Israeli army that had just kicked the asses of at least five other countries. If Jordan had done that, within a week the Israelis would have simply taken the “West Bank” and the Palestinians would just be driven further out.

Which is exactly what happened in 1967. Several Arab nations got together to try and wreck Israel’s shit. Instead, they got their shit wrecked and Israel managed to not just capture the West Bank and Gaza strip, they pretty much got all the way down to Egypt, into Syria, Jordan, and almost doubled their size I think. They only gave some of it back later when they realized they couldn’t hold all that land and the US took them by the shoulder and said “Give it back, it’s not yours.” (They also sank a US Warship, the USS Liberty, in an attempt to get the US to join the war by framing the Egyptians for the attack. It didn’t work, the US realized it was Israel who sank the ship, and the Israeli’s claimed it was a case of “mistaken identity.” US sailors, however, reported the Israeli plans had flown over the ship earlier as such close distance that both sides visibly waved at each other).

It would not be an inaccurate statement to describe Israel as a gang-banger who moves in with his grandma and his cousins, and then when grandma dies, kicks out the cousins, starts blasting his stereo at max volume all night, and then throws Molotov cocktails over the fence into the neighbors’ yards when they call him a prick and tell him to turn down the music. Sure, he’s got every legitimacy to live in that house, but he’s still an asshole.

As for the “stolen Palestinian land isn’t true” bit, well…if right of conquest grants legitimacy, then the Brits owned Palestine and they promised significant portions of it to the Palestinians. So it was theirs by right of inheritance. Yes, the Brits also promised some of that land to the Jews, but as the two state solution shows, it was not the totality of the Palestinian land. After that it’s really a question of was it legitimate conquest or armed robbery that the Jews took the extra land. The Jews will say its legitimate, but the Arabs probably do feel robbed.

Jews have a tragic history of persecution. If there is any people in the world who have a need for self determination it is the Jewish people. They have suffered through pogroms, ghettos, the holocaust, the Spanish inquisition. They’ve been forcibly converted, culturally assimilated, ghettoized, exterminated, assaulted, for as long as we all can remember.

And honestly…yeah, okay. I’m not going to deny there has been anti-semitism for as long as there have been Jews. There’s no point in denying what is an undeniable fact. Everyone has hated the Jews.

Well, remember how the Jews got their start. They get themselves freed from slavery in Egypt and march into Canaan…where they proceed to commit genocide against every native people they can find so they can claim their “divine homeland.” Well, when you go around genocide people, they tend to hold a grudge. Hell, the grudge got so bad that the entire northern kingdom of Isreal was genocided completely. The Jews were kicked out of Judea because they literally would not stop rebelling and engaging in terrorism against the Roman empire.

I don’t know how many people are familiar with the Jewish holiday of Purim, but I suppose most people should be familiar with the story of Esther and Haman. What the story typically fails to mention, or people telling the story or celebrating Purim fail to mention, is that Haman was the grandson of the last king of one of the native Canaanites, of whom only a tiny portion remained, because the Jews had exterminated their entire kingdom and the majority of their race, and made them refugees in Persia. The entire reason Haman wanted the Persian king to exterminate the Jews was an act of justice for the Jews’ own genocide of his people!

Centuries later, in Christian Europe, Jews faced shit times again. Part of it was Christians being pissed at the Jews for having killed Jesus, sure. The rest of it though was Usury. See, Christians, like Muslims, believed that charging interest on a loan was a sin. You shouldn’t make money off the poverty of your fellow man. This mean that most people weren’t interested in loaning money because, well, that’s money you’re giving up, you might need it, and you wouldn’t be getting anything out of it. Jews on the other hand, could engage in Usury and would happily make loans to the Goy (non-Jew). Of course, as most people with loans quickly realize…you’re losing a lot of money and gods help you if you can’t pay it back. Well, guess what, Jews made a lot of money and typically took what couldn’t be paid for. This rapidly meant that in a population of starving peasants, “Greedy” Jews were quickly living like nobles. And once the Jews started loaning to the Nobles, the Jews lived like kings! And as typically happens when a poor population discovers its being abused and fleeced by the wealthy, well…


Now, she mentions the Spanish Inquisition and forced conversion and assimilation. For a long time I never understood why the Jews were the target of the Spanish Inquisition. Until recently, when I discovered that during the 700 year Islamic occupation of Spain…the Jews quite literally sold their Christian neighbors out to to the Muslims on a regular basis. Jews could make money off of usury towards the Christians, and many a Jewish Merchant would sell Spanish girls, women, and boys to the Muslims as sex slaves. After 700 years of that, well…the Spanish were understandably upset. So as soon as they got rid of the Muslims, they turned on the guys who had sold them out. Many, many Jews instantly “Converted” and pretended to be native Spaniards (while practicing Judaism in secret). The Inquisition then had to try and find what literally were “Jewish War Criminals.” Of course Jews to this day will bemoan their sufferings under the Spanish Catholics.

Similar thing happened with the Holocaust. Germans believed their Jewish citizens had sold them out for the previously mentioned Balfour declaration. In addition, as Germans were having to sell their wives, daughters, and son into Jewish brothels to survive the devastation of the war debt, Jews were making mad bank off said brothers, while promoting homosexuality, transgenderism, sex change operations, and denigrating the Germans and vilifying German culture. All the while, German Jews were financing Jewish Bolshivik revolutions in Germany, supporting Bolshivik death squads massacring native peoples throughout Russia and Eastern Europe, and massacring Germans living in lands handed over to the Polish under the treaty.

I recently read a story from a Soviet soldier who had fought the Nazis on the eastern front. He was in a mixed unit of Russians and Jewish Russians, and they got captured by the SS I think it was. Anyways, the SS disarm them, hand them a bunch of shovels, and make them dig a giant pit. Then they order the Jews to step forward and go into the pit. They then tell the Russians “Bury the Jews.”

The Russians, being good and loyal comrades, refuse. So the SS officer nods, orders the Jews out, tells the Russians to get in. Tells the Jews “Bury the Rus.” Without a moment’s hesitation, the Jews grab shovels and start burying their comrades. Dirt gets up to their knees. Keep burying. Dirt gets up to their chests. It’s really hard to breath. They’re about to buried alive.

The SS commands a halt, and the Jews stop. The SS officer leans down, looks the Russians in the eyes and asks, “Now you see what Jews are like?”

I don’t know what happened after that, but the Russian guy was alive to tell the story, so enjoy coming up with guesses. Perhaps somewhere out there is a mass grave filled with Jewish traitors buried by angry comrades?

To say the Jews are not hated would be a lie. To say that hatred was not justified by the actions of some Jews towards the people that came to hate them would also be a lie.

Israel is delegitmized and demonized like no other country in the world

nazi laughing

Citation fucking needed on that one. I’m pretty sure Nazi Germany is far more delegitimized and demonized than Israel is.

And ironically, it is that antipathy towards Israel that makes me feel insecure about living in New Zealand and accentuates, for me, the need for a Jewish Homeland. I hope I don’t have to, but I need to know, that Israel is there for me to escape to, should I need it, just like its been there for many thousands if not millions of other people, since its establishment.

You absolute, selfish, hypocritical, bitch.

If I were to say, for example, Germany for the Germans, I know exactly what this woman would say: “Oy Vey! A Nazi!”

If I were to say, America for Americans. She would no doubt say: “White Supremacist!!!!!”

Tell me, where can the British girls who find themselves victims of grooming gangs flee to if they need it? Britain? Oh, wait, no, that’s exactly where they’re being gang raped. Where can Swedish women flee? Not their homeland, Open Boarders for Refugees! Germans have no homeland to flee to. South African whites, who are literally living in shanty towns and are about to be genocides, cannot flee to their ancestral homeland! Everywhere, in the leading charge for “diversity” and “open borders” and “ban nazism” I can find you Jews upon Jews.

Hell, one of the biggest Jewish organizations in the USA, the ADL, labeled a fucking cartoon frog as a symbol of Nazism and white supremacy! In what was clearly an attempt to delegitimize a popular American Presidential candidate who was running on a platform of national sovereignty that wasn’t even as extreme as what this Jewish Zionist is advocating to legitimize her ethnically pure homeland!

Disproportionately represented beyond all mathematical sense.  But noooo, Jews must have an ethnically homogeneous homeland to flee to if things get too dangerous for Jews!!!!


Fuck that noise, if open boarders are good, I say open boarders for Israel!

I am a Zionist. But that doesn’t mean I am not a proud and patriotic New Zealander. I can be both Jewish and support the right of the Jewish people to a homeland in Israel, but also love living in New Zealand, and be loyal to New Zealand.

Sadly, I don’t know who this woman actually is. If I did, I’d probably google (well, okay maybe not Google since they’re fucking with search results apparently) her and check her statements on open boarders, ethnic homogeneity in New Zealand, and her views on the right of European nations to maintain their ethnic homogeneity? Somehow, I seriously doubt she’s actually for any of those things. No doubt she feels NZ should take in more refugees, probably needs to have more diversity in government and private corporations and their leadership, takes a strong stance against white nationalism in all its forms, and feels that white people need to check their privilege.

You know, all the things she feels the Jews and Israelis absolutely do not have to do in the slightest when it comes to their own “homeland.” And I find the hypocrisy both hilarious and infuriating. Suddenly all the things that are absolutely vile when “white people” do them are not only perfectly legitimate for Jews, Jews have the highest levels of legitimacy to do them!

And one of the things that struck me in the video was the absolute hatred and disdain this woman had for Palestinians. Admittedly it could be the accept, but her voice gushed with contempt and revilement. I’ve seen white supremacists who don’t talk with that much disgust towards blacks, or Nazis with that much hate for Jews. She absolutely a racist, absolutely being a supremacist, but it’s all perfectly okay because hers is the “proper” race for ownership of Israel. Never mind the fact that the Jews lost ownership over two thousand fucking years ago and probably only got it by selling out an entire country which had done nothing to them except be the most hospitable and kindest place in all of fucking Europe!

You know, I never really understood the hatred for Zionism until I watched this video. I have watched videos as part of my research of actual officers and leaders of the fucking Nazis who did not have as much hatred and contempt as this Zionist does. And that’s not even getting into the actual shit that Israel has pulled over the years.

For example, there’s a story I’m trying to research further, that says the Israelis bribed the Iranians to keep their hostages, which cost Jimmy Carter his second term in office to incomer Ronald Reagan…a second term in which he would have finalized a two state solution and brought peace to the middle east and given the Palestinians a homeland. Or reports that Israel faked the evidence for the WMD’s and then got Jewish organizations and US politicians with Dual US/Isreali citizenship to spread said evidence, that were the USA’s motive for invading Iraq. Or reports that Israel is actually providing financial and military aid to ISIS as they attack Syria. And public statements by Israeli leaders saying they do not want ISIS destroyed because its existence helps Israel.

jews love isis

Or other reports that Israel know about the 9/11 attacks, had people in the city to film them, and did absolutely nothing to warn the US about what was going to happen. Why? Because they knew the US would then invade the middle east, destabilize the region, could be manipulated into attacking countries Israel believed were a threat to them and create a situation where no nation would be able to threaten Israel’s military supremacy in the region.


Before 9/11 there was a solid coalition of Arab states to challenge Isreal. Since 9/11, Iraq is gone, Syria is in a civil war, Egypt is a mess, Libya doesn’t exist anymore, Jordan is trying to fight off ISIS, and the US military is between Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Israel. What happens if ISIS is defeated? The USA pulls out of the middle east entirely, what was Iraq probably becomes an arab state and a kurdish state, Syria remains stable and is now backed fully by Russia, who is also an ally of Iran. Jordan returns to peace. Israel is once again alone in an area where everyone believes they manipulated the US into crushing them by proxy…and they won’t allow that again at any cost.

The Zionists refuse to see the humanity or legitimacy of their neighbors…which makes them exactly like their ancestors who settled Canaan 3000 years ago. They preach against hatred even as they act out of hatred. It is hypocrisy of a hilarious degree. And so…I laugh.


Hela Bless